I get an occasional no start no crank symptom from my 2009 journey. It just leaves you stranded. Do you know the problem?


Asked by Jul 30, 2015 at 10:46 PM about the 2009 Dodge Journey SXT

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Battery, starter, fob all are fine

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Remove and clean battery terminals als check wire connections to starter making sure they are tight.

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How do you know your key fob is good?

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I have a New key fob...this problem of no start no crank is all over the internet but no-one has an answer to the problem. Is it the neutral safety switch?

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The neutral safety switch, control the starter motor to run only in park or neutral if the neutral safety switch is bad you can see to kind of problem. 1 the engine crank in all gears or 2 the engine don't crank in any gear. simply don't crank. if your problem of the key fob is solve but you don't have crank you need to verify the batt condition, neutral safety switch, starter motor. but listen in this vehicle the starter motor is controlled by the pcm, if the pcm don't receive the signal from the key fob (anti theft) the pcm don't give the signal to the starter motor.

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This problem is common with similar Chrysler ignitions even without key fobs. I've also read that it's not the starter or battery either. I don't wanna just throw money at it if nobody including dealers can figure it out. It's hard to believe there's no definite solution to be found, even with all the complaints

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Did not say it was the starter the starter or battery just told them to check the connections to them.


When you go to start the car and you turn the key see one red light just a red point iluminate and then go off the system is good but if the light stay on you have a problem whit the theft system. When you go to start the car and turn the key and you don't see the check engine light on you have a problem with the "auto shutdown relay" . The check engine light in those car iluminate after you try to start the car, but if the light is not iluminating in the moment you turn the key you have a problem in the "auto shutdown relay". You can make a jump cable to prove. If you have a problem with the alternator to you have a problem in the PCM because the voltage regulator is inside the pcm and you maybe have a problem with the auto shutdown relay. You can do a prove with doing a jump wire in the auto shutdown relay if the car start you need to check the pcm.

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Has anyone figured this problem out? I put in a new starter and the ignition recall but still has starting issues.

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I am having the same issues.. anyone find out what is causing this?? I cannot wait to get rid of this truck. Smh.

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I have had my 2009 Journey to the dealer 4 times with this same problem. I have noticed it happens mostly when raining or Temps in the 90's outside. The dealer has had my vehicle for over 3 weeks. I am driving their loaner 2016 Jeep Liberty. This morning my husband took his Ford F150 to do errands because the Jeep, for the 4th time in 3 weeks, won't start. Same thing as the Journey! I am very frustrated. No answers.

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I bought a 2010 Dodge Journey and am having the same issues. I spoke with dodge and they said that they won't issue a recall unless more people start calling and complaining. There is no known solution to the problem but I think everyone needs to start calling and complaining. I know for a fact that they've had several complaints but apparently not enough. Let's flood them with calls! The number is 1- 800- 521- 9922

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My 2010 Dodge Journey has the no start problem but it didn't start doing it until they did the recall for the ingnition switch. It also stalls when stopped in carpool line at school!


The cause is definitely the neutral safety switch. I have a 2009 Dodge Journey and I have had the same problem for months now. Where it will start just fine one day then the next it will fail to start. I have actually been stuck somewhere because my car has failed to start. When your car will not start, turn it on, push your break in, and put the gear in neutral. Once it is in neutral, start your car. This should allow your car to start. If it starts, then you know that the problem is for sure the neutral safety switch. The neutral safety switch is not a very expense part.Anywhere around 20-60 Dollars. In most models, they have the neutral safety switch in the transmission. Dodges, Jeeps, and Chryslers have them on the bottom of the transmission. Which is clearly not smart because water and what not gets inside the neutral safety switch very easily, which causes the malfunction. If you are handy with tools or knows somebody that can fix it for you, there are youtube videos that are very specific and helpful and actually, step by step, show you how to change it out. It is so simple that the people who call themselves "professional mechanics" forget about it or just want your money and keep you coming back for more.

