sun visors broken anyone had this problem


Asked by Aug 24, 2009 at 06:12 PM about the 2006 Hyundai Sonata GLS FWD

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I know they have a recall but mine isnt part of it apparently the problem is more wide spread then they want to recall. Where are some places i can complane to add to the recall list. Or if anyone knows where to find aftermarket replacement parts for trim

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I just had a visor break & they want $90 to replace it, I am bumbed out about it! They said the warrenty for this part is up to $60,000 & I have $65,000, this is the last time I buy a Hyunda if a simple part like this doesn't last longer than 4 years. I am going back to Nissan cars.

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If the biggest thing that breaks is a sunvisor you should be happy. Nissan nor any other manufacturer would not cover it either after the warranty expires. Recalls are not for silly things like a sunvisor they are only for safety related problems.

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I hardly thing calling this visor issue "silly" due to the fact that it impairs visibility when it falls. I was driving mine at 65mph on the highway and the visor simply fell straight down blocking my view of the road until I moved it out of the way. It's highly dangerous if someone doesn't react correctly and could possibly cause an accident.

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Mine were replaced under warranty no questions asked. '07, last year, so it was like 3 years after purchase. Try another dealer or complain to Hyundai they should replace them.

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Both of my visors are broke on my 2007 Sonata and in my opinion, it is a SAFETY issue. I'm 5'11 and it obstructs my view constantly and there is no way to move it to a SAFE operating position unless I apply velcro myself and stick them to the headliner. I have owned many cars most of which were much older and I have never had this problem. It should be a recall.

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Please, if that's the biggest thing that goes wrong you should be thankful. My '07 Sonata has no problem with the visors, going on 4 years and 60,000 miles. My '08 Durango visor won't stay up, a little velcro fixed it up just fine. You can get a new one easily enough but to call it a safety issue is a real stretch. Swing it off to the side if it gets in your way or won't stay up, but to complain about a recall for it ain't gonna happen people.

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May be you need to give it another 5k miles, mine also just broke on the driver's side of my 2008 Sonata at about 66,000. NICE, just after the warranty. And it costs $120 for another one. This must be an issue if other people are experiencing the same thing. And I do think that its a big deal, the car is obviously was made to last to the 60k. I do not think that most vehicles' visors just fall off. I have had many vehicles, this is the first one in which has ever done this and it was very inconvenient and frightening since it did occur while I was driving, also on the highway. I currently have a string tied around it to the handle on the ceiling. But I do plan on buying velcro and sticking it up since I am living pay check to pay check I can not simply go spend $120. BTW, I have had this vehicle for under a year : ( and the check engine light has beeon on and off since I bought it. Fortunately Planet Hyundai has been nice to keep fixing it w/o charge or I'd be even more vocal....

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Since when is a sun visor that flops down and blocks vision not a safety issue???

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especially since it smacks you in the forehead when it falls!?!

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the tube for the visor is not replacable, its pressed into the sunvisor. however in every hyndai owners manual is the number for hyundai consumer affairs. these are the people to complain to about the visors falling down. your dealer may be able to help, but if you call hyundai directly you stand a better chance of getting them replaced. if hyundai says to warranty the part they have no choice, but if you ask the dealer they dont have to call and ask for you.if you look at it from their point of view it cuts their profits in about half on the repair. noone gives away half their money so your gonna have to fight for it

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Hyundai is on the hook here! I have owned many cars including a previous 2003 Sonata and this has never been an issue before. This is a defect plain and simple, they need to be held accountable here!

