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How do you reinterpret one of the automotive world’s most revered luxury sedans, while at the same time positioning your product at the cutting edge of electrification and innovation? The EQE from Mercedes-Benz answers that, wrapping the qualities of the legendary E-Class into an all-new and all-electric luxury car.

For decades, the E-Class has represented the quintessential blend of performance and technology for discerning car shoppers around the world. The EQE builds upon this rich history with an all-electric powertrain and wind cheating aerodynamic shape. Designed to use the impeccable tradition of the E-Class as its base, the EQE represents a future where electrified driving is seamless and a sensory delight to the driver.

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Upon first seeing the EQE, it becomes immediately clear this luxury sedan was designed to project a fresh and modern take on established Mercedes-Benz exterior design hallmarks. The aerodynamically hewn shape is fluid and efficient to better help the EQE cut through the air, while making a strong visual statement without resorting to any extraneous details.

When seen directly from the front, the EQE features a smooth grille that blends seamlessly with flush-mounted LED headlights on either side. Optional is the eye-catching Mercedes-Benz Star Panel Grille, which is filled with tiny stars the same shape as the iconic three-pointed star emblem that adorns every Mercedes-Benz.

When viewed in silhouette, an onlooker's eye is drawn along the flowing fenders and tapered roofline of the EQE. The look is both sporty and coupe-like, and it gives the EQE a sense of movement even when standing still. At the back is a 3D-matrix LED light bar that spans the width of the EQE. It gives this electric sedan a solid and purposeful stance when viewed from any angle.

Completing the elegantly proportioned exterior are details such as a small trunk mounted lip spoiler to aid in aero efficiency, as well as no fewer than nine choices of wheels. These range from 19 to 21 inches in diameter and include three energetic AMG-designed variants.

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How can you tell a Mercedes-Benz electric sedan from the competition? Upon sliding behind the wheel of the EQE, the quality of the materials and activation of your senses makes it abundantly evident the cabin of this luxury car was a top priority. Customizable ambient lighting outlines the flowing curves of the dashboard and center console. For an added visual treat, this lighting also outlines the cushions of both front seatbacks.

Heated and ventilated front seating is standard in every EQE, and an available massage function allows occupants to relax and gently unwind in any type of driving environment. Music preferences, temperature, interior lighting settings, and even an onboard fragrance diffuser are all part of the extensive ENERGIZING COMFORT programs afforded by the EQE’s cutting-edge inner sanctum.

A HEPA air filtration system further ensures your physical well-being is looked after. Offered as part of the ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus feature, this system reduces everything from bacteria and viruses to extraneous odors and air pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide.

As you’d expect in a Mercedes-Benz designed to stimulate your senses and afford the maximum in interior comfort, passenger space is ample and the support provided by the leather seats is accommodating for occupants of all shapes and sizes.

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Infotainment and Technology

In the modern automotive world, information relayed to the driver via the infotainment system is often as important as what’s motivating the vehicle down the road. With the EQE, an eye-catching floating center console is the perfect framework for the 12.8-inch MBUX touchscreen that serves as the in-car command center.

Crisp graphics and capacitive-touch controls provide a wealth of menus that are informative and easy to navigate. Over-the-air updates for software upgrades means an EQE driver is constantly kept at the forefront of feature content, too.

The Mercedes-Benz voice command system provides an accurate and natural-sounding means of interaction that allows the driver to seamlessly navigate the onboard technology.

Using the prompt “Hey Mercedes” is all it takes to unlock a wide range of commands, all while staying safely focused on the road ahead. Voice commands specific to Mercedes-Benz electric driving can assist in finding the most convenient charging locations during a voyage.

In the EQE, navigation commands are far more than simple turn-by-turn instructions. Electric Intelligence allows each route to be tailor-made to adjust to traffic patterns, route preferences, and even AI-learned specific driving styles. Commands can then be projected onto the available head-up instrument display, or with the DIGITAL LIGHT functionality specified, directly onto the road. Not only that, but DIGITAL LIGHT can also be used to project a welcome animation when the car is unlocked.

Another technological highlight of the MBUX Navigation is Active Range Monitoring, which continuously measures the current state of battery charge to ensure the driver’s destination can be reached without any unplanned charging stops. If it isn’t, the system will recommend a reduced maximum speed to extend the car’s range, communicated to the driver via a checkered flag displayed in the speedometer.

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The Drive

The EQE is a fresh take on a five-passenger luxury sedan, but its performance values are true to Mercedes-Benz tradition. In the EQE350+, for example, a single electric motor mounted at the rear axle delivers 288 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque. Acceleration is immediate and, given its electric powertrain, the EQE’s estimated 0 to 60 mph time of 6.2 seconds is all the more impressive because it’s achieved in near silence.

Available all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering provide an extra degree of grip and agility. At low speeds, the latter feature allows the rear wheels to turn up to 10 degrees in the opposite direction of the front tires, to provide a tight city-friendly turning radius. At higher speeds, all four wheels turn in the same direction to provide exemplary control and stability.

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Charging and Ownership

Electric car ownership is engineered to be a seamless, stress-free experience with the EQE. This is attributable not only to its maximum driving range of 305 miles—a figure that puts the EQE among the very best in the luxury EV segment—but also the efficiency and support provided by onboard technology and charging partnerships.

Courtesy of Mercedes me Charge, the EQE has streamlined location and payment services to a nationwide network of more than 60,000 charging stations. Standard DC fast charging replenishes the 90.6-kWh battery pack from 10 to 80 percent in 32 minutes. And intelligent navigation not only finds the quickest and most accurate route; if necessary, it will schedule convenient charge stops along a given journey.

Every EQE also includes two years’ worth of free 30-Minute DC Fast Charging Sessions on the Electrify America Network.

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The E-Class Reimagined

The EQE from Mercedes-Benz is an E-Class reimagined, a vehicle crafted to meet the demands of luxury car shoppers while exceeding expectations in terms of its green-minded, electric-powered performance and usability. From its roomy cabin filled with thoughtful tech and design touches, to active safety features that ensure every drive is as safe as it is energizing, the EQE is a worthy addition to the stable of Mercedes-Benz EVs, which also includes the EQB and EQS SUV, and the full-size EQS Sedan.

The proof is in a test drive, where the EQE exhibits years of Mercedes-Benz engineering skill in a platform designed to take the brand far into an electrified future.

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