does anybody know if the gforce performance chip actually works or not

Asked by Jan 16, 2012 at 09:01 PM about the 1997 Nissan Pathfinder 4 Dr SE 4WD SUV

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it works,but their is a catch to it,after you buy the chip,you have to buy the program to it and have it down loaded into the system.just putting the chip in wont affect nothing.

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Simply put, those things are JUNK. I'm sure you will get many opinions from different sources claiming that they boost horsepower, fuel economy, yada yada yada but, I'll tell you honestly that I'm not trying to sell you anything. In fact, I'm trying to keep you from throwing your money away. If these "chips" were anything more than "snake oil", why would they sell for only $69.00 and have an MSRP of $400 ? There are plenty of reputable chips and programmers out there made by Jet, Bully Dog, Super Chips, etc.that ARE $300 - $500 and they sell for that much because they work. The "chips" that you are talking about though show a complicated looking "computer chip" but, when you get it, you will see that it is nothing more than a cheap plastic box with some wires hanging out of it that you are supposed to splice into your IAT ( Idle Air Temperature ) sensor harness and the cheap resistor that is inside the cheap plastic box is meant to fool your engine control module into thinking the air is cooler than it really is ... Cold air is denser than warm air and requires more fuel to maintain the proper air / fuel ratio which SOUNDS like it would equate to more power, right ? Wrong. I have included this link for more detailed information about how your IAT sensor works and the consequences of it being "faulty" -- Faulty because the part is bad or faulty because you have added some worthless "chip" to alter the correct reading is still "faulty". Here is the link: Basically, what it says is "A faulty air temperature sensor that is reading warmer than normal will typically cause in a lean fuel condition. This increases the risk of detonation and lean misfire (which hurts fuel economy and increases emissions). A faulty air temperature sensor that is reading colder than normal will typically cause a rich fuel condition. This wastes fuel and also increases emissions." Neither one of those says anything about more power or increased fuel economy -- In fact, in addition to the REDUCED fuel economy and INCREASED emissions, you also have the detrimental effects of detonation and lean misfire ( burned valves, piston damage, spark plug damage, etc. ) over time with a lean fuel condition or increased emissions that can foul your spark plugs and clog your emission control components with excessive soot caused by the over fueling. The BEST thing you can do is steer clear of anything that claims to "AWESOME" but sell for a fraction of it's MSRP -- If it sounds too good to be true, you can believe that it probably is

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I just put the Gforce chip on and I noticed a throttle and hp gain right away. Its supposed to take 50-100 miles to fully implement so being a skeptic I had my budy through it on a dyno. 3days after install 20 miles later there was a 15 hp increase gonna dyno again after 100 miles. ill pay 69 bucks for 15-20 hp anyday.. 1996 ws6 T/A thanks

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flash96, do you work for gforce?

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So Flash96 ( aka GeForce employee ) stated that he "just put the Gforce chip on and I noticed a throttle and hp gain right away" although, he also states that "Its supposed to take 50-100 miles to fully implement". THEN he states "3days after install 20 miles later there was a 15 hp increase" -- soooo, he drove a whole 20 miles over the course of three days AND his "budy" just happens to have a dyno too ! My original review of GeForce "chips" and any other product with the same claims are based on FACTS not FANTASY. They're all junk and nothing but junk that will not only NOT give you ANY performance increase but will also severely damage your vehicle AND void any warranty you would otherwise have to cover that damage.

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I put one on my 07 mazda 3 non turbo a while back prob 25k miles ago and i noticed it changed my revs some so it may seem like more power cause it winds out longer but now my a/t light is coming on and ive flushed my transmission fluids and cleared the light and it stayed off for about 300 miles and now its back on so I just unplugged the chip to see if its the culprit...

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Drove to work and home about 35 miles round trip with the chip unhooked and no light so far so I hope it stays that way

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I have had three GFORCE MODULES and they worked on each car that they were ordered for. Each car had at least 5 miles per gallon increase and the 06 Hyundai Sonata had 7 mpg increase and a very noticeable change (for the better) for the transmission shifting and the quick response to the accelerator. The drag I use to feel is gone. It is an easy roller now. Very happy.

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People will buy anything. I'm sticking with jmcalafactor and fordnut's info on the lawsuit. The obvious: If this really worked as stated everyone would have one. Not sure how the people on here get payed for promoting it but I'm not buying. Thanks for for saving me my hard earned cash.

