Engine light on and Drive indicator is flashing-

Asked by Aug 06, 2013 at 08:44 AM about the 2011 Honda Pilot LX

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First check you fluid level while the auto is sitting level, warmed up and in Park. If that doesn't help you, then I found this earlier posting of the same issue and something here might help. *** anyone have the same problem??? **** out of nowhere the D/drive light started flashing. Took it out of gear to neutral, the nuetral light comes on but the D light is still flashing. Turned the engine off, started it back up and everything is back to normal. Normal for a month, then it happened again. Turned off the engine off, restarted and everything is back to normal. The car shifts / drives like normal all the time. Nonetheless too it to a shop, and they tried to pull the codes, but got nothing. Advised me to go to HONDA as they may be about to pull the code using the HONDA's computer reader. jmtnh answered 4 years ago The flashing light indicates a transmission problem. I think it has to go to the Honda dealer to read the code. I had the same thing happen. I decided to check my fluid level first, sure enough it didn't even register on the stick. I just needed fluid. I don't think I would have gotten off that cheap if I had taken it to the dealer. RV_IN_KC_1 answered about a year ago I experienced the same light illumination. Shifted to neutral, or any other gear, and light still kept blinking. Pulled off the road and turned off the engine. Restarted engine, blinking light was gone. Didn't reappear as I drove on to the destination. Checked the display at lunch, no blinking light present. Also checked the transmission fluid level, no problems there. It sounds like it may be another one of Honda's infamous phantom faults that they want to charge about a hundred bucks to say they don't know why, and that they reset all the codes so it shouldn't be a problem, Perhaps they believe they should get a hundred dollars from every Honda owner periodically, so they just program the codes to come on randomly, and not show up in the history, so nobody else can find them. Yes, I am more than somewhat skeptical of the major auto industry these days, this isn't the first instance of phantom codes, but they still charge you for their poor design and poor information. If they really cared about owners, they would leave some of the usless info out of the owners guide and put in a table of all the codes and light illuminations, with the radio or dash readout connected so the codes could be displayed for the owner. Then we would know if it is a critical thing, or simply a friendly reminder that an oil change is needed, or something of that sort. Why all the mistery? A HUNDRED BUCKS, OF COURSE!!!!!! David answered 2 months ago Same problem on my 2007 Pilot LX. Changed fluid (never get this transmission or any transmission flushed!) - takes 3 cycles to get transmission fluid completed. Only one done so far. Light still comes on and will not register a transmission code. Mechanic tells me not to worry unless you sense there is a genuine problem with shifting. Light may have to be on for a very long time for a code to register. JB1974 answered 2 months ago I had the same problem on my 2005 Pilot. The code read "4th gear clutch pressure sensor". My son is a mechanic and I told him that it shifted fine and he said that if the pressure is not right on the 4th gear band in the transmission, it could wears uneven or even out and that could mean alot more money fixing the transmission

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I'm having this same issue but I drive a Honda Civic 2008. Engine light is on and the blinking "d" light, manual says relates to emissions and/or gas cap not closed properly. I had put gas the night before and yes gas cap loose so I tightened, turned car off and on light still blinking so didn't drive, when I got in car this morning, blinking light gone but engine light still on, manual says give it a day or so, meantime, I notice a slight hesitation when car "shifts" into 2nd (it's automatic so speed at 19/20 mph is what I assume 2nd is) but then drives fine. This is about the third time this incident has happened, having it checked but don't wish to go to dealer, let's hope regular mechanic has heard of this. I'll check fluids just to be sure but just had oil changed and transmission flushed not too long ago. My sister owns the same car but a year older and she's had no issues, guess I'm just lucky

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Yes I'm in the same boat. O Boy ! I have three Honda cars. The issue is coming up on my 06 Civic last night. I have to say that our 01 Accord has a trany problem already. So 2 out of three is not very good odds for these transmissions. It appears Honda has a weak spot, I won't bother with our dealer here as they focus on sales not service. Thx I will recheck fluid levels but my Son did just do our service.JT.

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I had the flashing D on and off for over a month. I took my 2007 HONDA PILOT to my independent HONDA mechanic but his computer diagnostic equipment was not able to detect any transmission problem. He advise me to take it to a HONDA dealership service department and if I am not satisfied he knows a transmission specialist and they can check it for him.. I went to a HONDA dealership and they would like to have a computer diagnostic machine do an analysis to my SUV for $125.00. I decided to go back to my mechanic and he took it to his transmission specialist. They did not find anything wrong with my transmission but advised me to replace the sensor because it diagnose the transmission based on the pressure from the transmission. The sensor was replaced at a cost of $125.00 and the flashing D never came back. It had been over a month since the sensor was replaced and it appears the problem is history.

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what was the sensor called you replaced on your honda dbawiz

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Same issue but also had engine light come on, and I have a 2009 Honda Fit Sport with 32K miles, not a Pilot. Turned engine off, flashing D disappeared, but engine light stayed on. No symptoms while driving whatsoever. Mechanic checked trans fluid level (which they had changed 60 days previously) and was perfect. They used a scanner to see if engine light corresponded to any actual problems, it didn't, they turned it off with the scanner. They said if it comes on again just come back. It's not an actual problem, so I guess, as another reviewer said, "phantom code" strikes again?

