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Seriously thinking of purchasing a PT Cruiser. Does anyone know if the car has a pacific maintenance issue?

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I know that you have to be carful that if you live in the snow belt that the under side of them will rust out very quick. Other than that great little car awesome on gas.

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I have to Pt Cruisers. One is a 2004 N/A PT Cruiser the other one is a 2005 PT Cruiser GT. They both have been fantastic and very reliable. Have had no issue with them and have only done routine maintenance on them. Its roomy for its size and I find it easy to park it in small areas. I have used it to bring a lot of things home, most recently took a trip to Best Buy to get a new 55" T.V and it had room for it and my passenger as well as the other things we had purchased on our trip to Best Buy. Over all very satisfied with it.

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I have a 2004 that I bought brand new in April, 2005. Love the car. I have over 230,000 miles on it and it's still driving fine. I had the transmission rebuild at 160,000 and have gone through a few timing belts. The computer got replaced at about 200,000, and I've replaced the struts and shocks. Other than general maintenance (tires, oil changes, etc.), that's all I've had to do. It's a great car and I'm going to keep it until it's completely dead!

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I actually have one for sale. It's a great car. I have owned two. Put 140,000 miles on the first one that I bought new. I have 105,000 miles on the convertible that I bought as a certified pre-owned at 25,000 miles. You should test drive and see what you think!

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We've got 3 in the family and there are about 10 in the neighborhood... I've got a 2001 and my mom has a 2002. Both are "Limited Edition" trims. A cousin has a 2001 (also Limited). No problems at all besides the weight. Creates a solid car, but affects fuel economy and performance.

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My 2001 PT Cruiser has been great for me! In 2005, w/074254 mi. I purchased a vehicle that I could easily get my GoGo Scooter in and out of the hatchback as I am episodically handicapped. This was the answer for me! I had a complete check up w/new battery, 2 arm controls, both tie rod ends etc, at 92.721 miles before my California trip in July of 2008, when I towed a 4 X 8 U Haul trailer packed solid with my precious belongings from Northern Michigan to Southern California, and it came through the mountains just fine! In 2010 w/106,266 mi. it was suggested that I needed to have my transmission rebuilt at the Chrysler dealer, and I also had problems with the key ignition and lock cylinder, which they replaced. My favorite mechanic (not at Chrysler) found it just needed a new battery. It drives through the heavy sandy desert roads of my area just fine. It does seem to take a larger area to turn around in than expected. Now in November of 2013, I have 118,113 miles on it.

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I have a 2005 PT Cruiser Limited Edition Turbo "White" . If you like weak transmissions, senor problems, and top end work on engine then buy on. Most the people on here say this when there car is a lemon. Mine yes, but 04 pt's and up, I don't care who says it, tranys suck.. These cars are good, infact mines great. Bought it new specially ordered, but when they break, so does your wallet. I build exotic sport cars (fiberglass kit cars) and I'm very educated on this stuff and I've been threw the ropes on my car... It seems the Turbo models have more problems. 2004 Chrysler redid the trany's (made them more weaker). 2005 is the problem child of all years In my opinion, seems Chrysler had more oops all over the place. Mine, just hit 71,000 miles and I've had 3 auto trany's, one engine, all motor mounts all trany mounts, power steering pump, both CV axles, cam sensor, map sensor, and now today Starter (replaced that and now I have no fuel, won't start, btw it ran perfect yesterday drove it in turned it off, this morning now nothing, idk??) oh, and if you look in the air box (love this lol) you will see the oil breather (on valve cover) is connect to it. Chrysler puts a pos sponge to block the oil, which does not work, all it does is bypass the sponge causing your air filter to soak in oil, which now your engine will burn oil while running. made my laugh when I spotted that lol. so I made aftermarket breather fit so its not connected to air filter box. I highly recommend this.. Overall for a normal person wanting a nowdays car, sure why not, but for a mechanic that knows what's a good deal, HELL NO.. one look inside the engine compartment, specially turbo models, ha, CRAMMED working space..... Alternators are fun too btw lol.. Just throwing my testimony out there for yah, the only reason why I have this car still is, #1. Sentalmental Value, (Grandparents last car they bought) #2. I replaced just about everything on it, and now I know the car and what it is and how to fix it, I could do it blindfolded now lol why get another lemon and go threw that all over again...... My advice, buy a Porsche, I have one, never had a problem....