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Save your $$$$!! After 2 years of frustration and listening to GForce useless snake oil dummies, I'm told that "sometimes the chip will give you more HP, not MPG but they don't know why?" AND if I want my second replacement unit 'tested' I have to prepay shipping and testing. +how can a two wire "chip" work on the huge mass of different driveability software? It Can't & Don't

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Yes, it works great. My Mercedes ran much better as soon as I installed it. It even shifts better. Best thing I ever did for my favorite car.

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I installed 2 of them there GForce gizmos in my Kenworth T680. I ain't hit a deer in a month! The other varmints stay clear of me too! I'll swear on granny's grave them GForce thingys work! Clarence P. Hilldrup

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Clarence: Good to hear from you . Tell your brother Cletus I said HEY


I installed on Hummer H3 2008 3.7, and sound of the engine changed, run more smooth, about mpg is hard to say, because you know, this is hummy, and must drink to run is not a Camel

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I traced the circuit on th G force board. The chip is not connected to anything and the effective circuit is literally 5 - 6.8 K Ohm resistors connected in series which adds up to 34000 Ohms which is what I measured with A meter between the red and black wires. The chip on the board is a bogus discontinued digital shift register that is not connected to anything in the circuit. The IAT and MAF sensors are analog resistive parts any way, a digital part would have no effect on them anyway. Simply get a 34000 ohm through hole resistor and connect it across the IAT sensor wires will give you exactly the same results. I have provided a drawing to show exactly what I found.

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The people that claim this 'chip' works are either employees or salespeople for this scam. LOOK at doctorhash image, click on it. There is nothing there! I came back after all this time to reiterate, I have several PM's thanking me for posting the link. 2 of 16 say it worked. flash96 just happens to have a buddy with a dyno. Yeah, right. They are very gullible and taken by power of suggestion. Check my link 10 posts above. ..ohiodave says it well. If this thing worked they would be selling millions of them - it would be headline news. Or "Big Oil" keeps it under wraps...geez, the oil companies sell as much gas than they can make. One refinery goes down and there is a shortage, "Big Oil" is NOT EVIL, they make the gas you want and need. As stated, to the people that sent me PM's you are welcome. It's such a scam they are in court. "California has sued Ravi Ghataode, the owner of Gold Star Auto Sound and the creator of the GForce Performance Chip. The lawsuit alleges Ghataode made at least $15 million selling $69 GForce Performance Chips to more than 300,000 consumers who were "duped" into buying the so-called chip. California prosecutors say the GForce marketing campaign is nothing but "lies and deceit" used to convince consumers to throw away $69 for nothing."

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California Air Resources Board ordered GForce to stop selling the product in September 2011. But their website is still up and running, (Amazon pulled the thing, won't well them) checked today 20June15....I have sent a request for the outcome of the case to the Orange County Superior court. The People of the State of California vs. Gold Star Auto Sound, Inc., (dba "GForce," "GForce Chips," "GForce Performance Chips," "GFchips," "Gold Star Audio," "GS Car Audio," "Dealer Cost Car,") Ivar Manufacturing, Inc. and Ravi Ghataode. It cost me $20 on my Visa card but worth every penny. Will post when I get it.

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I am not an employee. I used one on my 2000 Mazda Miata MX-5 1.8 Naturally Aspirated. I had already add Borla dual exhaust, AEM intake, dual core racing radiator, and some other items. I did notice some improvement in the acceleration and fuel consumption but a 1.8 is only a 1.8 - on a large motor it would make a difference. It is tricking the ECM into thinking it is a different temperature thus changing the fuel/air ratio. Call it what you want but size of engine has a lot to do with the increases. It does not matter - size counts. If you have a smaller engine you will only notice a small difference. If you have a 7.0 liter 505 HP there will be s significant difference. I have upgraded my auto to a 2012 Chevy Cruze 1.8 Liter - I doubt it would make a lot of difference but any difference would help. You really need a 2.3 or larger for good performance / lower gas milage. If a motor is running cleaner the HP and gas milage does go up. A resistor can make the difference in the circuit as mentioned above but that is all you need to do is to find out what resistor to use for your car and make your own.


put 1 on my 2001 astro that ran ruff,hesitated,slow warm ups,and all those issues are worked for me,just saying

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I am new here but have a question. As I understand it, new computers just adjust to compensate for the chip and no difference is achieved. But what about older vehicles that do not compensate for the change? Is this maybe why some seem to work? Magoo52

