Why is 2010 Toyota Camry burning oil at 65,000 miles?

Asked by Aug 10, 2013 at 10:40 AM about the 2010 Toyota Camry Base

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My well cared for 2010 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. has had synthetic oil changed every 5,000 miles at dealership as recommended. Last week my oil light came on. I was 2 qts down at the dealer today and they cannot find a leak.  They recommend coming back in 1000 miles for a check or " the engine might be burning oil"  Why would this happen at 65,000 Miles on a well maintained car?

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Never trust a dealer. Start checking your own oil. Pull the stick once a week and see if it's REALLY burning oil. They could have screwed up and shorted you a quart or two. If you live in a warm weather state, put 50 weight oil in your car. Running a thicker oil will not hurt your engine and if it is burning oil, it should slow the pace. Must be a factory defect if your car is burning oil. Should not be burning oil at 65k. Especially if you are the only owner. If you are a second owner then who knows....someone could have run it out of oil and damaged the car.

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I had the same problem on my 2010 camery, the problem was detected at 74000 miles. To make the long story short, the dealer had to tear down the engine block and replaced the valve gaskets. Luckily, it was covered on the MPP warranty. They showed me the invoice to be sent to MPP for $5500. It is manufacture defect and it should have been a recall, but toyota decided not to do and addresses case by case basis. You should take your car to the dealer to have them fixed --- assuming it is still under warranty. Good luck.

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I am having the same problem.At first no one told me about the oil consumption problem with the 2010 camry. After becoming infuriated wtih the dealership, I was told about the problem. I have to take my car back after 1000 miles for them to review and fix. Toyota should have recalled the 2008-2011 camry's for this problem. They blew my trust.

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I have a 2008 Toyota Camry SE 4 cu. which started to burn oil at around 68,000 miles. On my last, fifth oil consumption test before my extended warranty runs out with The Mechanics, and Performance Toyota in Omaha, Ne. tells me the same. Has to burn more than 1 qt before any testing can be done. I am so dissatisfied with them, so I have been putting my complaints in to every site I can think of and pray this gets recalled someday. Never will I buy a Toyota again!!

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I had same problem ,too.My car is 2010 Camry XLE .First thing burn oil after was leaking oil .I dont know why

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I have the same problem with my 2009 Camry, since its a factory defect ,Toyota should fix it , but they won't. Mine is out of warranty and it gonna cost me 5k to fix. They wont even split the cost. Def won't be buying a Toyota again. Lost my trust.

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I just noticed my 2010 camry le has the same problem. I have dilligently taken it in for oil changes to The Toyota dealership from which I bought it brand new in 2010 in Toronto Canada. I have 140,000 kilometers (KILOMETERS) and although I have another 4000 kilometers left before an oil change, I noticed the oil light come on. upon checking it , it was completely dry and I immediately put in 2 liters (the light went off) and I took it to the dealership. They asked me to come back after 1000 kilometers to compare. The mechanic didn't seem surprised. obviously this is a recurring problem. and if they dont fix it without charge , I am never buying a Toyota again, and I am going to take every opportuinity including social media to expose Toyota's scam.

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A class action lawsuit has been filed regarding this issue. I would contact the law firm at their site below. http://www.chimicles.com/toyota- scion-engine-oil-consumption-class- action-lawsuit

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I have an 07 Camry Le with the 2.4 L oil burner. I added this oil treatment called Eco-Tek and it stopped burning oil! My gas mileage also improved from an average of approx 9.0L per 100k to 8.3L per 100k with a mix of city and highway also noticed a pick up in power that even my wife noticed . The website is listed below with more info. Mike Hale, Toronto http://www.ecotekworldwide.com/Eco-T...-Lubricant.htm Link: http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/8-general-discussion/898153-no- more-burning-oil-2-4l.html#post7860545

