I was stopped at a red light, my vehicle was idling slightly rough, not too bad, I didn't think, then it cut off.


Asked by Nov 28, 2014 at 01:32 PM about the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I did immediately start it back up, but
coming to complete stops, were getting the
same result. So, I would not let it idle, I just
put the vehicle in neutral at a stopping
point to keep it from cutting off again.

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Before doing anything ... did you just get a tank of gas? or did you do anything to the car at all ... like wash it or change a filter? You could have water in your gas

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I filled the tank on an out of town visit, and this occurred after driving from that fill up for approximately 180 miles, no washing, no filter change. Although the vehicle had an unusual incident about two weeks ago that has never occurred. I get regular oil changes based on the oil percentage. About two weeks ago, the engine was clicking and I checked the oil, and found it was empty, something that has never happened since I bought the vehicle new.

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OMG .... empty oil Good grief .. didn't you get a Red light? Any how ... if there is a large amount of water in the gas you may not see it until the tank is under half full Water floats on top of gas ..refill the gas tank and if it seems better than get some additive that removes water

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Thank you Tom, I will try that. And by the way on the oil situation, no the oil light did not come on, and of course I immediately refilled it with the proper kind of oil per the owners manual. I am planning on discussing that matter with Chevrolet.


I purchased the 2012 Equinox on September 16, 2015. On October 20, 2015 it cut off me 3 x. I drove it into the dealership. Of course it did not cut the ff on them. But they found that there was no oil. Now I have to do this oil consumption test per gm and bring my car back to the dealership after 1,000 miles. I took the car home on Thursday andabout 3 hours later, it cut off 4x. I took back to the dealership Friday morning. I'm so grateful to have a warranty but it is such an inconvenience. I really like gm cars but this just might be my last.

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Wow, I thought I was alone. My 2011 Equnox is doing the exact same thing. I decided to take it to another dealership for a second opinion. I don't have much faith in the one I purchased it from...

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My 2010 equinox is doing same thing .fsiled one oil consumption test but passed the next. They sent me home. I fix. Then it's empty again 2000 miles later. Idling low. Like it's gonna stall. Code went off p 2035. Replaced throttle body. No better. I hate this car

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2005 putting gas in it,and it wants to stall!!..Why??

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There is a defect with chevy equinox's - excessive oil consumption. The company knows about it but they make you go through a "oil consumption test" anyway. Get it fixed before your warranty runs out.

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I have the same issue with my vehicle. I have been to several car shops and they have all completed full diagnostic test and stated nothing wrong with vehicle. It stalls when idle at stop lights and shuts off if I dont give it a little gas before hand. I have a 2010 Chevy Equinox

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2015 Chevy equnox keeps shutting off, a/c went out 2 weeks ago had some freon put in it now it is still shutting off and No power in it


I am currently having the same issue. Cleaning the throttle body helped for about 2 weeks. Then it happened again. Had solenoid valve, cam shaft replaced and was told by Heritage Chevrolet that the Mass Flow air sensor is the reason it is stalling. I am having that replaced as I am typing this in the lobby. I pray this fixes the issue. If not, Chevrolet will have to answer some real questions. Please please put in your formal complaints with Chevrolet and/or GM so that there could possibly be a recall placed on our vehicles. If they aren't aware of your issues there can't be a recall. I hope this info helps us all.

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By the way my vehicle is a 2014 Equinox ls. *Correction* the intake cam solenoid was replaced. Codes were: P0010, P0011, P0113 and P0228

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I have a 2013 Chevy Equinox and the idles a little rough when I'm at a stop sign or reversing feels like it wants to shut off what do you think I should change first mass flow sensor or the intake cams solrnoid any help out there it ain't been doing it for long just started few weeks ago


My 2014 4 cylinder equinox is doing the same thing now. Stopped at a light, it idles down around 500 rpm, then starts running a little rough and trying to pull the car a little. If I shift to neutral, rpm goes to 750, and it idles smoothly. I tried gas treatment first, but that made no difference. The change oil soon reminder just came on, so I will change the oil next. I was thinking it might be idle air control valve, but feeling it pull the car, maybe torque converter. But, it is only 3 years old and 29,000 miles. I guess it has to go back to the dealer to diagnose. Years ago, my 1992 Cavalier would die when idling when the temperature was around 60 outside. Below that temp, the fuel injectors must have fed a richer gas mixture (like a little extra choke on a carburetor) and above that temperature, the gas burns leaner. That car also had a goofy idle learning algorithm if I ever disconnected the battery. Anyway, back to the Equinox, the outside temperatures did just start dipping to 60 degrees, so maybe it is just the engine programming is not getting the fuel mixture rich enough (trying to get better fuel economy).


