I have '89 volvo wagonn 740GL. Need to know where the fuel filter(s??) ECU location or test


Asked by Mar 09, 2013 at 03:56 PM about the 1989 Volvo 740 GL Wagon

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are? and is there more than one computer for the Bosch fuel inkection system? won't start. fires
tiny bit if spray starter fluid. replaced both fuel pumps, noice suppression relay, all other relays
too. do get fuel to the injector rail, and injectors do spray when cranked (visual check), Ordered
computer online to go in pasenger foot area, but now have wrong computer (not correct posts
for electrical connections)...or is there another computer elsewhere? thank you anybody fore
help. south dakota is sad place to have volvo\

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I believe you have a Jetronic, which thinks on it's own, with information from throttle position vacuum and amount of pressure to use on the fuel distributor. Do you have a jetronic?

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so yes, look at the fuel distributor, needing supply pressure...part of the jetronic injection system (about a dozen car makers use this bosch system, including Porsche and Volkswagen)-

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Yes, it is Jetronic.and Bosch is all over the place under there. Is fuel pressure critical? I do get fuel spraying out of injectors when cranking and sitting on top of engine. I also get fuel spray out about six or eight inches when the gas line is disconnected from furl rail and cranked. How to test fuel pressure regulator if critical? Two new fuel pumps, only one filter. Is there another filter? How to test computer if faulty? Hint: I stupidly installed a fuse in the empty spot, with engine running and everything died instantly. I pulled fuse started it up again and drove home from CA (1700 miles) before the initial intermittant stalling began now is dead. I surely shocked something? Have new noice suppresion relay, and also simple relays. What to do?

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I purchased a "ECU" on Ebay, but even though parts finder said it would fit, it doesn't fit under passenger side foot area. Is there a different computer, which means there are really TWO of them to break? Or did I order wrong part hopefully so simply need the right one?

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the onboard diagnostics told me the temp sensor and/or mass air meter were faulty, so they too are new. I am running out of ideas, except for the computer. it sounds good, for an instant if I spray starter fluid. but only once. then I have wait until hours to get fires again even with fluid.

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have to say rmh8400, this is going to be a learning curve for me, who's owned at least two vehicles one with D-jetronic and the other with K-jetronic, yours is an L-jetronic, according to wikipedia...It has 26 or so parts and has been laden with faults since the beginning, but still a quite reliable fuel injection system. You've really done quite a lot. Should have sold it in California....and just stayed here where life is mellow-...but your problem, yes there is an onboard computer as was the case with my volvo 240 of that year, perhaps you could slip under the dash, think there's a special plug...hard to remember...couple of lifetimes ago-, but these trouble codes should be jotted down...it's a starting point-

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You have helped alrrady, in knowing there are 26 things. It is jetronic, and bosch. I did go under the passenger dash, on the door panel side and remove the computer. I then went on Ebay and ordered the wrong part (the "parts finder helper" in Ebay said it was compatable...but not enough pins on new unit. Is there more than one computer? Under the dssh gauges near gas pedal? Do you know how to Test the computer? the onboard test says Air mass meter or temp sensor, both of which I replaced. One off the wall suggestion I got, which kind of made sense as the engine dies as soon as it fires and key is released into run positon is the ksy/ignition switch. any idea how to test that switch? I would LOVE to help you with your learnng curve...and lastly, funny you mention California. We purchased this car from my friend in CA, where I was born and raised in Bay Area since 1960. I would still be there if the darn state had any construction work or had any appreciation for a self employed contractor. Here I am near the OIL BOOM in NORTH DAKOTA and if I could get a relieble car, I can work any day or time I desire....I am glad yoiu have found a niche and can stay there, eh? Hopefully you have some rentals too, as rents are going to skyrocket forever. Thank you for your help here, and Cheere!

yeah, that was it turn the key to the start position, there was a connector under the hood you had to put into service mode first....but this was a dirty rotten 240. MAF sensor was cheap from pickNpull. vowed never to buy another volvo after the '71 had a recall on the main wiring harness (which I meticulously took the time to replace) vinyl was impure and self-destructing, led to many volvo fires in the day. You're much, much better with the proven excellence of the Toyota! Gave it away for free to a guy who was later found dead...this is the second car I gave away and the new owner turned up dead...gotta stop givin' them away! That's to bad on your (no returns on electrical) brainboxes...seldom see them go bad, except where there is bad ground, then they get a brown out goin' on and it's like giving too many drinks to an unwanted guest then...

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yes, near the gas pedal...er um brake pedal side against the firewall was a pigtail you'd have to jumper to read the troublecodes which came up in morse code (more or less) then de-code the flashes meanings later...kinda lost, this may not even be my volvo or my other volvo...so confused...

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NO MORE VOLVOS, thank you.

