Can anyone tell me how many HEAVY CHEVY equipped cars came with a big block ?

Asked by Feb 28, 2007 at 10:57 AM about the 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

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I have a friend who told me he found a chevelle that was a 1 owner car . He said that it was in a carport on a old country rd. and he stopped to see if it could be bought. He said the old man let him look at it. The old man told him that he bought the car new in Montgomery AL and still drives it to town once in a while. He said everything on it was the way it came new.Nothing had been changed except He added hubcaps.Then he priced it. My friend came to me and told me this story.He said the car was pretty nice but someone had put a ugly stripe on it and it had heavy chevy on the fenders. When he told me this Igot excited and told him I had to see the car.The next day He took me yo see the car.The old man acted suspicious with the two of us wanting to look at the car,but He did let us walk around it.I could tell it had a cheap paintjob added at one time and cheap pinstripes added to look like the heavy chevy stripe.He opend the hood to reveal a dirty big block engine. It still had the 400 sticker on the breather I looked under the car it had a 12 bolt a steel cowl hood with pins bench seat ss style guages and the car looked very solid. I noticed it had the ralley style wheels under the hubcaps.The old man said he has all the paperwork with the original order form.I asked if I could see the papers.The old man told me the papers were private ,but if I bought the car they would be mine.I asked if the car had ever been wrecked.He said no.I asked if the car was black with the white stripe when he bought it.He said it came just as it is.I could tell he was getting uneasy.the doors were locked He never offerd to open without the cash on hand I thanked him for his time and we left.I told my friend I know the car had been painted.but it did match the Heavy chevy profile as far as I know?? I have only seen 3 HEAVY CHEVY cars and they all had small blocks. Could you get that package with a big block? If so,How many were sold? Sorry,but I was so excited when I was looking at the car I didn't notice the front markers to see if it was a '71 or'72 .Thanks, Chuck.

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Hi Chuck. I spent some time on this but couldn't get as specific as the information you wanted ... So I guess I need to turn you over to the experts. But before I give you the best site I found, here's an excerpt from their 1971/72 history and what they say about the Heavy Chevy package: "1971 For 1971, there were two SS packages. One was the SS-454, and the other was simply the "SS" (available with either the 402, 350-4, or 350-2 engine). The unusual "Malibu 400" package was also available on the non-SS Chevelle and El Camino. It utilized the LS3 402 motor. New for '71 was a "Heavy Chevy" package which featured special decals and some SS equipment. While the SS was based upon the Malibu, the Heavy Chevy was based upon the base Chevelle model, which had less trim. The Heavy Chevy could be ordered with any V8 engine except a 454. Like the Malibu 400 cars, many Heavy Chevys have been converted to SS clones. The VIN on a '71 Heavy Chevy starts with 13437, while the VIN on a V8 Malibu or SS coupe starts with 13637. The compression ratio on all GM engines was lowered to 8.5:1. 188 Corvettes were built with the 425 horsepower LS6 motor in '71. There have been rumors that a few LS6 Chevelles were built in '71, but these have all been proven to be false. The LS5 454 motor in the '71 Chevelle and El Camino was now rated 5 horsepower HIGHER than it was a year earlier, even though the compression ratio was lowered. This was accomplished partly by redesigning the heads. The increase was also a result of the overly conservative rating (in the Chevelle) of the previous year's LS5. If the SS-454 package was ordered, the fenders (and tailgate on El Caminos) would sport "SS/454" emblems. If the 402 or 350 engine was ordered with the SS package, then there would simply be "SS" emblems all the way around (but no external engine size designation). The El Camino SS generally did NOT have any "SS" emblems on the door panels. The SS hood was the same as in '70. The Cowl Induction package was still available. It was, however, not promoted as much as in '70. As a result, far fewer Cowl Induction equipped vehicles were produced in '71 than in '70. There is some conflicting information, but it appears that that the Cowl Induction package was only available with the 454 in '71. The '71 SS came with 15" five-spoke rally wheels. These wheels were painted silver, with trim rings and center caps. These wheels are similar to those found on mid-70s Z28 Camaros. The latter 70's Z28 wheels were very similar, but the spokes were a bit flatter. Another unusual vehicle was introduced in 1971. It was the GMC version of the El Camino called the GMC "Sprint". There were about 5600 Sprints produced in '71. Compared to the '71 El Camino production of over 40,000 the '71 Sprint is fairly rare in any form. There was an "SP" package available for the Sprint that had the same basic equipment as the El Camino SS. Only 249 '71 SPs were built. There was even an "SP-454" package available. In fact, it was also possible to order the Sprint with Cowl Induction, tachometer, bucket seats, positraction, etc. It is estimated that about 25 were ordered with the 454 and about 16 with Cowl Induction. 1972 This year, the government mandated that all engines be rated in "SAE NET" horsepower rather than the "GROSS" horsepower ratings used before. The "SS-454" package was still available, and although the '72 LS5 motor was virtually identical to the '71 LS5 motor, the '72 version was underrated at 270 horsepower due to governmental and insurance concerns. The '72 SS equipment was the same as in '71. It was, however, possible to order a '72 SS with any optional V8 (454, 402, 350-4, and 350-2). Some early sales literature implies that an SS-307 was available, but that is probably not the case since it was contradicted by some mid-year documents. Performance oriented options (especially hood stripes and Cowl Induction) were downplayed by all the Chevrolet literature. As a result, Cowl Induction production was even lower than in '71. The '72 Cowl Induction option could be ordered with the 454 or 402 engines. Interestingly, you could get a "Malibu 400" model with hood stripes even though these came with the non-SS "flat" hood. Only a few Malibus were ordered with hood stripes. This configuration was also available on the El Camino and Sprint. The Heavy Chevy package was carried over, basically unchanged, from '71. The VIN on a '72 Heavy Chevy starts with 1C37, while the VIN on a V8 Malibu or SS coupe starts with 1D37. The '72 GMC Sprint was available with the same equipment as before, including the SP package. Production of '72 Sprints was slightly higher than in '71. A total of 749 '72 SPs were built. Starting in 1972, the 5th character in the VIN number of all GM vehicles indicated the vehicle's engine type. The engine codes for 1972 are as follows : * "W" - LS5 454 V8 4bbl * "U" - LS3 402 V8 4-bbl * "J" - 350 V8 4bbl * "H" - 350 V8 2bbl * "F" - 307 V8 2bbl * "D" - 250 L6 1bbl Since the 454 was only available as part of the SS (or SP) package, any Chevelle, El Camino, or Sprint with a "W" as the fifth character in the VIN is a genuine SS-454 (or SP-454 in the case of the Sprint).There was no SS package for the '72 Monte Carlo, but unlike the others, it could be ordered with a 454 without an SS package." Here is a site that has information about Chevelle production and/or contact information for someone who may be of more help. Hope it helps... here we go: Chevelle (

