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Jun 28, 2016
Dealer answered e-mail but didn't truly offer more information than was on the site.
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Apr 8, 2016
On the look out for what I was looking for!
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Old Dealer Reviews

Jan 5, 2014
I purchased a vehicle from Jasper Auto The week before Xmas , i test drove the car and noticed at the time some minor things was wrong with the car like to gas tank door would not close and there was a code in the dash board saying steering control system needs to be serviced on the car . i was told by Paul the owner/ salesman that he would take care of the small issues and he would have the car ready in a couple of days i reminded him that i lived in Bham Al.and i would have to make time to come back down to Jasper in which i did once the car was ready. When i return a few days later to pick up the car it was night fall and i went to turn on the headlights only to notice that they did not work . In addition to that i noticed that the car was also missing the plastice wheel well liners were missing from the front driver and passenger side of the car in which this indication the car has been damaged in the front before and was replaced poorly. But i understood that the car was used and that everything wasnt going to be perfect on the car Paul seem to be a pretty fair man. I did bring all these thing to his attention and which he said that he would fix the headlights on the car and he would order the plastic guards i needed as well and it would take another couple of days. SO ,, i said ok so i had to drive back to bham again without the car i purchased almost a week ago, A few days go by and the hoildays came upon us and still no car, i spoke to Paul before Xmas and he said the headlight needed a ballast and that it would be after the Xmas hoilday before he would have it ready. Although..I will say Paul made a STRONG effort to try to have the car ready before Xmas but it didnt happen. So a few days went by and i was told the car was ready on Dec. 26th in which in went back to Jasper to pick the car up. Upon picking the car up i noticed the liners were still missing behind the headlights but the lights did now work. i also noticed that car a really rough ride from the rear of the car , indication that the rear wheel was out of balance or either or it needed a tire. Paul said that he would fix it and put fuel in the car, and to go down the road to a tire shop he sent me to and the would fix the wheel. Well when i go to the tire shop the Tech there brought it to my attention that wheel was BENT on the rear of the car. So i called Paul to tell him about my trouble and he was not answering the phone over there even though ive only left there a few 20 minutes ago..... thats another issues that they have there . That NO one consistly answers the phone there at ALL, they may need to look into getting more help, Im in the service Biz myself. I just thinks its Very unprofessional to Not answer the phone when your trying to take care of your customers. Well i did reach the Paul the next day and i asked him to just send me a check for 2 or 3 hundred dollars and will just call it a day beacuse i was just plan ole tired at his point , i would just have to suck up the rest of the repairs because i just couldnt drive back to Jasper , those funds wouldnt no where cover any of the repairs that needed to be done , maybe just one repair so i kinda let them off the hook in which i shouldnt have,,Well after 3days after having my car, the Driver side Headlight went back out due to the plastic liners NOT being installed behind the light, when i drove the car in the rain the water rolled off the tires and into the headlight causing the buld and ballast to go out again and it will cost about $400 dollars to fix. Im NOT sure if this will even fix issue, i really think the headlight needs to be replaced all together because the light is holding condensation in it , which is water being held inside of the lens of the light. To replace it would cost $1,100 dollars.... So those are my issues with Jasper Auto. Paul and his staff seem to be really good people but just seems as if they were trying to cut corners and save a doller to repair my car and its seems its going to cost more money down the road. I feel they have good cars , other than the issues that im having the car runs really well. I feel they should BETTER inspect there before they look to sale them, i feel these issues could have been avoided a long time ago.. AGAIN , there really good people, they just have to be a little more Preventive and Try to reslove issues a lot better for there future customers.
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Dec 25, 2013
Dealer call me, took my information and said get would get back to me. I contacted him again and he responded the car had sold. He did tell me he had another Corvette I might be interested in. The dealer was nice but it would have been better if he had gotten back to me first.
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