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jmaynard3 is correct it is the swafety switch. this happens to me every time it rains. Had everything replaced a yr ago battery, starter, recall for harness and ignition, and it still happened and mostly when rain. Did this trick today and it started right up. Thanks for the info, now I can sell this pos......

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My 2009 does this but i cannot get the vehicle out of park and the security light flashes then turns all the lights on in dash

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We are having the same problem. We have taken it to the dealership 3 times and another mechanic and they have told us everything is fine and looks good....excepts it just randomly wont start after we drive it sometimes and if we let it sit for a day it will start up just fine. We have been stranded a few times because of this. Not sure what the problem is but It is very frustrating.

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I'm having the same problem. As Jonathan. Unable to take the vehicle out of park, interior brake and headlights work, and this symbol comes up


omg i just went to the dealership bc 2 times in 3 weeks i could not start my car. he said the starter, alternator and battery look fine. ugh! i was stranded with 2 kids. im so pissed!!

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My 2009 Journey has had this problem for about 3 years now. It will start when placed in neutral, which is definitely the neutral safety switch, I just haven't taken time to get it replaced, but it will start every time in neutral.

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I have a 2009 Journey and have had the same problem, The last timeI had it I took it out of park and put it back in and it started right away. The next time it happened I immediately took It out of park and put it back I think there is a dead spot in park

My 2010 Journey has the same problem so I tried the answer from jmaynard3196 and it worked today. I am going to get the neutral safety switch replaced.


This is still happening to us with our 2010 journey. However when it happens we can not push the break in or move it to any other gear its like its locked. If we let it sit for a few hrs and go back it will start right up. We tried replacing the battery in the key to see if that was it but nope it still is doing it. It will run great till we turn it off then we can not get it to start until it sits for a few hours. And no one seems to be able to figure it out. We have taken it to multiple places!

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I have a 2015 Journey and the fuel pump had to be replaced twice. The first time the car wouldn't start and the steering locked up. The second time (this week) it died in gear- thank God I was driving on an empty side road or could have been killed if I was on the highway!!


I have the same problem with my 2009 Dodge Journey SXT. It's the sensor in the ignition switch. Sometimes​ if you take the key out and turn it around it works. Sometimes if you use your spare key it works. Sometimes if you put it in neutral it works. Sometimes if you just wait a while it works. Sometimes if you put a battery charger on it it works. I've noticed it acts up more in moist or humid weather, but can anytime. It sucks. I've had my switch changed 3 times and they all had the same problem almost immediately after. I read online and these were the suggestions I got from other owners who have the same problem and I've had to use each technique at different times, sometimes one after the other. Good luck.

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Thanks jmaynard3196, I'll try the neutral safety switch. God knows I've tried everything else.

Thank you jnaynard3196 while waiting for roadside assistance I found your response and tried it and it worked. This happens about every 6months to me. Wish I could afford a new car

What kind of crap is Fiat/Chrysler selling us? No wonder Consumer Reports says the Journey is a piece of junk? The Japs are shaming us with their reliability! Sell your shares of all North American auto manufacturers! I have 200 shares of Ford which I've been under water on for about 5 years! Will never buy North American cars again!

I can't believe how terrible Chrysler has been at even helping at customer service. I have a case # and spoke to them numerous times. My car was towed again and is now in for the 4th time with fuel pump problems and now I will be getting a lawyer because they are horrific! The car died in gear! Service just keeps replacing parts and hasn't once cared about the safety of the car AND on the last service report the agent wrote "no idea this was a continuous problem" yet he serviced the car the previous three times!! The all lie!


My car 2010 Dodge Journey is doing the same thing won't start... but if I wait it will start omg ..... and nobody knows why everyone is saying this or that I just want to cry .

