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2018 Lexus GS 350 Overview
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Lexus GS 350 Questions

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Side Mirrors

My side mirrors suddenly stopped closing when the car is locked. Why?

Does CarGurus Sell Cars?

Do you sell cars with trade-in's? I am looking for another Lexus or Genesis

2015 Lexus GS 350 Sport Package

What it means major option.does major option is what the car comes with it ??

Key Will Not Start Car, No Electical Working, Clicking From Fuse Box

All of a sudden my car will not start. The red blinking security light still flashes; however, the key will not lock, unlock the door, windows will not open, can not move from park. When the car doo...

Lexus GS 350 Overview

Lexus introduced the GS 350 in the 2007 model year as a replacement for the GS 300, which had been continuously produced from the 1993 to the 2006 model year. The car got a newly designed, 3.5 liter engine that produced 272 horsepower - a 27 point jump from the 3.0 liter GS 300.

Like its predecessor, the GS 350 is a six cylinder engine, but Lexus seems to have eliminated some of the "sluggishness" that plagued the GS 300 for most of its tenure. Namely, the GS 350 had "fast acceleration" and a "smooth, quiet ride."

"Before you know it you are driving 85 and you feel like you're driving 60," wrote one owner. Interior and comfort features all got high marks from owners.

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