2013 Rogue CVT BAD AT 52k miles!!

Asked by Aug 12, 2016 at 12:27 AM about the 2013 Nissan Rogue SV w/ SL AWD

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I am so mad. My CVT went out today on
the car that I've owned a total of 6
months!! It is used/certified. Thank God!
But I owe on this cae for another 4.5 years
and it's already a piece of crap! Lost power
on the freeway!! Literally pushing the gas
to the floor, car RPMs past 4k, and the was
was slowing down!!! Happened over and
over on a highway with a speed limit of
70MPH and I'm about to die with my 2 kids
in the car!! I want out of this deal!! I want to
give the car back!! This should qualify
under lemon laws!!! I am totally screwed
and still owe 16k on this vehicle!!! LISTEN
NISSAN!!! Why don't the 2013's have an
extended warranty!?????

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Don't tell me, you didn't purchase the extended warranty for mechanical breakdown?? Or did you?? WOW, I'm really sorry to hear this . I seem to recall that some Nissan cars had a 120,000 miles warranty or 10 years on the CVT transmissions, your car is not part of this group? SO, if you have no warranty , what are you going to do?? You only have one choice you know, you have to get the vehicle fixed.


See this, http://www.nissanassist.com/faqs.php?menu=3

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In any case, your dealership should try and help you as a matter of good public relations... Stay calm and call them to discuss...you can get a lot more bees with honey than you can get with vinegar.... good luck.


Oh my, CVT transmission failures are very common on these cars. www.carcomplaints.com/Nissan/Rogue


Question, how many miles were on this car when you purchased it?? And did you purchase it from a new car dealership??

Hey there Mark, there were 44,000 miles on the car when we purchased it. We travel a lot of freeway miles between TN and WV. We told the dealer this when we bought it and he said, "This thing has an awesome CVT with a belt system, this transmission will last forever" we're his exact words. The speed limit on much of the highway is 70MPH and we stay at the speed limit. I'm a safe driver, I am easy on my vehicles...so I know it's not from me driving the car hard. The car is under a certified 100,000 mile warranty but with the amount of miles we drive (we also live in the country and have to travel 60 miles a day to get into town and back), I have completely lost faith in the vehicle and now I'm reading about all these other people having the same issues even with their 2013 Rogues...and the extended Nissan warranty of 120,000 miles is for 2010 and earlier models...obviously they haven't fixed the issue! I feel sick about this. I Know I won't have to pay for the new CVT this time, but what about when it will inevitably go out again after my 100k mile warranty is up? I am seeing people on their 4th CVT and it just makes me feel ripped off. Not only that but the safety issue is downright scary! I literally lost power on a 70MPH freeway- pushing the gas pedal to the floor and my car was slowing down to 20! People in Nashville, TN (I am an exception) drive insanely fast, don't use turn signals, text and drive at high speeds- and there are wrecks everywhere everyday from the abundance of reckless drivers. I was nearly hit by at least 4 different vehicles at high speeds with my kids in the car and to be honest I'm scared to death to drive it anymore! I am scared to death that once they replace the CVT it will eventually go out again...I anticipate this because so many other people (even 2013 models) are already on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th CVTs already. I am literally afraid of death for me and my children after what happened to me on the freeway today! I want to unload this vehicle but I can't as I would lose $ currently.

And yes, I bought this at a Nissan dealership. Lying salesman told me the transmission would "last forever."


Couple things, you can't take advantage of the lemon law on a used car, only new vehicles. Salesmen lie to sell cars, up to you to do your due diligence. Like Mark said, calm down, get the car fixed, drive it a few years to pay down the principal and then sell it.

