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6301 E. Roosevelt Bvld.
Philadelphia, PA 19149

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Mar 17, 2018
Dealer contacted me via phone, was polite and help me with my needs.
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Sep 9, 2017
They got back to me with in the day. Very Helpful
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Jul 30, 2017
I have been on the search for a specific year Camaro with a specific Trim, features, and color. This dealer had exactly what I was looking for. So I reached out to them to get a little more detail about the car. I had sent a message through CarGurus and their own website, which checking the box on their website that I prefer being contacted by email. I had reached out Monday morning while at work. During the course of that day, they had called me 3 times and left one message. A little excessive, but fine. The next day I call back and talk to the person that left me a message. She didn't personally have any of the answers to my questions and kept putting me on hold to get the answers, which is fine. She asked me if I had the inventory number and didn't seem to be able to find the car at all at first when they had dropped the price the day before, so I knew they had it. She eventually finds it after having me on hold for a while. She then asks what do you want to know, and starts reading stats straight from the web page. I know all these things already. I ask if the car was certified pre- owned, since it was a 3 year old car with about 17,000 miles on it. She then tells me that all their cars are certified and checked out by their mechanics and they wouldn't have a car on their lot that wasn't in top condition. Typical dealer response, but that wasn't what I was asking. I wanted to know if it was Used or Certified Pre-Owned. There is a difference. She then said it was certified, yes. But I still didn't believe she understood what I was asking. I then ask her about what the "Internet price on used vehicles reflects a $5,000 trade in allowance. Exclusions may apply. See dealer for details" that is at the bottom of the web page for the car. I didn't understand what that could mean. Does the internet price then go up $5,000 if I don't have a trade in? She tells me that $6,000 trade in allowance means I would get $6,000 for my trade in right away, or of course I would get more if my car was worth more. I took that as I would get that much money for no matter what condition my car was in that I was trading in. I thought that was suspicious, a tactic to just get me in the door. And the website definitely said $5,000 not $6,000 but she said 6 more than once. She was really nice but seems very ill-informed. Wednesday comes around and I get another call from them, by someone else, asking if I was still interested and if I'd like to make an appointment. I missed the car due to being at work. I call back and left a message that I was interested and that I would be in about 7:30pm Thursday to check it out. Thursday comes, still haven't heard back. I called in the morning to make sure they knew I was coming to check out this car. I get a hold of someone, someone different that who I left a message with, and she tells me see you at 7:30. I get there around 7PM. This is where the real fun begins. I get to the dealer and I see the car sitting by the front door. I think great, they put it there, backed up into a space, like they prepped the car for me since they knew I was coming. I walk up to the vehicle. I see some personal belongings in the car, including a carton of cigarettes. I think that's odd. I then walk behind the vehicle and see a dealer license plate attached. I think that's odd as well. But I head inside, meet the person the talked to that morning. She pulls out paperwork and starts filling it out. I think it's just new customer stuff. As she's filling it out she says I hope you have some time, this process usually takes a few hours. I ask, "what process? I'm just checking out the car." She says, "oh, you're not buying this car right now?" Who walks into a dealership and just buys a car without even checking it out first? She seemed genuinely surprised. She then leaves to get the keys to the car, which takes an abnormally long time as I see her walking around talking to a number of other salesman. She eventually comes back with the keys and we head outside. I unlock the door, step in, and it REEKS of cigarette smoke. I see a pair of sunglasses sitting there, along with a lighter and phone charger. I realize, someone has been driving this thing like they own it. I check the miles, and they are up 4,500 miles from what is listed on the website! I know on cargurus, how long they have had the car, so things person has been driving this car 100 miles a day since they have had it, on average. I was not happy. She tells me that another salesman was "demoing" the car. For almost 2 months? Really? And smoking in this car that is apparently still for sale on the website! I ask if the car has been inspected and detailed. She says no, that's done after I purchase the car. I have never heard of a dealership doing that. That's backwards. You inspect it and detail it and then it's on the lot for sale. We go back inside to prep for a test drive. She was running around trying to find a plate to put on the car. I tell her, well, the car already has a plate... We eventually get back out there. We haven't even left the lot yet and the salesperson is already asking me about financing, again after asking me probably 3 times prior inside. We get into the street and to a red light. She then turns on the radio, changes the station and turns it up. If I wanted to check out the radio, I would have done so or asked about it. I turn it down and she starts asking me more about financing and if I had a trade in and if I had paid it off. Like the only subject she wanted to talk about at all. We get back to the lot. The car seems to run well, smooth ride. I was still interested, despite everything prior. I did really want this car. We go inside and sit down with the sales manager. He then immediately brings up financing. I then bring up