Are spare tire and jack provided in a Kia Soul when you purchase one?

Asked by May 02, 2016 at 05:50 PM about the 2013 Kia Soul Base

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I bought a 2013 Kia Soul at Gossett Kia in Memphis Tenn.and asked why the
car does not have a spare or jack.They told me that Kia Motors stop providing
spare tires and jacks to their cars in 2008 and I just wanted to ask if this is a
true statement.

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Like many other buyers of a 2012 Kia Soul, many are dismayed to learn there was no spare tire and jack included with the car--instead, there is a can of sealant and a (tiny) air compressor. A weight saving "trick" weight increases MPG, Thanks to CAFE fuel economy' same "trick" with 0-20 oil use!~~~~~~In October of 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued joint final rules to further improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for passenger cars and light trucks. Since NHTSA is required by Congress to set CAFE standards for no more than five years at a time, it issued final standards for model years 2017 to 2021 and presented non-final “augural” standards for years 2022-2025. The non-final standards were presented in the interest of aiding manufacturers in future product planning and of harmonization with EPA’s greenhouse gas emission standards. NHTSA will propose and establish CAFE standards for MYs 2022-2025 through a comprehensive future rulemaking that will be informed by the latest available data and information.

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You know what I'm all for protecting the dang environment but excuse me, it really pissed me off when I had to rush off to work and I'm stranded with a stupid flat if anyone would start thinking outside the box....a stupid tire maintenence pack is NOT and I repeat NOT going to fix a "blow out" Once a tire is destroyed a stinking fix it kit is NOT going to do anything hello!! I am annoyed that I have to be be stranded if this ever happens because of cry baby green house emission officials getting in my way of fixing my own tire!! I love my KIA but this is a huge problem. I like many others do not have time to wait around for a tow truck because I don't have a spare tire and a jack in my trunk. So now I'M going to take that stupid Styrofoam compartment out of my car and I'm putting a stinking spare tire in my trunk and I'm going to find a jack that fits the specialty lug nuts and I'm going to remain self sufficient and take care of my own tire problems when they arise. So that's all I'm done being annoyed now. Just thought someone might possibly agree with me......thank you...

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I hit debris on an interstate highway which destroyed my tire. I didnt even know my car did not have a spare until this happened! so, there I was on the side of this hwy cars flying by me and I couldnt help myself. A cop came called a tow. They towed me to a shop that could replace my tire. 250.00 for a used tire not including the tow amount. I was pissed! I called Kia and I was told they dont offer a spare but they will come out and give you a free tow and that I will be reimbursed for that amount. NOPE, there was a loop hole they found and I was never reimbursed by Kia,. However, my ins co did reimburse that cost. I purchased a spare and kit so this never happens again.

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Kia will not come out if you don't have a spare in the soul trunk to help. I went thru it. Bought a tire and kit at soul dealership. The patch kit a joke. Dealership discounted kit and installation. Kia pd me for the kit as my fourth Kia and refused to never buy a new one again. Roadside so wrong in their answers. Reported them.

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I Hate the fact that I did not get a spare tire.... I didn't know I didn't have one till I was stranded at home. Then as I went to look for one to put in my car they coast 200.00 and it's cheaper to get a used Tire but it doesn't fit In the well in the back of the car used for a spare... This is some straight foolishness!!!!!!

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I bought s KIA Optima three weeks ago. I have taken for granted that there would be a spare tire. I called my dealership and was advised it was no longer required to provide one, by virtue of a standard passed by politicians for EPA and greenhouse affect. I carry 2 engineering degrees from UCLA. I'm pretty sure the politicians don't have a clue about EPA etc. If KIA no longer supplies spares, why are they still providing insets for them. The young lady who broke down on the highway is a perfect example of why I will not be buying two Kias for my daughters. Is the spare tire the only surprise? My girls are getting a Honda.

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I've had my Soul for about a year now. Love it, never had any issues until yesterday. Flat tire. Only to find out I didn't have a spare. To say the least I am was VERY disappointed. I'm in my early 30's and am thankful my father was able to come by to plug it for me, but had I been on the side of the road alone... Very Disappointed KIA!

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I knew going in that the Kia's don't have a spare, but I got a rim and made my own spare. Great car, excellent gas mileage, no big deal. Yep, had to get a jack, too. Still no biggie. I love my Kia Soul! I am a 61 yr young Grandma and It's no problem to change my own tire. I think some of y'all mad about not having a spare are really just mad at yourself for not checking. By the way, AAA is a good thing to have...but it doesn't come with the car either.

