I Have No Sound Coming From Stereo

car stereo system was working good,after setting for a few months when i started car it had no sound.everthing works radio, aerial,tape player,cd player and all lights and buttons,just no sound


92 Lexus Sc 400 Just Bought (160k)

1. what is the floor mounted button under the accelator pedel? Dont think its a problem but what does it do? 2. Cant get the volume up on the rear speakers. I can fade from front to rear ok but no vo...

Is There A Spoiler On 1966 Lexus SC400

Does the Lexus SC400 have a spoiler when looking for a car cover?

Lexus SC 400 Overview

The Lexus SC 400 coupe was introduced in 1992 as the third body style option from the Japanese luxury automaker. The 400 had a less expensive and less poerful counterpart, the six cylinder SC 300. Both coupes featured a 2+2 notchback body and rear wheel drive. Notchback refers to the inclusion of a small truck instead of a typical 2+2 hatchback liftgate.
The SC 400 was powered by a 4.0 liter V-8, which initially made 250 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Performance data vary for the SC, but 0-60 time was always listed between 6.5 and 7 seconds. In 1998, a new V-8 engine borrowed from the LS added 10 additional horse power. The 400 was also available as a 5-speed manual foor thr first time that year.
The body style was virtually unchanged throughout the nine year run of the SC, but both coupes received some more muscular and aggressive looking exterior trim in 1997. The SC was quick and fairly nimble for its weight, and it was filled with many of the LS sedan's amenities. However, it was frequently criticized for its apparent failure to fully live up to either the standards of a true sports coupe or a true luxury car.

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