Trunk Release 2004 Lexus Not Working What Can I Do.

The trunk release in my 2004 Lexus is not working. I can open the trunk with The key release only.


2002 Lexus 300 Speedometer

I replaced the speed sensors on my 2002 Lexus 300 and speedometer still does not work. It looks like there is wires exposed by the belts. What can I do to fix this?

How The Shipping Goes

How do this work it I'm interested in a car out of state


02 Lexus Es 300 Car Bogging Up Hills

02 Lexus ES 300 knock sensor code bank 2 came in car started bogging ! Replaced both knock senors engine light now reads both knock sensor codes on ! Car still boogs down up hills . Took it to 2 m...

My 2002 Lexus No Longer Makes A Firing Sound

I checked the battery it was good. I removed the starter and I had Autozone verify that it still works. The only sound the car makes when turning over is a vacuum and slight clicking noise.

Lexus ES 300 Overview

The ES 300 falls into the second, third, and forth generations of the ES series. In 1992, Lexus replaced the 2.5 liter V-6 with a more potent 3.0 liter version, hence the badge change. With the arrival of the SC series sports coupes in 1992, the ES became known as the entry-level Lexus. The new 300 was fitted with a larger and sleeker exterior, and the features and options lists were gradually increased overs its run. The popular five-speed manual transmission was discontinued after 1993.
The new V-6 supplied nearly 30 additional horsepower, bringing the count up to 185. Changes to performance specs were marginal: the ES traveled 0 to 60 in 8.6 seconds and through the quarter mile in 16.6. The new ES had bulked up by about 200 pounds, but fuel economy remained in the same range, at 19/25 mpg (manual) and 19/24 (automatic). Sluggish performance was a frequent target of criticism. It was during this second generation of ES that Lexus introduced GS 300, to fill the sports sedan void left by the ES series.
While the ES 300 was unable to compete with the German offerings for performance, its quality, reliability, and comfort were unquestioned. During this generation, the ES 300 became the top selling Lexus.

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