Acceleration issues


Asked by Rob068 May 05, 2019 at 12:37 PM about the 2010 Nissan Rogue S AWD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

While driving on the highway at speed my
Rogue will decelerate and no longer respond
to my pressing the gas. I have noticed that it
seems to also not want to accelerate after
driving for long periods of time. No check
engine or warning lights come on.

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I had the same issue and called a mechanic while on the road. Without me telling him the brand of car, only that it was not accelerating he immediately knew it was a Rogue. Apparently the Nissan Rogue is equipped with a governor that when (some technical part, I don't remember and I'm not a car guy) reaches a certain temperature, the Rogue will cut acceleration to protect itself. He noted that I should see my Rogue unable to pass 3k RPM even when flooring it. He was right. I climbed hills at 45MPH because I couldn't not give the car any extra power, even flooring it. I asked him what I could do and why it was happening during a fairly normal drive on standard hills. He noted that when he called Nissan they said they had set the temperature threshold very low for this governor, to protect the car. Unfortunately it causes the Rogue to lose acceleration basically when it's 90° outside and you push past 3k RPM. For me, living in the southwestern US, this is basically 70% of the year. He said there's no real fix and that Nissan actually wants to to act this way because it makes the car last longer. THE FIX he said was to just pull over, turn off the car and wait 5-10 minutes. It'll reset the system and cool off a little and you'll be able to accelerate normally again. However the moment it's hot and you push the RPMs it cuts out again. Had I known this beforehand I never would have purchased this car because of the area I live. What an insane system to have in a car, especially when I'm on the freeway and I have no way to accelerate in a safe manner for whatever reason. It seems unsafe and unreasonable.

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I have a 2008 and there is a recall for this. They made one temperature control system for the engine and transmission. Go to your local Nissan dealership see if you meet the requirements to get your transmission replaced. They replaced mine for free.

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Nissan says there is no recall when I contacted the dealership. How did you get yours fixed?

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I took it to a good mechanic and he referred me to a transmission guy who said because it’s a CVT transmission no one besides the dealer could work in them. He also said no reputable mechanic would say otherwise as the dealers intentionally set it up this way. Nissan has the worst CVT transmission of the four automakers who use them - Honda, Toyota, and Mazda being the other three. The mechanic said the code was generic and it could be a cheap repair or a big repair but only the dealership would be able to tell me. I traded it in and bought a 2020 Toyota. NEVER will I drive a Nissan again. The dealership I bought my car at gave me good trade in value so whatever it was couldn’t have been too bad. Nissan dealership was going to charge me $4200 to just fix my cooler. My advice is to get rid of it as soon as you can afford to

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I have a 2012 Rogue that I bought used in 2016. In the summer of 2018, at about 70+k miles (just out of powertrain warranty), the transmission had to be replaced. Fast forward another year (2019) and I am again having problems any time I drive the car for 45 plus minutes. It looses speed while in cruise, won't accelerate properly when I turn off cruise, or will not accelerate properly from a stop. I have the car at a transmission shop for the second time this year and they cannot find an issue. Neither could the dealer. Both the shop and the dealer suggested an "external cooler" be placed on the transmission. I feel strongly that I should not have to buy a separate part to make the transmission work properly. As Rob068 suggested, I will be getting rid of this car as soon as I can afford to. Never again will I buy a Nissan product.

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I have a 2015 Rogue and having issue accelerating when temperature is colder than -6C. It runs and stays at 40kph at a very high RPM. I need to run the car on side streets for at least 1km to run at a normal speed. I find it hard and unsafe to merge on the highway when temperature gets very cold. I always tell the dealer about this issue but they always answer it is normal for their CVT cars. I am sure it was not this bad during the first 2yrs I had the car.

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I have the same issue with my Nissan Rouge it’s a 2014 select. It’s got about 137k miles it’s been giving me this issue for the last 30k miles. It used to only stop accelerating during road trips when climbing small hills, I live in Florida so nothing crazy. Anyhow now it’s been doing it more and more during short drives within 5 miles from home. It used to turn on the check engine but now it stopped completely turning on. I’m over this car no one has an answer for it and what specifically causes it. I haven’t had anyone tell me they successfully fixed the issue and like someone previously said Nissan makes it nearly impossible to fix unless it’s in the actual Nissan dealership. What a waste of my time and money. Boycotting Nissan all together.

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I have a 2010 Nissan rogue have experience the same problems will not accelerate while going up the hill with the seller we will go up there I have a 2010 Nissan rogue have experience the same problems will not accelerate while going up a hill or decelerate which is dangerous. I spoke with Lisa who replaced my transmission 2015 with a new transmission and there’s a 75,000 miles starting to act up again they told me there’s nothing they can do for me. So I agree with the rest of your time to get rid of Nissan!

