Has anyone had a problem with sudden or involuntary acceleration on the Kia Forte. This has happened twice with our 2011 Kia Forte, both times having foot on the brake and putting car in park.


Asked by Jan 06, 2012 at 06:23 AM about the 2011 Kia Forte EX

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We are currently in contact with  a representative from the Kia corporate offices and they say they have had no recalls or prior reports of sudden acceleration on any of their vehicles.  From the postings on this site, that statement appears to be untrue.  Our next step is to file a claim in the state of Florida under the Lemon Law.  

We have had the car have inspected and tested on Kia's diagnostic equiptment 3 times (at 2 different Kia dealerships) for the acceleration issue and every time, they say they can find nothing wrong with the vehicle.

Also, on several occasions we have experienced the car "lurching" forward while driving or slowing for a stop.  The sudden acceleration issue has resulted in 2 instances of damage to the vehicle when the car suddenly accelerated on it's own, while having a foot on the brake and putting the car into park (after pulling into a parking space).  Both times the car jumped the curb and the brakes would not hold.  The first time the brakes didn't stop the car until they were slammed down on twice.  The second time it happened, the car finally stopped after hitting a tree.  

I have told Kia this car is dangerous and causing life threatening problems, but their representative's response is, "the only way a car can accelerate is if you put your foot on the gas".    Hopefully we can get rid of this car before something terrible happens.  The car is less than 6 months old and has less than 2,100 miles on it.  We do not want to sell or trade this car in because we do not want someone else to have these horrible problems with this car...it is a life threatening danger and hazard to the roadways and anyone driving it .

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Even if the representative does not help you you shoult change the acceleration petal even if you pay for it atleast you are ging to be safe.From what i know a lot of car makers had alot of acceleration proplems some of them recalled the vehicles for exp toyota and nissan bud some of them did not.So my idea is pay for the part and have it replaced for your safety only.

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Thanks for your response Manoli, but I don't think the problem is the accelerator pedal, more than likely it's a problem with the computer system or some type of malfunction with a technical component of the vehicle. The issues Toyota had were a little different than this..most of their's were happening while the drivers were operating their cars at medium to high speeds, not while the driver had their foot on the brake while putting the car into park. I will ask them to check out the gas pedal though, just in case.

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I had the exact same problem--minutes ago my 2011 Forte crashed into my parkade wall.

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email me please: john dot egan at gmail dot com

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My 2010 KIA SOUL which we bought from the dealer fully reconditioned used (one year ago), took off from a dead stop at a stop light with my foot on the brake when I began to release the brake to move forward. I was a car length behind the pickup in front of me and my KIA Soul jetted SO FAST, it shook and made this high pitched screaming sound, on it's own that it "slammed forward" into the pickup in front of me. After impact, I couldn't stop the car from continuing to push into the pickup which pushed into the car in front of him and that one into the next car in front, but when I slammed "my KIA" transmission into PARK, it continued to push and I could only get it to stop by turning off the key! The RPM's were as high as they could go on the dial and so was the speedometer, they were buried on the dial. I've never had a ticket or an accident and I am a very responsible and honorable working citizen and wife and mother of 42 years. I was merely in town, one mile from home, driving to my mother's house. The traffic was extremely heavy and none of us were going over 35 MPH in a 40 MPH zone when we slowed and stopped for a light after a long and slow drive down a hill. I was about the 10th car in a row from the light with stopped traffic behind and in front of me. The impact caused severe seatbelt bruising and my left foot hit the brake pedal which I was trying to "BRAKE" and also my left foot (which had been comfortably resting) hit the ridge of the fender well on the floorboard where you can rest your left foot on. My foot has some issues but it is not broken. I also have sinus infection from the chemicals of the airbag. NO ONE came to my aid but to the others. I got myself out of my car and ran to the others apologizing and showing great concern for all others involved. No one else was hurt badly. I had (and still have) full coverage insurance however not PIP coverage on me (at the time but I do NOW) and my Drs offices' are scared to treat me even though I have confirmation from my Blue X Blue Shield that they will in fact cover the medical costs since I did not have PIP insurance for myself at the time. (My injuries are all still pending since the accident was recent on July 20th (2013) and it is now Aug 12th, 2013). I also have muscle separation from the seatbelt (thank heavens it works!) and hemotoma. I have been treated at an urgency care clinic recently but in another state since I was destined for a trip 6 days after the accident anyway. My insurance co., has totaled the KIA since it has massive front end damage including the engine was pushed into the firewall and the frame of the car was bent and cannot be repaired however they cannot "completely" payoff the loan so I am stuck with the remaining cost of the loan. I WILL NOT be purchasing ANY KIA at all in the future, of any size and model even though I loved my KIA for around town and it saved alot on gas but not it didn't get what it said it would get. It got 20-22 MPG around town. I never took it out of town. I will stick with an American made car and one that is big and trustworthy! We own a Chrysler Pacifica for a second car, at least it is reliable and that is what I will drive for now, the heck with trying to save a few bucks for mileage! I have contacted the KIA dealership and they said without them researching the problem of which someone would have to pay for the tow and "pay" for them to do the research, they would not be able to help me!!!!! GEEE...do you think they might find a problem with their car??? I doubt it! Obviously the Insurance company owns the car now! SandyG@outlook.com

