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Asked by Jun 16, 2008 at 01:52 AM about the 2000 Honda Civic Coupe EX

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civics hav a small amount of hp to begin with so if i already have a new exhaust and cold air intake what else can bump up the hp with out jumpin to a turbo.

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not much,you have done about all you can.

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yupp, your about maxed out there.... but you could always do an engine swap.... perhaps a K20?

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keep it as a daily driver and buy an older mustange or camaro alot more potential out of the box

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I hope you have a bypass valve on that CAI! Don't want to hydrolock your motor in pursuit of a few hp... a blown motor is slower than a slow one. You could always get a header. Also, since your car's 8 years old and I don't know when your last tuneup was, if it's been a while, change the spark plugs, spark plug wires, dizzy cap and rotor. It won't add power but it may regain some lost power.

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your an idiot. do you have any idea how are it is to hydro lock your engine with a CAI? you just about have to submerse the intake into water. my car is about 3"s off the ground, and in the year ive had my intake, i have yet to have a problem. and ive driven thru some deep puddles, and in the middle of massive rain storms. dont be a pussy.

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I've had to tow two idiots out from the under pass at 141 and I-44 near St. Louis because they had your attitude m8. Usually you're fine if your moving, but if traffic stops you're screwed... There are inline bypasses that don't hinder the centerline flow of the intake for around $30...Why risk it... You say don't be a pussy? I say don't be an idiot! Most people won't tow you out and will leave you stranded in a foot of water. As for the topic, don't worry about it. It's a civic, economy car not sports car! You want to have a little fun finewith your car, then more power to you. However, when you spend enough to get it going fast you find out they don't turn well due to chassis flex and body roll. Get the suspension redone and chassis stiffened and you learn the thing doesn't stop, put better brakes on and you realize you could have bought yourself a mid to late 90s Vette for less than what you've payed. If you're really into the tuner scene then good luck, but if you're just into going fast well then you're going to disappoint yourself.

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Get a 4-2-1 header and is your exhaust a cat back exhaust or just a axle back....if yours just a axle back that's useless... then get a high flow cat...pulleys set...can go for AEM...coz i use them too....and is your civic DOHC or SOHC....??? if yours a DOHC get set of cam gears...then a set of stage 1 cam...if u just want to race around the street...mostly...thats all the bolt on parts....all u want to spend a little more $$$ u can port and polish your motor.....but modding a car is not that simple after all that stuffs u put on..u need to think of the braking system and your suspensions.....

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its a SOHC vtec... but why would i have to worry about suspension and braking if im looking for more HP and hondas suspension is stiff to begin with.


umm... More hp mean faster going... As a driver you grow accustomed to rapid accelerations weather you recognize it or not driving a rapidly accelerating car means you'll grow to expect rapid deceleration and the ability to turn rapidly... Basically if it starts fast you expect it to stay fast... Also I'm not sure who told honda's have stiff suspension but you should test drive a sports car because you are sadly mistaken. A civic is a brick on top of sponges in the car world. They have shitty suspension which is why you feel every bump in the road but they have a massive amount of body roll and little recoil dampening. It's why they compete with mid 70's 914s and loose in the turns... There are a very few out there who have gotten them to turn properly but they have a tendency to push into a turn. And the brakes are a down right joke from the factory. Basically once you get it going fast you need to find a way to bring the car up to par with the motor or you're likely going to wreck it. f you really want a fast civic there is only one place that has quality parts, but keep in mind you will pay out the rear for them... www.spoonsports.us FYI...They make the 'spoon engines' they talk about in the movie. There are imitations out there...But if you want your Civic to truly be a performance car thats what it takes...That being said...You can drop 10k into it and still be ripped apart by a $5,000 Mustang or 'Maro that now get better mileage than you :-\ It's just not worth it in the end. Put the money you would spend into a savings account for your next car. Your car has 106hp to start with... Even if you manage an extra %20 without rebuilding or scraping the engine, you're still looking at the ass end of any car you go up against...except for other rice burners that is.... Even if you spend a few grand on a turbo kit they only claim 200hp, and thats likely on a motor dyno... But if it's what you're into and you've got the money, by all means be my guest. If You're in my area I'll even help you with your mods, but don't expect miracles... Hondas are just amazingly underwhelming cars... And I've yet to see one with over 200k on it that hasn't had a crap ton of work so I'm not sure why everyone says they're reliable. But that's just my bias...to each his own