Update - dealer replaced cam shaft actuator solenoid valves. That seems to have fixed this issue of the car dying when stopped. I did some research and the 2011 Equinox had a recall for the same issue. The symptoms were the same - dying when stopping and running rough when cold started. Recall 11195A. The fix for the 2011 was reprogramming the ECM and replacing the cam shaft solenoids. It seems this is part of the variable valve timing. Someone commented that dirt in the oil clogs a screen in the valves leading to the timing getting off so the engine runs rough and dies. If it was a recall on the 2011, why hasn't it been fixed on the 2014? At least it was covered under warranty, but with less than 30,000 and regular oil changes at the dealer, why should it happen?

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I just had the same problem with my 2014 Equinox (72K miles); the engine would shut off when I stopped in traffic or at a light. The check engine light did not cut on; it just died on the DC 14st bridge. It did restart immediately, but I had non-stop stalls at all stops on the way home. The dealer confirmed that the actuator valve was bad and covered under warranty. The 2014 line was NOT RECALLED, due to that part not being exclusively used for that year. But they covered the part anyway. If you have this problem, take your vehicle to a dealership and not to your local mechanic.

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Following! I just faced the same issue. My car is at the dealership now (had to tow it) waiting in line for this problem! I will post an update

I have a 2011 with the same problem... However, the dealership is not aware of the recall that was mentioned. How did you all find out about the 2011 recall? I don't see anything online about it either... Thanks for your help!!


I found references on several other sites such as: http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f53/2011-equinox-cold-start-engine-noise-102947/index4.html

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2014 Equinox about 48K on it has oil changes regularly stalling out especially when I'm backing out of parking spots but turns right back on... 3 times today starting today


2013 equinox 2LT with 83000 miles on it. check engine light went on and i knew i was due for an oil change. code reader showed P0011 which is that cam shaft valve thing, also had replaced on my 2007 saturn vue a while ago. got an oil change, engine light went off and oil life was 100%. took car to dealer to have them fix a recall on some wiper motor, put some fuel injector cleaner in gas tank and it randomly stalls once i go from park to drive, not every single time. Not running rough at all, no dash lights are on. wondering if i should just do the cam shaft sensor and be done wit it. i love my equinox though so very much, no desire to part with it!

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2013 Equinox LT, doing the exact same thing. When idling at a red light or stop sign--when i press the gas to go it will shut off. Has done this several times with no check engine light on-- then the light came on. Taking it to the dealership on monday for a recall on the wipers and will have them check it then. Thankfully it is still under warranty!


My first guess (an educated guess .. but still a guess) is the MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR ,,, this little Hoobie determines how much air is going into the engine and tells the cars computer how much gas it needs to supply power /// if the sensing wire gets dirty the engine won't get enough gas to accelerate and dies (They are easy to get to and can be cleaned with a spray available at most auto stores )


After reviewing all the posts regarding this GM model I would forget the mechanic in favor of a lawyer ... IMO ,, a Class Action is long over due ,,, Do a Google search and post everywhere you can examples are //;; Craigslist, Google , Twitter ,,, that engine is used in other GM cars ,,, sometimes "service bulletins" are sent to dealers that your unaware of

My 2014 chevy equinox LT just started doing this. I don't know why but I am afraid to take it in to a dealership and have them say, oh there's nothing wrong when I know it stalls at a red light. This is ridiculous.


Yes, you might think Mass Airflow sensor, but these chevy equinox have common problem with camshaft position actuator solenoid valve. It was recalled on 2011 version, but not on 2014 even though it is the same problem. The part was covered under warranty as part of drive train for me. File a complaint with nhtsa.gov.

My 2010 Equinox just started doing this. It only happens after I drive long distance. I travel for work and have 213000 miles. The cam shaft seliond was replaced under warranty while they replaced the throttle body. Have had both VVT selinods replaced over the last 2 years. Change the oil every 3000 miles but occasionally it is low. Will clean the mass airflow sensor and throttle body and see what that does.

I have a 2011 Equinox with 59,900 miles, always have changed oil and had inspections at dealership. Extended warranty expired at 5 years. Mine has stat\ted cutting our, or hesitating when stopped at a stop light or stop sign, or when slowing down and then accelerating. Also have same issue after filling gas tank. I use injector cleaner periodically, but don't know that that is the issue. I am going to check with dealer about Recall 11195A mentioned previously.