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WTF is a heavy chevy? if you mean a chevelle there were quite a few made with big block engines. there were also plenty of full size chevys with BB in them as well also trucks & vans. they made BB for years. & they still make them.

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Reallllllyy ?!?!?!?


@trip65 heavy chevy was a different type of Chevelle produced during the 70s. It wasn't a super sport therefore it didn't have "SS" anywhere on the grille or sides. It had "heavy chevy" on the sides.

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it's not a SS,Heavy Chevy nor is it a Malibu 400. Heavy Chevy's did not come with a vinyl roof and from this pic it appears to have had one. probably explains why it's primerd as most did after removing the vinyl roof. it's not a SS or Malibu 400 because if u look at the front fender and door it's has side moldings at least the door used too but u can see where it was attached to the door at one time. the fender,door,trunk lid and front half of the rocker panel below the door all look to be original or at least all matching to each other so my guess is this was a 307 or 350 car someone added a big block engine and gauged dash too. with the trunk lid paint looking to be original u can also see a dealer sticker which were commonly put on cars etc. of this era. Ralley rims also did not come on 71 or 72 models of the Malibu/Chevelle or Heavy Chevy in 71 and 72.

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i own an original 17k mile 71 Malibu 400 also.

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In 1970, GM began market research directed toward the young groover car buyer. The name Heavy Chevy has nothing to do with the weight or any other attribute. The Heavy Chevy was "Heavy Man". That was what GM intended with mild results in sales. I know this is an old thread but for all future readers: The OP describes what very likely is an original motor "402" black with white decal Heavy Chevy Chevelle. Todays price for this car in running but needs restored shape: 15,000+. This would be an exceptionaly rare car. Contrary to some info in this thread, you could get a vinyl top, U14 Round pod gauges, wheel well trim, big block LS3 (402) and many other options when you ordered your Heavy. You could not get the 454 as it was reserved for the SS package only. The OP describes a very desirable car, some info understandably is not mentioned in the original thread: Interior door trim description, gauges, vin and body cowl data. He refers to the owner's statement "The car is just as it came", the key is the paperwork that was held in reserve by the owner, which could be understandable as he is the original buyer. Personal info. However, if the car were for sale a review of that paperwork with confirming info would be a required item for any reasonable buyer or seller. The OP states: The owner produced a price to purchase the car. Had that price been what I think it was (reasonable) that car would be a very good candidate for one of the most exceptional Heavy Chevy's in existence. Best regards- 70ssthumper.

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Confirming info would be: Original sales rec't, POP (factory warranty), build sheet: All stating YF3 optioned car matching VIN, engine block stamp, transmission stamp and 12 bolt stamp.

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There were less than 6,000 454 SS made in 72 of that number there were 1,300 SS 454 El Caminos and only 240 came with a M-22 4-speed Muncie ... I remember the Heavy Chevy Option in 71-72 as a kid there were a few not many but few around ... It was the poor mans version of the SS ... My El Camino was ordered stripe delete and no cowl flap but it had tilt and a map light on the mirror plus the AM-FM blue light radio ...


I have a 1971 Heavy Chevy came with a 307 small block, bench seat , black grille, cowl induction hood. From what I've found , that there was only 6,000 made and there going g for 80% of what SS are going for because The Heavy Chevy has become very rare.

