Lexus RC 350 Questions

No Sound From Speakers But The Audio System Is On. Volume Control Doesn’t W...

I have a Lexus Rc 350 2015, no sound from the audio but the radio is on. Volume control doesn’t work and volume control doesn’t work from steering wheel too.

I Opened A Account Yesterday With A Listing. Not Showing Car Today ??

New listing. Not showing.

Lexus RC F AWD, Shifting, Downhill Coasting

I drove the car on a mountain road but noticed there was a lot of shifting gears (more than my old Solara) also it feels really slow coasting downhill as if it is downshifted. Is that normal for t...

What Does CarGuru Charge For Shipping?

What is your shipping fee? I want to bring a car from Oxnard, CA to Las Vegas, NV. What is the shipping fee?


How Do I Decrease My Price On My Car?

I want to decrease the price on my car