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patandkramerdog i have an 2009 camry 4cyl w/ 61,480 miles on it. I've changed the synthetic oil every 5k miles. I noticed oil level being low since about 58k. I thought it might be a fluke, so i kept on checking it. i'm loosing a quart of oil every 1,000 to 1,200 miles. I told the dealership in northampton,ma. about it to which they replied "2009 camrys burn 1quart of oil every 1,200 miles." so wait a minute, i have to put in 4 quarts of oil every 4800 miles so i can pay to have another 4.5 to 5 qrts. in my regular recommended oil change???? w.t.f.also check engine light came on at 60,578k got rejection sticker, toyota said it was a computer that needed a re-boot and fixed it for free under the the ignition warranty, 3 days later light just came back on. i am going to look into the class action lawsuit. i have had cars w/ 200+k miles on them and didn't burn oil like this. I guess I should've stayed w/ used cars instead of buying a brand new camry.

Update. Toyota will fix this engine problem by replacing PISTONS and RINGS up to 150,000 miles. cost to the customer.....$0.000. You need to have an "Engine Oil Consumption Test" performed at your Toyota Dealer. Good Luck.

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My friend has a 2006 Camry, and I have a 2010 Camry, both burning oil. I have been following the maintenance menu and have all my services done at the dealer. The light came on after 89,000 km. The dealer told me it is burning oil, and my Camry is no more under warranty, so nothing they can do. I wrote twice to Toyota Canada, they didn't care. If I add the oil treatment, Eco-Tek, they can say it was my mistake, as I was not supposed to do anything to my car. I know they had fixed the same problem for some prior year Camry. I hope the class action lawsuit will force them to fix the oil burning problem for all Camry.

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IF your Toyota has the 4 cylinder engine and you have owned this vehicle since new....you should have received a notice concerning an extended warrantee for "Excessive Oil Consumption" up to 150,000 miles. Try a Google search for details.

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My Toyota has 4 cylinder engine and have owned it since new. At the last regular maintenance, they told me to go back after 2,000 km to test the oil level, and confirmed my Camry is burning oil. I have not received the extended warranty for "Excessive Oil Consumption". Guess they have it for U.S. Camry only, not for Canadian Camry yet. Thanks.

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10/2015 Single owner well maintained and serviced Camry: I noticed my 2010 Toyo Camry V4 SE making loud weird noises and burning smell l at around 45k-50K miles. At about 60k miles my his sn said it sounds like it doesn't have oil so I started to notice and check it regularly. When u would add extra quarts after a oil change it would eat about 2 qts in under 1200 miles! I finally took it back to the dealership and they said its oil consumption. I hope they honor the 60K engine warranty or I'm going to join the class action lawsuit. Any advice please I can't afford to spend a lot of money tofix this car as am not employed AND WE bought 3 toyotas at this dealership but NEVER AGAIN.


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Suggest you contact your Toyota Dealer to determine if your vehicle is covered under the "Excessive Engine Oil Consumption" extended warranty. Good Luck..

I have 2008 Toyota Camry with the same oil consumption issue, I won't be buying or recommending Toyota anytime soon.

I have same problem on 2010 camry, my friend who Toyota mechanic told me, adding 1qt oil per every 13000 mile is under limit, what the heck, he told me some vin number will be fixed free. I hope they fix mine, take ur car to dealer find out it may cover..


Any updates on the issue with these vehicles?


Toyota has a problem with 2009-2011 Camry's. They are consuming oil. After much ado someone at the dealership told me what was happening with my car. The dealership had to dismantle the engine and a Toyota inspector came in and examined it. The end result was they replaced my engine. I think there really should have been a recall on these cars. I was also told that if my car was not Certified or under warranty I would have to pay for it. My car was certified but if it had not been, trust me, there would have been some noise in the camp.


Interesting....thanks for the update. Hope all else is well with your Camry.

I have a 2010 Camry with the exact same problem! I'm not sure the dealership didn't screw up, though. I just had a servicing less that 5000k miles ago. I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow and, even though I wasn't due, I went to have the oil changed. Thank goodness I did! It was dry and the light never came on!!!! I called the dealership and they said they have to do diagnostics and it MAY be covered under my warranty. I'm sooooo disappointed in this car. It's just over a 100000k miles and I've had many issues with it. I've taken very good care of it. I really don't think I will every buy another Toyota.


