Door will not lock from door handle nor for the fob.


Asked by Aug 30, 2016 at 03:51 PM about the 2010 Lexus ES 350 FWD

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Door will not lock from door handle nor for the fob.   Sometimes door, only on driver side, will not open when using the fob and/or door handle.

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The door handles (inside and outside) connect to the lock mechanism by a rod (one for each). The lock switch and fob rely on an actuator, also connected to the lock mechanism by a rod. If both handles and actuator are not working, the problem is likely with the lock mechanism, either the plate that all the rods connect to is broken free or something is jamming it from moving. When you hit the fob, do you hear any noise or buzzing from the actuator? When you lift the door handle do you feel/hear any resistance?

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When I try to lock the doors, with either the fob or via the button on any door, I only hear what sounds like the doors locking, but they are not actually locking. I usually hear a horn beep, with a clicking noise of the doors actually locking. So no beep then I know the doors are not locked. Majority of time, when un-locking the doors, they all unlock (I hear a double beep). But sometimes the driver door will not unlock and has to be manually unlocked from inside. When that happens, the car will beep for many times and still not unlock. So not sure if its the actuator, or something else electrically that is not working.

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It could be the Body Control Module. You seem to be experiencing problems both with the key fob failing to actuate door locks, and with the door switch also failing to actuate door locks, and it is affecting more than one door, correct? You also say you are having problems using the manual door handle to open/close door? (that is the symptom I am not clear on from your description.) The only thing that can prevent the door handle from opening/closing a door is the locking rod being disconnected from lock. If this problem affects all the doors, it's a pretty hard sell that all 4 actuators would fail simultaneously.

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For locking doors (both with key fob or via push button on doors), all four doors will not lock. A click sound, like they are locking, but are not locking, so not sure what the sound actually represents. For unlocking, all doors unlock, except the drivers door. Each time I try to unlock the door (either fob key or by pulling the handle) nothing will open the door. Usually the car beeps many times and the only way to open the door is manually via using one of the other 3 doors. So maybe the locking rod on the drivers door is not working? But what about the locking mechanism that stops me from locking all the doors?

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Lexus 350 2009 I have changed battery in remote but remote will not unlock any of the doors

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I've had to replace front driver, passenger and right rear door actuators. Any information if there is a recall for this issue?

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Supposedly there will be no recall because it's not a "safety" issue. Honestly it's unacceptable, and I refuse to pay for a known issue. Dealership wanted to charge $700 per door to fix. I have a call with corporate Monday.

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Kaleeta, any update?


I have a 2013 Lexus ES350 at Ira Lexus in Danvers & all 4 actuators went at the same time. My car has 48K miles but, is out of warranty by time. I'm looking at $2600!!!!! If they can't convince Lexus to cover this. All 4 at the same time? Are you kidding me? I have no idea what to do. I'm at the dealerships mercy

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i have a 2010 ES350 all 4 door lock actuators have fail almost at the same time. Lexus did a diagnostic and check the voltage through all the actuators and all were bad. Have replaced the drives door actuator and it will lock and unlock with the key FOB. The remaining doors will lock but not unlock with the FOB, they will unlock manual from inside. When I use the key FOB to unlock all doors (double click) the door lock beeps multiple times but the only door that unlocks is the diver door. If I pull on a door handle (key FOB present) the lock system just beeps multiple times and does not unlock. I just replaced the left rear actuator (with salvage parts, no luck) don't know if all locks need to be operational to make the whole system work. The idea of the body control module having is worth check out with Lexus. Back to Lexus to check out the body control module , another diagnostic $150.00 each time. $550+install per door. I think I'll corporate also, good idea

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HI All! I have a Lexus 570. A week ago three doors, not the drivers side, stopped unlocking via the key fob and the inside button. They locked with the fob, the inside button, and by shifting out of park. The lexus dealership wanted to replace 3 actuators but I thought it was very unlikely that all 3 went bad on the same day. I took my car down the street and he recalibrate the key for $45. Problem fixed. I am not 100% sure what he did, but he talked about disconnecting the battery to reboot the electrical system. Do not replace your actuators. That is the only option the dealership gave me and of course it is the most expensive.

My acuator on my Lexus 2013 ES front driver went up it cost $703.00 plus tax to replace.