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omg everyone i had the same surprise my Kia Soul i have had less than a year, took three trips to mexico and had no idea i had no spare tire. I had a blow out and that was the hard reality of it, roadside assistance for Kia sucks , but AAA was there to save me and i am out of pocket 256.00 cuz i had to buy a tire, pay the tow , and hotel to say overnight. i have never been so surprised in my life. I love my Kia, so I did buy the extend warranty on the Soul so i told the Dealership pay for it the blow out damaged the harness and the sensor why should I have to pay for it. They did want to sell me a Spare Tire kit, omg what a scam, why would i need it since i have a tire that i can use as a spare since Kia did replace the low out and i bought a jacket, I am all set, but i had to do this myself. Nope KIA is not about customer service and I love my KIA Soul but i need to just suck it up and see if they will pay for everything. but i will just be sure to think before i buy, Toyota and Honda are sounding pretty good.

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I a surprised to find out that my 2014 Kia Soul did not have Spare tire. I am not going to buy another Kia from such a sneaky and cheap company.

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This happened to me on Christmas Eve 2017. This is what I wrote to a local letter to the editor : Car Buyer Beware We have all heard the old adage “buyer beware”. I would like to add another one “car buyer beware”. I recently purchased a car I saw as great a 2016 Kia from a well-known car dealership, Car Max, on Midlothian Turnpike. The sales person was great. She was forthcoming with all the important details or so I thought. I trusted her completely. I am a RN and know that we have been noted to be the most trusted professionals for the last 15+ years including this one and that car salesmen especially of the used variety and politicians are low on the list. However I did not anticipate that my vehicle had a flaw that potentially could have been tragic. My car had no spare tire, no donut, and no jack just some silly fix-a-flat. Imagine my surprise when on Christmas Eve I broke down with a flat tire 80+ miles from home. Luckily I got into a hotel parking lot. The dealership’s so called road assistance was slow and unsuccessful. So my husband ended up finding one for me. I had to pay out-of-pocket for a donut and thankfully avoided hundreds of dollars needed for a tow. I got a cheap tire at a local place near me. I found out my tire had a huge hole in it. Fix-a-flat would have been of no avail. So that was all I had offered to me. The car lot and sales person gleefully took my money and down payment and scored a sale while keeping me in the dark about the lack of spare tire/donut/jack in the event of my having a tire demise that was not able to be fixed by the useless supplies in my trunk. Good job on making the car get better mileage but you could have done dire damage to a customer. It could have been tragic if it happened in an out-of-way place as I would have been a sitting duck especially if phone service had been lacking. Also it was extremely cold and I had my daughter who has seizures with me. Thankfully she brought her evening med. I spent from 9:21 pm or so till 2 am trying to get help. Useless roadside assistance and the decision by Kia to not put a spare or at least offer one and the Car Max on Midlothian’s lack of professionalism and customer caring in neglecting to inform me of this. So you get my money monthly and tell me you care about the customers. That is a patent falsehood. I made a complaint and will warn others. Buyers beware. They want your money and do not care what the outcomes are. Be advised!!!

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See above. This is real lack of caring for customers and professionalism.

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My son got a used car and guess what? He had a spare tire and a jack!!!!!

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Telling purchasers there is no spare, tire iron, or jack should be mandatory. I don't care about emissions laws etc.,; it's part of the informed decision I get to make BEFORE i purchase, and since every car I've ever purchased has had these things, there was no reason to think my Kia Soul 2015 was any different. There is something backhanded about passing a law but not making it mandatory for the dealers to inform consumers of the change. And, young Grandma, we're all aware AAA doesn't come with the car, and no one said they were incapable of changing a tire; this issue had been there was no tire there to use as a spare when including a spare has always been standard when you purchase a car.

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The law is just an excuse for Kia and other car manufacturers to make more profit. "Most cars these days weigh between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds and, according to GasBuddy, a vehicle weight reduction of 10 percent would save up to 7 percent in fuel economy. A reduction of 50 pounds should result in an increase in efficiency of about 1% depending on the curb weight of your vehicle. For someone who spends $2,000/yr on fuel, this would mean that you are saving approx. $20/yr by getting rid of the spare tire" So, the savings on gas from removing a spare tire are close to negligible. So again we ask the question, why no spare? While you might be saving a bit of money on gas, the manufacturers are saving on costs big time. The cost of a spare tire, tools, and jack is likely in the $100/car range for large manufacturers. For a company that sells millions of cars, this is going to mean huge savings over a long period of time. My KIA Rio did not have a spare, I have a nifty mini air compressor though. Bought a spare tire & rim for the same cost of a mini tire & rim. Fits just fine in the spare tire well. Feel better knowing I have a "real" spare tire. It's not just Kia, Audi, BMW, and Porsche have eliminated the spare tire from nearly all of their models. Others have left this as an optional feature. According to new research from AAA, nearly one-third of 2017 model year vehicles do not come with a spare tire. Another "buyer beware scenario".

