Camry 2012 major hesitation problems since inception


Asked by Aug 24, 2013 at 01:35 PM about the 2012 Toyota Camry LE

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I have a 2012 camry le that i bought new Dec 2012 and immediately began having
hesitation problems of up to 4 seconds - almost hit a couple of times - getting run  around
- been into dealership several times - they adjusted transmission fluid level & that helped
for awhile but it has come back in degrees -toyota was to contact me months ago but no
word - this is not right, what can be done about it - car is now 8 months old with only
7800 miles

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Have you tried another dealer? Contacted Toyota directly?

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Another dealer is a good idea- but they won't be happy to see you, either- you have a warranty- use it- ask the service manager the number for the Toyota Regional Office- if you have already called them, keep calling- don't wait for them to contact you- run down the usual channels of responsibility with vigor- let the Toyota guys all know that you are also calling the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce- the Attorney General for your State- your state probably has a "Lemon Law"- use it- get your money back if they can't fix it- that is a dangerous condition- keep making noise, and find something else to drive in the interim

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Another dealer that takes their service work seriously should not have a problem see you. Explain what is and has happened. Give them to opportunity to find the problem, even if you have to leave the car overnight. The cost of a rental is cheap compared to a hospital stay if you get in an accident. Should that activity not resolve the problem, contact the Zone Representative and ask for an inspection by them. They have much more authority to get things done than the dealers service center. Good Luck

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This dealer has been taking the car and worked with the Toyota engineers via computer connection and could not, of course, find the problem. When they did adjust the transmission fluid level (so they told me), the hesitation went away for awhile, but has been coming back again. Also having squealing brake problems on this young car; started at about 6000ish miles; they fixed the front and back brakes - deglazing the ceramic brakes and other things to both front and back brakes. Noise went away, of course did not seem as tight anymore either. Squealing has returned again. Tool car back to dealer on a Saturday and they refused to work on it then for repeat items, but instead had to bring back on a work day as they would have to work with Toyota engineers again. The dealer took my car on a Thursday night and gave me a rental car for which they are again paying (we did this once before when they did the transmission fluid level adjustment) - Yesterday, Friday, they asked to keep the car overnight again - I told them to drive it in commute traffic that night and the brake noise should be heard; the hesitation and brake squealing is intermittent - except once the brake squealing starts while driving it keeps going. I am praying they find the problem. I cannot afford to have anything other than replacing my Camry with a new Non-Lemon Camry occur. I am hoping this time they finally do that, but not sure of my rights here. I have reporting the hesitation problem since 2 weeks after buying the car. I love my Camry, but I have had near rear-end events from the hesitation when pulling out into traffic and when changing lanes. I do allow plenty of room before these maneuvers, but given up to 4-second hesitations, cars are then on your rear end in a hurry! As a woman, not sure if that adds to why it is taking so long to resolve. What is the time limit on lemon law reporting in California?

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Sounds like you are being treated fairly; Toyota is working on your problem and has not given up; so hang in there, this is a good thing. As for the "lemon law “question, see: . This is from the state government and so is not a quick and easy read. But there are specifics that you should be aware of. This way you can more fully evaluate the solutions offered you or that you can request.***Note: there are many web sites that will show up in a search engine response, not all of them are completely on your side until you spend money with them. So be wary. Good Luck; Hope This Helps


I have problem with my 2012 toyota camry when I am driving went to see dealer but do not mater do nothing only 4500 miles

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Jesse....This thread is for the original noted problem and it is over 5 months old. ....You will get more and faster help if you start Your Own New Thread, so more people can see your question and offer help....Also you will need to describe what the trouble is, how it happens when it happens and anything else that will give somebody an idea of what kind of help to offer. Right now it is like saying to a doctor over the phone "I have a pain" and hoping for an answer from just that, without saying anything else. ;-) So please give everyone a chance to help you, by providing more information........ Good Luck


I had my 2012 camry le twice to fix the "hesitation problem". the camry didn't hesitate for about 1 to 2 weeks and then returned with a vengenance. It seems to only happen on 6 speed automatics. I have been told "it's the gas you use", "your driving is erratic" "it's the microprocessor making a 3 second decision for the transmission to accelerate".....All a load of bull. THEY DON'T HAVE AN ANSWER OTHERWISE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED....I'M VERY HAPPY THAT ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER IS SUING TOYOTA OVER THE PREVIOUS DANGEROUS CARPET/PEDAL ACCELERATION

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I had the same problem with my 2012 toyota camry LE 50000 miles on it took it to the dealer they said this specific model has transmission problem its gone $5800 to replace no recalls yet so I am on the hook.

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I have a 2012 4cyl LE with delayed up-shift from 2nd to third gear. The car now has over 100,000 miles on it and problem has not gotten worst. I find it extremely annoying that Toyota can deem a transmission with a bad shift point acceptable.