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kid theres mad shyt u can do 2 bump up more hp....first of u can get race pulleys, u can rip apart tha block N get bigger cams N u can change tha internals U can get an after market pulley coil and since urs iz an ex that means u got a single vtec meaning u can get an vtec control N control at which rpm it kicks in at or u can the computer 2 a type-R or get sum NgK spark plugs, theres so much u can do without u having 2 go turbo

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And ur a chevy guy? Lemme ask you, how many hp to a litre can chevy produce? They need at least a 5.7l engine to keep up with a 2l s2000, thats a lil bit embarassing. With a turbo on a SOHC vtec, you can comfortably make 200hp OTW, thats bolt on. Work the engine, forged internals etc and i believe there is a guy with a 735hp D16 :) http://www.hondaracing.za.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17570 Ur asking on the wrong place! Go to honda-tech.com or dseries.org or one of those forums. To be honest though you need a turbo to make a Dseries go fast. Oh and spoonsports is not the only good tuning company for Honda, they are possibly the best. But there is also Mugen, Skunk2, BuddyClub, Jun .... Honda FTW

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freeflow branch ecu port and flow the head enlarge your intake and exhaust ports larger fuel injectors larger cam NA motors love higher compression more than turbo motors. so you can spend a few and get high comp pistons. to get high hp NA motors you need to spend a lot more than with a turbo motor!


pour a 2 litre tub of brake fluid in with the petrol should add more hp

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~150 hp per liter is highest I've seen out of a twin turbo 404 without nitrous... well if you read only a wheel dyno, if you cut out the parasitic loss it's a bit higher.... It's apples and oranges though m8... This is a street motor, you can't build it to a fast car without spending a ton of money is what I'm saying, not that it can't be done... You're trying to say it's a good idea because it can be done. That's like me telling someone that they should start dumping money into a 3rd gen because they can put a twin turbo lsX in... It just doesn't make sense. I would never tell someone to do that! If you're going to spend large amounts of money on a car atleast do it on something interesting that you don't see everyday, not the same car the old lady down the street uses to go get groceries... And your link is about a racing motor... it's like me pointing to a top fuel drag car with a chevy RAT block and stating look how good it is... It's a non-comparison... Like I said before if he wants to spend the money it's his prerogative, I'd even help him if he got stuck, but I'm not going to tell him it's a good idea and that he'll end up with a 300+ hp monster on any kind of a budget... Sorry I just don't believe in lying to people. Even if he somehow did get that kind of power out of it he'd need to tube the chassis so that he doesn't kill it. Because guess what... it's not a race car and wasn't designed/built to handle that kind of torque. I can't say enough that it's not meant as disrespect to the car. I like civics, they are peppy responsive little cars, and intakes, headers, and small mods are fine and dandy for em. Hell I'd even encourage turbo'in the thing if you've got money around to do it right without compromising the integrity of it. But the most you'll realistically get is the low 200's if that. That is however very respectable, but a lil fast for the car, and braking should be looked into whenever you increase the car power more than %20 (rule of thumb that someone told me a long time ago). That's were things get complicated... changing drums to disk, proportioning the braking system.... It's not as bolt on and straight forward as many think, most end up screwing up the proportioning and severely comprising safety... Good luck Corey.... Now will this thread please go off to a corner and die. It pops back up every few days.

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it depends on how much money your lookin to spend. but like some others said. if your gunna make it faster your gunna have to do suspension and brakes to. get you some sway bars for all the way around and you wont have the body roll adam is talkin about. and you can build a car for less the what you could buy a vette my brother did it with less the 6000 and your not gettin a vette for that


i know this is an old Q but i though id still put my 2 cents in. raise the compression and get some injectors that spew a bit more fuel. just take a little off the head get some performance pistons and some cams also in reply to the guys arguing about cold air intakes... if you put the inlet of the intake in the right spot and you have some sort of slash shield guarding the filter you dont have to worry about getting water in the intake. i know alot of ppl with CAI's and none of them have had problems with water

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hahah, here comes the muscle car hate lol....whoever was talking about s2000's beating chevy engines up to 5.7 liter, ur nuts lol....first of all an s2000 has to rev to 9,000rpm to get its max hp, where as a modern LS1 is getting over 400hp at 5,600 rpm, and when put on a car the size of an s2000 would bring its 0-60 around 4 seconds....i have a naturally aspirated high compression 5.7 in my car and i do consistent 12.5's on quarter mile....ur hondas r impressive, when turboed they blow my mind.