Is your engine a 4 cylinder? Toyota sent out notices of an extended warranty up to 150,000 miles. If you are the original owner....you should have received a notice. Going on a Trip using this vehicle? Perfect. Call the Dealership and ask if they will start the "Engine Oil Consumption TEST" before you go on your trip. Assuming your round trip will be less than 1200 miles......when you get back....they will check your oil level and determine whether they will fix your car for FREE. Prep for this dealership visit. Google...Toyota Excessive Oil Consumption and view the Extended Warranty Notice.

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I would not drive that car on a trip without cans and cans and cans of oil. Trust me, Toyota is not doing anyone a favor by repairing something that should have generated a recall. I am so disgusted with them.


Your (-) feelings are quite justified. However....the fix includes new Pistons and Rings and in most cases solves the problem. Toyota Goofed...and they are usually willing to step up to the plate and fix the defect for free. Good Luck with what ever you decide to do.


So.....how are you folks doing with your vehicles? Did Toyota fix-em for free?

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Toyota so far has refused to fix my car. My car is past warranty 78k miles for a 2010 4cy Camry SE. I've been complaining to dealership since 53K miles but they never caught the issue. My engine vin is not part of the recall and it cost about $1200 to fix the issue

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Something here does not add up. "My engine is not part of the recall"?? The notice you should have received is not a recall...but...a NOTICE of an extended Warranty. My understanding is Toyota extended the warranty of the 4 cylinder 2AZ-FE Engine to 150,000 miles/10 years. The procedure requires the Dealer to perform an "Engine Oil Consumption Test" Did you have your Dealer perform this test? Try Google ...Toyota Excessive Oil Consumption Notice.

2007 Toyota Camry, 4 cyl. I've had the test done twice. The first time the dealership said I did not qualify. I told them I know it consumes oil, I change my own oil and it is barely on the dipstick so I've had to keep an eye on it the between the last 2 oil changes. They accused me of tampering with the stickers they put on the 3 places that I could tamper with the oil. I had not even lifted my hood because I didn't want to be accused of that. Besides that winter weather and oil aren't very conducive to having stickers stick, just saying. The 1st test was done on my oil change as I told them I'd just changed it the day before. The 2nd test they told me they had to do the oil change in order to do the test. LIE!!! After the fact I read over the paper work Toyota sent about the excessive oil consumption, paper stated that no oil change was needed but that they might need to top off the oil in order to do the test. Hmmm. Well I'd already paid for the oil change just waiting to accumulate the proper mileage to take my car back in to see if they qualified me for the courtesy recall. Funny thing, this time I decided to check out the 3 tamper proof stickers, there were none under my hood only the one on my oil pan. Now I'm ticked, is the dealership screwing with me, going to pass me yet again because I tampered with them. You see I'm thinking that Toyota pays them less to do the work than if I paid them to do the exact same work. So I called the dealership asap, less than 24 hrs after the start of the test. Went back in yet again and told them I know my car falls under the excessive oil consumption, don't treat me like a stupid female. Here's what I've come to believe, they had to do the oil change becasue that way they could put in an additive or thicker oil so that it would pass the test. Since there was no sticker on the dipstick I kept checking it, the oil level did not move. I think they know I'm on to them because they told me when I took it back 24 hrs after the test that regardless of what the test showed they would fix the car. Hmmm


Well...very interesting story. I have never run into this scenario before. Now if I understand you correctly.....bottom line IS...Toyota will repair your "Excessive Oil Consumption" Problem for FREE?? Sounds like a victory. May I respectfully suggest you now turn on the charm and play nice. Remember...during this extensive repair to your engine ...the vehicle will be in THEIR hands. Good Job. Good Luck.


KD....so...what's new? Vehicle fixed?

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Apparently the "low tension" rings on later Toyota engines...installed at the factory to give slightly better mileage to please the government, are causing some problems. The new rings which they install after admitting the problem are not "low tension.


