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Asked by Sep 03, 2011 at 08:09 PM about the 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Coupe

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The rear window in my 2005 Crossfire Convertible has started to separate.  Are there any repair shops in the Myrtle Beach, SC area that can repair it?

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any auto uphoulstry shop can fix it.

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I've spoken to two shops (one that has been in business for 30+ years, and they both said it could not be repaired satisfactorily. They both suggested a new top. I guess I will try the Windo-Weld by 3M. I just felt more comfortable having a professional do the work. Thanks for responding.

sounds like they just want money for a top,yours can be repaired.

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call this number 800-247-9753 I received an extended warranty ( 10 yrs - 100,000 ) from Chrysler today, which includes the back glass problem!!!! yippeeee!!!

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call 800-247-9753, then you take it to Dodge/Chrysler dealer and they will have it fixed.....

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I cannot thank you enough for informing me of this warrenty extension. I just called and they gave me the code to take to my dealership for repair at no charge. What great news!!!! Vickie

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I got my warranty letter today and jumped for joy! My window fell out in June and I was trying to figure out if I was going to keep my cute little car or not. I've got a 2005 with 41,000 miles and really didn't want to pull the top, send it off, and be out $3,000 for a new top. I'm taking it in tomorrow and think now I'll keep my car a few more years - it's so much fun to drive.


Just got my Crossfire back this morning from the dealership. They installed a new top for me as per the extended warranty letter I received. My car looks brand new. I am very happy. It took exactly one week for the dealership to order and install the new top.

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I took my car to the dealership last week for them to look at, and because I temporarily fixed it so it would not be destroyed by weather, they are unsure if the warranty will apply. I ask them, "was I suppose to let it sit out in wind and rain, and not be able to drive it?" They just took two photos and said they would let me know......then walked away. Sure wished I could have dealt with your dealership....

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sooo happy for you, havent been able to get mine there but am anxious awaitng that opportunity!! how long did it take to get the new top in?


no, they said they probably won't be able to fix mine because I tried to repair it......hope you have better luck.


would you like a copy of my letter?? I will gladly fax it to you. Did you call the 800 number? it is not up to the individual dealership, Chrysler is authorizing 10 yr warranty

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yes, I called the 800 no., and they made sure I was covered, but I haven't gotten a letter. They just gave me the warranty code no. to use when I went to the dealership. I gave the info to the service manager who took the photos, and he said he would submit the pics to Chrysler, but he said because I repaired it temporarily, it might not be covered. If you could fax me the letter that would be great. my fax no. is 910-575-4711. Thanks so much.


I had repaired mine with Monster glue and it was holding. My dealership did not say anything about my repair. They just did the work and got it back to me.

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Dropped it off at the dealership on Monday 9/19/2011. Got it back this morning Tuesday 9/27/2011 but they were finished with the work yesterday. So exactly one week. :)


just faxed warranty letter to you at the above phone number... hubby took my letter to local dealership and they are ordering new top .. happy days are here again!!! lol


I just received your letter, thank you so much. I have not received my letter so I am going to call Chrysler shortly and ask that send me a hard copy of my letter. Since you are the second person that is receiving a new top, I am going to pursue the same for my car. Again, thank you so much for your help. I will let you know how it goes. Vickie


Happy Days are definately here now.........took my car into the dealership today with the letter you faxed to me, and they immediately ordered my new top. Thank you so much for your help. Good luck with your car.


my local dealership ordered my new top today........What a great relief. Thank you for all of your imput.


my new top was ordered today. The dealership was very helpful, after I explained to them that I had been on the phone with Chrysler explaining my problem with getting local dealerships to help me. They didn't question the fact that I had temporarily fixed the rear window....................just ordered the new top for my car according to the extended warranty. Not sure how long it will take for it to come in, as I am the third person that is having the top replaced at this dealership. But that's ok......I'll wait. At least it is on the way.......thanks for all of your imput.

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My dealership ordered my new top on Monday and they received it on Friday and installed it the following Monday (this past Monday). It only took the technician 1.5 hours to replace the top from the work order receipt I received. My top opens and closes just fine like before. It rained really hard here Wednesday while driving home from leaks. I would think that the more claims that come in the slower it might be to order the top. Best of luck! Post back here and let us know how it goes.


Just received a notice from Chrysler stating the top now has a 10 year/ 100000 mile warrentee


my car went into the shop this evening. They are installing the new top in the morning. I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow evening.......


my car went into the shop this evening. The new top is being installed tomorrow. Thank you again for all of your help. I am now in the process of helping another lady who is having a hard time with her local dealership. Hopefully she can get some good news too. Thank you again.