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Same thing happened to us just yesterday attempting to park our 2012 KIA Sportage. Airbag Deployed and all while having a foot on the brake!

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My daughter had the same problems twice. Kia Forte less than 4 months old. She lives in Canada and we are contacting a lawyer for legal advice and possible class action lawsuit. Between the repairs and the insurance increase she is in the hook for more than $12000. Anyone from Canada to start a class action Lawsuit?

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I am experiencing problems except my 2012 forte is actually stopping while I am driving and I am having to press on the brakes twice to get it to move it actually jerks the car forward as it stops the other day it stopped as I was driving almost a complete stop it decelerated as I am going down hill and I have had it at Crain Kia twice now they said it was the brake line switch and repaired that I again had problems the very next day and took it back to them. I also have had brakes and rotors gone bad as well as a blown head gasket in which they had to call the main company to find that out because they could not find out from diagnostic testing what was wrong with the car. I have 30,000 miles on my car and have had it 7 months

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Tayia, Do you live in Canada? I am already in contact with Kia Canada and will NOT let go.

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i have a kia forte 2012 i havent had any of the brake problems. (yet) and i say yet cause iam although experiencing different issues . maybe someone else is as well. my car is at the dealers as i type for the 3rd time in 2months. last time was 2 weeks ago and then yesterday. my gear shift LOCKS its an automatic. basically what happens is, i can drive and do what im doing run errands ect... get back in my car and then BAM! LOCKED... the first time it happened i didnt have the anyway to get out of the lock. luckily i had a bobby pin which heled and keeps working. took it in supposedly it was some "recall" yet i wasent covered under it. even with warranty. they just "made it work" 2nd time same thing but atleast i didnt panic as much... took it in they kept it for about a week. got it back. and then again yesterday!!!! same thing.... the 2nd time they told me it was some brake fuse???? now yesterday since i got their as service dept was closing.. they said it may be the whole electrical something cause its burning fuses... that said....apperantly we had been driving without brake lights!!!!!!!! KIA has really dissapointed us. we have opened a case with Kia manufacturing. i dont know what we will get... BUT im also looking into opening a Lemon case on them. reading all these posts has scared me even more. and you guys are really playing with fire. its terrifying... braked going out and car seeding on its own?!?!?! no no no no..... lemon law ... KIA is obviously NOT a safe car.


I just had this happen to me today with my 2010 Kia forte. I was almost finished parking in a parking space and the car just took off, highly accelerated as if I was on the entrance ramp on the expressway! It happened so fast, I tried to brake but ended up not able to and it accelerated me into the building which stopped my car. The key was not moving out of the ignition and the shifter had to be manhandled to move to park. Is there anything I can do? Is there a recall?