Car makers are being forced to do things to meet the Corporate Average Fuel Economy requirements which may NOT contribute to long life. To make money selling big markup gas hogs they need to average in other cars which get GOOD mileage. Low tension rings are one way to get mileage UP so more big beasts can be sold without fines being assessed for not meeting the average. Pointy headed bureaucrats tampering with car design, and the buyer suffers.

I bought a Toyota Camry 2009 from the US last year and in use in Ghana now. The vehicle consumes alot of oil and always puts me on the alert.

I bought a Toyota Camry 2009 from the US last year and in use in Ghana now. The vehicle consumes alot of oil and always puts me on the alert. Can I also send it to Toyota Ghana for this checks to be done on it


Suggest you do a Google search for this issue. As a second owner...there are a few more "hoops" and paperwork you must have in order. I am reluctant to predict how Toyota Dealers in Ghana would handle this issue.


So...what's new folks. Any one else out there have a Oil Consumption Problem with a 4 cylinder Toyota?

I have a 2010 toyota camry with 4 cylinder engine. Had the oil consumption test done in may, 2016 and they said it qualified for the repairs because my car was made in 2009. I was placed on a list and finally, I was called on Wed 1/18/17 to bring it in for the repairs. I took it in this morning and got a call back - the engine is slightly different so the parts don't fit and my car is NOT on the recall list. The dealership said it obviously is part of the same problem. They had me call Toyota corporate to see if something could be done. Basically, I was told, they could not do anything because my car is not part of the enhanced warranty. They told me to get ANOTHER oil consumption test.


If you are the original owner of this vehicle, you should have received a "Warranty Enhancement Notification-ZE7 concerning excessive oil consumption on Toyota's 4 cylinder engine. If you did not receive this notice, one would assume, for what ever reason...probably the VIN #....your vehicle is not covered. So...IF indeed your vehicle uses more than a quart of motor oil in 1300 miles....you have an oil burner. If you want to go to war with Toyota....you do need to establish EOC. Have that test repeated....and...documented. Your choices seem to be...join the Class Action Lawsuit.....live with your Oil Burner and keep adding oil.....initiate Buy Back Procedure based on the Lemon Law in the State you live in. Get rid of your oil burning machine and buy American. Good Luck and let us know how you resolve this annoying issue.

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Hey guys, I like to share my experience, I own a 2010 Camry last year I noticed the Oil burning issue, With 85,000 miles I take the car to the dealer, they start the OIL CONSUMPTION TEST in effect my car is burning oil without a leak, I complete all the visits required by the dealer in order to have everything monitored, after almost 4 months of going back for periodical revision they tell me they have to open engine and if the problem is not related with the pistons I have to pay the full price of the labor, I decide to take a chance and leave it, they end up charging me $200 for some labor and tell me the issue was not related with the piston, there is a valve is not working and leading to the extra oil consumption, I pay and take the car back they ensure my the problem was fixed. yesterday my car stops while I driving, I check the engine oil and seem to be completely DRY. Now I'm back to square ONE, I have to go back to the dealer, start a war tomorrow since my extended warranty expires in January I'm expecting the worst. I will share the results of my visit soon I finished tomorrow. MY TRUST ON TOYOTA is gone,


9dc...assuming you have read this entire thread on this issue...namely....excessive oil consumption...on these Toyota's with the 4 cylinder ..2AZ-FE...engine..I can only conclude your issue was mishandled by the Toyota Dealer. IMO...if the dealer ...and...Toyota...are not willing to return your costs for repairs that did not resolve your issue...and...then start all over again...with an engine replacement...for FREE....you have no choice but to contact a lawyer who specializes in the class action lawsuit suit in Progress. An engine which runs out of oil and stops...is a severely damaged engine. The dealers failure to diagnose...then repair this vehicle is the cause of your engine failure. I think the engine is toast. Let us know what happens.


Well...9dc....any good results from your latest and greatest visit to the repair shop?