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Looking at the responses I'm not seeing Hyundai replacing these. The $90 to $120 price tag, though, is a bit high. I replaced both on my wife's car. One about a year age and one recently. The last one cost me about $45 with shipping from E-Bay. When you get it, carefully pry off the cover from where the arm attaches to the roof (the larger part). Remove the two phillips screws and pull the visor off. You mmight want to look as you do this as there will be a small channel that fits onto the frame. Pinch the electrical connection to release it and disconnect the wire. Push the wires from the new visor onto the connection, make sure the slot on the bracket fits over the metal part of the roof and replace the screws. Press the cover back on. It took me less than ten minutes. Good luck

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I was at 60,350 miles in my Sonata and they wouldn't replace the visor. About three weeks later the other one broke. This doesn't surprise me though because I've had to have the engine replaced twice. The first time was due to a manufacturing defect. The second time was due to massive oil loss, which proceded to melt all the plastic and hoses around the motor. Because of this, Hyundai determined it to be a fire and therefore my insurance had to cover....with a 500 dollar detuctable. Hyundai is the worst car company I have ever had to deal with. I wouldn't drive another one if it was free.


both of my visors broke to q after 60,00 miles howdo t you get the velco to stick to them and stay what kind do you use do you glue them

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I would also like to know the kind of velcro that will stick to the liner. The kind I had would not stick at all.

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The one on the driver's side was properly fixed by the dealer. The parts for both visors actually are shipped together, but the dealer fixed one and kept the parts for the other. They fixed that one while the car was still under warranty. The other one broke later after the warranty ran out, and I called them out on the situation of keeping the other. Mysteriously, I received a small check a few days later saying I had "overpaid at my last visit." Ahem. I've tried even the industrial version Velcro and to no avail. I finally made a little pulley-like situation with a bungee hook. The bungee hook was the shortest one I've seen...the hook goes toward the backside of the visor when the visor is down and hooks to the handle (on the passenger side ceiling) when not in active use (the down position so a person can see in the mirror or block the sun). Anyone that gets in my car chuckles but has commended my ingenuity bc it totally works, and it cost $1.49. I tried 5 different kinds of Velcro and spent a small fortune...this system works great. It wasn't worth fussing over when I'm usually by myself, and I don't have many passengers to annoy with the wonky visor. Hakuna Mattata.

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I own 2 2006 Sonatas. Bought the same day. My wife's visor went at about 50K miles and mine went at 55K. It's a defect. I waited until recently and they now won't cover it. I am about to buy a new car, and no Hyundai for me. It's not the value proposition you think it is. Yes, it's about 5K less or even more than a comparable honda or toyota, but you get what you pay for. Watch for power door lock actuators as well. Both my rear ones went at 50K miles.

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both my visors went at bout 50.000 les on mu sonata 2007 they hand down and obstruct the diving vision terribly . the drealer wants about 90 to replace them each does any one o where ther is cheape ones

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Yeah, gotta spend the $180. I own two 2006 Sonatas and both visors failed. One in warranty was replaced for $0 but I had to pay $100 for the other one. There was a technical service bulletin for Hyundai on this issue, but it was only for cars in the south. Not sure why the company won't stand behind their cars. These are my first and last Hyundais. Little things mean a lot.

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Darlene, I don't think you can do better than $90 at the dealer. Maybe a used auto parts place (junkyard) will sell you one for less, but installing it might be trouble unless you are or know a mechanic who works for pretty much nothing. They have power into them to power the vanity light and not sure how all that works, but then again I am an accountant.

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My 2006 Sonata driver's side went out at about 20,000 - they replaced it at no charge. The passenger side went out at about 40,000. I had it in the shop this week and asked them to replace it - they wanted $130!!! No way. I'll just continue to push it up and watch if flop down. other than that, this has been a wonderful car to own and drive. Wish they would just own up to the fact that the visors were defective and fix them.

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My 2008 Hyundai Sonata had a defective visor. I put put in small pieces of velcro and stapled the pieces on with a T-18 Staple gun . It does does not fall . The only issue is that when you lower it , it only stays in one position. Better than spending $180.

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The same thing happened with my 08 Sonata - driver's side visor. frustrating to say the least. But what I found to be a quick fix was ...believe it or not Duct Tape. All I did was remove the sun visor and gently pull the visor from it's mount (to the right), not too hard as the wire is inside for the light switch. I then wrapped a piece of duct tape around the stem twice and then pushed it back into, the visor. This took up the slack and the visor now seems to work properly. If It gets loose again I will just do it again. Hope this helps someone. PS. there are videos on youtube on how to remove the visor...very easy.