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If there is only one computer, and the Ebay "parts finder/helper" got it wrong, I am pretty sure I will get my money back. That means I still need one. And I love your idea of Toyota. My ''85 Celica GT was awesome till the guy ran into me. You say check the ground maybe? If I get trouble codes from the on board sensor, does that mean the computer is functioning? I could use the money for gas to go find a job...lol I hate throwing money to solve a problem, but with 27 compoonets how to do it?


the computer I did find was on passenger side outside wall near floor. Is there one more on my driver side? I did a look see, and not readily visible.

I'm in Clearlake, the bastard child of the bay area, but there are glorious woods 'robert lewis stevenson' state park and a pipe sickin out of the wall on 29 that is runnin' calistoga pure water out onto the road 24 hours a day, bring your own bottle...there's usually people waiting but at odd hours it's available. 2 1/2 hours north of the bay area and ten times less the price....a 440,000 house in the bay area sells for 44,000 in Clearlake-....no there aren't any MINI dealerships here-drat cannot find anyone with CVT oil that knows how to get into a permanently sealed transmission---oh well just drive ole bessie, the boulders on this not-paved road system is tough on mini's bottomside-

yes...it's an 89...wish I could recall exactly how to get to the computer...there was a block against the firewall that had a unique cap. You'd flip the cap open and there was a jumper what would put you into diagnostic mode when you turned the key it would flash a certain code three times then quit, you'd remove the jumper put the plastic cover on, and reset the codes so it doesn't remember them anymore...just like I don't remember how anymore...

got to remember in 89 the computer technology was the TRS-80---may as well used morse code.

Hate to mention this, but it looks like the jetronic does have it's own computer!...dunno if this applies to your situation, but will definately dig deeper as it pertains to a 89 Volvo DL~

more of a jetronic control brain than a computer...per se- in other words this jetronic computer does not care if you have an 02 sensor!

Did I say DL...well I meant GL...whew!

Does the Jetronic brain count as a computer? you know I believe I'm crossing apples with oranges, but in 89 the concept is the same....all I know is address the needs of the trouble codes, whether it's puttin a boneyard MAF in that or buyin a thirty dollar temp sensor, the computer will not steer you wrong.


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thanks for the picture and youtube vid. I feel ready to go ahead out there and get to work in the dub zero weaather to start diagnosis for good. I willl keep positng for the posterity and learning fun.

dammit! personally believe that this "black gold" from fracking is ill conceived! Should be replenishing the ogilala aquifer rather than raping the land for the riches contained therein. Think GREEN...not BLACK~ come back home to California...I'm taken care of because felt wobbly at my job and the neurologist insisted on an MRI scan which said "you will not work" anymore, and am given some cat food money, not enough to survive in the Bay Area, but in Clearlake is just about right...there is nothing here, no public moneys for roads, streetlights...at least the fire dept and cops are kinda okay, and most importantly THERE. If you wanted to live in a place that is mostly 50 degrees and will not freeze your toukas off, I moved here to California in 1989...and won't go back at all, not even for a funeral!

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Milwaukee eats cars...yum yum yum gobbles 'em right up, that's where we get the famous rustfloor instead of or in addition to moonroof...bought many fifty dollar cars to make it thru the two weeks of below -10 weather....not fit for man nor beast! Rock Salt makes a yummy treat for steel!

Did not know whether rmh is a man or you're a woman, in either case I really appreciate your bravery, I've had an 89 (previouly salvaged) 240 GL from a guy in San Jose for 500 dollars and ran it just fine...had the usual degridation of plastics and cheapo feel to it, the problems were all solved with junkyard parts!...the pricing schedule is not too agressive, and if you ask for a break because you are poor, there's a certain morality with the the poor, even junkyard jimmy, will give you a break if you ask.


oh no, you have been totally kept in the dark about fracking. Did you watch Fracknation movie? I recommend it. you can go to my facebook page RandallMonroeHennigar to get the links. Turns out the state of CA is blacking out any real truth, and you have no public facts. did you know there is literally zero times when fracking ever polluted an aquafir in the last sixty years? That other movie was pretty much bogus, and even the people in Pennsylvania are angry except the coupel who want to get rich sueing. The EPA tested their water, came out clean, and the people still want to sue. Our country has gone crazy. Even to the point where my ford van is going to run some more though in CA 'cause of corrupt smog laws I would be dead. My volvo is a CA model.

to answer your question, it's a different car! 240 and 740 are what 500 apart?...LOL ;) but access to the compy was on the driver's side, that black diagnostic connection was on the driver's side, on the 740 I plumb just don't know...okay, yah, expert in all makes and models foriegn and domsestic...there are a few hotrod GURUs around here, but as just a grease monkey...really don't hold a blowtorch to them....(they'd catch fire, anyways)


lol...I just bought a $300 ford econoline, which now needs a $5 bearing on one piston. Should be much easier than the upcoming 26 point checklist for my volvo to be done in freezing weather. good fun! sooon, I hope to have cashflow again and buy a newer car since there really is work and jobs here aplenty. I guess I wont' have any more employees again to bleed me dry, but what the heck? I am still young enough to start over at age 52, eh?

