Wondering if there is a spot where mice can get in the 2012 ford flex??? I need the fix, love the car but can not deal with mice getting in it , need it fixed immediately?????


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Need to find out where mice can get in a 2012 ford flex ?? Cannot deal with mice in the
car. Love the car but not impressed that a hole got missed getting plugged so mice can
not get in. Need an answer or get rid of ford flex???

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Yes....there is an evaporator drain tube....otherwise your floor would get wet from the evaporator pullin' water out of the air...the car should drip out of it on a hot day....sometimes gets plugged with spiders...etc... and causes wetness problems~

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every car that has air conditioning has the evaporator drain tube~ they are in front of the firewall...underneath~

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borrow a young kitty for a spell...there are Tons at the animal shelter~


We have ford fusion/ford 150/ have had other ford 150's , ford 250's, ford 500 and the mice have not got in and they all had air conditioners so it is not the answer I was looking for. I know of other people having a gmc that fought with mice getting in, they also had cats and after 3 years found out a small plug had been missed being put in at the factory. So I guess my question is where does a person look for plugs that may have been missed being put in this flex at the factory??????

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OK- mice can get into a car- any car- it is NOT the factory's fault- the problem is that you are parking it where there are mice- get rid of the mice or park it somewhere else- you have a pest problem and must deal with it- it is serious- a person just died of Hantavirus here in Santa Fe- if you are curious, the mice can get in wherever air comes in to your car- through heater blowers/ventilation systems usually- they will just chew through the cabin filter- know your enemy

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rust hole....everybody has them (if NOT in California)~


I hate mice with a pashion but they shouldn't go in any car unless there is food in there or the car has been vacant for months on end. If you're using the car then you have food in there somewhere. . Do you have young children? They leave food everywhere. If they dropped even one french fry under the seat or in between cushions then mice can smell food a mile away and they WILL find a way to get into any car to get to the food. Mice have a soft flexible spine and bone content and can squeeze thru a hole or slot that's only 1/8" thick maybe even smaller depending on how small the mouse is in the first place. I've seen them do it. I saw one go thru an 1/8" crack in a wall at a shop I worked at. They don't need any unplugged holes to crawl thru. They can go right in between the car door and the door jam when the door is closed. Check the car thoroughly for any crumbs or food or food particles, vacuum it out real good and don't leave the car unattended for more than a few days at a time if at all possible. Even just starting the car and moving it 2 feet will let the mice know that a human has been in the car. They are more scared of you than you are of them.. Remove the food source and you'll remove the mice. They won't have any reason to go in there. And don't use any air fresheners in the car that smell like food either. Once cleaned, they shouldn't come in unless you live in or right next to a grainery or a food warehouse. Then you would have RATS not mice. . . and would have a serious rodent problem that nothing short of moving away could fix, Good Luck, Kenny / MrBlueOval


set traps in or around the garage if there getting in your car there might be a issue with mice not so much the car. I have 3 boys and they leave a mess and I have a barn so I leave traps up all the time. I would get rid of the mice before they start chewing on wire because there draw to heat when its cold. don't think it matters its a flex or impala they are there is the issue... traps a lot of traps

