I can not find a VIN from my Car. My car is Lexus GS450h. 2010. There is no VIN. I just can see a Frame No. Frame no is GWS191-5022819 Can I know the VIN by this frame No? Because I should order car ...

Is The Dealership Hi-Line Located 6411 E. Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC ...

refer to above question. The car in question is a 2010 Lexus GS approx 37,000 miles

Lexus GS 460 Overview

New for 2008, the Lexus GS 460 is a rebadged 430, but with significant engine, performance, and styling improvements. The V8 remains, but is now 4.6 liters and gets 342-hp. A new 8-speed sequential shift automatic is supposedly the first ever, and drivers seem to like the quick and easy gear changes and extra range.

The mid-sized luxury sedan receives sporty exterior styling, with a sloping rear C pillar that cuts down somewhat on backseat comfort. Competing with the BMW 5 series, the GS 460 boasts a long list of standard high-end equipment, including many power and remote features, with remote start and push-button ignition being just one of the new technologies used.

Technology improvements carry over into the performance side as well. The rear-wheel drive sedan hits 0-60 5.4 seconds and combines with a slew of automatic and adaptive controls for its suspension, stability, skidding, braking, and headlights to improve overall handling. The enhancements seem to have worked, as early reports from drivers rave about the smooth, quiet, yet powerful ride. Interior comfort and quality rate high as well. It looks like Lexus is finally getting the hang of what it means to be a luxury sports sedan.

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