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Clean all battery terminals and grounds connected to the frame with sand paper and wire brush, get the coat of paint off where the grounds connect

I'm having the same problem I have been haven problem sense I have the vehicle it been to shop so many times I don't know what think when bought this vehicle it's been problem after problem Dodge Journey 2009 SXT I haven had but about 7 months bad luck and it is frustrating and I'm on a set income


I recently brought a Journey SXT 2010 used having starting issues also, have made multiple calls to AAA. Not my battery, have jiggled fuse box and pushed down on a few fuses and it sometimes works. Looking to change out Wireless Control Module to see if this helps. But with all the problems everyone is talking about not sure it will work. Today I had to walk a mile to work because I had to open my store on time, not happy Dodge. And my car is not part of the recall it was built in August and recall stops with cars built up to January 2010. Don't buy this car.

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So I seriously hate this car !!!! My dog. Other bought me this 2010 Dodge Journey as an anniversary gift, and it has been nothiing but problems. New key fob, new battery, new wiring connectors, and still SAME PROBLEM!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THERE ISN'T ANY CONCRETE REASON FOR THIS. good thing is if I wiggle the wire for the battery, I can usually gert the car to start, but why should I have to keep doing that. Ughh!!! Can't wait to get rid of this piece of shit

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To everyone who is having problems with your Dodge, I recommend filing a complaint with the NHSTA, get enough complaints maybe they will consider recalling all of these crappy cars from Dodge. Takes about 5 minutes on line. The trick with putting foot on brake and moving gear shift also seemed to work for me, however when ignition is not on, can not put my car in any other gear but that little wiggle was enough to get ignition.

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to get around this problem you need to do the followiung turn ignitioin key 3/4, put foot on brake, shift to N and then turn kety all the eay and your journey will start. yes it works and I don't get stuck anymore.

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I have had so many issues with my Journey 2010 since I drove my car off the car dealerships lot. I have been in so many argument over the phone and there has been nothing but the run around given to me. My issue started when my car had only 7,000 miles on it. My car used to shake and vibrate horribly when I would reach past 40mph. I went back and forth on multiple occasions with the dealership. The first 3 times I was told nothing was wrong; The fourth time I was told on of my gasket heads was defective... Ok then a month later it started doing this vibrating thing again so apparently another gasket head went... OK then a couple months later it did it again. What do you know the one they replaced went bad again. Since then that issue seems to be resolved (knock on wood) but now I am also having starter issues. I only have 70000 miles on my car. Apparently there needs to be a recall on the entire car!!! We shouldn't have to be finagling ways to start our car. Has anyone had any directive for Dodge on what to do or what can we do as the costumer? I have no engine lights on acknowledging there is an issue but clearly there is.


I'm having this problem right now with my 2010 journey. 28000 miles on it, 7 years old. It wouldn't start while hot. When cooled off it started. Mechanic has it now. Rule number 1: never go to the dealer. Dodge mechanics are incompetent boobs. I always go to a mechanic I have been using for 25 years. If it happens again I will try joe's suggestion so I hopefully don't get stuck again. And then I'll know it's the safety switch and have my regular mechanic change it. I've loved my journey until now. Hope I can keep loving it.

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I am having the same problem. Turn the key and there is a click but no start. My 2010 Dodge Journey has a remote start feature. I am wondering if that is a source of the problem. My question is: do other people hear that little click when key is turned?


Hey Danny, I am also having the same issue right now and yes, I too hear one click but no start. However, if you just quickly turn the key over and over and over again, it will eventually start. I have it in the mechanics to figure it out, but they need it to fail to track down the issue and of course it won't fail now. lol

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Danny depress your brake while starting car works 99% of the time. If you have a miss start after doing this jiggle the gear shift and it should work. Was having the same problem for months until a mechanic told me about putting foot on brake. haven't had problem of being stranded since.

Same problem here, but also doesn't always start in neutral. Dealership has given me three reasons, all three have been fixed and it continues....hate the Dodge journey

Look into the TIPM.

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