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This, that and the other thing add up to a lot more than 1%. If you really want this mentality to change, vote for people in government that don't hate cars and require them to get absurd gas mileage.

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I have a 2014 kia forte and I have a jack and tire

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If you own a car for a year and did not know you had no spare, you do not need a spare. you will only hurt yourself.

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Thanks for the most valuable responses. We just recently found out I had 2 lug nuts missing. One of these being a locking one. Replacement from the dealer $55 for a (set). I went to an auto store and purchased 2 for 5 bucks. I attempted to find a tire iron an /or spare. NONE ! ! ! lucky I have tools that fit the lug nuts. ! ! ! Going through the Manual I found in the glove box 4 lug nuts Including a unlocking device ! ! ! Now I get can get return and save $5 bucks. Thanks KIA ? ? ? NO F- - - - ING WAY ! ! ! I WILL COMPLAIN ! ! ! By accident by looking for

It is an immigrant vehicle, what did you expect

worthless 'repair' kit.... $187.46 for an 'emergency roadside repair' because no spare or tools. not coverd by KIA because I 'didn't' have a spare for them to use.... wouldn't come for 9hrs either... luntil 'they opened' at 10am... you know I was happy with this car at first, and now that I learn how many corners were cut I wonder about a LACK OF SAFETY FEATURES in this vehicle. won't be getting another, and probably sell this one before I give an unsafe car to my kids. KIA cheated folks and we are noting that we will recommend against the KIA's because they LACK BASIC SAFETY FEATURES... and of course CARMAX FAILED to mention the lacks until I 'asked' after the sale, and got the usual runaround not responsible for 'forgetting' to tell me that. I would have gotten another car... I guess that's why they had to conceal the lacks, so that the car would sell at all.... the blatant lack of these basic safety items shows how little KIA actually concerns with customer satisfaction... so now more KIA's for me... too bad I let them cheat me once. You are advised.... Oh, another 'spare' tire kit runs $549 from the local dealer... aren't we pleased... merde, wussick... very displeased...


I just bought a used 2013 Kia Soul 4U. My friend has a 2014 Kia Soul so I was aware that they came with that little kit instead of a tire. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my 2013 DOES come with an actual tire and jack. It is in it's own little cubby under the styrofoam cubby. If you have the cubby for it, I think you can buy the tire and jack - maybe that's what the previous owner of mine did.

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I should also say I am in Canada and have really enjoyed my 2013 Soul - the safety ratings are excellent. I wonder if the ones in Canada are different than the US because they do have different trim far so good with mine - fingers crossed! Will have to wait for winter to see how it handles that but the friend with the 2014 says with good winters she was totally fine and has no concerns on that level at all. She has some highway driving she has to do as well as in town.

yes. I found out it was 'extra' if I had 'only' known to ask it 'might' have been included. It wasn't and no one advised me of the lack... and so I had to get a new jack, new wrench, new wheel, new tire and discard the foam tray so I can get a full size in there. still less expensive for al this new and better eqpt than the questionable donut kits online. And I still think it's a safety flaw/lack. we were inconvenienced... others might have suffered more seriously... I wonder if KIA get away with this sort of thing back in Korea?

Same thing happen to me, we should all revolt!!!! I was stranded in a very sketchy area on a Sunday night with a side puncture to my tire and no spare!! I still can't believe it does not come with the car!! Something bad is going to happen to someone and then of course they will change the policy! Ugh!


I just purchased a used Kia and They did not tell me about no spare. So I get home to check and NOPE no tire or jack, called the dealer they said we can get you the tire kit for 179.00 BUT that does not include the Rubber tire that is 70.00 as well. OH they will put the tire on the rim for free..

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I'd like to add that y'all should be angry at your dealers. I was annoyed that my new Kia Soul didn't come with a spare but I have to give the salesperson credit for making sure I knew this wasn't included, and giving me the option to get a spare tire kit.

I was told up front about the lack of spare tire as was my girlfriend at a different dealership.

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