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The Longer/bigger Doblo?

where can I find information about the longer/bigger Doblo? I have seen them on the road, but cannot find info about it.. Thank you, Katrien

FIAT Doblo Overview

Fiat's crossover, the 2007 Doblo, is rugged-looking in an odd kind of way. It almost resembles a Legos truck scaled up to lifesize, with its boxy, oblong shape and V-shaped grille. Is it a cargo van? An SUV? An inflated wagon?
The 2007 Fiat Doblo is being marketed to European family drivers and small business owners. Several trims are available, offering both five-seat and seven-seat configurations. The Doblo has five doors: front passenger doors, sliding side doors, and a liftback, which makes it easy to get passengers and cargo (bicycles, furniture, dogs, whatever) in and out.

One of the great selling points of the Doblo is its fuel efficiency, which ranges from 45 to 55 miles per UK gallon (or about 35 to 45 mpg US). The Doblo offers a wide selection of engines, including a dual-fuel gasoline/methane system.

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