I have had to have 5 door lock actuators replaced on my car in 9.5 months since Dec 2016. All four doors failed individually and now I'm starting with the driver side failing again last week. JM Lexus in Margate Florida says its nothing other than the actuator motor failing. However, I can't see that being the issue, it has to be more than that. Maybe some electrical short that is surging power to them and blowing them. That's just my theory, they can't be using so many defective parts. I even had one service manager tell me that these fail a lot ion Florida because of the humidity but it seems by this thread that people all over the country are having problems. When I asked JM Lexus for something for the inconvenience of coming into to have this replaced five times, they said they would Detail my car which I had to chuckle. They wash my car anyway when it comes in for servicing anyway so it was pretty much a worthless offer.

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Hi Guys, I have had to replaced all four actuators on my 2014 RX350 since November 2016. Driver and Front Passenger doors failed first at the same time, then followed by right rear and left rear. I'm currently having the same issue again with my front passenger. When I put my hand through the door handle the car beeps multiple times and only the other three doors unlock, unlocking with the fob doesn't work either, I had to use the inside button. At least this time the inside button works, the last few times nothing worked, I'd have to manually do it. So frustrating!


I have a 2017 RX350. 2 months old. Drivers door lock often fails to open. Can't pull the lever either. Definitely a safety issue. Could not get out of the SUV. Garbage. Should never have changed from Benz.

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Hey Steven, bring your car back to the dealer! If the issue happens intermittently record it with your phone as proof. What a coincidence I am having issues with my driver door right now! If this one gets fixed it’s going to be the second time for it and the 6th time overall (2 times for each front doors and 1 time for each rear door). Lexus does not try to find the root problem and fix it they just want to swap out your actuators with a new one! There has to be something that cause all these to fail! My wife and I are in the process of getting rid of this car! Within 14 months 5 door actuators were replaced, a 6th one is about to happen!

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I have Es 350 2009 and my locking system failed to day. Would not lock. However it started working again . Do not know how long. I think the locking system in Lexus IS faulty. Need corporate to involve


Hi GuruY4LX7, It’s frustrating when you don’t know when it will fail. My suggestion is to let it/them go out completely and bring it in. If you bring it in and it works they won’t be able to find the problem and fix it.

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Hey GuruY4LX7, use your phone to record the problem as proof. The car always behaves when the mechanic is there.

I have a 2012 is350 with less than 64k miles. I had to replace three of the lock actuators in 2016. The fourth lock (the one not replaced) has since stopped working, but it is in the back, so other than getting my dog in and out of the car, I don't worry about it. Now the driver side has stopped working again! The dealership here in Arkansas (horrible to deal with and they have treated me like pond scum since I didn't buy my car from them) says that the warranty on the lock is expired (12 month). As a single female in a small city with a very high crime rate, this is definitely a safety concern. When I use the fob to unlock, I get the same multiple beeps as others have heard. I have to crawl across the passenger seat and manually unlock. The lock/unlock button on the passenger side door will not do the trick- it has to be done manually. The cost of replacement is outrageous. Has anyone been able to contact corporate? If anyone has a contact, I'm willing to call, also.


HI. I did not end up having to replace any actuators. A random mechanic told me that if I put down all the windows and held the window button down for three minutes it would reset the whole lock mechanism. I sometimes have to do it 3 or 4 times before it will work. The whole time I am opening and shutting the back of my lexus SUV with each attempt. Eventually it works. I have no idea why. He said it is very similar to the way Toyota resets their computer system so that is why he tried it. Maybe go to an independent mechanic and mention this fix and see what he says. They charged me 45$. It has only happened twice in the last year and both times this fix worked.

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Good to know- Thank you. I just talked to my dad today and he thinks it's a problem with the master switch on the driver's side. Said he had similar issues with a Toyota years ago. I'm going to try your suggestion and see how that works. Better than spending $600+ just to have this happen again. I appreciate your feedback!


Hey guys, Posting on here won’t get to Lexus. If you have Facebook I suggest we post our problem there. Just pick the most current picture and post your problem.


Hey everyone I post a few comments regarding this problem on some of Lexus’ photos and a person named Steven contacted me via FB messenger. After some talking he contacted the local Lexus dealer where I bought my car and they called me to ask me to bring my car in for checking. What sucks was my car was fine when it was there and the dealer couldn’t do anything. Anyway at least someone from corporate noticed the problem. It’s worth a try to post on Lexus FB.

I am having the same issue with my 2017 RX350. funny my last RX never had any issues. And when I drive the door locks click they are trying to lock. This morning I was locked in my vehicle. I am not a happy lexus owner to say the least.

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