2009 Ford Edge Transmission Oil Pan

Asked by Jul 25, 2013 at 12:00 PM about the 2009 Ford Edge SE AWD

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I want to do transmission fluid flush this weekend myself. Where can I find it? I called dealer and they said it might not be servable, since it might on the right side of the transmission, not at the bottom. Is it true? can I do it myself or have to bring it to the dealer? Thanks a lot. It would be more helpful if someone can showsome pics.

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A 2009 does not need a flush. A so called 'flush' is done my a machine and there is small debris on the bottom of the pan and in filter screen that does no harm, and a flush will pick it up and circulate it in your transmission.

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Thanks for your reply. But sorry, I don't follow. Do you mean there is a drain plug on the bottom of the pan and I can just drain the fluid out and don't need to drop the pan? What I really meant is I want to change the transmission fluid myself, since it's 50k km now. And I need to know if I can do it myself in my garage. I bought 8 litres fluid already. If I can't do myself, I am gonna return them then. Thanks a lot.

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I don't know without looking it up how much you transmission fluid capacity is. But 8 quarts, no way. My Corolla takes 3. I will look in to this, take a few minutes, okay?

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Thanks David. Really appreciated. BTW, 09 Edge transmission fluid capacity is 10 quarts and the dealer gave me 8 bottles (8 litres??) and said it should be enough. I guess he didn't think I could drain all fluid out anyway. But still, the key question is if I can do the transmission change by myself and if the drain plug is accessable? Big thanks.

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Ok. There is a drain plug. But windlake, this transmission/transaxle does NOT need a fluid change. I fully understand you want to take care of your car as best as you can...but this is just plain not necessary. The fluid does not 'wear out' like motor oil. It' s good for a very very long time Transmission Fluid Drain Material Item Specification MERCONĀ® V Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-5-QM (or XT-5-QMC) (US); CXT-5-LM12 (Canada) MERCONĀ® V NOTE: In order to completely clean the torque converter, this procedure needs to be carried out 3 times. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02. NOTE: If an internal problem is suspected, drain the transmission fluid through a paper filter. A small amount of metal or friction particles may be found from normal wear. Remove the transmission fluid drain plug and allow the transmission fluid to drain. Install the transmission fluid drain plug. Tighten to 9 Nm (80 lb-in). Fill the transaxle with clean transmission fluid. Start the engine and let it run for 3 minutes. Move the range selector lever into each gear position. Repeat Steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 two more times. After the transmission fluid has been changed a total of 3 times, check the transmission fluid level for a final time, making sure that the transmission fluid is at the correct level.

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Still looking for pictures..usually not this hard to find

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Hi David, based on my car maintaince schedule, the transmission fluid need to be changed, I will do it just in case. Great news is I can do it myself based on your feedback. I did search the whole internet and really not much information about 09 Edge mantaince info. I just don't know where the transmission pan is located, but I will find it anyway since you said there is a drain plug. I saw the process you posted above, however, it seems there is another way to do a complete fluid change by pull out the transmission hose return to radiator. Now I am working on which hose is the one return back to radiator. If you know which one is and let me know, I will really appreciate. Anyway, your information is a great help!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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I believe you windlake if Ford says it needs to be changed at 50k km. 30,000 miles then so be it...it's news to me, for example my Corolla can go it's entire lifespan without changing the transaxle/transmission fluid, most of us do it at 100,000 just to be "safe", but the Ford Engineers know what they are talking about so let's carry on with that in mind, and how right you are, there is very little information available. Plenty of reviews, but that does us no good.... every since you started this thread and I replied I have been surprised at that. I found a picture of a 2009 Ford Edge transmission pan and when I tried to copy it to post it, it lit up my screen like the 4th of July and big letters "This image is copyrighted do not copy and paste", so, oh, geez forgive the shit out of me, I won't then. But you are right, there is a cooler. With lines to the radiator, and if you have found the return, there MUST be a supply, and (Oh yeah, there is no plug on the bottom, side only) and the service dude that said it's not serviceable..if that's true then why does Ford say to do it?) Not all those guys know what they are talking about at the dealer as you have discovered. many are 'promoted' Parts counter clerks that don't know anything their computer does not tell them. I have a feeling that is who you got on the phone, one of "them". Okay. Drain it with the return hose, but even if you use the supply, it will still drain. It will only vent if you take the plug out of the side of the transmission, so either do that or let it drain for a very long time..hours, 2 or 3 hours, it will be slow because it will create a vacuum inside as it drains. Right now I am going to look for some more images, and since they are mostly copyrighted I can't post them here, so I am also going to PM you, from this site, my email. Be right back.

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I had a couple pictures that I think were ok to post but were wrong. I took them off. Still looking

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The more I read, on what limited information there is, it almost seems Ford is not releasing the service how~ to stuff intentionally, so you have to take it to a dealer. Is yours a flat pan or does it have a sump? I found pictures of both in a search for a replacement pan, both listed 2009 Ford Edge. I am going to be gone all day, must take a daytrip to LA on business, but will try to be of more help when I get back.

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Hi David, no worries, you already helped me a lot. I just want to continue to post more info till the end, which can benefit more people who are looking for the same information as there is no much related info on Internet. Here is what I got, I took few pics of my trans and post them here for your convenience.(See my next post for trans hoses) There are three bolts on the bottom of the trans and a gentlement (very nice guy with petience) told me #1 is the drain plug. I don't know what the others two are. Could you please tell me what they are and for what? BTW, you are right, the dealer guy I asked is from their Parts department and he told me he was not sure about it. Sorry for any confusion.