why the car as way more miles that advertised and why it smells like smoke. He said the owner lets salesman demo cars. But a Camaro? And the owner allows them to put up that many miles on it? And smoke in the car that is for sale? He says "well, I don't know where he commutes from. Yes you do! You're his manager! And he basically struggles about the smoke and says "he's aren't supposed to do that." Wrong answer. He should have said something like he isn't allowed to do that and I'm going to talk to him about that right now. But he really didn't seem too concerned about it. I said smoke is almost impossible to take out of a car. He said "Then you're detailers have never done it right." I know people that have taken their cars to be detailed multiple times and it still took years of airing out to get rid of the smell. I've lost all trust in them at this point. I ask why the car isn't certified and he said that would cost extra and that's just an extra warranty. But I didn't want it certified because of warranties, I wanted it certified because of the 100 something point checklist they go through when certifying the car to confirm the car is in all good working condition. Some random person has been running it into the ground since it's been in their hands, and smoking it in. But he said otherwise, you buy the car as is. There is no way I am buying this car "as is" after all this. I then mention the $5,000 trade in. He says only if the car is worth that much or if you have that much left over on a loan on the car. That's not what I was told over the phone. He later tells me that the car has already been serviced, but the salesperson I had been dealing with said they don't do that until after the sale. At the end of it all, the sales manager tells me he will email me the service order on the car to get a better idea of what they have done to it in preparing to sell it. It has been several days and I have not heard one word from them. They used sleazy tactics to get me in the door. False information on their website. Everyone I talked to had a different answer than someone else. Dealers are pushy, but these guys are by far the most pushy I have ever experienced. I drove an hour and a half away to check this out, but they didn't prep the car at all when I got there. They had a full 3 days to prep this car for me. But they let the salesman still drive it like he owned it all that time. Even that Thursday, still didn't prep a single thing. They clearly didn't want the sale or to sell this car. Whoever is driving this around all the time, doesn't want it sold. I went there with the full expectation of buying that car, probably the next day after checking it out. But I am glad I went there first to check it out. What respectable dealership operates in this manner? Chevrolet should be ashamed and intervene as this makes their own brand look bad. Worst and most disappointing car shopping experience of my life. I would never, ever recommend this place to anyone. Their ideal customer is someone who has little knowledge in car shopping, who will just come by and buy a car without looking at it. A smart car shopper will have a poor experience here. This place is a joke.
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Jul 27, 2017
Car was listed as an automatic but was a manual. Mohammad didn't listen to my needs he tried showing me a $100,000 Mercedes when I came in for a $12,000 car! Will not be going back will not recommend they were useless!
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Jul 21, 2017
THEY WILL NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME AGAIN!!! I researched a particular car I wanted on the internet. I found the cheapest price (SO I THOUGHT) at Gordon Chevrolet – 6301 East Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19149. I went into the showroom and asked about the car. I was trying to get an even better price than what was advertised only to find out that there was FINE PRINT at the bottom of the ad (not on CarGurus) and several other sites. So they draw you in with the FAKE PRICE and then they tell you about the FINE PRINT which ISN'T NOTED ON ALL SITES THAT THEY ADVERTISE ON! Well if you do this and you do that, then you can get that price. WHAT A SCAM! I didn’t even get the lockout code for my car and I had to go to a Ford Dealer and have them extract the code for me. Come to find out there was a lose wire in the door so the project ended up costing me around $110 and some change. And the seatbelt recall infraction was never fixed before I bought the car. UNBELIEVABLE! That’s the end of my visits to GORDON CHEVROLET ON THE BLVD!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT FOR THE FINE PRINT!!! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!!!
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Jul 9, 2017
Everything went smoothly.it was a good deal
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Aug 13, 2016
They were very nice. I emailed them a price and responded back quickly with a counter price that was close to my price. Jim checked to see if there were any recalls on my car, there were and he took care of them.
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Apr 12, 2016
Quick call back, no pressure to buy.
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Read 7 old reviews
Nov 8, 2015
Tried to charge me more then the price they were advertising had to walk away
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Aug 23, 2014
Responded Rather Quick !!
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Mar 20, 2014
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Mar 17, 2014
Drove over 25 miles to look at a truck and they had sold it the night before almost like a bait and switch. The dealer will call and call when your buying but when you want something and its gone they wont call.
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Dec 9, 2013
Great experience!
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Oct 14, 2013
Every car I call about there was always an error on the price.
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Nov 27, 2012
Very responsive
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