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2007 FIAT Sedici Overview
2007 FIAT Sedici
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FIAT Sedici Overview

Fiat's compact SUV is an idea whose time may already have come and gone. That said, the 2007 Fiat Sedici is an adorable-looking little vehicle, lower-slung and more streamlined than most of its American and Japanese small-SUV counterparts. According to Fiat, the 2007 Sedici's low profile adds to its agility; they also brag on the Sedici's fuel efficiency and interior comfort.
The '07 Sedici's base engine is a 16-valve (hence the name) 1.6 liter, 107-horsepower model; buyers can also opt for a 1.9 liter Multijet turbodiesel with a 120 horsepower output.
The Sedici is a joint project of Fiat and Suzuki; reviewers point to its transmission and electronic differential system, both by Suzuki, as a key part of the SUV's functionality. Fiat's stamp, though, is quite clear in the Sedici's stylings, both in its curvy exterior and comfortable, sporty interior.