Fiesta tranny issues, Ford says those Noises in Tranny are Normal.


Asked by Nov 13, 2014 at 07:30 PM about the 2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium Hatchback

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Aluminum cans crushing? in my tranny? its a brand new car! when I press the gas pedal, the transmission gets confused and tries to shift when it thinks is right, many times it is wrong, and I have zero confidence I can go into any turns, or up small hills and it figure it out.  No Faith = No Fun
Ford is experiencing problems with 2014 Fiesta & Focus trannys failing like crazy. I'm on incident # 4.

VIN: 1FADP3N29EL176646. Bought New Focus Titanium from James Ford in Half Moon Bay.  The car is a LEMON!  RUN RUN RUN away.  Fiesta is Experiencing same NEW problems as Focus, because they share the same transmission, a Selectronic, it has a mind of its own and when you press on the gas pedal, you hear the transmission trying to engage, flutter ands gets confused,  Seriously, it sounds like aluminum cans crushing.  Ford is claiming these NEW Selectronic automatic transmission are like this with these noises and we the consumer have to get used to it.

I test drove an Automatic transmission, it was an SE, and I liked it.  I purchased a New Focus, but the salesman said he had a Titanium Automatic, he did not disclose it was a selectronic, he lied, he did not disclose this at all, I honestly thought I was getting an regular automatic like the one I test drove and liked.   Immediately after driving off the lot I had these problems. I informed everybody, and the dealer said you are on your own, and refuses to even talk to me about this LEMON.  I ended up taking it in to Napa Ford to get the tranny repaired, at 400 miles (incident # 1), again at 17,669 (incident # 2), again at 19,500 (incident # 3), again at 20,500 (incident # 4), Incidents # 5 & 6 are forthcoming I am sure.  My wife hates the car and says if Ford is taking this attitude about these aluminum can crushing being NORMAL, she does not want to drive or even be a passenger, its that bad. I am being told if I drive more aggressive, faster, the tranny issues are lessened, I have to drive faster?  It happens at any slow speed, and gives you no confidence on when it will shift, or if it will shift properly, but the NOISES are permanent.  I have tried different speeds, so far nothing has worked at all, cause it gets confused.  We have no faith in the car, and now the car is NOT any fun at all, its too dangerous to try and hope the tranny will shift correctly this time, cause its a crap shoot.  
The dealer; told me to go to hell, and refused to help me at all.  Its a brand new car!  WHY won't you help me?  I'm on my own.
Napa Ford Service: Good guys, There ARE service bulletins they have on what to actually fix.  I have gone thru 3 and will again last week in Nov 24th.  The Last One!
Each time takes my car in their shop for 10 days each, Also, it is Not covered under warranty, so I have to pay for rent-a-cars out of pocket myself.
Budget rent a car said: Focus's and Fiesta's are having issues for sure.
Ford Customer Relations: 800-392-3673, file a report! (make sure you get a CASE # like we did)
Ford is saying this noise is NORMAL!  I thought any noises that come from the transmission are bad!  SERIOUSLY, TRUST ME, THEY ARE BAD!  Why would I enjoy driving a car that sounds like aluminum cans are crushing.  One service guy said if he turns up the radio, he can't here the aluminum cans crushing.  WOW!  
Please help, Any help is appreciated.

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Go into Product Review and type in 2009,2014 Fiesta and you will get all your answers there. You're not the only one. One bloke took out a class action and got a brand new replacement. There's been nothing but bad reports about the autos not doing their jobs. I've got a 2013 Fiesta manual and I've had no problems. I wouldn't touch one of their autos.

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I have same exact problem with this car. I did get help from the Better Business Bureau and then a lemon law attorney got me some money back but they still refuse to trade the car. Service Manager said "it sounds like chains breaking apart inside your engine" but there is simply nothing Ford will allow us to do. Ford does not do what's right, they do what they are court ordered to do.

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I have the same exact problem, initially it was the same "can crushing" and a transmission shutter. Tedd Britt Ford fixed the shutter but the cans remain. Sounds really bad and is embarrassing to drive. Really dissappointed with Ford. I also recently bought a Chrysler vehicle that makes no noises at all. You cannot tell me this is normal. Ford must think we are stupid.

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I don't understand with all the bad publicity Ford has had with it's autos why people want to spend an extra 2 grand for one if they have a manual licence. With the exception of a dickey driver's seat which keeps going down on me, i can't fault my manual Fiesta. Seat is to be replaced under warranty next Wednesday. Who knows. Maybe Ford dealers are a bit easier to get on with in Australia.