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Here is the pic for Trans hoses, I don't know which one is the trans cooler hose. Could you please help me out? And it seems very hard to take them out. Any special tools are needed? I plans to work on it this weekend anyway. If I can't figure it out, I will do the way you mentioned above, repeat 3 times. I am looking forward to hearing from you for your more valueable advice and provide more once I am done. (I am thinking to make a vedio to record everything I do and post it on Youtube for those people who need it. Changing trans fluid is only part of them, I also want to do changing break fluid, power streeling oil, coolant fluid, seaform my engine and tire rotation). I also want to change differential fluid for Front and Back, but have no idea how to do it. I will continue to do the research and hope can make a series to help people to do their DIY. Again, THANK YOU, David and wish you have a nice trip.

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I got my work done. Changed Spark Plugs and Transmission oil. I didn't pull out the trans cooler hose, since I don't know which one is. I just drain and fill for 3 times. It took 13 liters for 3 changes. First time working on this kind of job. So far nothing wrong, will check for the next few days. Thank you very much, your comments helps a lot. Really appreciated.

Hey man my trip turned in to two full days. but good to hear you got it going. I blew up the bottom picture of the hoses and I am not convinced they are transmission cooler lines. Much to big for one thing, and with the picture on full screen I can see a smaller, steel line above the yellow arrow that looks more like a cooler line. The "1" and "2" look more like the supply and return to your A/C condenser. But with your drain and fill, all well and good. Thanks for letting me (us) know you got 'er done and she is running Okay and BTW do you have the 3.5L or 3.7 Ecotech? Just wondering. And I had a post up about changing your spark plugs so early but I took it down, no need to criticize or question your decision. Not my place to do that.

Oh, yeah, I forgot your question ....in your top picture I don't know what plug is what, sorry 'bout that. This entire thread is a learning experience for me too. But does it have a dipstick? Where did you fill it? And is it the 6-speed 6F50 or 6F55 automatic? I know, I am full of questions but like I said, I'd like to learn too about these cars. Thanks my friend

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Hi David, Welcome back. My car is 3.5L, not sure if it's Ecotech or not, nothing labelled on my car. It took me around 3 hours to change spark plugs. It shouldn't be that long. Since this is my first time to do car job, I used a lot of marker tape to track my work. Not too bad for a freshman without any mechanical knowledge, LOL. The hardest part is to remove the intake but It's much easier than I thought (only 7 bolts need to be removed). I use NGK Iridium ($20 per 2-pack, very pricey comparing to others) and I love it. I feel my car gain more power and fuel saving. Also change Intake gasket even the old ones still look good without any damages. One more thing, for those who want to DIY changing spurk plugs, doing the engine clean first will help a lot and minimize the chance of droping dirty stuff into the engine when the intake is removed.

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For changing the Trans fluid, I would love to share and glad if it can help you know something new. First, I don't know what those hoses are. I am a visual guy, unless someone can show me with pics, I have no ideas what they are and how they work. :). Hope someone else can tell us what they are and where the cooler hose is. Anyway, the drain plug is the #1 bolt in my first pic. Again, I have no idea what the #2 and #3 are, either. To me, as long as I know which one is the drain plug, it's enough. If someone can tel us what the #2 and #3 are. I would still appreciate and love to know. Second, my car is 6-speed, not sure if it's 6F50 or 6F55 or not. There is a dipstick at the top right beside the engine (pretty clear when you open the hood). and I just fill the new fluid from there after removed the dipstick and hope that's the right place to fill. If there is something I did wrong, please let me know and hope it's not too late. :(. If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know. I also plan to do coolant flush, power steering fluid change, break fluid change as well in this week, all of them have not been changed for 4 yrs/50k km. I need your help too. :) I will open a new post for coolant flush, since I can't find the coolant petcock and not even sure if 09 EDGE SEL AWD has it or not. I searched Internet but had a bad luck. I really appreciate if you can help me out with that. Thanks again, David.

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windlake, I have not been back to this thread....just now Sunday 11Aug saw your last post. Sorry 'bout that. You probably have already found and seen this: http://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/2008_Ford_Edge_SE_3.5L_V6/coolant_antifreeze/flush_coolant ...... it says 2008 but it's the same 3.5L


I use Amsoil transmission fluid, it last 100,000 miles or more!!!! http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/transmission- fluid/automatic/signature-series-fuel-efficient-synthetic-automatic- transmission-fluid/?code=ATLQT-EA&zo=5040021


Hey guys, I have a 2013 Ford Edge Sport. today I did a transmission fluid change. I found a 11mm drain bolt on the bottom of the transmission. Drained all the fluid out, refilled the transmission with Amsoil from the dip stick. I did this 3 times to make sure all the old fluid was out. Now my Edge runs like a brand new car, and shifts perfectly. Also, I have noticed an increase in gas mileage too. I hope this helps. I was really easy to do.

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I have the original factory manuals that came with the 2009 Ford Edge SEL AWD I just purchased from a family member. The transmission service interval for normal duty operation is 150,000 miles, with the Ford service guide link: (https://owner.ford.com/tools/account/maintenance/maintenance -schedule.html#/ymm/2009/Ford/Edge/4253).

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I am pulling a Hall trailer,with my2009 ford edge front wheel drive from Boston to cali 93.k miles ,even though it runs good should I go andown put new spark plugs in,the oil has been change 3 months ago, need see good tips

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