I AM NOT an employee or otherwise connected to G-Force chip company in any way shape or form. My experience has been GREAT so far. I installed a chip on my 2000 Mazda Miata 1.8 engine 1 week ago. I had issues with finding the wires I needed to connect to and contacted the company through e-mail. I received a response in less than 24 hrs with 2 graphics and explanation which wires to use. I connected the wires following instructions and noticed an IMMEDIATE HP increase. Most notable was the instant response when just touching the throttle. I drove around for about an hour and DID notice a significant increase in power. I'll now look for and increase in gas mileage in around 100 miles. My Miata MX-5 1.8 is not an old clunker. Maintenance has been kept up and the care looks new from engine compartment to body and interior. VERY nice car and only 75K mileage. I put a similar resister in my 1993 Lincoln MK VIII and it worked flawlessly. So, chip or worked for me.

My attention was brought back to this thread when somebody gave me a 'helpful' click.The GForce Performance Chip is marketed and sold as a way to improve the performance of your car, but the state of California says it's all a sham. California has sued Ravi Ghataode, the owner of Gold Star Auto Sound and the creator of the GForce Performance Chip' The lawsuit alleges Ghataode made at least $15 million selling $69 GForce Performance Chips to more than 300,000 consumers who were "duped" into buying the so-called chip. California prosecutors say the GForce marketing campaign is nothing but "lies and deceit" used to convince consumers to throw away $69 for nothing. Who is Ravi Ghataode? (AKA Terry McCauley, Robert Ghataode and Robert Jones) It's not the first time Ravi Ghataode has faced the legal wrath of California prosecutors. From approximately 2005 until 2011, Ghataode operated Gold Star Auto Sound, Inc. under various business names, including "Gold Star Audio," "Gold Star Audio Sound, Inc.," "Dealer Cost Audio," "Indo Audio," and a suspended corporation called "National Audio Center" Now Scimitar1,and dannytog... you are obviously taken in by the POS, (Power of Suggestion) and the other well-known usage of POS. Piece of S--- and it's not a single individual bringing this lawsuit. It's THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE, because of so many complaints Note the $15 MILLION !!! You use ½ of 1% of that ill-gotten dirty money, pay a lawyer $75,000 and the lawyer will delay, postpone, and when it eventually does come before a judge or jury, for one thing a jury of 12 ordinary people, intelligent, normal folks, your peers, are not mechanics or have a lot of knowledge about cars, And if this case went before only a Judge, not a jury, he/she has spent their adult life studying law, not cars. All one needs to do is look at doctorhash's post above.

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Now, my compliments to jmcalafactor for his excellent, articulate posting. Folks, read it! I wish I had written it

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@Magoo52 . There is nothing to compensate. The chip, as shown in doctorhash's post - does nothing. It's a dead-end circuit.


I bought my GForce in May 2014 for a 04 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.7 Hemi. I bought the truck in 06 from day one it got 12 miles per gallon town or highway. After 3 tanks of fuel the mpg got better. I now average 15 mpg in town, that is 25%, highway on cruise at the speed limit I get 16-17 mpg. I have not noticed any hp change. I have read the above reviews, and have no response other than maybe driving style or their units were individually lemons. Many of the above have been accused of association with GForce, I am not / have never been.

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I put a chip on my 2011 Tundra. Instantly better throtle response and consistant 40 miles more per tankful of gas. It made the truck better.

I am not in any way associated with the manufacturer/marketing of this device...I DO know my '97 Ford 2.3 Ranger was terrifying when trying to turn left at an intersection with the AC engaged. If it was an automatic, it would have been darn near impossible in traffic due to this motor being such a lazy turd. I picked up one of the G-Force "scams" as some folks call it, and it is now a joy to drive. It was such a turd it wouldn't maintain speed in 5th gear on the freeway unless it was wound out in 4th to 75-80 mph before shifting into 5th gear. Occasionally the wiring would get a bit corroded where it was spliced into the IAT wiring, and I could tell IMMEDIATELY it was no longer functional. I solved that problem by properly soldering the connections, no more trouble with wiring. Never noticed an increase in fuel mileage, just a lot more bottom-mid-top power...Just my .02

Mine works like charm, More power better mileage no additional programming. I paid $69 and got free shipping.


Buy one of those fuel line magnets and it will give you 10mpg and 100hp guaranteed. ;)


LOL....those magnet things first came out during the 70's energy/fuel crisis. You'd have to be around 60 years old to know what I'm talking about how gas stations would run out of gas and some states had rationing. But enough history. The magnet gizmo did nothing at all back then and they don't now either.

NO it's a hoax! I opened mine and it is literally nothing!

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