Where can i find a headliner for a 95 sc 300 i am having a hard time finding one looking for a tan

Why Does Fuel Pump Voltage Drop From 12 To 3 Volts Under Load Of Pump?

Have 12 volts at pump plug . When pump is hooked up volts drop to 3 volts. Pump is not working. Have checked edit relay . Is there another relay that could be opening under load of pump?

Why It Loses Power And Speed?

Am running at 80 miles per hour and at some point it loses power but I did not release the accelerator. I have to step on it again. What's wrong?

Why Is My Battery Getting Drained?

Does the radio in a 1999 SC300 automatically shut off when the ignition is turned off? I've had a dead battery 2 times (battery is new) and wondered if it's the radio that's causing the problem. I...

Post Sale Transport

Hi just purchased veh via CarGurus. At stage of receipt of title and BoS, so escrow company will release $ to Seller. Need to arrange transport. Does CarGurus help here, maybe providing a lis...

Lexus SC 300 Overview

Lexus introduced the first generation of SC coupes in 1992. Two models were available: the V-8 SC 400 and the I-6 SC 300. The SC embodied the Japanese luxury automaker's effort to insert LS series luxury into a high performance grand touring coupe. All SCs utilized a 2+2 notchback body design placed atop rear wheel drive.

The SC 300 was an American luxury version of Toyota's foreign market Soarer. Steering, transmission, and ride were refined to better suit the preferences of luxury car drivers. Over-responsive steering was a common driver issue with the first model, but it was quickly resolved in the following model year. The SC featured the same 3.0 liter inline six engine throughout its run, which made 225 horsepower. Engine torque was upgraded from 210 to 220 lb-ft in 1998. Performance data are a bit inconsistent but drivers could typically expect a 0-60 time of 7 seconds, and a complete quarter mile in just under 16. There was slight variance in fuel economy depending on automatic or manual transmission, but on average the SC 300 was good for 18/22 mpg.

Drivers fell in love with the very sporty and ergonomic interior layout, with a cockpit that provides a wrap around feel. Clever luxury features, like the telescoping steering wheel for comfortable entry and exit, were found throughout the SC. Drivers also acclaimed the precise suspension, which offered an ideal balance between a sport car road feel and a smooth luxury car ride. The SC 300 was consistently nagged by outperforming competitors (like the M3) which raised questions about the GT coupe's true value in its class. While the SC is no slug, it was clearly marketed more for its luxury than performance. The SC 400 was a bit more quick and nimble.

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