In May 2016 my dealership said my 2010 Camry was using too much oil and asked me to do an oil consumption test before my extended warranty expired. In June 2016 they didn't find anything. Now it is 2017, my car has 96,000, the warranty is expired and I'm using oil. I was 1.5 quarts low on September 23, 2017, after 1,000 miles. Apparently 'my engine' was not the same engine that was having oil consumption problems. (I don't believe that.) Oh....it may take a month for the new engine block to come in. Apparently there are over 90 orders ahead of mine. Hummmm.....sounds to me like it is still a big problem! They need to replace the lower half of the engine, do an overhaul kit, and replace the fluids. $3,200-$3,400. After a lot of back and forth, Toyota will cover the parts but I have to cover labor ($136/hr = $1,904....dealership reducing to $115/hr = $1,610). Since the problem originally was detected when I still had the warranty I don't feel I should have to pay for parts OR labor. So, I sent emails and a letter to Toyota. Got a call back from Toyota today saying they are declining to pay any of the labor. Not happy. Not happy at all.


Suggest you google the ...FACTORY SERVICE BULLETIN pertaining to Excessive Oil Consumption on your make model year vehicle. My understanding is Toyota will cover ALL engine repairs for EOC on the 2AZ FE engine for 10 Years and up to 150,000 miles. PARTS AND LABOR included. I assume your FACTORY warrenty is still in effect. Let us know the results of your search.

Thank you for the information. Apparently my 2010 Camry is a different engine from the ones that had the oil consumption issue. I googled and found the Toyota Warranty Enhancement Program.pdf and my car was not listed on it. Subject: Warranty Enhancement Program – ZE7 Certain 2007-2009 Camry Certain 2007-2011 Camry Hybrid Certain 2007-2008 Camry Solara Extension of Warranty Coverage for 2AZ Engine Oil Consumption I am going to write another letter to Toyota, reference the case # and this document. It seems this engine should be granted the same coverage. My car is actually at the dealer as we speak. Before this they mentioned replacing my water pump. Two other mechanics did not find it leaking. They checked again today and said it was 'seeping' moisture. So, while they are replacing the short block and there would not be additional labor, I am getting a new water pump ($373) and a new drive belt ($60.80). Now I am close to $2,100! I really liked my Camry but friends think I was foolish to have the work done...that I should have just gotten a new car...not a Toyota.


Seems to be evidence of many unhappy Toyota owners in your situation. Try Google..your make ...model ...year...and class action lawsuit. Good Luck.

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Ok. When your vehicle repairs are complete....get back to us with the DETAILED repair bill which should include a list of parts and labor needed and ultimately replaced. Verify by inspecting the under hood area for an Engine Label. It is usually white in color and have imprinted upon it....the Engine Code. We might have recourse for financial re enbursement. Since the vehicle is now in the dealers hands...you might consider playing nice until you get the car back and the repairs are satisfactory.

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I'm not sure which number is the engine code. There are several. Here are a few: 2010MY 36070 2AR-FE US EPA T2B5 I've attached the bill. While the engine was already apart I went ahead and got a new water pump and I replaced the drive belt. I am sending Toyota another letter to express my disappointment that they declined to cover the labor and I'm including the first two pages of the Warranty Enhancement memo sent to dealers. Oh....I try to always play nice...I just don't want to be a push over!


Your Engine appears to be a 2AR-FE. The Engine covered under the Warranty Enhancement Program For Excessive Oil Consumption was the 2AZ-FE. Thus...indeed....Toyota is correct...your engine is not covered.....at least not yet. The AR engine replaced the AZ...claiming a much improved version of the previous AZ. The problem with the AZ was LOW TENSION piston rings and Piston design .......thus excessive oil consumption. Did some of those pistons and rings make there way into YOUR engine?? Unknown at this time. The fact that Toyota was willing to pay for PARTS....including the engine block....leads me to believe that Toyota wanted the ...your....engine block returned to them for Them for inspection. manufacturers often do this so they can determine how much of a problem they might have with other AR Engines. Hold on to your receipts. There may be other folks out there with AR engines having the same problem. Read this thread from the begging. Sounds like yet another Class Action Lawsuit. Interesting stuff.

Thank you for looking at this. You make it sound very clear and logical to someone who is not very mechanically minded. Who knows, maybe I will hear something from Toyota in the future. Happy Holidays!


Ok...get back to us with any updates. We can all learn from your experience. LCG

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