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Kernyg, do you live in Canada?

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I have had past problems with my Kia Rio 2013 with it stalling when I merged. Anyone else had similar problems?


I have just experienced this too. My Kia was on the drive, I went to get in it to simply put the heating on to make it warm for when I put my baby in it. As soon as I turned the engine on the car wheels spun forward and crashed through my neighbours fence. I was so scared I jumped out of the car because I couldn't understand what was happeneing. Even once I was out of the vehicle the wheels were still spinning so I then had to jump back in and switch it off. There was an awful smell of burning rubber when I got out and the handbrake was on so I am shocked and very concerned as to why this happened. The only reason it had stopped moving was because there was a hedge in its way. Thank god I wasn't parked facing the main road as I normally am! This is a Kia Sportage about 6 months old. I am taking it into the dealership today. Yesterday was our first icy morning here so maybe that had something to do with the mechanics?!

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My kia forte 2012 is doing the same thing but not consistently. I will have my foot on the brake and it won't brake and lurches forward and then decides to stop. It's very scary and I've had a near miss when stopping. I'm scared to drive this car. Does anyone know how to FIX it? Even if Kia doesn't? What should be fixed?

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WE did find a solution but it is not FIX IT. However after doing it we never had the problem again: Use the hand brake. The car will not move forward. For your information and because we had 2 accidents related to the problem, my daughter has sold her car. KIA will not do anything because they checked the car and did not find anything wrong. I have Kia's report and wait for a recall in order to take them to court. The issue has cost us close to $20K between the repairs and the higher insurance premium. Do you live in Canada or the US? Did you report the issue to the transportation ministry?

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It's been over 3 years since I originally posted the question on this forum about our 2011 brand new Kia Forte. After over a year of letters, 3 accidents with the Kia Forte we were actually able to have a hearing with the department of consumer protection, Florida Consumer's division of the State's attorney's office a representative from Kia's corporate offices as well as the dealership's maintenance/service manager. In spite of our extensively documented paperwork and statements, the panel determined there was no liability on the part of Kia because Kia was unable to duplicate the intermittent sudden acceleration issue we were experiencing and they could find nothing defective with the vehicle. We were so exhausted and frustrated with the problems from this car, we ended up selling the car back to the dealership. We didint' get a terrible deal,since my friend was the sales manager there, but we did loose money on the deal and had also gotten stuck with the 3 deductibles we had to pay when the insurance company repaired the car each time it was damaged as a result of the sudden unintended acceleration. I told our friend the sales manager why we were getting rid of the car as I wanted to make sure he was aware of the problems we had experienced with the car. He said since it was never proven that there was a safety issue with the car, they were under no obligation to divulge this to the new buyer (when they sell the car). We had contacted every government agency in the U.S., including the department of motor vehicles, and we had brought the car in for repairs at Kia on 4 separate occasions, all of which times they said there was nothing wrong with the car. If you are having these same problems with your Kia, I highly recommend you either start a class action law suit (and let me know as I will be interested in participating in it), or you get rid of the car before you get seriously injured in it.

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That is ridiculous. Why do you have to duplicate it? Haven't they read this board? I have to get rid of this car. I had reservations when I was buying it. I wish I would have gone with my instinct.

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I have a kia forte 2012 and I am experiencing some of the same issues here. I bought it used on September 13 2014. It had 15k miles on it at that time. At 30k miles all of my break lights went out all at the same time and it was a lady driving behind me that told me. A month later after having the lights checked and a service the car jumps harshly into D or R on occasion when starting the car in the morning. As I'm driving it and it's 'automatically' switching gears it jumps into each gear harshly and stops funny. Now it acts like this when it feels like. When it does this I use the automatic stick. It seems to help it. BUT THIS SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY. After reading all the above comments I'm seriously concerned now. I live in the USA, California. Any one involved in a class action. Law suit in the US for this? I've had the car checked for this but the problem couldn't be duplicated. So.. they couldn't fix anything.