Tom, that's exactly what I'll have to do. I wish there was a class action lawsuit for these CVT's- seems not to be restricted to any Nissan year, make, or model, but all CVTs are having these issues. I read that they can't be driven in hot weather or the tranny fluid foams, causing to be "overfilled" and thus begins the tranny problem. Nor can the tranny get too hot (by driving 65MPH for over 1.5 hours). That's ridiculous- it's a car. My boss does not give me stay home allowances based on the weather outside. I bought the thing for good gas mileage... But that's not going to help me if I can't drive it bc the tranny "gets too hot" in normal weather conditions here in TN. I'm ok with hanging onto it for a few years and selling it right before the 100k mile warranty is up- but in the meantime, I really am fearful of my (and my children's) life driving in it on the highway and that's not an exaggeration. Apparently, unless it starts getting reported in the media, and people die, Nissan will continue to ignore the issue and pump out these cars.


Neveragainnissan-. Good morning, I had an old 78 VW Rabbit, had fuel problems and frequently stalled on the freeway until someone finally found a problem with the filter, pump etc, SO, I understand your concern about losing power on the freeway! My only suggestion for this is immediately shift to neutral and pull over as safely as possible, you can even trip your emergency flashers, people respond to this request really well... Not signaling confuses people and they don't like that... NOW for the CVT, look, be happy that you are getting a new one, continue to drive conservatively like you do, keep the car for a couple of years and sell it.. Also, I would suggest having the Nissan dealership change your CVT transmission fluid every 25,000 miles . YES, Nissan has a higher and less desirable record for their CVT..I test drove a Nissan Versa a few years ago and noticed how "buzzy" the transmission was. My Toyota Prius has a power sharing transmission (not really a true CVT, but, the marketing department would have you believe its similar, it really is not). However, my 2010 Subaru Outback has a true CVT transmission and it doesn't sound or drive anything like a Nissan CVT.....The big difference between the Nissan and the Subaru is that Subaru built their own in-house CVT transmission with a metal belt, while the Nissan transmission was farmed out to JATCO transmission, a private company that builds transmissions for other car manufacturers as well, BE CAREFUL to do your research before purchasing another car.... it's always generally better to purchase a car that has most or more products built by the company selling the car... I had a 1995 Home Accord EX Wagon and the transmission was rock solid, but, in 2000-2008, Honda foolishly farmed out their transmissions to you guessed it save money and the transmissions from this period was horrible....it doesn't help Consumers.... good luck..

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By the way, I had two VWs and would never purchase another one again, really poor quality control...


SO, having had negative experiences with two different VW's, one air cooled and water cooled, I completely understand your point of not wanting another shot at your experience, I get it.... I have found overall that Honda, Toyota and Subaru are better cars from Japan.

Thanks Mark for all the info! You're awesome! I, too, had a rabbit back in the day. Let's just say that thing spent more time in the shop than on the road. I eventually had to junk it- it was that bad. I've owned Nissans prior to 2003, as well. In fact, I have a 2002 maxima and a 2001 pathfinder- great cars! That's why I trusted NISSAN. Not with their new farmed out CVTs. That's why I say never again will I buy another NISSAN. They went from the top to the bottom real quick! I am looking at the scion IA's. I may look into trading the rogue for one of those in a couple of years! If I can afford an outback at that time, that will be my first choice! And thanks for the tip on replacing the tranny fluid every 25k miles. I will definitely bring that up to the mechanic when they get around to calling me back in a few days. You've been awesome!


Neveragainnissan- thanks, and you're most welcome.... two people from this forum suggested changing the transmission fluid, there's two ways to do this. First, you can take it to the dealership, and they'll probably do a complete flush and replace the fluid just lie a hospital transfusion, some folks are against this, but, my thoughts are if this was so bad, why would the dealership do it and get blowback?? Or, others say just drain and replace the old fluid leaving some of the old stuff in there, I really think it's better with the former, my opinion, we'll see.... Finally, I was in touch via email and phone with someone who went 300,000 miles on his 2010 Subaru Outback and then had a freak. accident that destroyed his car, otherwise, he would still have it.. what I'm leaning lately is its more about time than mileage.... I had 195,000 miles on my 78 Rabbit when I sold it. A rebuilt engine and clutch, it was a good car for the five years and then it was a constant nightmare. The only reason I kept the car for 11 years because I lived next door to a VW mechanic.. very helpful.. otherwise, I would have dumped the car. I really like my 2010 Subaru Outback , solid station, I use it to tow my teardrop trailer, here's a picture..