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I just found this question of yours. I also have the same problem, but I have a 2012 Ford Edge. The rat was up in the fan blower which is over the outside of the evaporator and is under the dash on the passenger side. There is also a filter on it that the rat would have had to gone through to get to where it was if it came from the cab. There is no evidence in the cab that the rat chewed it’s was in there. We also have other vehicles setting side by side two Nissans cars, one Chevy pickup and an older Ford pickup. None of them have gotten rats in them. The day was this past Sunday, when we discovered the rat problem. As we were driving, one jumped down on our tire from the finder well. We know this because we first heard it; my husband who was driving felt it in the steering wheel and then looked back in the side mirrors and saw it lying dead in the road. Later that day we started to leave to go to a superbowl party and turned on the air and heard a terrible noise coming from that fan. Then we heard a thud and there was a kind of fish smell. I took the car the next day into the dealership and after they inspected it they said that Yes there was a rat in it. That it had built a nest in there and no they couldn’t see how it got in. They want to charge me $2000.00 to take the dash off and also replace the fan that has rat blood and hair all over it. Now if they take the dash off there could be other problems like thing breaking or they could say they did and really didn’t. But while talking to them they said that a rat could have chewed through a rubber plug that seals up the holes up in there. They also couldn’t guaranty another could and/or wouldn’t get in it again. Rats leave a slimp trail so they can smell the hole so they can go back to their nest. You get reid of the rat another rat can come along anywhere ( at a resturant, mall, shopping center etc) smell the trail and climb back up in there. It could be never ending. Our other problem is that we don’t have an extra $2000.00 to throw away. That equates to 3 ½ car payments which I would still need to make. So we let them talk to us about trading it in. The payoff is around $24000.00, the trade in value is about $23000.00, but they will only give us $21000.00. The difference being the $2000.00 they want to fix it. So I guess were going to take the car to a friend’s whose a mechanic, clean it up, put some smell goods in it and take it somewhere else an trade it in. I hope you had better luck.

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We've had a 2013 fusion for only 5 months and have had mice in it twice now. The first time I found the nest with 2 dead babies in it on top of the cabin air filter. Pulled that out and have finally got most of the stink out. But now just this morn my wife opened the overhead sunglass holder up to get her glasses out and a shower of shavings came out and her $200 sunglasses had been nibbled on all the way around the rims. I think I have found were the sucker gets in. There's a door to the outside under the vent that's under the windshield wipers on the passenger side that sucks in outside air. When you put the a/c on recirculate or turn the whole ac heater off it closes that door. But if you just run your A/C on outside air(which is the default setting every time you turn the car on) which has that door open and then when you shut the car off that door just stays open and right into the cabin air filter. IMO its a programming error on fords part all they need to do is when you turn the car off they have it programmed to automatically shut that door. So now we are going to try to remember to hit the off button before we shut the car off. The reason I know he's getting in there is because I put a sticky trap down under that plastic vent right in front of the door and the dude had been on there and gotten back off and left turds and hair behind. So now we have taken more drastic measures!!!

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After Cleaning up the mess ourselves we also found the same thing, that it has to do with that vent by the windshield wipers. That if you take the glove box out, there is an accordion like hose that connects to the blower and up to the outside vent. If you look up along side the accordion vent hose towards the outside vent you can see day light. This should be something that Ford should be interested in and have these problems fix. So anyhow I took drastic measures too, I traded my Edge in at the Local Nissan place and purchased a Nissan Pathfinder.

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Mice can get in any car. They aren't always looking for food but shelter. In our area it happens when fields are cut and weather turns cold. Had the little pricks stealing dog food from dog bowl and carrying to a nest they were building under my intake. In a closed garage and I drove it everyday. They must have scurried in the AM and returned in the evening. Traps or poison are your answer not a hole somewhere. If they want in they will get in and if there isn't a hole they'll make one. They can chew wires, grommets, plastic, wood etc with ease. Never watch Tom and jerry???

I have a 2014 Ford Fusion, replaced a previous fusion. I park in same place and have the same habits. This car now was found to have a mouse nest behind the dashboard. there seem to be a lot of comments about mice in fords, is this a design problem or is it just that I never experienced it before?


Ford and GM and Jeep purposely design holes into the body to allow air to flow through the vehicle. On the Jeeps, it's behind the tail light housing. It's a plastic fitting with a little door on it. When you close the doors or allow flow-through air, the little door opens. Naturally, mice find these openings and just walk in. Walking out is even easier. The fix is to get some 1/4" hole galvanized mesh (hardware cloth) and screw over every single one of the ventilators you can find, including the one on top of cowl, near windshield wiper, which allows outside air in. Then look at the A and B- pillars for similar openings that allow rain water to drain. Cover these. Then make a mesh cap for the A/C condensation drain, and affix one there.

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I dont have any answers I just have waged a war on the rodents they have not only eaten my wiring they destroyed my seats and the carpet. I have tried everything !! I am so distraught I have a Ford Escape they are chewing it up...

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