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2017 Ford C-Max Overview
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2016 Ford C-Max Overview
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Ford C-Max Questions


I have a 2013 ford cmax hybrid when its runs on the highway it tells me its motor coolant over the temperature and stops the engine i change the thermostat and i added a red coolant but didnt work...

Engine Noises

1015 C Max Car makes groaning type noises in drive. They are intermittant and start off low and get louder as you keep driving. Any ideas what this is and how to fix it?

Car Not Starting

My daughters Ford c max won’t start it keeps clicking and saying no traction control any ideas what could be the issue Dean

How To Increase Mileage On 2014 Ford Cmax? When Purchased In 2024 Average ...

What maintenance should be completed on a 2014 Ford Cmax Hybrid to increase gas mileage. When purchased in 2014, milage averaged 42, now it is at 38 and declining.


Where Are The Ads For The Ford C-Max?

I own a Ford C-Max and I/we are really enjoying it. I have had it for nearly 11 months now. I have noticed for the past 11 months that the Ford C-Max is rarely if ever seen on or in any Ford adverti...

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2007 Ford C-Max
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2006 Ford C-Max
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2005 Ford C-Max
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2004 Ford C-Max Overview
2004 Ford C-Max
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2003 Ford C-Max Overview
2003 Ford C-Max
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