new kio rio 1.4 hatchback engine ticking noise


Asked by Oct 08, 2012 at 05:09 PM about the 2012 Kia Rio EX

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I just bought a new kio rio ex and ticking noise comes from engine until it heats up, is this normal .

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No. Oil level ok? If not, lvl must be pretty low with a bad sensor. if it is ok, thicking noise are ofen due to bad valve adjustment. when hot, the valves heat-up and the gap between them and their rockers or shims is less depending of the type of the engine. If the thicking sound is less when reving the engine, could be a bad/defective oil pump taht is starting to let go.

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check the oil level, then let it be, could be as simple as low oil, or complicated as oil sump pump, to the cam shaft walking, use a thicker oil, or lucas and change the oil more than usual to help the noise...

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I am hoping to get to the garage next week to have it looked at. When i start the engine after being parked all night, the ticking noise is there until the engine gets hot. If its hot and i park up for a couple of hours and start engine, no ticking . Only done 1600km yet. Going to keep in garage over night so engine is cold for them to hear. Otherwise i am very happy with motor.

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sounds like, as it cools, the oil settles in the pan, and is having trouble being pumped back up to the lifters, if so, sure you can spend the money on a new pump, or try a thinner/ synthetic oil. as a quick fix

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Took my kio rio in yesterday to the dealers so they could hear ticking noise when engine was cold this morning. They said engine sound same as all kio rio and nothing up with it. but he was going to look into it with kio rio.? He did suggest turning the radio on and the noise would go and enjoy driving my new car./ Now what do i say to that and their famous warranty. he said their would be an answer back from from rio within 24 hrs. So all i could say was i shall wait and see what the outcome will be.


Had the car into dealers again for three days. Don't know what is wrong with vehicle although they acknowledge there is a ticking noise. (What rubbish) Now i think i will have to go down the road of getting in touch with Kia to see what is going to be done . How painful is this going to be. What a fantastic warranty they have.


Brought to garage twice. Answer: We at Cockram Kia have inspected your Kia Rio for the ticking noise after cold engine start up and after testing several similar Kia vehicles of the same model variant find that this is a characteristic within this model variant rather than a individual vehicle fault . We are satisfied that no mechanical fault exists with your Kia vehicle and we consider the condition complained of as a characteristic of the model variant. Your vehicle is covered by a 5 year/ 100km warranty and we will stand by the product should any engine failure occur [provided all maintenance requirements have been completed as outline by the manufacture]. Any problems please feel free to contact me.


i have a 2013 rio sx purchased in october and checked 3 times as of today for the same issue. every time i'm told that diagnostics are all fine, that there is no issue and that the noise i hear is characteristic of the vehicle. so i asked them this "fine, the noise may be typical, but were it a different vehicle would you not think that the vehicle sounds sick? if it were not for the diagnostics would you not assume, as i do, that something is wrong?" finally they admitted that they would and it became evident that they know more about this issue than they're willing to tell you unless you probe them a little. the service manager finally explained that the GDI high pressure pump on many sportage and some rios make this noise but since it is not very loud, has not been getting any louder so far, and is not a performance or safety concern they will do nothing about it. even replacing the part may not solve the issue since all the pumps have the same noisy valve in them as of 12/2012. do i buy that? not really, but short of getting a lawyer what else can i do? best bet is to insist on a repair later on in the warranty if the noise does get louder and only if the issue is solved on future pumps. if you have the same issue check online forums periodically to see if there's any news (assuming i'm even being told the truth)

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so would this issue be the same on a 2007? thats what i have and since winter ive noticed a ticking also (86000mi), goes away when its warm-ish, same thing.

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It appears to be a generic thing with this Vehicle. I also have a Rio SLS GDI 2012 model. Initially there was a ticking noise or sounding more like some Cricket under the Bonnet. Same thing; Asked them and was explained that it was the GDI fuel injection system. This sound was only there in part in the mornings and would eventually go away. Now it is there all the time. Guees that is just the way the Vehicle is. As long as it is not detrimental to the vehicle all is fine with me. How ever" I will enquire further in my next Service Schedule.

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My 2012 Kia Rio 1.4 has the same ticking noise, fuel injectors, cheap units, aftermarket units available which are much better and quieter, listened to engine and all was fine, though it does need a synthetic 5W-30 oil, not Dino 10W-30 as supplied by dealers, some humming from tensioner as well, aftermarket will be available soon.

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Thanks' P931 for your input > But your 1.4 does not come with direct fuel injection. This is referring more to the Fuel Injector Pump so there yours would be the fuel Pump.


I have a 2012 kia rio 1.6 and I heard the same ticking noise when accelerating. I saw many comments about the noise when it's cold, but with my Rio, even -25C the engine sounds ok. So, I took to dealer and the technician explained that the pump GDI makes that noise. As its performance is still the same as when I buy it, I think it's ok.