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Unfortunately I do not have an answer. I have a 2012 Corolla LE that I purchased new. Within the first few weeks I drove it I realized that there is a problem with a lag/hesitation upon acceleration from a stop or slow turn. I immediately took the car back to the dealership where I bought it. They also have a large Service Dept. After they inspected it they told me they couldn't see the problem & brushed me off. I have dropped off my car at the Service Dept. at least six or more times since, but nothing has been resolved. Toyota Regional has inspected it for hours & says they found nothing, I haven't begun to fight this vigorously due to a serious health issue, but I am about to now. I'm hoping someone will read this & have some good advice. I survived the disease and do not want to get killed because of Toyota's "drive- by-wire" electronic throttle control! Thank you.

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I just purchase a 2014 camry se after a month the car would hesitate when going around a corner i took it to the dealer and i was very surprise when they told me they had duplicated the problem they kept the car for another day and it did it three more times they then hook it up to the computer and sent that information to toyota ,after that toyota told them to adjust the break paddle sensor by two millimeter what was happening the computer was thinking that the break paddle was still engaged not allowing the throttle to response, the dealer adjusted the break paddle and i no longer have this problem The dealer told me this was a new safety feature I think this was done because of the acceleration problem they had in the past if that holds true. I hope this help some one the name of the dealer is oak brook toyota oak brook IL

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I have a 08 4cyl Tacoma and 12 Rav4 4 cyl...both have the hesitation problem...very intermittent. Very dangerous at times! Mentioned it to dealer a couple of help.

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A big thank you to pjj459 !! I was having the same problem with my Camry. Although the dealer could replicate the problem they could not seem to figure out the cause. I showed them pjj459's post, they then adjusted the brake pedal and gave me back the car to try, so far so good!

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Toyota did NOTHING about problem - I finally traded it in n a 2014.5 Camry & she works like a charm - sad that Toyota would not accept the dangerous situation no matter how many other situations I found on line to share with them. On one occasion when the dealer had the car for 3 days, I found only 1 mile put on the car by dealer so they must have just parked it for 3 days - they can't figure it out so denying it was their solution. Thank you everyone, if you still have the Camry doing this - trade in for a new car!


After revisiting this site...and having the hesitation problem on both my 08 Tacoma and 12 Rav4...I'm thinking it might be my two footed driving habit. That would explain the brake pedal/computer hesitation. I will definitely pay closer attention to this possibility. I hope it's that simple. I experience the hesitation problem about once a week on average for both vehicles. Gotta love the internet and google.

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OK...Just took both the Tacoma and Rav4 for a appears my 2 footed driving has nothing to do with the hesitation problem. Back to square #1.


One of the "hints" that the brake pedal was out of adjustment on my car was just how easily the cruise control would kick out. Sometimes just hitting a bump on the highway or crossing a set of railway tracks or the very lightest of a touch to the brake pedal would disengage the cruise. In my case the hesitation would always be during or immediately after a right turn. My guess is that the force of the right turn was just enough to allow the brake sensor to be activated. The frustrating thing was no matter how hard I tried to replicate the problem it usually wouldn't happen until I was wasn't thinking about it!

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It doesn't do it when you're going straight but does it in corners. It's the traction control dethrottling so you won't slip and crash. You can turn it off but it never fully get turned off. It's more fun when it's off it feels like you're more in control and the car feels like it handles slightly worse. Lol

It doesn't do it when you're going straight but does it in corners. It's the traction control dethrottling. so you won't slip and crash. You can turn it off but it never fully get turned off. It's more fun when it's off, it feels like you're more in control and the car feels like it handles slightly worse. Lol


No it wasn't the traction control, the adjustment to the brake pedal cured the problem and all is working well now.


pjj459, We are having the same problem with our 2014.5 camry, can't seem recreate it with mechanic in the car. i spoke with oak brook toyota service manager, he said he would need your vin to pull report. I'm going to show service manager here (SF bay area) these conversations. If you have any info that would help i'd appreciate it.

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g_flo, unfortunately I don't have an answer. I have the very same problem with my 2012 Carolla LE. I wrote about it two years ago. My post is shown above. I would greatly appreciate it if you would please share VIN # info with me (yours & pjj459) so I can try once again to have Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys, CA fix my problem. They have dismissed it entirely, but the danger is still there! Thank you.


I'm still having the hesitation problem with both my 08 Tacoma and 12 Rav4, both 4 cyl. It only happens about once a week...sometimes they might go a month...other times it might be two or three times in a day. It's rather frightening when turning into a busy street...stepping on the gas and it totally hesitates for 3 or 4 turning the key off...then eventually it takes off like normal. Both vehicles act the same way...for a while I thought it was something I was doing...or maybe the Exxon gasoline I was using. I don't have a clue...nor does Toyota.

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Really guys get the brake pedal adjusted. Toyota couldn't figure out the problem with my car, had engineer's involved and still no luck. Showed the service manager the letter from "pjj459" and he gave it to a mechanic. The mechanic thought it was worth a try, adjusted the brake pedal so it wasn't quite as sensitive and I haven't had a problem since. It's very little effort to give it a shot. Good luck, I know how frustrating this can be!

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