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What's the name of the transmission sensor that you changed ?

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Hello There, I got the same problem. Blinking D light. I went to Raynham Silko Honda for an oil change. When I went in, I did not have any problem with the vehicle. I left dealer with a problem. On my way back home, D start flashing. Is it a coincidence? I do not know. The next day I took the car to the dealer. They said it is the 4th gear sensor. Even though I had Honda forum document saying it is the sensor, dealer wanted to do a diagnosis ($116). It cost me total of about $325 to get it fixed. With little break cleaning job, I left with over $400 invoice.

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change the gear solenoid

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I have a 2007 Honda Civic lx. I turned my car on this morning I had the check engine light on and the D flashing. But it's also sputtering. So I turned around and went home. I didn't want to chance going on the highway to work. I will update after I bring it to my mechanic.

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Does the blinking D light clear itself if say the sensor was changed and all is ok. Or, do you need to have it cleared by a honda dealer

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This has happen twice to I have 250,000 miles, once at 90,000 and once yesterday at the 250,000 change the tranny fluid go to an autozone and have them clear the code all should be fine.ONLY USE HONDA TRANSMISSION FLUID!!

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I am having the same issues drive light keeps on blinking as well as engine light staying on however car drives totally fine. Issue just started this evening had no issues with engine light or drive light this morning.

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Change your third and fourth gear pressure switches. And do the three times fluid change out. Blinking indicator light will clear itself. If you have a CEL, deal with that, based on what it tells you. Very easy to change the switches, under $75 bucks for both (ebay). Should take you about an hour. There is a video with pictures on the site. On the proper procudure. Double check your part numbers before ordering, and do replace the "crush" washers, as mine were corroded and would have failed due to salt corrosion.

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Driving me nuts,changed timing belts and water pump then check engine light is on,changed coil and plugs check engine light still on.$2000 gone and the honda pilot 2009 is turning into a lemon and an inion.

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Had this issue on the civic ex problem was the transmission mount gone bad...

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2011 CRV I also had the flashing "D" It would start flashing after the car was driven about 3 miles. After the engine/trans was warmed up, the flashing would start in a few hundred feet. I ordered both the sensors from amazon ($79.00) part # 28600-RCR-004 (2nd clutch pressure switch) and #28600-RCL-003 (3rd clutch pressure switch). Both were very easy to remove, squeeze the single wire electrical connection to remove and unscrew the sensor with a 7/8" deep well socket or 22mm. Actually, in the end, the electrical connection was the problem, it seems that the wire that connects the 2nd clutch sensor was worn in two by an adjacent bracket. Looks like I should have checked before ordering the sensors.

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I have a Honda Fit 2008 ? And the Engine light comes on and the D gear starts flashing ? And my cars just makes noise like it pulls it's self ? And idk what to do ? Or what is wrong with it ? It comes on and off ? I went to the Honda dealer and they still don't know ? Any idea ? Need help pls

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My 2002 Honda Odyssey has the D drive indicator flushing. I took it to a mechanic; they replaced the O2 sensor but the issue is still there. He did not know afterwards the root cause of the issue.

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Just took my 2009 honda CRV in to pull the code for the engine light on and the flashing D. All my fluids were fine they said it was a bad transmission pressure switch.

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Mine is 2007 Honda odyssey, yesterday in the morning I saw "Check Fuel cap" message. While returning back home in the evening, this message was gone, but after some time I saw engine light on and the D light blinking. I took it to a local mechanic, his sensor detected RVSE circuit error. He said it looks like reverse circuit code. May be the transmission fluid has become sticky. I agreed to get the fluid get changed Today. But Today engine light has gone without doing anything. Not sure what is Honda playing around with such errors

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2007 Honda Odyssey. One day, the vehicle would suddenly "lurc" or "jutter" when accelerating, depending on the rate of acceleration. The faster you try to push her is when you get the "lurch." AND, yes, the flashing "D" drive indicator is also present, along with the Check Engine light, the TPMS light, and the VSA light. The dash is lit up like a frikkin' X-mas tree! I've gleaned a few troubleshooting steps to try just from the posts in this thread. I guess the first step is to let a dealer try to read the code from the transmission controller. But I'm guessing that'll cost me pretty big. Another couple of obvious things to go after seem to be the temperature sensor and the gear solenoid. Not "cheap" parts, but probably within my limited mechanical ability to replace. Sound reasonable?

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My D light came on and kept blinking when I put my in my Honda CRV 2010 in the DRIVE position. The dealership ran the diagnosis test and it was the 2nd Gear Transmission Pressure Switch. It cost about $210 to change the switch. Seemed like a high price which is one reason I don't like to go to dealerships but at least they didn't tell me it was my whole transmission. Sounds like it's an issue with those pressure switches going bad.

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I own a Honda Pilot 2011 in Tampa Florida i had the same issue 6 months ago my engine light came ON & D green light started flashing but my pilot was running fine & next day I took my pilot to local repair shop they said the code is showing something wrong inside transmission ,please check with your HONDA Dealer. I went there & they checked the code in there specific computer and found it was 3rd gear pressure switch and it's seal which was broken they replaced it which cost me$299.00+ tax .if any one of you has same problem please go to nearest HONDA Dealer & ask them to check the 3rd gear pressure switch & replace it.

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