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I had the similar issue with my 2016 Nissan Rogue SV except the problem would happen when I was accelerating from a stop randomly after driving for a bit. It is a bit freaky as you can cause an accident since other person behind you has no idea what is going on. The short fix was to pull over and turn off the car and start it up in a minute or two. Seemed to reset the engine control module. Took the SUV to the dealership and they diagnosed it and found a bulletin for the issue. It involved resetting the engine control module. No issues as of yet since this was done. Hopefully that solved the problem. They tried to charge me a diagnostic fee (one hour labour) but ended up getting billed to warranty. If this issue happens take your car to the dealership or reliable mechanic to get it diagnosed. Do it as soon as possible.

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I have a 2011 Nissan Rogue and it does the same thing when it gets hot and I have to go up a hill it is very annoying. but I just pull over and let it sit for a minute or 15 and then I am on my way again. Thanks for the 411 on the 3000 rpm

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I’ve had this or a similar issue occur, hoping for someone to tell me it’s the same or something fixable but I’m on the interstate, a while into a road trip, and all of the sudden it’s a real struggle to reach 80 mph. Then I’ll cool off on the gas and have to be really patient with my foot all the way down to increase in speed at all. When it’s doing this, going from 0-20 and 50-80 is a struggle.

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I have a 2015 Murano with 65000. I bought it used 3 years ago and a month after buying it, I had to take it to the dealership for a CVT replacement part that would stop the jerking. Up until a month ago I had no problems. After driving for an hour, I started losing acceleration and my ABS and front emergency brake light would come on. Pulling over and restarting my car stopped this. The dealership said they found no issue nor could they recreate it. Happened again last week at a stop light. Last night it happened, but this time after pulling over, my entire car lost power. My car wouldn't start and it was completely dead. When AAA arrived my flashers were barely blinking and the driver said it was most likely my alternator. This morning the AAA Service Center said my car started perfectly fine and drove with no issues. They hooked it up to their machine and a code showed previous low voltage, but couldn't identify what caused it. They said nothing checked out bad including my alternator. So I have made another appointment with the dealership and they seem dumbfounded. I've decided to trade my car in this week. I'm really disappointed in Nissan as I loved my first Maxima and planned to buy another one in the future, but after this, I'll never buy another Nissan again.

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I have a 2011 Nissan Rogue and thought it was just my car until reading these comments. I took a three hour trip and it stopped accelerating even when I was pushing the pedal to the floor. I was nervous because I was scared I was going to be shut down on the highway or worse on the Bay bridge.

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I don’t have an answer but my problem is very similar, I lease a 2020 Nissan Rogue and I’m not even driving long maybe 10 minutes and it feels like I’m in neutral it makes a weird noise and I can’t accelerate. I have had 3 Rogues and this is the 1st time I’m experiencing an issue like this.

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I have the same issue, 2011 rogue. Any one try a transmission cooler? I was thinking it would drop the temp of the fluid enough. About 100 bucks for the kit, I can install it myself. Would it be worth it?

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I bought an OEM transmission cooler and it did squat. Nissan told me that all I needed was a transmission cooler, wanted to charge me $4,000 to install it. I had a buddy who’s a reputable mechanic install it and it didn’t help at all. I traded it in and bought a new Toyota. My understanding is that this is a common occurrence with older Rogues and has since been addressed by Nissan. This issue soured me on Nissan and I’ll never drive one again

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My 2010 Nissan Rogue 360i problem of acceleration has been resolved. My good mechanic in Ghana, Bolga, scanned the car and made sure all issues rectified. He change the transmission fluid, air filter ( he says these have never been changed since car manufacture) and put in new plugs. My car is almost perfect now! I attempted to floor my car and it almost flew off the road (super speed!)