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I have just replace the driver's side sun visor for the SECOND time in two years. 2006 Hyundai Sonata. Each time I went to a junk yard and got it for $20.00. Took it to my car wash shop where they cleaned it for $5.00. Made out of cardboard inside so you have to use a special cleaning solution so it won't soak through. Give it a day to thoroughly dry out. IT IS A SAFETY ISSUE because it keeps bopping me on the forehead! It partially hangs, so it is stuck sticking straight out. Easier to replace than to repair.

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Just replaced my daughters drivers side visor.35 dollars at amazon, 10 minutes max

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I drive a 2003 Hyundai Sonata . My drivers side visor has cracked, while I was driving, Inconvenient and dangerous. My husband has noticed the passenger side is cracked also. I found this site while looking for a replacement.


Oh yeah, we have a 2006 Hyundai sonata and both sun visor's have broke they're not that hard to fix but at $70 each they're not cheap either.


My 2007 Hyundai Sonata passenger side sun visor went loose about a year ago. Velcro works for a while but then comes off, especially when it gets hot. One easy "solution" is to extend the additional plastic sunblock extension that's built into the visor and place it behind the rear view mirror. This will hold the visor up against your front windshield and doesn't look too bad.

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Obvious a recall thing. But no instead since year 2000 the whole country went fake like child with a credit card fantasy land. Why buy a $110 replacement if it does not say "upgrade" from the poop design? Mob rules by year 2001. Junkyards are at most around year 2004 now. Oh did they tell you on your TV that plumbers want an additional $500 to do it correctly like they used to thanks the invention of the hydro jet? IF not then your country is probably fake. Did they report that water heaters went up nearly 6 times in price from year 2000 to year 2003? These are huge news subjects, no news=fake country that ignores inflation and then sells out to China. United anyone?

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20 sun-visors

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My sun visor broke on the driver's side, a couple of days later the passenger's side broke. I used a rope to hold them in place. It's a little tacky to look at but it works. I've been searching the internet to find the name of that one little tube piece. I refuse to spend $120 for a new visor. Anyone know the name of the tube and where to buy it?

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Take a magnet stick it to the Sun Visor take a piece of metal put it to the top of the roof in your visor is fixed

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i have an 07, both visors are down & the over door handle on passenger side which my dad used to assist him in getting in & out of my car & he almost was injured. My driver's side wacked me in the head as i was about to pull into a toll booth and I almost crashed. So seriously they are not a recall? This is the only car i've had that this has happened to. Crappy craftsmanship.


Both of mine fell off while I was driving - such a terrifying moment. I have a 2008 Elantra. I'm so mad that this is such a common occurance. They better replace the visors before someone gets killed

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The passenger side visor broke in my 2006 sonata. I don't think it's a silly issue it impairs vision.


I have the same problem with my sun visor and was even told by the dealership that this is a common defect. If it is so common and recognized by Hyundai, then why Hyundai does not repair these issues when they arise makes no sense whatsoever! I will contact the company directly and post my results here for other owners. Hopefully, we can help each other by standing together.

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2007 Accent SE here. Same problem. My passenger sunvisor simply fell off one day one the way home from work. The whole assembly was dangling by its wired connection (mine have a vanity light). Once home I unplugged the wire and threw the visor in the trash. Tired of dealing with it as it kept flipping down for weeks before it gave up. Now drivers side will flip down on me once in a while. Usually when I'm on the highway and need 100% visibility. Called my dealer. $110 each. Interesting note: my dealer noticed that the part number has changed 3 times in the past 5 years which according to them indicates Hyundai fixed the bad tensior rod inside the visors that causes this issue. Even the dealer agreed that Hyundai should replace both for free. Called Huundai. They basically don't care.

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