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I own 2, a 2007 and a 2003 and the only problem I have had with either is the high speed fan system does seem to work correctly and either the fan unit or the relay seem to go out. Both of mine had no problems until they were well over 100,000 miles. A friend also has one that had the same problem with the cooling system. If I had anywhere near the problems as the previous writer I would check my driving habits and the parts or repairs (3 tranny's ???) that were being done. There are far too many of these cars that most drivers have little or no problems with. "weak transmissions" I have 230,000 on my 07 and never touched it. My wife's 03 has 160,000 and we have never touched it either. I also haven't been into my engine top or bottom end.

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@techman1 open the trany up, if you know what parts your looking for they are weak. you have never done any work on one, ask someone who has. they're junk. crammed working space and junk.. is your 07 turbo? there's a difference...


DONT BUY IT!!!!! We have a 2002 pt loser and its nothing but a pos! Replaced the fan switch, fan, transmission(2x), ignition switch, radiator, sway arms, and now the freakn water pump. There's always something wrong or going out in this car. It's absolutely the worst car I have ever owned and am selling it now. Any buyers?? Yes I need a new car but maybe you should re think it!!

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I bought this used about 8 mos ago. While i recognize that cars hit a zone where everything just starts needing to be replaced, i find the ease of detection to be too mysterious. ive had this constant slight drop in idle ever since i bought it. turned out it had several problems. Valve cover gaskets, cam shaft sensor, crank shaft sensor, oil pressure sensor, 2 of 3 motor mounts were broke and the transmission mount. This car has 3 on 1 side and the trans mount on the other (just sounds like a bad idea) Ive been on many blogs and forums that indicate the same types of problems or bugs with this car. 1. timing belts need replacing at 90-100,000 Miles and if you dont and it goes out they are built in such a way as you have a 5/50 chance of having to have your heads redone. 2. transmissions need rebuilt around 70,000-100,000 miles 3. Map sensors go out. 4. Camshaft and crankshaft sensors. 5. Link between cam and crank shorts out. 6. Motor mounts break. 7. Random idle issues that cant be detected until something bad happens.(like mine right now, been to 3 shops fixing the stuff listed in the beginning, told them something was wrong, nobody caught the problem. now its died, and possible its the timing belt). 8. high speed fan malfunction. 9. cramped work space. 10. engine is sideways. 11. 9 and 10 result in high repair charges. 12. idle air control sensors go out. fuel pumps need replaced. Im sure theres more im not remembering. All of this is common and frequently occurring in all of the blogs and my own experience with mine and all prior to around 100,000 miles. The previous replaced the tranny prior to 100,000. the rest i have done and i'm at 119,000. The most frustrating thing is the number of things that cause this car to randomly die and are hard to detect. even if it does throw a code, there are usually several things that can cause it, not necessarily the part that the code is indicating. So many people have gone down the line of replacing numerous things in a guessing game. i have owned many used vehicles and none have had so many problems, and major costly ones so early in the mileage game and all at once between 90,000 and 120,000 miles. DONT BUY ONE if you like your cars to have longevity before you have to start rebuilding stuff.

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The PT cruiser ALWAYS has plenty of electronic problems, the ECM/PCM is always needed to be replaced, small trick to use before purchasing one, 1st reset the PCM: 2nd Pt Cruiser - Pulling OBD II Codes: This will tell some good info i.e if they changed the PCM with a used one and reprogramed the VIN #' to make it work, also they have engine cooling fan issues be sure and check that the fan works at low and high speeds.

Interesting Mark that you say there are ALWAYS electronic problems and the ECM/PCM always needed replaced. I am not sure that is correct since I have owned and and worked on several and have NEVER had a ECM/PCM replaced on any of them. Pretty standard to disconnect the battery on many vehicles to remove and reset error codes that may or may not be real. So I appreciate that "trick" that you referred to. I totally agree Cruisers often have cooling fan issues but the engines and transmissions seem to last a long time IF they are maintained and driven sensibly. They are a great little "grocery getter" and far more comfortable to get into and ride in than many cars of the same price range. I have had mine back and forth from Canada to Mexico and several 1000 mile plus trips to California with 4 adults and everyone and everything went well. They are not as comfortable to ride in as my wife's Cadillac but few cars are and it isn't designed as a luxury car.

For woman like myself, thisn k the sparkplugs are a Lil hard to get to. Have had coolant loss with. No visible leaks. Getting ready to use a produCT that has a dble back guarantee FiberLock? Anyone with advice? Also, front windows no longer work! Fuses are all ok, switches etc.. y wont work?.

Opps! Thought I was posting a Q not answer

Is 223'000 miles to much on a pt Cruser to buy

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