That's awesome! I love the AWD Feature. I was originally going to go with the outback, but figured I'd save the cash and go with the brand that I knew and thought was trusted- NISSAN- since it was about $10k cheaper and had everything I wanted- AWD, leather interior, Bose sound system, navigation...etc. Of course none of that matters anymore when the CVT is crap...I am kicking myself now for not going with the Subaru. And here's my thought on changing the CVT fluid- the CVT is inevitably going to continue to have problems because of the way it is made and designed- so why not try something different in an attempt to get longer stretches between CVT failures? Yeah...I had bought my WV Rabbit used when it was already about 9 years old- from a private owner. It was not good...and after that I was dumb enough to buy another WV (Golf)- the transmission went out at 42,000 miles I never trusted VW after that either...but the one car you rarely hear about having problems is Subaru.


Neveragainnissan- well to be fair, Subaru has had their fair share of problems. In the early 2000s and to a lesser degree until 2009, they had head gasket issues. As you know, the Boxer engine has two heads instead of one and this design adds cost if the engine should overheat and require a head gasket replacement. Fortunately, the introduction of multi- layered head gaskets in 2010 pretty much eliminated that concern, but, I'm always careful to not overheat my car and keep the cooling system up to 100 percent. Subaru has been making AWD cars a very long time and AWD is in all their models except for the Subaru BRZ sports car.. and have been doing so in the present iteration since 1987. See this web link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symmetrical_All_Wheel_Drive


Subaru recently has had some problems with oil burning, BUT, so has many other cars of this current generation, see this , http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/06/excessive- oil-consumption/index.htm


However, Subaru has made some inroads to solving some of their own problems by issuing a technical service bulletin on their cars and settling a law suit. see this, http://www.torquenews.com/1084/subaru-issues-updated-tsb- excessive-oil-consumption-issue


Here's the law suit settlement for January 2016- http://www.torquenews.com/1084/subaru-settles-oil-consumption- lawsuit


Bottom line- No car manufacturer is perfect, it's a gamble whenever you purchase a car, but, Subaru has a long standing reputation for being an excellent car and many of them are still on the road after 12 years or more. Kelly Blue Book rates Subaru the one of the highest brand for quality and safety. http://www.kupper-chevrolet.com/blogs/1060/kupper- automotive-group-news/subaru-brand-earns-top-honors-in- kelley-blue-books-kbb-com-2016-brand-image-awards/

Wow! I had no idea about the Subaru head gasket issues. I usually try to purchase vehicles that are 2 years old to cut down on cost but still have a warranty, so hopefully in a few years, I'll look at the 2016 models...thanks for the info on the models prior to 2010. You have a valuable knowledge base of cars and their mechanics.


