My 2010 Silverado the service stabilitrak light came on and the Traction control off light also came on. Also the power reduction light came on. What could this be?


Asked by Dec 29, 2012 at 10:03 PM about the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT1 Ext. Cab

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It could be a low voltage condition. Check your battery voltage with the engine running. Should be 13.5-14.5 VDC

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This problem did not show up until I was about 1 hour into the drive at 70 mph.

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Hi tenspeed, Sorry to hear you're having this issue with your truck. Not exactly sure what the reason is that your Stabiltrak and TC are malfunctioning. It could be a variety of things going on that is causing the power reduction. Because I am not a technician, I would recommend visiting your Chevy dealership to have it diagnosed. If you would like to private message me the last 8-digits of your VIN, name, and current mileage, I would be glad to research to see if you have any open recalls or special coverages that maybe related to the problem you're experiencing. If so, please private message me at ATTN: Vanessa in the subject line. Vanessa GM Customer Service

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Throttle position sensor

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my 2010 1500 4wd dit the same thing I found that water in the gas was the problem causing the motor to misssfire causing the traction control to screw up I cant explaine everything but I got down to half tank then I put seafoam in the fuel tank then ran it out of gas all the way then filled it back up with fuel and put more seafoam in tank truck now is running just fine no problems never turned a bolt on it ,try this first im sure u will also agree ron

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I have the same problem with my late father's 2010 Z71. I appreciate the GM reps giving the same old "feel good" message about problems with the newer model trucks, but the problem is that when you have a relatively new vehicle and it codes like hundreds of others of the same make, you have a recall and fix the problem at no expense to the customer. That's called customer service and GM has never been a leader in that field. It's been my observations that they send you either to an incompetent dealer or some "feel good" rep on the phone who doesn't know a spark plug from a steering rod. To complicate matters further, my Dad's truck is a 2010 (only 27k miles) so it's out of warranty. Been a chevy man for years but will NEVER buy another one. Looking at Fords and Toyotas now.

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I had the same problem with my 2010 Silverado Z71. AutoZone checked it for free and let me know that cylinder #1 was misfiring. Disabled the battery, changed the plug and problem solved. I love my Chevy!!!

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I know this thread is old, but I also have a 2010 Silverado. Had to bring it in 3 times for 3 different spark plugs misfiring/and having oil in them. Also changed some valves or a rocker arm valve or something. Now it's burning oil and GM is doing an oil consumption test. Only 68k miles on it. And now while it was at the dealer the service stabiltrak warning came on. Was fine when I brought it in. You think Chevy would cover it since I have no idea who they had working on it. Nope, told me $570 to replace the steering wheel angle/position sensor. Def thinking differently about Chevy now. Might get her working and trade in for a ford.

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So I have a 2011 silverado it now has 120,000 on it i have had this problem goin on with my truck for about 3 years off and on it started when I had reached about 75,000 miles these lights would come on service stabilizer track/service traction control/ and something about the ecm/ than it would say engine power reduced and would ride very rough and when it shifted it shifted pretty hard and sometimes the truck would just shut off when I'm driving. Can someone one plz help me figure out what it is? I took it to a mechanic and said it was a cylinder 6 missfire and the o2 sen but I changed that and didn't do anything.

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I just had the same problem it was a TPS code so I put the new position sensor on and it continued. So I bought the new throttle body with sensor attached. The engine light went off after I reprogrammed the computer to the new Trottle body. Gas mileage improved but now if I idle to long the stabilitrack amd the traction control lights come on.

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I have a 2wd 2008 silverado it started doing this after i replaced the brake light switch due to my cruise control not working

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Zack2122 my truck is doing the exact same thing I mean the exact same thing.... Did you find out the problem? I've gotten my brake light switch fixed, hub, bearings. Still nothing

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Vegassaint702 No I didn't find the problem but I did find out I have a dead cylinder on cylinder 6 and now my transmission is slipping I give up with this truck i want to swap with a ls3


I've had numerous issues with this truck, I can't even remember what my original question was. Here's a few things that I've had fixed. The stabilitrak light and traction control light was due to a sensor in the steering column. That was $500 from the dealer. I've had constant misfires on the 1-3-7 cylinders. Chevy/GM wouldn't and never helped me on this one even though I was having the problem while it was under warranty. All they did was swap out spark plugs. The latest issue was another misfire on #7 in which I had to replace the ignition coil and plug. I've had oil pressure sensor go, radiator, and some other sensor having to do with emissions. I don't beat on my truck or mistreat. Just drive to work and around town. This 2010 Silverado has been an absolute pile of garbage. And so were GM and Chevy dealers about helping me fix it.

