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Sep 12, 2016
D&L Auto I recently spotted a 2006 GMC Savana Extended length Hi top Van on the internet. I tried calling them several times and never got a call back. I finally told Bonnie, the owners wife, "you sure don't want to sell that van very bad". She laughed saying how busy they were. I indicated it was no laughing matter and if they wanted to sell it, I wanted a call back from the owner pronto!! About an hour later the owner Don called me back. I asked him the condition of the van, and was told it was in great shape and ran great, strong engine. We discussed a trade for my 04 Chevy Astro and some cash and the deal was set. Don was supposed to call me back and tell me if the AC was charged, even though the ad said "cold air". I would have left early in the morning to avoid traffic, again, he never called back. I called them at 10:30 AM the next morning, and once again Bonnie thought it was funny. This delay is why I encountered DALLAS rush hour traffic both ways. I did make a wrong turn near the car lot and Bonnie came over and led me to their lot. This is pretty much the only positive part of my buying experience with D&L. When I arrive Don was conveniently "sick" and nowhere around to ask questions and Bonnie knows nothing about cars. I was told "the steering is a bit loose", that was a gross understatement. The power steering gearbox had leaked all the fluid out before I ever made it to the Oklahoma state line, and I had to put more power steering fluid in every 100 miles. The van wandered all over the highway, it was hard to keep it pointed straight. After having my mechanic look at it, he said he was surprised it made it back to Kansas without the front end falling out. I have spent $750 in parts and nearly that much in labor to get the front end repaired. I was also told it had "bad gas" and that's why it ran rough. The diagnostic we ran on it shows 6 error codes, bad gas was the least of the worries. It appears I have another several hundred dollars worth of work that need to be done to make this van even close to the description provided in the online ad. The paint job looks like a Monday morning hangover, garage spray paint job. Over spray everywhere and painted over body damage. Now I know why they posted fuzzy, distant pictures on the ad. The transmission & rear end are all that is left to check out, I'm hoping for the best, but if the front end and engine are any indicator, they are probably damaged too. I was fully aware that I was buying used and "as is", but I expected the advertisement and the dealer to show at least a little honesty. This Van wasn't fit to drive the roads safely, I was lucky to make it back to Kansas. My opinion of D & L auto is: They buy em cheap & junky, spray imitation "Armor All" on everything to make it shiny and sell it as fast as they can. These are car dealers of the LOWEST order. Whoever coined the term "Buyer Beware" probably bought a vehicle from these crooks. My advice is to look past these people, there are a lot more honest dealers out there.
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Response from D&L Vehicle Sales Inc:

I answered calls from this man, and he wanted to speak with a man, so he was quite irritated with me. I know a few things about vehicles after 25 years + but I couldn't answer him if his motorcycle would fit in the van, I measured the inside for him and let him know the length.  He hung up on me, and apologized when he arrived at the car lot near closing time.  I was courteous on the phone and did not make this a laughing matter.  The pic's on the ad posted were clear on a sunny day.  He test drove the van before buying it, and it was fine.  If the power steering leaked out, that is not our fa
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Apr 21, 2016
Friendly service, and helpful too! Did not buy but test drove and worked out a deal, with Bonnie. Wish I could have bought from them.
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Mar 22, 2016
Very responsive, respectful and reputable
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Mar 20, 2016
Good dealer
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Mar 7, 2016
Quick to call back. Answered my questions in a professional manner.
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