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Asked by Jul 25, 2016 at 08:37 PM about the 2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S

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I bought my 2012 Nissan Altima about 3
years ago and it had only 58,000 miles on
it now has 67,000 miles on it. It has never
gave me any issues until this past Saturday
it started making this whining noise when I
pressed on the gas pedal up hill and
coasted down hill and this was during the
day in the heat. It didn't make any noise
when it was cooler and got dark. Today In
the morning it was fine until later on I went
to go to Walmart and had to go out in the
heat then it started with that whining noise
again. Anyone else having these exact

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CVT transmissions are crap and cause lots of issues. Best of luck with it.

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Take it to the dealer- or a competent mechanic- maybe there is a way to service it-

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I plan on taking it in the morning to the Nissan dealers. My daddy said it does sound like the transmission is slipping tho but he wanted the dealer to confirm it.


What did the dealer say? I just experienced the very same issue with my 2012 Altima yesterday driving uphill. I pulled over at a gas station for about twenty minutes before restarting and it drove fine. But it feels as if the engine is straining when hitting speeda of 70 or more.

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I am in Dubai, using an Altima for past 5 years (bought brand new) - I am experiencing same issue now - approached the dealer representative (Arabian Auto Mobiles) they said it will cost $9,200 to replace the CVT gearbox, and no alternatives. :( [ +971 55 2953070 - shankiru@gmail.com ]

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Apparently it's the Transmissions bearings are poorly aligned from the factory, and certain ones may have one that's more misaligned and it wears it down somehow and causes that noise.

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Have a 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5 with 76,000 miles. Had a horrible whining noise on acceleration and worse when slowed down. Took it in 2 days ago to Nissan dealership and needs a new transmission. $4000! They happened to have 1 in stock which makes me think they replace these often. Checked and there is no recall.This is my first and LAST Nissan. I've never really liked this car. Has bad vibration that i thought was the tires but still does it after new ones. I took it in and they said they tightened up something and that should do it. Nope!

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In the US Nissan has extended the warranty on their junk transmission but I don't know about Dubai.

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I have 2012 nissan Altima 2.5 S .... on 75000 it started making whining noise upon acceleration or when I start driving. I see lots of guys above have the same issue with CVT. We all should get together in a way and fight back because nissan extended warranty on other newer models from 60,000 to 120,000 why not Nissan Altima too ???

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Ran into the same issue last week. Transmission issue whining sound, took it to the shop issue is the transmission. A well know issue with Nissan that I'm now finding out. Good luck to all out there.


The 2012 has service issues related CVT (see news article http://www.autonews.com/article/20131202/OEM10/312029972/ni ssan-presses-jatco-to-end-cvt-glitches). Nissan's North American spokesman David Reuter, admits to the issues associated with "a flurry of new-vehicle launches" in 2012. Nissan knows about the issues and yet is not doing anything about them. Yes, Nissan extended the warranty for vehicles from 2003-2010 but what about us 2012 owners? And from reading the comments on the web, it's not just the 2012 owners that are having issues. File a complaint with https://www.usa.gov/consumer-complaints and https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/? _ga=2.127524494.209161455.1494255710- 1196603141.1494161592. The only way to get Nissan to own up and fix these issues is by complaining, unfortunately.

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I have a 2012 Nisan Altima and the cvt transmission broke down, I contact my dealer and they gave a number for Nissan consumer affairs then I contact them I explained that my car cvt transmission started acting weird around the 20,000 miles even I let my dealer know about this issue but dealer said:"that is normal" so the answer of Nissan consumer affairs was that they can't do nothing for me because is no recalls for this year in particular, then I ask to speak with a supervisor but I received the same answer. Help me please!!!!! Email me at: Ledezjj20200@yahoo.com.mx

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I went in to see the Service Manager at Cornwall Nissan, two weeks after purchasing the 2011 Altima.... Told him about the Vibration noise.... Did'nt even get up from his chair.... Told me they were all like that.... I have driven 3 other 2011 Altima's and NO they are NOT all like that.... Never will be back.... Once out of warranty.... Stay away from a Nissan store.... The car now 130,000 km and is six years old.... I like the car, not the noise/vibration...... They did it to me once, never a second chance..... Nissan Store Service is not recommended due to past experience...