I'm in the same boat 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 SLT w/ 107K miles. Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, Service 4 Wheel drive. Hours of research on this and the dealership wants $80 to run diagnostics which is BS when auto stores run the same diagnostic for free and pull the codes. I told them the codes and they still want to charge me. What I have done so far is clean the throttle body, replace the paper air filter with a K&N, replaced spark plug and plug wires. Now I'm down to an intermittent problem. I'm going to try the Break Light Switch and Terminator Resistor at the rear axle next and lastly the steering wheel position sensor. This is complete BS that since 2007 these issues are going on with GM trucks and SUVs and there isn't a safety recall. Extremely disappointed at GM and the dealership. My Grandfather worked for GM for 37 years and he would roll in his grave if he knew how there customer service has become. Terrible!!!


Yeah I agree bud i just gave up on it


No but I did notice mine only does this if its in park Idleing for like 3 or 4 min then I put it in gear drive it shifts hard once and the shit goes back to normal lol


I solved my problem it seem like the new brake light switch had a defect from the factory so what I did got the old part open it and sanded the prones and its working fine now

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I have a 2010 GMC Sierra SLT, after changing the coil and plug on cyl #1 yesterday for a misfire, I get in this morning to find the stabilitrak and traction control light on, after reading all of these post, I do not feel a warm fuzzy feeling about these trucks now.


After multiple misfires on mostly 1 and 7. Changed out the oil pressure switch/sensor twice within a year. And oil pressure was still around 20 at idle. A mechanic told me my engine probably didn't have much longer to live. He seemed to believe my cam bearings were spent and the crank bearing was probably shot. So I finAlly traded the Ol' girl in. Chevy and GM were no help what so ever and did not stand by there product. They instead sided with a dealer that didn't want to do the work. Very sad Chevy/GM.


here's an odd one for you, as I stated earlier, I had changed the coil and plug on cylinder 1 yesterday, (but I did not clear engine light or code at that time) this AM I got the stabilitrak, and traction control lights. I spoke with the dealer and they said that by not clearing the codes and lights, that this could cause the other issues,, so I ran down to the dealer at lunch to have them clear the codes. "AS SOON" as they did, the truck would not run. it would start up, but immediately die. did this about 4 times until it throwed the stabil/traction error, and as soon as those lights came back on, the truck would run. we cleared the code again, but this time (while the truck was running) and the instant the lights went out, the truck died. would not continue to run until the error reacurred. wth.

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also, the hand held unit wasn't picking up any codes yet the stabil/tracton lights were on, the engine light did not come back on. im assuming this is why the hand held unit didn't read anything.

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I always told myself I would never buy a Chevy, but my wife had her eye on this 2010 black Avalanche we both love the truck but it has big problems, it is idling rough stabiltrack and traction control lights are always on, they use to clear but not anymore. I have had trouble codes that read intermitant misfire on cylinder 8, of course I checked everything out with all cylinders and replaced wires and plugs, this did not help at all it still idles like crap, I was up until 3am working ont the throttle position sensor. This part is under extended warrantee for vehicles with the 5.3 piece of crap motor but only up to 125,000 miles and of course the problem did not begin until it hit 128,000 so I am afraid to start the piece of junk thinking the worst. Then after more research online it seams that automatic fuel control is causing the stabiltrack, traction control problems and the hard shifting that we are experiencing. I know that Chevey is aware of these issues and are lying to all of us about what is going on I have read a lot of these forums and it is a nightmare for all of us who are not bieng told the truth about about what is wrong and what to do about fixing these issues, I have heard of all kinds of insane fixes that the dealers are doing and what they are charging their customers, I came across three things that might help others with these problems. Throttle position sensor for idle problem, then two possible fixes for traction control and stabiltrack, one gentalman has fixed his by replacing the brake sensor at the brake pedal, then the one that makes the most sense to me is disabling the auto fuel control, or alternative displacement to use a Chrysler term, which by the way has always worked on my 2007 300c. Anyway it is possible to disable this feature you buy a $200 module that plugs into the obd port and will stop all of the goofy stuff that goes on like stabiltrack bad shifting and hopefully the many other problem that this piece of crap has wrong with it! I should have kept my promise to myself, don't ever buy a Chevy, somehow I knew for thirty years that the first Chevy I bought would be junk and I was right, it's a nice piece of junk that has a lot of great features but it is still junk unless it runs correctly all the time, we all expect problems with vehicles but this is huge and Chevy is doing all they can do to hide these problems and put the frustration and the bill on us, the suckers that buy thier fancy junk that does not work. David Watson very unhappy 2010 pretty black Chevy Avalanche LTZ owner. I look cool sitting in my driveway, but I am sure this thing is going to leave me stranded somewhere if I dare take it out of my driveway!