Hubby took my Crossfire into a dealership about 20 miles away and they acted like he has a screw loose, then he showed them the letter and there was an instant change in attitude. Said they would order the top and call us, since I didnt hear from them after several days .... I called them and parts department said they were having trouble getting the top and their parts rep was going to get in touch with Chrysler ... two days later same story... that was last Friday... so I called that wonderful 800 number for customer service and they were great!!! The fellow said if I could get the part number and the order number they would try to "escalate" the situation. My top arrived at the dealership on Monday (magically lol) and we were asked to have the car there early this am (Wed )... We took the car Tuesday evening so it would be there and ready on Wednesday morn and they said it would be ready after lunch. Called to check status at lunch and was told it would be ready by 5 pm. Hubby tried to pick it up .... but ..... top would go down but not back up... said it worked fine until they tested it at the carwash for leaks. Hopefully, it will be back home by the weekend... nothing like a little drama...... be sure to check it out before leaving the dealership!! let me know

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I made a call to Chrysler and then took my car to the dealer. They took some photos and told me they would contact Chrysler. About one week later the dealer called me and said Chrysler would replace the top and window. I dropped the car off at the dealer and two days later picked it up. No charge! I do not have any warranty other than the 8/80,000 warranty that came with the 2005 Crossfire.

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I had absolutely no problems at my dealership. They ordered my top. It came in about 10 days later. They called and scheduled a date to bring the car in, and had it ready less than 3 hours later. It looks great! And it was FREE!

kcr99... Do you still have your letter? I would be extremely grateful if you could scan it and email it to me, or fax it, send a copy via snail mail. I am even willing to send you $10 for your trouble using PayPal. I am having the same problem in my 2005 crossfire but I did not receive a letter. So I called Chrysler to find out about the extended warranty and they said my VIN number did not receive the extended warranty on the top. It's pretty ridiculous that my car is having a problem that they are completely aware of yet they aren't helping. Can you possibly send a copy of your letter? I don't want to give up yet... - Mike, 805-350-3299, michaelmarlowe (at) gmail dot com

Hi Sunshine28467... Do you still have your letter? I would be extremely grateful if you could scan it and email it to me, or fax it, or send a copy via snail mail. I am even willing to send you $10 for your trouble using PayPal. I am having the same problem in my 2005 crossfire but I did not receive a letter. I would like to show the letter to my local dealership. It sounds like they were able to help other people. Would you be so kind as to send? - Mike, 805-350-3299, michaelmarlowe (at) gmail dot com

Hi Controlz, congrats on getting a new top. Did you have the extended warranty? Because I have a 2005 crossfire with a failing top and i did not receive the letter everyone is talking about. I called a Chrysler dealership and they looked up my VIN number and said no extended warranty. They I called Chrysler corporate office to inquire and they are being very unclear about what they are willing to do. They want me to go to a dealership and have the problem diagnosed but i'm afraid they're going to refuse to fix it.... Unless you're car was NOT under warranty and they fixed yours (?) If that's the case I will be so happy because it means they will probably fix mine... Please let me know. Thanks - Mike


I will be happy to fax the letter tomorrow. The copy I have came from another lady who was having the same problem. She sent me a copy of her letter. I called Chrysler myself and they verified that my car was covered. They were really nice about it. I hope this letter will help you. Keep me informed.

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I will be glad to fax it to you tomorrow.. Thinking its pretty strange that your VIN has anything to do with it. I wouldnt give up either!! After reading all the boards about how Chrysler dealerships didnt want to fix anything, I called the 800 and tah-dah!!! two weeks later, was holding that extended warranty letter in my hand....

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Thanks for the quick reply. With any luck they'll help me too. I don't know if I'll need a letter but it might help having one to show at the dealership. Thanks so much! Here is the fax number to my local Kinkos/Fed Ex: (831) 425-3945 , (My name is Mike M. - maybe you can write that on the cover sheet) Thanks again. Really hope Chrysler will do the right thing. Definitely a design flaw. Otherwise such a beautiful car...


Hi, I was in the same boat as you, my VIN number was not included in the extended warranty, even though I had the window re-glued 3 years ago with the Chrysler dealership and it fell out again in a rain storm and flooded the trunk. I had to open a claim with the complaint department at the 800 number and it has been quite an ordeal......4 weeks later I got my car back, they covered my top as "goodwill" and not under the extended warranty and refused to pay for any of the damage done to the car from the flooding($1000 worth). I had to call EVERY DAY and leave messages with the claims department, they were really horrible. A few hours before I was going to pick up the car, after the top was already replaced, they came back and tried to say they were only going to pay for the window replacement.....the Chrysler service manager at least got them to change their mind and pay for the new top. All I can say is get the service manager on your side and they will fight the warranty people with you. Good luck, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. -Nancy(Wilmington, NC)

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I had the 8/80,000 warranty. After reading through posts on this site and others I called Chrysler and explained the situation. They told me to go to the dealer which I did. The dealer took a few photos and a week later called me to schedule the replacement.

Hello everyone. Is there anyone else who did NOT receive the letter but DID get the repairs done for free? I never received the letter, and my window is falling off, and Chrysler is really being tough about it. My case manager is saying they will only reimburse me for 50% of the cost of a new top UNLESS I can provide the name and VIN number of someone who did NOT receive a letter but DID get the repairs done free. If anyone can help me I would be forever grateful. This is my last chance at getting a new top like everyone else. My name is Mike, phone 805-350-3299 and email I just need a name, VIN number, and name of dealership that did the repairs. Must be someone who never got their own letter sent to them about the extended warranty on the top. Thanks everyone.