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pintor71, thats cool! Can you post some pics? The vast majority of the Heavy's came with small blocks (307 or 350's) and t350's. Rare to see the Saginaw 4spd or the base 3spd manual.


In 1971 there were 6776 heavy chevy built 7800 in 72. Theyou could have come with any engine except the 454 Most we will bench seats with shift on Col. All had standard dash, and the door panels for 71 had the white stripes like a nova, in 72 the stripe was woodgrain. If it was ordered with the big block it would have had the flapper cowl induction hood. Otherwise it was just the ss hood blacked Grill and headlight rings. A set of black pinstripes ran front to rear from the front fender all the way to the rear quarters. Heavy chevy logos on each front fender. One on the drivers side front edge of the hood and the passenger side rear of the trunk lid. Could have come with ss style steering wheel or the Malibu style. It could have had the Nova style rallys, or the ss/z28 style rallys . By the data plate you can not tell what came in the car. Body numbers will be the same as a standard chevelle. Not the Ss or the malibu. I have had my heavy chevy for over 20 years and have done extensive research on the model. Even contacted GM for them to send me any info they could give me wanting to put mine back as close to original as possible.

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The pinstripes were also available in white

well ok we are Talking about the 1972 Heavy chevy,as for it not being available with a vinyl top you are wrong, i have one its a real 1972 Heavy chevy code 1c37,it came with bucket seats no console column shift,400 turbo and a 402 with a 12 bolt rearend,with 373 gears which were ordered. no carpet/ no radio,no ps/no pb,also had the five spoke wheels and clear glass,ss gauges tac,ect no tilt. had a rubber mat floor cover. it s paint color was a code 68/68 which is Midnight Bronze met, with white Heavy stripping,also had the rear and front hd sway bars. thats it, my father ordered this car new,he worked for G.M. for 37 years,he told me besides what the factory had on the spec sheet,you could get a waver and order what you wanted,but it would void any factory warranty's,so i own it now have had it for over 35 years keeping it in the family, i have had over 37 other chevelle ss's over the years including a real Yenko i bought while i was in the Marine's in jacksonvill N.C. BACK IN 1980, the owner 's family was a close friend of Mr Yenko,he sold them this car it was built before he started selling them,the historians claim that only 99 were built. well mr yenkos son checked out my car back in 80 wanted to buy it back,checked all numbers,and the ones that were put on the car by them hidden,confirmed that it was his car ,he told me that it predated the rest. the color was Black with gold stripes,they say it was never built with gold stripping,but the owner i bought it from said he built two like this,it had 513 gears,427,a roll bar open chambered exhaust.,power disk,manual steering and a four speed. ,i bought this car from a guy whos son owned this car,he only drove it for about a year off and on,he was also a Marine,he bought this car in the fall of 68 ,recived it in jan 69, went missing in the fall of 1970,while overseas, MIA. ,His father said he promised his son he would take good care of his Baby while he was gone,when they got the noticehe was MIA,He still washed it and drove it around the bloce every week,and put it back in the garage waiting for his return,he told me that his wife and he always had hope's he would return one day. he told me that when he would go into the garage and started this car his wife would lock her self in the bed room and cry,some times for two days,he was tired of this and it was time to let him go. i had been asking him for weeks before he told me this story about his son,if he would ever sell this beautiful car ? he always said no never, but then some thing changed,he called me on base one day left a message for me to call him back, i did and he said please come out and talk to him as soon as i could it was urgent,i sad i would was every thing ok ? he said just fine just need to talk to me. Later that day i went to see him ,his name was Ben,won't gie the last name because of privacy reasons. any way he said Here's the deal i love my son very much as does my wife we have done every thing my son asked us to with this car,waiting for his return home,but even after they showed up here and told us he was MIA,and prezomed dead we never let go,always hopping he would walk in our front door,he said you know what not a day goes by i feel him here with us,when i drive his car i see him smiling from ear to ear as i shift those gears, but when i see my wife go through what she does every week ,it breaks my hart,i can't do this any more,so he is what i want to do you have been a wonderful gift you remind me of my son so eager and you love this car as much as he did,and if you will promise me you will take of it,i will sell it to you cash money ,i won't tell you what i had to pay for it but it was worth every cent. i had to borrow some from my dad,but i brought it home when i was discharged one month later i bought it . it all history,i sold it later to a friend of my dads who was fisher body G.M.ST LOUIS PLANT MGR.he had a garage full of C.O.P.O CARS Three chevelles's one nova ,said mine was going right next to then never will be driven again,so sad but my step mother wanted her money back now or my dad was out on the i caved in,don't think he and i would have been to comfortable sleeping in that car lol,that guy i sold it too should have died by now he was in his 7o's then,my son and i have been surcharging for it on the net,watching Barrot jackson and other auction shows hopping to see it again,thinking his family might not have wanted to mess with keeping them all, no luck so far. sorry to grind your eyes with my story but it is in my mind like it was yesterday,when i was young and dumb. now i am heading to 60 and i am in flash back mode. building my last chevelle.


Is mine a heavy chevy

It has the original rear end which is a 12 bolt and it also has a SS dash

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