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I have a 2012 Altima too and i'm loosing power too and a loud whining noise service soon light came on so put the tester on it the code came up p1788 so it's something about the transmission it's wrong that there is no recall on this.

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The engine light never came on and still hasnt. Its been almost a year since this has happened and im surprised it hasnt died on me yet.

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Nichole, I'm having this exact same issue! I've had 4 different people tell me it's my transmission and to get a new one. I've also had one person tell me to get out of the car altogether!

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I have experienced the same whinning noise and loss of power. My car finally broke down. The mechanic told me it is the torque converter. But he was not experienced enough to fix it and ssked if i could research the issue. First i was frustrated but glad i did. Now i see the whole transmission HAS to be replaced. This CVT is made to throw away. I am now owing on a car that is not worth fixing. Nissan will be hearing from me on the poor quality they produce these days. And for the people who posted already...sorry this happened to you. I hope you were able to successfully resolve your issue.

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The Nissan CVT is possibly the worst transmission sold today. Why anyone would buy one I cannot understand.

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2013 Altima and just got told by Nissan that we need a new transmission and we bought it brand new and have babies it for 72k miles! Surely I don't just have to say oh well and pay almost $4,000 if there's been so much trouble from most of them....Any advice?

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All Nissans with a CVT transmission come with a 120,000 mile / 10 year warranty.

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Happened to me! 45k miles driving at 70 miles per hour going overa mountains and the car automatically slow to 40 mph in traffic, I was forced to use the truck lane! I took it to the Nissan dealership near my house and of course they found nothing wrong! This happened in 2013, it's 2017 and it has happened 4 other times! It's a 2012 and it's on its last legs (TIME FOR A RECALL)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Im really sorry this is happening to all of us. i wish there was something we can do because there obviously needs to be a recall on the cvt.


All?? Why are they telling me it's past 60,000 and I have to pay out of pocket? I found on Nissans site where they extended the drive terrain warranty for 2010-2012 but I can't find anything about 2013. If anyone knows where I can find that then please tell me so i could print it and maybe (even tho I doubt it) get something done about it. I got it towed from Nissan to a local transmission shop Friday because I figured that was my best option but even there I'm going to have to pay $3k. Thanks for the previous replies!


Jeff ---- Make a stink and contact Nissan directly. Put pressure on them to do the right thing. They have a disaster on their hands and they know it.

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I'm having issues with my 2011 Nissan Altima. The transmission went bad. I have been trying to purchase a used one but now they want to know if I have the California or the Federal emissions. I gave my vin# but nobody has a clue of what I'm talking about. Does anybody know how to find out the transmission type?

My 2011 Nissan Altima is at a Las Vegas Dealership now because of CVT. CVT sucks. When I went to tell them about my problems, the service tech new exactly what I was talking about. They know that there is a problem with CVT. I was forced to pull over 3 times from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and 1 time through the grapevine. Going uphill, my car went from 75 to 45 MPH, ridiculous!


OMG I thought I was the only one with these problems. I have a 2008 Altima. It too was making that whinning noise when I took it on long trips, going up hills, and always in hot weather. Took it to the dealer and was told it is suppose to do that period. Then on one trip to Santa Fe I had to pull off the road because I lost power, after 10 minutes all was well. Happened 3.more times after the initial one, The 3rd. time the car stopped completely on the road,with 4 people in the car..Nissan said new transmission or new car. I called Nissan Canada they apologized for my trouble, nothing they could do. Car is too old too many miles. Finally found a transmission mechanic that hopefully fixed the problem for $500,00. Nissan has a kit that will fix the problem, but would rather sell you a new transmission or a new car.This is extremely dangerous and Nissan doesn't care. It's all about the money. I will be writing the government to file a formal complaint.

