2013 Nissan Altima, 1in of water on drivers front and rear floor boards?

Asked by May 15, 2014 at 01:59 PM about the 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL

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I live in Shreveport, LA. We have recently had some heavy rain the past few days and my 2013 Altima SL which is always garaged, but has been in the driveway the past couple days during the recent rainstorms.  I found over 1in of water on the rear driver side floor board and the carpeting was wet on the front drivers side.  My windows were not open, no water leaking from sunroof and no water was found on seats. ONLY on the floorboard.  By coincidence I also had my windsheild replaced the same day and they found a 6in gap on the passenger side where there was no sealant.  It was the original windsheild that was factory installed, so I'm guessing mine wasn't the only one!  Has anyone else had this issue? I'm going to the dealer in a few days to fix the airbag (which didn't detect me sitting in the passenger seat, but will detect my purse) due to the recall.  They are going to check out this other issue but I like to see if anyone else has this problem.

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Live in Ajax, Ontario 2013 Altima SV. Most of the water was in the rear passenger side and some in the front passenger, overall about 3 gallons sucked up, its funny I could hear sloshing noises and I thought it was my gas tank which was half full, I was surprised because I never heard the gas before and now I know why. I have a sunroof , but there are no trail signs, I don't know how it got in.

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Am having this problem with my altima now could one of u guys phone me directly 6016706524 thx

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Can you please tell me if problem was found? Daughter just got 2013 for senior year and tonight drivers rear floor board soaked.

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If your 2013 Altima is leaking call 1- 800-Nissan1 and wait till last option to talk with a rep. They have a buy back option for this problem! Everyone needs to report problem so more can be done!

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I just bought a 2014 Altima back in June and I have found my rear & front passenger side floor soaked. I took it in once and the service department claimed that it was a hose that was loose but the problem is still there. What can I do? I paid a lot of money to have a defected vehicle.

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I had a sloshing noise coming from the back passenger of my 2010 Altima. I found the rear passenger door full of water. The seal was stuck over the drain hole. I pulled it away and about two gallons of water drained out.

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Did anyone ever find out the answer to this? I have a 2013 Nissan Altima and I am also having major water issue with my rear and drivers floorboards.

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It took almost two months to figure it out but it ended up being a missing seal on the drivers side kick plate. After having replaced the seal and the carpet I haven't had the issue since. I also got Nissan to extended the warranty on my electrical system since I have noticed a few glitches and also had a 8in gap in the seal on the factory i stalled windshield. Corrosion takes a while to become a problem. I have left my car out in a few rain showers just to make sure it was fixed too!

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BTW my dealership actually replaced the same seal twice before it was finally fixed too. That seal was completely missed when the car was built, so I knew I wasn't the only one that had this problem!

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I have a 2013 Altima. Bought it new. I am having similar issues. My front and rear driver side floor boards get soaked with rain. Not to mention the smell of mildew to go with it! I am taking it to the dealership. .I just hope they don't give me a hard time about fixing it.

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It ended up being a missing seal that was never put in when the car was manufactured. When you take it in make sure you tell them that you smell and see mold in the carpet. That was the only way that they will replace the carpet and padding for free.

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I purchased my Nissan Altima from CarMax and noticed too that the floorboard in the back behind the driver being filled up with water when it rained yesterday. I thought it smelled mildewed. I call Nissan Corp and they told me to take it to the dealership which I plan to do today I want it fixed permenantly or I want it bought back!

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This just happened to me. Turns out there were two leaks in the body of the vehicle allowing water inside the cabin. $850+ (out of warranty) later and my car is sealed up and dry. Good to take care of before the water starts to rust out the car ...

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Nissan covered mine for free because the seal was a factory defect. I hope you push to get your money back from them even though you were out of warrranty

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JK, I've submitted a claim with Nissan USA. What kind of timeline can I expect?