Neveragainnissan-. I'm not an expert, however, I try to do as much research before. I purchase cars, they are so damn expensive, I'd rather NOT make a mistake... Cars are like "fine wines", each year as a certain vintage and nuances... And, it's partly luck, and I've been very fortunate...my last car was a 1995 Honda Accord EX Wagon I purchased brand new in 1996 and kept it for almost 20 years....I might still have kept it, except for the fact that it was too low to the ground to effectively tow my teardrop trailer. The interesting thing about the Subaru Outback with the iconic Boxer engines is that they a lot of torque for their small size. The engine is a relatively large 2.5 litre Four that has 170 HP and 170 foot pounds of torque and capable of towing 2,700 pounds... And, the larger 3.6 Six cylinder engine can only tow a maximum of 3,000 pounds, a mere 300 pounds more... The Six cylinder is front end heavy and gets much lower fuel economy. Plus, the 2010 only offered the Four cylinders and CVT transmission. In case you didn't know, the CVT transmission is a much less complicated transmission than the traditional planetary gears found on most cars. A lot of people think that the CVT is a new concept, actually, that is NOT TRUE. The design for CVT transmissions date all the way back to a design invention by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th Century...it wasn't until much later that this came to fruition . CVTs have been used for years in industrial applications and aircraft engineering... Maybe you haven't thought about this, but, think of all the times you have taken off in a commercial aircraft, you just hear the engines spool up and they take off at full power...this is similar to what a CVT transmission does, it changes the variable speed to the engine RPMS a continuous band and keeps the car's engine at peak power... There are good and bad CVT transmissions.. i suggest you take a test drive in a Subaru and see what I mean... I used to think that it was always better to purchase a brand new car, but, YES, you will save money on depreciation by buying a lease return, two to four years old. My car was four years old, had 66,000 miles on the car and was a certified pre-owned vehicle... I financed it through my credit union , got a fantastic interest rate and they offered me a warranty for three years up to 100,000 miles that was less expensive than the dealership and had better coverage....I always recommend that people do this....By the way, when I purchased my Honda Accord in 1996, it was a leftover car from a fleet that never was sold..so, I got a brand new car for $5,000 off the price and I couldn't pass up that deal... My best advice is to find one honest independent mechanic and stick with that person for everything....my mechanic is great, he appreciates my return business and knows everything about my car, gives me superior service and I can trust him implicitly.. this is the kind of relationship you want... I don't know, maybe you can work on your car? Cars today are like rolling computers and most people don't know what to do... Everything is easy when you know what to do... BUT, it takes a lot of knowledge and experience... sometimes it's better to stick with what you normally do and farm out the mechanical stuff on your car... Good luck.... http://www.smart-service.com/blog/2010/03/which-head-gasket-is- best-for-a-subaru


Neveragainnissan- Here's a few references to you about CVT's, note that they have been used in racing cars... now, I highly doubt that they would have done this for no other reason than to be competitive. The other link below is on Leonardo da Vinci and the CVT origin; http://www.generaltransmissions.com/en/technology/cvt- essentials/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuously_variable_transmission http://www.da-vinci-inventions.com/ http://www.forix.com/8w/altpower-intro.html Happy reading.

An certified Nissan should have at least a 100,000 mile warranty on the power train. Check with the Nissan dealership.

IAlso, I have a 2008 Altima that the transmission failed and they fixed it at 52,000 miles. I now have over 180,000 miles on the car and not a single problem with the transmission.


Jackers-. Interesting, maybe the factory has a quality control problem, whereas your replacement transmission has already gone 150,000 miles more?


Neveragainnissan-. Perhaps you will be lucky like Jackers above... By the way, you mentioned that this car was a piece of crap?? Aside from the transmission issues, are you saying that you're NOT IMPRESSED with the rest of the car?

That's reassuring, Jackers. And Mark, I can't find where you say I mentioned my rogue was a piece of crap. I am actually very impressed with the craftmanship of the vehicle, but if it's unreliable...craftmanship means nothing. I had the CVT swapped out for a "remanned" one (also made by JATCO). NISSANs recommended schedule for changing out the transmission fluid is every 30k miles. I also had them change my oil and rotate the tires. Now it sounds like there is metal rattling around somewhere around the tires. It is super loud and annoying. I'll have to take it back in for that.


Neveragainnissan-OK, I'm glad to hear that overall you like your car. It's never a good idea to turn a car around financially in a year or two, HERE'S where you mentioned it right in your initial post when you said, re-read it at the top of this thread. Yeah, I could tell that you were VERY FRUSTRATED when you wrote that. "But I owe on this cae for another 4.5 years and it's already a piece of crap! ".

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