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yer a bunch of fops who don`t know how to drive a CVT ...get over it or get a different car


Its not a CVT you ahole! Maybe you shoul learn how to read.

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nobody's saying it's a cvt genious


Have a 2014 Fiesta 20,000 miles, bought it new... now in the shop for shuttering transmission for now the 4th time! Dealer says the transmission falls within acceptable limits. BS to that! As you, my car is not fun to drive and is quite embarrassing to drive. Most recent they have had my car for 13 days...

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you should definitely qualify for a lemon law attorney to take your case for free. They usually have a very good chance of settling once you have 4 repair attempts. no one should have to be embarrassed of a brand new car!

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I purchased a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta 4 door. It right away had the transmission shuddering problems. It was sent back to the dealership to be fixed and when the car came back it ran good for a few days and then went back to the same problems. It was sent back to the dealer a second time and the same thing happened again so we decided to just drive it like this. My mother drove the car and one night she forgot to shut off the dome light and the next day the battery was dead and the car wouldn't start. I happened to have a brand new car battery that I keep fully charged for jumping dead batteries. I disconnected the factory battery and put in the fresh battery and when I tried to start the car it wouldn't start right away and it made the crunching aluminum cans sounds and I could hear noises like somebody pressing and depressing a manual clutch pedal. I shut off the ignition and tried again to start the car, this time it started and the center display screen in the car read in big letters (Transmission malfunction) I let the car idle for a few mins before trying to drive it. I drove it to the store less than a mile away but now the transmission refused to shift past first gear. I called the dealership and told them what happened. The woman told me that anytime the battery goes dead on these cars it effects the transmission but some times if the battery is fully recharged first this problem doesn't happen but since it has happened the car would need to be returned to the dealership to have the computer module reset or rebooted to operate correctly. So not only does the transmission shudder when operating normally but if for any reason the battery goes dead or you have to replace the battery as soon as you disconnect the battery terminals it wipes out the computer module and the car has to go back to the dealer to be rebooted. The dealership picked up the car this morning and is back in the shop again for the third time.

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The problem you are describing is well known and should have been rectified by Ford long before now. People in the know have advised anyone who wants to listen, to not go near any Fiesta or Focus auto. I researched this vehicle on a site called Product Review before i purchased my 2013 Fiesta manual. This good little car has had its reputation ruined by a bad Auto. I've only had one problem with mine and that was the driver's seat eternally dropping because the height lever is situated in the most idiotic place as to allow the driver's bum to contact it every time they get in or out of the vehicle, thus resulting in a gradual depression of the lever every time until the seat has gone all the way down. I had the seat replaced after 3 attempts to fix it, all to know avail. I have since remedied this problem that Ford's engineers have been incapable of accomplishing since 2009, with the addition of 2 cable ties. The replacement of a battery should not be causing the problem that Ford suggests. It may however, result in the vehicle doing some funny things until the computer settles down. I refuse to accept the ridiculous idea that the vehicle has to be taken to Ford for a reboot. It that were the case, their service department would be overflowing with cars. Computers reboot themselves. That's what computers do. I had my battery disconnected for 7 hours when i had an audio upgrade and i had no problems when it was reconnected. Their stupid computers tell the Auto what to do. I don't know where you are, but over here, if an attempt to fix the same problem 3 times doesn't work, you are entitled to a replacement or a refund. If you are fortunate enough to be in this situation and you have a manual licence, get one. Contrary to many beliefs, they are a good little car.


get a stick shift version!~


I had a 1990's ford fiesta with a 4 speed manual transmission and it was a good little car until the body rusted to pieces, The new 2014 fiesta with the auto 6 speed trans has nothing but problems. The thing with the battery going dead and then the trans not shifting past first actually happened and had to be sent back to the dealership to reset the TCM Transmission control module. The woman on the phone said this can happen anytime the battery goes dead or when the battery terminals get disconnected. Got the car back from the dealership 2 days ago and the transmission is already starting to shudder and slip going into second gear, same thing it did the first 2 times it was sent back to the shop.

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I had to move to California to find ANY car from ANY year~ rust free...and over the last 30 years have kissed off that place for a land where it never gets below freezing...yes expensive ole BAY AREA...where every morning is jogging weather~ had 26 rust beauties I bought from "trader's auto mart" on Villard (home of the "on the cuff" 50 dollar car~ many of them were Volkswagen's~ broke my heart when the VW Quantum literally rusted to pieces...the 59 pontiac with 40,000 miles and a 389 steel dash and NO seatbelts...single cylinder brakes and roller bearings instead of taper..."toilet roll" oil filter...loved that rust beauty until a RENTAL aries K car smashed the front quarter at high CANNOT get attached to cars...if you do, be sure that another identical model can be easily had~ that is my 68 230S which had 700,000 miles on it and perfect upholstery...the kuhlmeister did not work...the twin carbs emptied my wallet...such memories...