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Well they didn't charge me from the beginning so I don't know what the timing would be. They admitted to me that the seal was a factory defect so you should tell them that they have not charged others for the same issue.

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The fix for my vehicle was free and I got a rental that they paid for while it was being repaired. I recommend leaving the car out in any future rain storm so you know it's fixed right. I took my shop three times to finally get it right. New carpet each time too. As far as the warranty goes I would call Nissan USA and get them to refund you. A manufacturer defect should not apply to a warranty. Especially if you live u n an area where it doesn't rain often or you garage your vehicle. How would you have possibly known about this since they never did a recall for a known issue? I fought with Nissan and got them to extend my warranty after this issue. Also this issue started BEFORE your warranty was up. :-)

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Nissan has agreed to cover the costs of the repair since the car is only two years old.

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I have a 2013 Nissan Altima and the water went inside drivers rear floor board soaked> Nissan Dealer said is out of warranty and charged me 1,200.00 for repairs. I did call 1800) 647-7261 and open up a work order for Management and complaint about the charge. Hope they will revise and pay me back. Is a factory problem. They did the work at Nissan Surf City of Huntingthon Beach Ca. phone 714) 5006035

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J84ustin, How many miles you had in your car? please text me 949) 444-9709


At the time of the repair my car had approximately 65,000 miles. I now have 90k and the problem never returned.


I've got the same problem of water soaking the rear driver side floor board in my 2013 Altima. I first brought it to my service dept attention when it had 4,000 miles. They could not find the leak. I recently brought it again for the same problem and of course it is out of warranty now. Service tech found the leak at a body seam and has sealed it. Last month I called Nissan usa and was given a claim number. I'm now waiting for the consumer affairs rep to call my service dept to see about the cost of diagnosis and repair.

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I'm having the same flooding problem when it rains on my 2013 Altima. Just took it to the dealer for the second time today and they said it was coming from the windshield which would have to be resealed for $400. It's not covered under warranty and they said it was normal wear and tear on the vehicle and I would have to pay. I see this is a common complaint but Nissan hasn't done any recalls on it so I am also going to call and open a claim with them. Thanks from for the info everyone that posted.


Wow, gigi_31, you could get a new windshield for that price! It has to be the seal, which I'm sure you could argue us a manufacturer defect. Try going to a different dealer in the meantime to see what they say. Good luck!


Hi all, I discovered a leak behind the brake under the carpet is this the same location you guys found?

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Yes I have a 2013 Nissan Altima S and I am experiencing the same damn thing on the same side, rear drivers side and front drivers side floor just out of the blue becoming wet with no wet seats or paneling!!

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I have the same issue on 2013 Nissan Altima. The car has had a terrible smell whenever I got in. So I decided to clean all the mattresses and dried up. But it hasn't solved. I called the local Nissan service center when I found my passenger floorboard was soaked, the guy said I have to pay everything including checkup of the issue because of the warranty is over. It makes me so disappointed at Niissan. I am waiting for the checkup this coming Tuesday. I will tell you how Nissan deal with this issues.


Tomcruisekim thank we'll wait for your update.

Having the same problem it hasn't rained.. yet my car has a lot of water in the floor.. gonna see if Nissan can check it out while they check my air bags


Could anyone that has had this issue let me know if they had a claim or case number with Nissan for a factory defect. Nissan advised they wouldn't help me out and that there is no other known issues.

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Louis. I have a 2014 Altima SL my floor board was flooded in the back right passenger side that ran to front. My warranty had ended 6 months ago . I knew a mechanic he checked it out &'it was my Sun Roof tubes were clogged , he compressed it cleaned it out. He lifted my rug still airing it out . But now we r getting a storm tonight and Saturday. This will be the big test. Keeping my fingers crossed that we got it solved . So far my rugs don't smell nothing rusted . But I'm pissed with nissan I paid a lot of money for this car should I report it .? Even if I went to my own mechanic . I only paid $300 with my private mechanic he is the best I was so upset crying he said don't worry we will fix it .