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I bought my 2010 Nissan Rogue about 1 month ago from a local mechanic. I had never bought a car before, my father had always bought one for me but he past away. I knew to check the mileage, the tires, & if the AC was good. I knew to make sure it had been smogged & registered. It is super clean inside & out. I test drove it a few blocks & it seemed to run great. Inpaid him $5,000. He never gave me a bill of sale nor a release of liability. It had paper plates & 2 days later I went back & he gave me new plates & a copy of my valid registration which was in my name. I still question how he was able to get it registered to me without my signature. Anyway, when I inquired for auto insurance & gave the VIN # I was told it has a salvaged title & he should not have charged me no more then $2,500 for it. The mechanuc has not returned my calls nor my text messages. I have had to replace the fender liners & splash shield & at this very moment I am sitting in my car after getting off the freeway due to car just shutting down on me & would barely move & that was with the petal to the metal. I read on this site that I just need to cool it down a bit then will be able to drive it as normal. For $5,000 I should have a fairly good car with no immediate problems. Any suggestions?! Thank you

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I would look into your state’s lemon laws and I would even go speak with a lawyer. You could also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. As far as the car goes, Nissan knew they had a problem with the transmission cooler and transmission in these model years. It wasn’t only with the Rogue as I had a friend experience similar issues with her Altima. She contacted Nissan corporate and they worked with her, however, she did buy from a Nissan dealer. My suggestion is to try and dump the car as soon as possible. I went to Toyota and they did me right. I will never own a Nissan vehicle again. The dealership said they fixed my issue and all the money I spent was for nothing as nothing was fixed. I would have to pull over and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before I could drive again and I typically avoided highways as it seemed to drive better in stop and go traffic.

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I cannot say enough terrible things about this vehicle. I'm on my way to my first day of a new job on the side of I12. This is the second time this morning I've pulled over - the first time it decelerated to 60 rapidly, this past time it plummeted terrifyingly to 40 (while the rpms shot up at the same time). This vehicle is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Also, anytime I come to a complete stop off an exit after driving for even 15 minutes, it will not go. It will barely crawl for 10 seconds or so, then suddenly jerk and shoot forward. Dangerous to me, you, and everyone around you.

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i think your all nuts i have a 2013 nissan rogue and never had any problem

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Guru95CYR63, mine is a 2013 as well. Just started happening in the last 3 months. Breaking point was turning around 200 miles into a trip to Va because I couldn't keep speed going up a hill. So since you haven't had the issue and we're all nuts, why are you on here specifically looking at this?

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I'm on side the road now with a 2013 because it lost all power but roms shot up over 5k and this damn thing went to a crawl

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Take it straight to the dealership. I had a 2016 Nissan Rogue SV with the similar issue. Easy fix was to turn off the vehicle for about three min and start up again. If you under warranty or extended warranty it is covered. For mine it was an issue with the cvt transmission processor (transmission was fine but an additional unit to the transmission). Once they replaced the processor it was fine no issues since.

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My 2013 Nissan Rogue has been at the dealership for 2 weeks. Same as the others said - sudden slow down, dashboard lights goes crazy, cannot accelerate above high idle. First repair bill was $2140 & it failed one day after we got it back. Dlr tows us in from 120 miles away, says the ECM has to be replaced for $641, they did replace it and still failed. Now they want $5300 to replace the wiring harness and IPDM. TOTAL REPAIRS WOULD BE OVER $7500. All indications point to the same problem-the transmission ultimately has to be replaced. And I wonder about the extended warranty that Nissan put in place. They expected problems. And they have taken it off their website. Hmmm...$$$$. Seems few mechanics know much about the tragic history of the 2013 Nissan Rogue & the service dept. doesn't want to hear what I have learned. Help, help, help.

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This is the page about Extended Warranty that Nissan took off their website in 2018. CVT Program Details Dear Nissan Owner: On behalf of everyone at Nissan, we would like to thank you for choosing to drive a Nissan. One of the many technologically-advanced features of your vehicle is the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), an innovative transmission that offers smooth, seamless shifting, while tailoring the vehicle's output to your driving style. While Nissan is proud to offer this technology on many of our models, a small percentage of owners of early models equipped with CVTs have expressed concerns about the cost of repair of their transmissions after the warranty expires. We take these comments about the cost of vehicle ownership seriously. We strive to provide an exceptional ownership experience and are implementing a thorough Customer Satisfaction Program to address this topic. First, to provide you with additional assurance regarding your overall cost of ownership we have doubled the warranty period for the Continuously Variable Transmission in your Nissan. The existing powertrain warranty coverage of 5 years/60,000 miles will be extended at no cost to you, for CVT repairs, replacements or related towing, to 10 years/120,000 miles, whichever comes first. This extension is effective immediately and requires no action on your part. The remainder of your powertrain warranty coverage for components other than the transmission remains unchanged, at 5 years/60,000 miles, and your basic warranty coverage also remains unchanged. All other warranty terms, limitations and conditions otherwise apply. This extended transmission warranty is also fully transferable to future owners of your vehicle. Second, Nissan will reimburse customers who have previously paid to repair or replace their CVT, if the repairs would have been covered within the new extended warranty period. Even if you no longer own your Nissan we will reimburse you for past CVT repairs that would have been covered under this extension of the warranty. Further, in the unlikely event that your vehicle's transmission should need repair beyond the extended warranty period we are working to decrease the cost of repair and have already reduced the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of a replacement CVT. In addition, we continuously strive to enhance our products, and have made ongoing improvements to our CVTs over the years. Nissan is taking these actions to demonstrate our confidence in the CVT technology and to show our commitment to stand behind our products. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO If you have previously paid for repairs to your CVT within the time and mileage limits of this new extended warranty, we ask that you download the Reimbursement Claim Form and follow the instructions on the site. If you have additional questions, please contact the Nissan CVT Customer Assistance Center at 888-388-0318. Please be aware that the deadline for submitting the Reimbursement Claim Form is July 31, 2010. The extended warranty coverage for CVT repair or replacement is effective immediately. If you seek coverage for a repair under this extended warranty you will need to bring your vehicle to an authorized Nissan dealer. The factory-trained technical staff at the Nissan dealer will have the diagnostic tools and knowledge to provide you with the appropriate service and submit your warranty claim. If you have additional questions regarding this program, contact the Nissan CVT Customer Assistance Center at 888-388-0318 for assistance. At Nissan we and our dealers work daily to deliver an outstanding ownership experience that will earn your confidence and trust. We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers and look forward to a long relationship that you find satisfying and rewarding. Thank you for choosing Nissan. Sincerely, Kevin Martin Vice President Total Customer Satisfaction