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I have a CAI and it's just utterly stupid to say your engine will hydro lock because of it. If you're a numb nut and you face your CAI towards the floor and drive through a lake.... Then yea have fun with a blown motor.. CAI normally rest directly below the hood and have a heat/moisture shield to protect it. I saw this post and had to say the truth lol... That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

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For those of u saying that u can't do anything more.... You are clearly ignorant.... You could remap the ecu ,you can bore the engine and stroke it, you could get bigger injectors, you could get a better crank, all sorts of stuff dude

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'rice-burners'--wow! That is racist. I guess American cars are Mickey-Mousers? Or Big MAC eaters?

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forged pistons.fuel injectors,new chip,new cams,new valve springs,new intake manifold.there are lots of things.

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Bro hondasRslow shut the fuck up because hondas got alot of potential and there is alot of hondas that will defeat mostly any car if tuned tuned right. Aint nothing rice about a vtec honda. Vtec is a form of turbo you idiot. But guess what your not a honda fan so you dont know about hondas jackass. There is some hondas pushing 500 -900hp

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how can i get the govern takin off i cant go over 115

i have an 05 honda civic with a borla dual race exhaust, 3 chips under hood, performance tuner, k/n air intake system from filter to intake body up next is atwin turbo


For one vtec is not a form of turbo vtec has everything to do with high and low electronic variable timing hints vtec-variable valve timing electronic control and I'm not dissing civic I own a 98 ek hatch love the car to death and plan on swapping it but if wanna keep stock motor vest thing to do is break down and buy turbo there not as expensive as u thing roughly around $600 for eBay turbo yes eBay there junk but for $600 they come with all piping blow off valve intercooler etc and if u take the turbo housing and have internals replaced for $300 dollars you'll roughly get around 150 200 hp on top if u strip the car and get rid of weight your weight to power ratio will be insane and your car will be quick as fuck not fast but quick for if u one find cars to do digs with on a Friday night or even rollers as far as building the car your best option is to do a b18 or k20 swap for no less than $5000-$15000 depending u can have a 700 hp civic that ways a lil over 1000 pounds that will walk the dog with tt lambos and gtr from factory of course no shits and $15000 seems like a lot to put in a car but that's for a completely built motor suspension brakes and body and paint $15000 you'll have a complete sexy asf car built to the brim compared to these muscle cars there talking about you'll have 30k in just the engine itself to push the same hp as 10k in a civic

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@HondasRslow you're talking all this crap about tuned hondas when in reality the civic has one of the biggest aftermarket potentials and for 1 grand plus 250 in parts you got yourself a speedy whip. I'm not saying civics are the pinnacle of tuners but for a lot of people its a cheap alternative to spending endless cash upgrading a nicer car. The honda civic is also considered the starter car for people trying to learn how to tune. If you're just gonna hate on hondas then maybe get off a forum dedicated to ONLY hondas, and also check you're grammar, you sound like an angry child.

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Well mine is a 2007 HFP coupe DC sports cold air,1320 Try-Y header into a cat back with the Megan racing HFP muffler reached for Vtec to kick in at 4800 raised the limiter and made this thing a bullet. I can roast a Mustang GT's ass and a Cameo you don't need a V8 to get a Honda scooting..I can crack down on it to soon and rip the crank housing every time.

My 1998 Honda Civic EX coupe has extremely good handling and turning at high speeds

For the record Germany had the world record with a Honda Civic that has a k20 swap with turbo that has 1850+ horsepower running 7.3 secs in 1/4 mile at 201 miles per hour so that’s actually saying more than most it’s in the Guinness Book Of World Records and still holding it

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