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I have a 2013 Rio SX and have been looking everywhere for an answer to this. When I let off the clutch I hear this cricket noise but when I slightly press the clutch it goes away. When I bought this car, the salesperson told me that under the valve cover there is a thick layer of insulation to muffle some of the noise from the GDI. If you look down under the intake you will see that same insulation. I believe them on the noise but I am getting extremely bad gas mileage. I fill my tank on empty and it only takes around 8.1-8.5 gal. and the most I get out of it is 230 miles. That's ridiculous! I am also experiencing power issues. I think twice before pulling out in front of someone. I suggested to the dealership's service drive that there is something not right under the hood, either a dead or dying GDI pump or something. He then told me that I need an appointment, yada yada yada, and that they would check it out. I have yet to take my car in for diagnosis. I'm a little apprehensive to take it in because I did a retrofit on the headlights and it's noticeable once you open the hood; hopefully they don't void my entire warranty. I'll get an appointment today and see if they're going to do anything about it. They'll probably tell me something stupid like "there's an extra load on the alternator" or "your headlights are causing you bad gas mileage"... We'll see.

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Hello Alexander For a 1.6 ltr you should get around 6.4 ltr to 7.2 ltr per 100km respectively if driven normally not putting the Car too much under the Pump. GDI noise it is and is normal even if it is annoying. Other than that I am happy with the 1.6ltr SLX Hatch. Light mods have very little to do with fuel consumption as it relates to electrical consumptions from your Alternator. The only time your engine is compromised on fuel consumption when the compressor cuts in for your Aircond system.


I listen to the undercarriage as I engage and disengage the clutch with my hand and the high pitched cricket noise goes away if I engage the clutch slightly? I'm thinking it's a bearing in the clutch or something. As for the poor MPG, I recently took a round trip of 270 mi and filled up to 8.9 gal from a empty tank right before I left. When I returned it was on "E" and my gas light is about to come on so I would say 270mi/8.9gal= 30.2mi/gal. That's horrible for all freeway driving set on cruise control... Something isn't right here.

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My 2012 1.4lt Rio has a ticking sound constantly, being a mechanic I have listened to the injectors and it is not the pump, it is the injectors ticking away, the engine has no unusual sounds coming from it, though there are other sounds from under the bonnet which I can't isolate yet, very annoying as I went to dealership and all the Rio's sounded the same, Kia spent far to much on body, interior, etc and far to little on the mechanicals, great looking and handling car, cheap engine and transmission, had I known I would not have bought it, all these problems came out after 2500kms, dealership useless.

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This is just unbelievable ... I bought a Kia Rio 2014 LX+ manual transmission. It has 752 Km and is making that ticking sound constantly no matter if the engine is cold or hot, I took it to the dealer and they told me that is the GDI and yada, yada ,yada. I don’t know if the gas is ok but I am getting 9.3L/100km. I feel frustrated with this sound and it is becoming annoying, what can I do? Should I get a lawyer? How long is the car going to last?

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The answer is simply No! Don't get a Lawyer. Lol! It is correct. The ticking noise is from the GDI fuel injection pump. Sure it is a little anoying but i got used to it and it is far less annoying than the loud ticking of a lousy Diesel engine. I loth those for it. You should get between 6.4 and 8.0 litres per km if driving normal without trying to beat everyone at the traffic Lights. You do not mention if yours is a 1.4 Ltr engine. They will use more as they are not directly fuel injected.During our very hot summer here in Adelaide i have been using more to around the 8 ltr per 100km. So it also depends on other factors also.


Re comment from Porsche. It is often the little things that matter such as an annoying ticking noise. Perhaps soon they will remedy this? After all" It is a great Car, well thought out and packed with features and style. There for i can live with the little ticking noise. :-) I dissagree in regards to the mechanics. It is a high tech engine and for a 1.6 it is simply amazing with a 103 kw in performance. Nothing wrong with the Gearbox either. It is the smoothest gear shift i ever used on any Car i had driven in my 43 years of driving fo various Vehicles. I am also impressed with the smooth deceleration in first gear. Over all one must look at the whole picture. I never look back at the value this Car provides for me. It was not rated as the Car of the Year here in Australia for nothing and with a top notch safety rating along with a 5 year warranty one could not ask for more. Want more? Get and Audi or a Merc and spend more too.

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Thank you Rainer, the car I have is a 1.6 L. Manual transmission.

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Okay, so to be clear, the ticking noise I am hearing while accelerating is perfectly normal? I just purchased a 2014 Rio and it constantly makes a ticking noise while I'm accelerating.

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I have heard of the injectors causing this.

hi there, I have a Rio 1.4 2011 model. I am in Sydney Australia. Also getting the ticking and the chirping noise. With my case, it's intermittent and would normally occur after the engine warms up. Suspected that it was the serpentine belt so had it replaced a number of times as well as having the belt tensioned tight as well. Nothing has fixed it. My dealer who has to date has been very helpful is very bemused as well. Turning the A/C ON seems to make it go again but it soon re-appears....


If this is the G4DE engine similar to the 1,6 DOHC it has a chain at the opposite end of the engine from the cambelt which joins the two camshafts. I suspect this may be noisy. Noise may be worse when you lift your foot off the gas in neutral and stationary. Cheers Clive

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I used Royal Purple brand 5W-20 synthetic oil and the car stopped pinging and now purs like a kitten. Once I changed to oil and started the car and the oil circulated through the engine, the change was immediate. No more ping. It was miraculous.

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Obviously, this may not be a fix for you, but in addition to some Zmax engine treatment, my knocking problem has disappeared.

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I just changed spark plugs and took it to jiffy lube. Don't 4get highering mileage means water pump and timing too

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