Lexus ES 300h Questions

300h Noise On Backing Up?

New to 300h and hybrids. I just bought a 300h and on backing up I hear what seems to be a scraping noise - like disk brakes?? Is this normal?

2015 Lexus ES300h.

Sometimes the control buttons on the dash don't work. Sometimes when I move the mouse to the control panel icons (such as Nav), the icons won't light up and it won't work.

Is This Car Accident Free?

Has this vehicle been in an accident? Yes or No = Tks


If A Hybrid Inverter Needed Replacing In A 2013 Lexus, Is That Bad?

I'm looking at a 2013 Lexus ES 300h with 86K miles. The car will be out of warranty this month. The hybrid inverter has been changed out recently. I've been watching the CarCareNut on youtube and h...

I Entered Information About My Car & Can't Find It

Please call me 573-239-0112 I entered information about my car & loaded many pictures & it disappeared give me a phone number for customer service