All U.S. residents need to report their problems to the NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION, HERE IS THEIR WEBSITE AND INFORMATION. I HAVE ALREADY REPORTED THE ISSUES WITH THE 2012 KIA FORTE WE HAD: http://www.nhtsa.gov/Vehicle+Safety/Recalls+&+Defects/Motor+Vehicle+Safety+Defects+and+Recalls+Campaigns?renderPage=1

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From Vietnam, same problem with my Cerato 2.0 2014.


This happened to me today with my Kia Forte 2012, out of nothing it started to accelerate very fast and loud the rpm went all the way up. This was really scary and now I am afraid to even drive this car myself or have anyone in my family drive it. Has anyone heard from Kia dealers or makers? Are there going to be any recalls on this cars? Like everybody else writing about this we are very concern and worry, this is the only car we depend at this time and now this happened, what are we to do????

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Just had this happen yesterday. While parking the car suddenly surged forward and ran into a retaining wall. Thankfully not another car and I was not hurt. I have had a problem with it surging when I first start it and take my foot off the gas.

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I meant took my foot off the brake.


i'm having the same issue now with my 2014 kia forte. it surges forward and i've noticed the "inst" indicator that shows current km/L should reduce to 0 as i'm braking is actually showing acceleration when it happens. Car has also been randomly stalling as i'm driving...not when i'm slowing down. Just driving merrily along the way and it stalls. Not sure if the two are related but makes for a very stressful drive....either it stalls as i drive or it surges as i brake. Really not impressed with Kia at all.

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We had the same experience unexplained acceleration in a Kia rental at Trinity Beach QLD Australia in 4th Sept 2016. This hire car just started to accelerate coming down through the hills at Kuranda very winding road, we both thought that we would not get out of this situation alive. My husband stayed in control as best he could and did not panic after an minute or two it kicked back into normal mode and he was able to brake and pull off the road. It was just terrifying experience. It was not our time to go that is all I can think now about the situation. That car just took off their must be other people out there that have died in these situations and they just get written off as idiots driving to fast, how many have been in cars like this one? It not just the fact that we could have died but that we could have killed someone else in this Kia, it makes me sick to think about it.


"Kia corporate offices ... say they have had no recalls or prior reports of sudden acceleration on any of their vehicles." BULLSHIT this is a Well Known problem on ALL Kia Amanti's, therefore they have discontinued them.  "the only way a car can accelerate is if you put your foot on the gas".  ABSOLUTE LIE cars haven't been made that way for decades!   The gas pedal is no longer connected to the engine on Any car made by Anybody.  Now the gas pedal talks to the computer and the computer talks to the engine.  Kia (and many others) have programed their computers to change the speed of the engine whenever they want - Without the drivers Permission.   It is not a problem with any component of the car (therefore waste of time & money replacing any parts), it is the Design Flaw [of the computer taking over control of the engine] combined with an Assembly Flaw, that can cause 'computer confusion' under rare varying environmental conditions (and therefore impossible to replicate or diagnose).  Over a period of time Temperature & Humidity may cause condensation to form inside Certain electrical connections Intermittently shorting out a Combination of signals to the computer - if this causes the computer to Think it needs to prevent a stall, it doesn't care if there is even a driver in the car - the computer Takes Control of the engine.  

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My brand new 2016 kia forte just wouldn't stop when the brakes were applied, it continued to go, my daughter was driving and tried to avoid a collision so she turned off the road she was on. Unfortunately it was not enough, the other driver still hit her sending her into a guard rail totaling the car. Thank God she wasn't seriously injured. She said she tried to brake and when the car didn't stop she slammed on the brakes and the car continued to accelerate. I will probably not buy another kia

I have a 2014 kia and just today on my drive to work all my lights came on and it just shut down. I turned it off and on and thanksfully it started again. I have also had problems with when I am stopping and have my foot on the brake, the car jolts forward like it isn't stopping. Has happened twice to me and has scared me both times. I have owned nothing but Kia and now I am thinking I want to get rid of my car.

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