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Never seen the consequences of fracking. its like the myth of clean coal...yeah...but then would a green alternative, like arrays of solar collectors or seaweed or rapidly growing anything that can be made into bio-diesel be prefered? not to argue with you, I'm no damn hippy (they usually smell) or do gooder, and mostly have zen approach were everything is okay, or soon to be okay...do not worry.

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Wow rmh, you are definately a Go-getter! I'm 48 now and could probably work in an engineering dept, or take assignments (for the piping business, amonst many, superconducting superchillers and chillers for manufacturing semiconductors)..but with MS, am best to stay on the bench where no one will want to punch me in the face!

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Had to go all in, so I guess all those years playing poker paid off. Came here in motorhome, spent a month in WalMart parking lot Nov.2011. Moved in our new home here Jan. 2012. Honestly, it is the wild west out here. I can imagine how it was during the CA gold rush of '49 (1849 that is!). Only the ambitious are here, con men, and the best of the best. There are no zoning laws, no red tape, build whatever you want pretty much as long as the foundations are engineered. More and more red tape is inevitable though, but as in the real free market, if I build my restaurant/ bar first, you better not infringe on me. Not like CA where the environmentalists are destroying property rights daily. Did you know the highest per capita income city in America is in Williston, North Dakota - heart of the Bakken Oil Boom? Just one entreprenuer to another, I bet with some reasonable technology on your part, and basic marketing you could easily do your engineering from home, using onsite pics and smart general contractors. I started out as engineering major, but got sidetracked into making a living before graduation at Sac State. Everybody here is shorthanded, as shown by WalMart starting people at $18/hr! Taco Johns has only $15/hr on the sign out front. Couldn't you bid or work off extensive pics, or plot plans then send your stuff email? If you did need "boots on the ground" couldn't you have someone you trust to interface in person for any thing else or use skype meetings like that? There are many chiefs but not nearly enough indians. But even as a sub chief, I am going to be soon making $40 or so welding on the pipelines not even counting the XL pipeline Obummer has nixed. If you like, email me some info and I can try a little marketing here to see what kind of response there is for an absentee engineer with stamp, eh?

You talk Randall like your are talking like you are talking to me?! although I am familiar with drafting to standard Y-14.5 have yet to work for a shop that was concerned with this level of excellence, got into a bit of mechanical design, conveyors mostly but weighted down with Autocad. Things were much sexier when I could use my drafting lettering and style, but cad makes all kinda look the same. Was doing this at Kempsmith in a smokey boardroom before there were computers in 1988. At Pak-master could be considered a career, I was able to get a mortgage of that job, but have known nothing but temporary drafting work, even did a sideline job for the petroleum refinery, large fittings for IPP (improved Piping products), Orinda...yes have some experience at design for oil piping, but was just a drafter there and didn't make any decisions...am down, have to smoke tons of medical marijuana because of MS...the pharmecuticals are just evil....no one has a cure for MS...ain't gonna happen...frankly I'm flattered that you see an intelligent person here, but my goose is cooked...and all I have left is cargurus and my oil painting hobby, which is enjoyed by all, but can sell a painting here and there for fifty bucks, hardly enough scratch...but I'm happy, don't really need money, unless I pop the LOTTO later tonite, then will build "the recaptor" a hyrdopneumatic exercise capturing vehicle that stores energy in an accumulator (designed for bosch 10 litre) and uses normal exercise motion and rolling intertia to capture forces and harness them for accelleration- just a dream...sent the drawings to inventhelp.com and they said "build one" and friggin' kept the drawings....losers!


I agree that the marijuana is the best out, if meds are needed. The doctors almost got me destroyed by anti depressants. I grew a plant, in '78 had 7 pounds of the largest green buds in Concord that year. And trust me, even then I told the detective I was simply in it for personal use and medication. A few years later, got popped with 26 young ladies all tied down on bamboo in Concord once again, and same story, too. All I wanted was peace. I ave always worked for my money, but paying drug dealers killed my spirit. I hope you bought a home in Orinda. Most of my customers were in the LaMorinda area and the nicest rich folks ever. If you had bought in the '70's, you too would be rich even today, eh? I bought a house on half acre for $5k last year. has basement, upstairs too. Gonna do a five acre on the highway in North Dakota this year, for just a little more. And you are right about CAD, drafting is a $16/hr job now and ten times the output. But thinkers are always in demand, right? That is me. Maybe too much thinking...lol

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