Just thought people with this issue eiyld be interested in reading this https://www.cars.com/articles/2009/06/chevrolet-equinox/ I just bought a nice used 2011 equinox with 75000 miles. Turned the economy on and started having this idling issue when stopped. Now i cant turn the darn thing off. I hope when I do it fixes the problem.


On our 2014 Equinox, I tend to agree with the comments at the end of that article. Eco mode doesn't seem to do anything in city driving. Even on the highway, I didn't notice any difference. I tried checking the mpg on a few tankfuls, and with ECO on, it was actually a couple mpg worse. I think all the ECO button does is illuminate the light on the dashboard. So, I don't think ECO mode is the cause of your problem, Julz. Check the camshaft solenoid.

I have a 2014 equinox... Mine just started doing this and my warranty just ran out... So i replaced the actuator and its still shutting off smh... Quite annoying when i just sent my payment off too... And the code is still reading actuator


I have a 2012 equinox. I just purchased it back in August and it has 48000 miles on it. The check engine light came on last night while we were trick-or-treating and now the RPMs are not going below 500. it also sometimes, what I call "bounces" when I am stopped and I have to push the brake down really hard to get it to stop. I am calling the dealership this morning, but any ideas?


clean or replace the throttle body.


I just bought a 2015 Equinox from a Chevy dealer last week. Drove it to work for the first time today (test run for the wife)...it did fine on the interstate, but I noticed in the city it was idling roughly. Got to work, started looking for a parking space, and it stalled out three times. Got code P0011 and an appointment at a local mechanic (dealership is out of town..still covered under the warranty). Thanks to all of you for posting here...seems like this is a pervasive issue.

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while I was driving my2014 equinox on the road, the engineer shut off, when the weather become warmer, the issue seem deal with

We just had our 2014 equinox with 60k, in twice in the past two weeks for the same issue! Same symptoms stop light stalling reverse stalling basically any time a low idle was needed. They replaced cam position sensor and actuator the first time and just a week later replaced the intake cam solenoid! Very surprised Chevy doesn't have more of their act together!

After the warranty ended on my 2013 Equinox, last winter I had a problem hearing a vibration when it accelerated. No oil light. No engine light. I took it to my mechanic who found that there were on ly two quarts of oil left in it - after an oil change just three months before. He filled it and sent me to Chevy. Chevy wanted to do an oil consumption test and we said fine - of course they had to change the oil themselves again because they did not believe that I just had it filled. That cost almost a hundred. We went back every thousand miles and ever time it needed oil. We were told this is "normal". They said never put oil in yourself. I asked what do I do if I am stuck on the road - they said take it to a Chevy dealer to which I replied and if it is a Saturday night or Sunday? and they had no answer - just don't! By June I was disgusted with their answer that it is normal. I stopped going back. Now in the past month - with the oil full - I check every three hundred miles and add oil to the top - it is stalling when we start from a red light or starting from being stopped in traffic. No check engine light. My mechanic looked at and could find no regular codes present but when he looked deeper into the computer found a cam shaft actuator code. He test drove it. I drove it. We it did not stall. His advise was to put Lucas Oil Treament into the oil which would lube the camshaft valves. We did that. It has been fine for three weeks. I checked the oil last night because my wife had to take the car into the City for work and and it was a half quart low so I filled it with the Lucas. Today, she had the same problem again - in stop and go traffic. I know that if I go to Chevy they will say there is nothing wrong because there is no engine light on and no code. I loved this car until this all started. We had a 2012 Equinox and was rear ended and walked away from a totaled car. We replaced it right away with the 2013 new. This is really bad because Chevy will do nothing.

Per the above - we took it to our mechanic and he found two codes when he ran through the computer with stop frame as they were not obvious. They both indicated a problem with the variable valve priming solenoid intake when the car stalled when starting when stopped at a traffic light and starting from stop and go traffic. He said there are two solenoids and he replaced both. I was shown the parts and they were covered in a black dust that was tested to see if it was metal - it wasn't. He said that this sometimes happens when the oil changes are not frequent enough but he does the oil changes regularly and with it burning oil continually we add a half quart of oil almost every 500 miles - so he was sure it was not because of infrequent oil changes. The job cost me $500. I am hoping that this is the fix because the car is dangerous when it stalls in traffic. I can't afford to buy or lease another car.


If your putting a quart of oil in every 1000 miles you should never need an oil change I bet you have the cleanest engine crank case in town

Yet, Chevy insists that for the Equinox this is "Normal". Since it started right after the three year warranty expired and never happened before that, I know - and just about everyone else knows - it is not normal. Before this started I went the full time on the oil change dash warning between oil changes and it was always full.

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