I have same problem. Called Chrysler no above and they gave me case no 24345719 and warranty code X31. I'm calling my dealership tomorrow and I am hoping they are not jerks like some.


My top was repaired once and Chrysler replaced it.Dealer just giving you a hassle.Deal with Chrysler at 800 #.

I live in Australia and am having the same problem with my window - I wonder if someone could send me a copy of their letter from Chrysler - I would so appreciate it as they say I need a new roof and must get it replaced elsewhere at a cost of $1800 - thank you all my email is


05. Have 10 year warranty. 06. Does not


My window of my 2005 just came unglued. Dealership said they cannot fix. Auto glass said they cannot fix. Is this extended service contract still good as I see most posts were from three years ago. What is this letter everyone is talking about? Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks Joel, apparently only 3 year warranty in Australia :(

my window fell out today, Sept 8, 2015, called the 800 number and Chrysler says only cars shipped to dealers in the south are covered, since I live in Ca I'm not covered even though they know the problem is all over. I am going to fight this, since Chrysler knows of the defect I'm thinking class action lawsuit. It will end up costing them much more but they need to take care of this issue. If they know the windows are falling out they need to take care of them.


Harry Hill I am in the same problem said my car doesn't qualify but my window is falling out like everyone else

File a complaint with the NTSD, they are really helpful in the filing, the more complaints they get the better the chances are that they will fine Chrysler liable and make them fix the problem.


I filed it Harry Hill see what happens next and I will call Chrysler every week to thanks

Our 2006 Crossfire is having the same issue. I called the 800 Chrysler # and was not offered an extended warranty. Was told I would have to pay for repairs. Guess I will contact NTSD too.

it will only take a few of us to have this problem and we can get a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against Chrysler. Since Chrysler is already aware of the problem they will be held responsible and instead of paying for just a few windows they will end up on the hook for all the Crossfires ever sold.

I too just had my crossfire roadster rear window fall down while parked in the driveway. I live in southwestern Ontario and have a 2005 crossfire with 26,000 km that is only driven in the warm weather months. The other 6 months it is off road stored in a garage. The car is in showroom condition excepting some sun damage on the headlights and now the convertible top with a detached rear window. Any progress on a class action suit?


Mine got fixed for free so I am not pursuing. Have you tried to contact Chysler?

I have not as yet contacted Chrysler. It just happened and thought it was strange, so I decided to read about a solution. That is when I noted all the complaints. My friend owns a 2008 roadster that is garage kept also. I am wondering if this problem is just limited to the 2005 roadster or will it also occur with all years?

We've had same problem. Ours is a 2006. I think it happens in 2004s too.


It is very clear they didnt make it well. They recognized this as a problem which is why they agreed to pay to have them fixed and later extended the warranty. I would call Chrysler directly and explain you are a part of a forum where multiple owners of the crossfire convertible had faulty roofs that had to be reinstalled. Others were fixed for free and you want a code that you can give to a local dealer to have it replaced. No one can fix it, you need a whole new roof. It cost a couple thousand dollars. They may say it is out of warranty, but given they know it is faulty they need to do the right thing and absorb the cost of replacing it. The phone number to call is somewhere in the string above. Maybe sort for the one that was most helpful.

Hi All, Just called Chrysler Canada since the US does not do anything for Canadian owned vehicles. Chrysler Canada noted there is nothing they can offer unless there is a noted recall, etc... Any other suggestions?


my rear window on my 2007 crossfire convertible just detached in my driveway. I live in Virginia. I called the number above and was told that the warranty does not pertain to my vehicle. what can I do next?

I am not getting assistance replacing the back windshield either. I don't know if it will help or not but if anyone has a copy of the letter they received from Chrysler if you could send me a fax copy of it I will show it to my local dealer here in Tulsa, OK Fax 877-512-8879

If anyone has a copy of this letter still, I would appreciate getting a copy as well. My father's just went out on his car yesterday.


I never got a letter. I just called the 1-800 number referenced above and they gave me a warranty code to give the Chrysler dealer. I then got a whole new top which was free under the warranty. From what I understand from some of the posts above, they are no longer offering that? Seems like BS as they obviously know it was a problem as I got a free new top (valued at few thousand dollars). My car is a 2005 Crossfire Chysler Convertible.

I called the 800 number and was told because my car wasn't sold in one of the seven southern states referenced in the law suit my car wasn't covered. I still haven't gotten a new top. What will probably happen is that rear window will blow in while someone is driving at speed and cause an accident. It is going to take a class action lawsuit to get us new tops. Chrysler knows the glue won't hold but they are hoping people will just deal with it themselves. Mine fell out before the expiration date on the lawsuit. If you have the warranty code post it on here please.


I called the dealer that fixed mine and asked them if they had a warranty code. They said they had what is called a Technician Service Bulletin (TSB) no - 23-035-11. I don't know if this will help or not. They also gave me a Chysler Customer Care phone no to call which could be the same as what is referenced above. 1-800-992-1997. Best of luck. I got my new roof in January 2014 and my car was purchased in SC. I didn't know it was for only cars purchased in certain states.

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