I have a 2013 Altima a having the same thing about raining on the back driver side when it rain don't no where in coming from been to the shop twice now warranty is up and they don't want to look at it now

I have a 2009 with the same water problems... Front driver floorboard... Thanks for all the info as now I'm going to call Nissan. I had thought it was my fault for the car being outside under trees and getting clogged up but now realize not the case!

I have a brand new 2017 altima and same issue... looks like they have not fix this issue which is a pain in ass smell afterwards


I've just in the past week or two noticed water coming in to my car because it's been dripping on my left foot while I'm driving after rain or just heavy dew. It's funny that you guys are mentioning a smell because I've deep cleaned the inside of my car a few times this month because I was frustrated with the smell in my car. I have 2015 Altima. Anyone having any luck talking to Nissan? I'm not a huge fan of my dealer because of their diagnostic charges, wondering if people have been having luck with warranty coverage?

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I am having the same issue with my 2013 Altima, my carpets are soaking wet. Front, back and on both sides. i took my car to the service center September 27th. They said my drains coming from my sunroof were clogged. they unclogged them. Today less than 2 weeks later, October 9th 2017. My carpets are soaked again!!! My husband and I are very frustrated, especially after reading all this. I have contacted my extended warranty provider. Of course they do not cover water leaks.I also contacted Nissan. They did create a case if it is diagnosed to be a manufacturing issue. I really like my car, however, I believe I will trade my car off.

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Hi All, Has anyone resolved this issue with their car, many of us have the same issue but no solution yet. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can let us know if they found a solution to this. thanks


GuruZDTGH, yes. I posted the original question to this thread. It ended up being a missing seal on the driver's side kick plate. It took the shop sealing it twice for it to actually work. About two years later I traded in the car. I will never buy Nissan again, that's for sure!

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I am having the same problem with my 2013 Altima SL. Took it to the dealership last week. Was told it would cost 1100.00 to pull off the windshields and clean the drains. There is water holding somewhere as there is condensation inside the windows every night. Checked all the exterior drains today and used a 1/4 inch wide by 24 inch long zip tie to clear the leaves from under the rear windshield. I also park under a tree.

I was having the same leak on my driver's side front and back floorboards. After taking to the dealership twice, calling corporate (who didn't give me a resolution), and taking it back a third time, it seams that they found the issue. There was a gap from the factory under my windshield. Crazy thing, I asked on several occasions if this had been checked and was told that it had and they couldn't replicate the problems I was having. Needless to say, I was furious about the leak and especially after being told this problem was checked previously. In reality, it really depends on the person/people you speak with at the dealership.Talk to the boss and hopefully he/she will have their best person check it out.

HELP...I, too, have a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5v with that same leaking issues. I actually felt the drip this morning but it has been happening for about a year now since my car stinks of mold!! Reading through all these responses it can be attributed to: 1. seal on the windshield which some have said is a manufacturers defect. 2. missing seal on driver's side kick plate. So...If this is a manufacturers defect, does one have to pay for it? Would a replacement windshield solve the problem? Thanks everyone!

I took my car to the dealership Thursday to get recall and oil changed. Thursday night I noticed my floorboard behind drivers seat filled with water. I have had this car almost 3 years and out of warranty.

Mine is a 2008 Nissan Altima that I bought from an individual little over year ago and have noticed my driver's side floor board wet and slightly damp in the other floor board. I have also noticed water standing in the driver's side floorboard after a heavy rain. If so many are complaining about this, why haven't they done a recal?

I have same issue with my 2013 altima. Drivers side front and rear floor board is flooded after heavy rain. Have had it at dealership 3 times now. They can not figure out why my car is taking in water. Nissan states they have not heard of this issue. I call BS. I am tired of my car smelling like mildew and flooding very time we get heavy rain. Nissan needs to step up and fix the issue.

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