I had low engine oil pressure and rough idle on my 08 1500. My mechanic found there was an oil screen under the oil pressure sending unit that blocked the oil flow to the lifters that drop out so it runs as a 4 cylinder. Replaced the screen, and the oil pressure stabilized. Still had rough idle problems until the coil pack stress test showed a bad coil pack.

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Jahah Thank you, I have read about the screen blocking oil to the lifters and forgot about it. I had success with the Tps and I have a new brake switch that I hope will fix my many engine warning lights, stabiltrack traction control and my cruise control that works on occasion! Thank you I will put my failures and successes on this site, so any others out there can get as much info as possible, I thank you for your input I am worried about the lifters they sound bad.

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2011 Silverado 4x4 w/t. Had a service stability track system warningon the digital display and a check engine trouble code reporting a misfire in cylinder 1. Of course rough running on 7 cylinders. Replaced plugs and wires and cleared code. Ran great for one day and now engine just shuts down randomly. Runs great idols great no codes no dash warning. 82000 miles. Purchased a break light switch today. Had truck idling in my driveway came out got into it and when I put my foot in the break peddle it shutdown again. Hoping that the constant in all the shutdown s has something to do with that break switch. Once again no help from Chevy or dealers. No code no help. Father worked for gm for 43 credited years. I'm thinking I'm trading this peice of shit in for a Ford with a stick. Will post on findings with results from break switch replacement. All power stays active when engine shuts down!!!!

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It is your battery and on my truck it was my negative cable replaced both and it fixed everything and I had fm dealer do it only cost 175 for all which was convenient while I was working out of town



Update I became convinced that there was a problem with the lifters so I tried to clean them and hoped that I would get lucky and not have to spend a lot on replacing them. well I do have to replace them and the valve lifter oil manifold about $800 for the parts, I just finished taking the left cylinder head off tonight the right side had one lifter that was pitted and a small flat spot on the roller. i will inspect the ones i got out tonight in the morning. then there is the cam, i am really hoping that that failed roller on the lifter did not damage that cam. there is a problem with the 5.3l with AFM or DOD if you prefer, I have researched this extensively and have been told by long term Chevy mechanics that these motors have a high percentage come into the dealership that have lifter or lifter and cam damage. anyway i am glad that a battery cable was your fix but mine is a bit bigger, I have read that a bad battery or bad connection can cause the same type of problems with stabiltrack and traction control. I thank you for you for your response, for all you Chevy lovers out there, I believe there is a design problem with the AFM and they will probably get away with it sticking us with the bill, I give them very high marks for the bottom end there is no wear on the cylinder walls the pistons are dirty and the intake valve is dirty but when i started having these problems i did a cylinder leak down and it passed with flying colors. after seeing it with my own eyes i am impressed. my hope is that the VLOM ( that has a new design and is a significant upgrade according to a Chevy mechanic) which has to be replaced or the lifter manufacturer (I chose to buy non GM) will not warrantee their parts, will put an end to my woes, i kind of think the design problem is with the old VlOM, so I will change my oil more often and keep an eye on the lifter valve oil filter under the pressure sensor and of course listen for any lifter noise! I hope all of you have a better experience with your repairs than i am having.

I'm having the same exact problem with my 2010 1500 Silverado. Lifters are being looked at/ replaced for the second time in 2 months. Techs are saying possible catisrophic engine failure now, only 116k miles. Anyone know who I can talk to about this!!!!

I have a 2011 Silverado and almost as soon as I hit the brakes the traction control light, stabilatrac, abs, and then it will come up and say service tc, stabilatrac, trailer brake system, and it won't let me pull it out of park sometimes??


Jason I don't know who to talk to. I have tried to talk to the GM people on the customer service website. I was told that I had to get it diagnosed by a Chevy mechanic, of course I am unwilling to pay Chevy one dime to tell me what is wrong with thier 5.3l motor, so I researched and found out that this happens to a lot of buyers. I replaced the lifters in my truck, no easy task I must say, the heads have to be removed. My truck is running great! Did they replace the valve lifter oil manifold (VLOM) when they did the lifters the first time? A Chevy mechanic from "just answer" told me that all of my problems with the traction control and the other systems would go away when I fixed the problem with cyl 8. He was right no more lights and all systems are working great.

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