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Hey guys, my 2010 Nissan Rogue had the exact same issue driving at high speed like 75 mph for some time. Would pull over and wait 10 min and would be back to normal. Changing the transmission fluid seemed to resolve the issue for good. Hope this helps!

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Hi everyone. Has anyone had the opposite problem with their 2016 Nissan Rogue crossover? Just before my car would seemingly accelerate on its own, it would feel like I suddenly dropped in to Neutral. I had my CVT transmission replaced about 6 months ago at the local dealership. It’s been happening ever since.


I have a 2015 Nissan Rogue SL AWD. Today, I was on the highway and the cruise control was off the entire trip. A car cut me off and I tapped the brake. I put my foot on the accelerator and then felt it slowly go down as if I had the cruise on a higher speed. I heard the engine rev up and the car accelerated. I pushed the breaks and the engine revved down and the car slowed but when I took my foot off the brake the car would rev up uncontrollably and accelerate. I tried to keep my speed constant by letting off and on the brake. about 30 seconds after this acceleration anomaly started I heard a click which sounded like it was coming from outside the cabin and the gas pedal returned to normal and it drove normally again.

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Same Issue - 70,800 miles on my 2015 Rogue Select. Driving in CA from Bay Area up to Tahoe. 90+ degree heat and 1+ hour to the foothills and NO ACCERATION. Max speed 45 mph with the pedal to the metal on the highway that has a 65mph speed limit. Cars honking and speeding past me, giving me dirty looks or worse. I felt like I was in a 4 ton garbage truck trying to go uphill. Dangerous as all hell. Just got off the phone with 1st the dealer service who says that for the Rogue, there is no extended warrantee on the drivetrain. They gave me Nissan Consumer Affairs at 800-647- 7261 who said the same thing and seemed surprised about the issue. I told them that this is a known issue & they said I had to take the car to the dealer for a diagnostic. I created a Nissan case #. As reading above, there is no way the dealer will be able to re-create the issue. But I'm following the steps. If no resolution or satisfaction, will take legal action, and may ask for support from this blog and others for verification of issue and/or class action suit.

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I have a 2015 Nissan Rogue Select 137,000 miles. I was driving on the freeway at 80mph, exited off the freeway and made it to the stop sign. I pushed the gas pedal to go and got nowhere. I kept pushing the gas pedal and was finally able to go. Next, I got back on the freeway later and then my car started making this sound . I lost acceleration again and it went down to 55mph. I couldn't go past that. Finally I lost all power and had to pull over. I cut the car off for 10 minutes and still had to go very slow. I left the car off for 15 minutes, drove it again and it was normal.

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I have a 2012 Rogue, 156,000 km, I had the same issue as everyone on this site, I called Nissan Canada and was told that my Vehicle did not qualify for the extended warranty. The service rep couldn't tell me why, but told me to keep my receipts for repair in case they were ever going to be a recall, I could be reimbursed. Very disappointed!!

I would start with calling/writing to Kevin Martin, Vice President of Total Customer Satisfaction. I would think the mechanics and dealers memories would come back about the problem when he calls them. That is if he wasn't let go for posting that notice. lol

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