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I am having the same problems y'all are having with my 2011 Nissan, Altima and this is my first and last nissan never ever will I buy another one.


Go do a drain and refill it will fix the problem the oil has lost velocity and thins out when out a simple drain and refill will solve your problem do not do a flush just drain and refill. Mr.fix it

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I have got a 2011 model Altima and the car started to vibrate very bad and the tire started to lock up I can push the gas pedal and the motor jumps I can give it fuel and the car does not want to take gear any answer

I have a 2012 Altima 2.5 S that just had its third CVT transmission installed and it only has 76,000 miles on the car. I have replaced the brakes and master cylinder, alternator, 9 tires, and 2 transmissions. I picked my car up on Tuesday to find the same noise and shaking. Tomorrow (Friday) to have an axel bracket replaced. This is CRAZY!!!!

I have a 2010 Altima that I bought new. Around 76000mi the dealership replaced the transmission erroneously even though the issue was wheel bearing...since then it has had horrible shaking that is only made better with road force balance. The good news is that I have driven it now for 216000mi without any other major issue and it still looks nice and shiny. I recently drove it 4600mi across country without a hitch though it had major whining on the Appalachia and Rocky mountains. To borrow from one of my favorite actors: ama driving this b*tch untill the wheels fall off.


I have a Nissan Sentra 2012 with the same transmission issue. Nissan extended the warranties up to the year 2010 on some vehicles because of a class action lawsuit. We need to unite and start a class action lawsuit ourselves to have them extend the warranties on our vehicles as well.

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cvt transmissions are what you can find in snowmobiles. not meant for cars. they need to stop putting them in cars. they are like a chain and pulley system, comprised of small gears on a chain that looks like a bicycle chain, and if anything is wrong with any of the gears on the chain, there is nothing that can be done to fix it except getting an entirely new transmission. i wouldnt buy a car with a cvt engine, ever. doesnt matter what company it is, cvt engines should not be used in cars imo.

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I fixed all the whining, shift problems and overheating on my 2011 Nissan Sentra with a CVT. I added a aftermarket tranny cooler $42.00 ....I tried to purchase an add on part from Nissan to get the fluid out of the transmission for a cooler, but the price for that part continues to rise. it was $200 and now it's over $500. ( by the rise in the price, it let's you know that Nissan knows exactly what the problem is) HEAT!!!! I opted to buy an adapter for $150 from a gentleman on eBay. He had them custom machined and IT WORKS perfect. Without worry of cross contaminating the transmission fluid with the radiator fluid. This problem has been going on for many years, affecting 100 of thousands of vehicles on many of Nissan's different styles. So, there is some options out there to save you some money I'll get it running better than new. I switched to Redline CVT synthetic fluid at $13.95 a quart. It's a 7- 3/4 quart system on the Sentra, Plus a 1/2 quart more for the cooler. I also replaced the filter inside tranny, which Nissan says does not exist!!! Thank God AutoZone has a part number for it. WTH!! Nissan wants $25 a quart for their NS-2 crappy fluid. Just by using the Redline, it now drives and shifts better than it ever did when it was new. No whining, no more limp mode. If you live in a cold area and you can purchase a thermostatically controlled transmission cooler.

Also, I ran the Redline for a 500 miles. In an attempt to flush out more of the NS-2 crap. Then pulled out almost 5 quarts from the pan and added 5 fresh quarts of Redline. Just trying to get it as pure as possible. I'm sorry to tell you guys but the Valvoline stuff isn't any better than the Nissan stuff. Using Redline will shock you. It's been about 15,000 miles and I'm getting ready to flush it out again. Redline suggest that you flush it at 30,000 miles. It's not a great cost for the Redline fluid in exchange for peace of mind. Also...for you Subaru CVT owners out there. Your problematic CVT is also made by the same company....Jatco. Redline, a new filter, and a tranny cooler is your answer too.

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