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3751 Merced Dr Unit K
Riverside, CA 92503

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Jun 13, 2015
The absolute WORST decision I have ever made was buying a car off of Attif at Cars' 2 U. He was all smoke and mirrors while I was in shopping mode. I was actually quite uncomfortable he kept calling me "beautiful" from the beginning of our transaction right up until he got the money. It was pretty sexist and I am not a fan of being objectified. He kept telling me that "you can't trust anyone out here" in California. Being new to the area, I should have taken that message as a personal warning about what was about to happen. During the pitch, Attif made extra effort to rush me past anything bad I would notice and lie about the existing condition of the vehicle. If I had a question, I could only assume his answers were honest in response to my concerns. He would tell me "nonono--see" and show me something. It would happen so fast and he would move on to the next thing so rapidly, it was kind of hard to be sure of what you even saw or were told. When I was shopping, he lied and told me his mechanic had done a lot of work on this car to get it up to standard. All I can tell that they had done was reset the OBDII errors enough times to lock the security system and probably did that to fake the emissions test. I was supposed to get a buyback option at $75, which was never offered to me. He told me I had to sign for something that waived my right to return the car to him, but didn't explain anything and whenever I asked questions it seemed like every answer was just a diversion (of course hindsight is always 20/20). I didn't get copies of half the paperwork I signed and was told that was because the DMV had to process them first and then I would get them (my own fault for not leaning-in more, but I was starting to feel pretty bad at this point of the transaction). To make matters worse,as soon as I got into the car to drive away, the check-engine light had conveniently turned on. Went back inside and was like "seriously?". Attif promised me his "mechanic" would fix a hand-full of things for me within a few days. He kept reassuring me over and over that he was "a good guy" and to "trust him". That "mechanic" conveniently was never available to look at the car. There was a tail-light error on the dash, which turned out to be a special light that needs a custom tool to replace on the top of the hatch. He threw a couple of old tail-light bulbs from some nasty Rubbermaid at me, which weren't even the right ones for the vehicle and claimed he "resolved" my problem. There isn't a doubt on my mind exactly which bulb was out and what it would cost to replace it before trying to falsely appease me with a used & not applicable part he told me I could replace on my own. AC seems shot and maybe was DIY recharged shortly before my test-drive, but probably all the freon leaked out by now which is why it blows hard, but not cold (fun stuff, considering this dawning summer heat). Also the hydraulics in the hatch were shot, but he intentionally held it up/leaned on it while I was looking in the rear to (about the tail-light access he was encouraging me to fix myself) to lead me to assume the thing would stay up. The timing belt was about to snap by the time I took it to the shop (which was nearly a day after purchasing and only driving home). The power steering hoses were leaking and the air getting in nearly caused the head of the reservoir to blow off. The gas-cap was non-factory and creating an error. The J-hose was cracked and there were other MAJOR EVAP leaks on the vehicle, (2) cracked and nearly fully broken axles that needed full replacement. There was also a crack in the water-pump gasket as well. Over $1400 in service just to get it running. By the time I get all of the little (non urgent) stuff fixed, we will likely be well over $2500-$2700. So at first, he says the car had a lot of work put into it while selling me. When confronted about my initial concerns as I was noticing these problems after the sale, at first he said he would fix them. When he had enough distance from me and got tired of me following up to see if his mechanic was available--he gave me some crap, telling me I bought a used car and the transmission and engine worked and that I should be happy. Later on, when confronted about the serious issues we had addressed the car had been diagnosed with (2) days after purchase, he changed his story and implied he never does any work on the cars he has, only drives them around. When specifically asked about the timing belt he said "Oh- I don't check that, I just drive it around to see it runs good". Just what you need after having to scrape together and barely still have enough money saved up for a used vehicle to get you to work; someone to completely lie and manipulate you through a confusing and frustrating transaction only to leave you feeling used and abused in the end. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!
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Feb 11, 2015
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