When I was 19 years old my father drove the big Ford LTD's He had a 1978 4 door with a 351 cid engine. He read in the newspaper that someone had 4 brand new 15 inch all season tires for sale and the ad said they were mounted on Ford LTD rims. I went with him to look at the tires and when we got to the address the tire were mounted on rims but the rims were mounted on a 1973 Ford LTD Broham 2 door. An old woman came to the door and she wanted $100. for the tires and my dad asked her what was wrong with the car, She said the car was her late husbands work car and he was a police detective and her son drove the car and burned up the motor. The body on this car was perfect and we looked it over, My dad offered her $150. for the car and tires, she accepted. We towed the car home and my dad jacked it up to take the tires for his other LTD. I opened the hood to fid a big block engine. I thought it was a 460 CID motor but this car had regular old ignition with a set of points. I put in a battery and tried to start it and it turned over good but would not start, My dad said the points looked burnt so I went and bought a 5 dollar set of points, switched them out and set the gap and the car started right up and ran perfect. My dad took the tires but he gave me the car. I had to get tires for the car but once I got it driving I couldn't believe the power this car had. I turned out this car was special ordered by the police detective with the police interceptor package. It had a 429 CID police engine that was pushing well over 400 horsepower and it had heavy dual piston disc brakes front and back with heavy springs and police shocks, The speedometer in the dash went up to 160 MPH, it had the whole police package. This car would idle and you could barely tell the car was running But when you stepped on the gas it would burn both tires in all 3 gears and then slow down in third gear and grab traction and if you held down the gas pedal it would jump into passing gear and start burning the tires again. This car would lay rubber up to about 60 MPH and seemed like it had no top end. I once got clocked on police radar going 167 MPH but he didn't get me but the cop in the next city did but by then I had slowed down to 80. I drove that car for 15 years before it rusted to pieces.

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learned to drive on a 1973 AMC Gremlin...found out about "the death wobble" all because they must have left the steering dampener off the day the back glass/door unapologetically falls off and shatters into pieces on the freeway...they just don't build 'em like that~

2014 ford fiesta SE. My car doesn't start, unless I jump it, or is fine if it was already running. Sounds like aluminum cans being crushed in my car. I've taken it to 7 places. Jiffy lube, several Ford dealers, auto zone, oriellyies, and a mechanic. They all tested my parts. From my battery, to my computer chip, the alternator to if I need oil. Everything came back fine. Though, you cab obviously see, hear, feel that its not normal. It didn't always do that. I feel like I was wronged from the people I bought it from( dick hannah). Now my gas acts weird. Doesn't accelerate. Engine malf, gas meter is never right, transmission malf. Immobilizer malf. This car is a lemon and has caused me to go 12 thousand in debt.


I would check the valve timing...then replace the timing chain or belt...which drives the distributor and the oil just have someone put it on Top Dead center and check to see that the valves are closed or about to close on that rotation....turn it 180 to see if you are on the power is off...I just know it...this Dud performance and refusing to start is a clue~ just check the timing chain or belt....think you have a belt, which should have been changed at least once~ just check the timing on the no.1 stroke on the power stroke~ then we would have a clue at to which part needs replacing~


As long as the TCM is reset at a very early point in the vehicles life it shouldn't be so bad. I Purchased my 2013 Fiesta with 25K on it for only $7800. Probably due to all the panic about these cars when really it's a fun little dual clutch car that's great at cornering and high speed cruising. Ford is now willing to reset the TCM for 150K or 10 years and I feel confident with all of my factory power train warranty left on the car. Yes the transmission is a little noisy when the clutches are engaging and disengaging but all you have to do to avoid confusing the transmission is give the transmission a split second to engage after you've fully taken your foot off the brake and before you hit the gas. My fiesta bangs out 1st and 2nd gear so quick with minimal throttle input that i trust the car to get me up to speed quickly and without having to wind out the engine at all. Over all I'm happy with the great deal I got on a fun little car and if it starts to fail I'll just part ways with it before the warranty expires. I only drive 10K a year anyhow. People just treat the car like it's a normal automatic and get frustrated because there is in fact a manual transmission going to work behind the scenes. Just learn what the car likes and enjoy your fun little commuter car.

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