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So how do you feel about the GT-R considering some of the controversy?

*A launch control feature that if used voids the warranty.  The lack of use of which places the cars performance numbers well below their advertised numbers.  Already some of the transmissions have failed and they have refused to replace them.

*A controversial lap time around the ring.  
Porsche tested a GT-R and couldn't get near the same time on OEM tires.

*A fairly child like response when their numbers are questioned.  Couple with odd proof..  
'You can't get the same time as us? Then you can't drive!'

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was on top gear today looks frickin sweet all on screan data was done by the makers of gran turiso and the stock tire is a dunlop sp sport dam good tire quite the stock tire i have them on my old capri 5.0L they wear fast on it got about 100km out of rears due to a little drifting and with all the testing going on every where on the gt-r car has more then nissan is willing to admit on utube they dyno tested it at 575hp way above the 480 they claim nissan set out to beat the porche and nodoubt they spanked it same hp ratting 480 all engines hand assembled launch control is a cool option i cant see it voiding warrenty but it is to launch the car as fast as posible they also said the gps holds the car at 113mph top speed on street on a track the gps lets the car be raced godzilla is a amazing machine


i personally feel that the GTR is a brilliant machine...the warranty thing is something that nissan needs to work out though. nissan admits that the launch control is harsh on the transmission, and with performance numbers like 0-60 in 3.1 seconds (Road and Track Magazine), i can fully see how. the "controversial lap time" is garbage. there's a great idea: lets have the makers of the GTR's biggest rival test the performance numbers on their car! that's like telling honda to advertise for a camry. MANY other tests have proven the GTR to out-do porsche 911 numbers, yet, oddly enough, when porsche tests it, suddenly the GTR is merely 6 seconds faster around the ring than its r33 counterpart from like 12 years ago and the porsche is almost 30 seconds faster around the ring...sounds kind of fishy if you ask me...i think porsche should stop bitching and complaining and try to come up with something to beat the GTR, rather than buying GTRs and driving them and trying to get the worst times possible to flame a car that they evidently can't beat.

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I want to say that Adam's second post mentioning the Dunlops isn't exactly right. Not sure, but if I remember part of Nissan's come back was that Porsche must have used the other tire option, seeing as the better performing tire is the optional one than the Dunlops would not be standard. Anyways, I might mention that Porsche is only challenging Nissan. Apparently the Corvette ZR1 and Viper SRT10 ACR which both beat the GTR time by sizeable amounts (lower the lap times the more each second counts) seem 100% legit to Porsche. If anyone can beat Nissan it's Porsche, especially if they acquire daily operation of Volkswagen, or rather Audi to be exact. The 1980's 2.1L inline five twin turbo engine would easily make north of 400 horses with some modification, a more modern engine with the same spirit in mind..... Well, you see where this is going. Though if anything they should just do a good old 24 hour race at the 'Ring with cars bought at dealerships by a third party, maybe each side having 3 cars each would compensate for any possible irregularities with quality.


First off, I think the fact that pretty much everyone who's reviewed the car so far has roughly stated that "it's the new standard in performance" says quite a bit by its self. As for the three points mentioned above - *It's obvious that Nissan knew this would happen when they added the launch control, but I think they could have handled the situation better. The acceleration times are around 4 seconds even without launch control, which is still pretty impressive in my book. *The lap time around the Nur was amazing, and I would be willing to bet money that the model Nissan used for the test was tuned a little higher than average, but with every engine being hand-made and putting down different power numbers it's hard to say they cheated. Plus, the driver for Nissan was former F1 driver Tochio Suzuki, and I'd say he's a pretty even match for any Porsche tester. Plus, Porsche test drivers are used to driving lighter rear-engine cars, not clunky front-engined cars like the GT-R, so maybe that played a factor. *As for the response, I would have done the same thing if someone accused me of cheating. I don't find it that immature to say, "Here's the video footage and tires we used, see for yourself" (although to offer driving lessons might have been a little over the top). I'm not really a Nissan fanboi, but I do prefer them over Porsche so I'm disinclined to believe the Germans on this.


the GT-R is an awesome car! I hate how other companies try to knock it down because of all the hype and the great reviems it got. and i should hope that the zr1 and the viper would beat it for one they both have at least 600hp and their price tags are at least 30k more. Porshe is a very competitive company by nature they are always battling to have the fastest and best handling track cars from the factory. Most of the time they are battling the Z06 or the Elise over the years but now that nissan has steped up to the plate they want to find anyway possible to knock it down.


I personally like the car. But if they were building a car with this much power, they should have built a transmission to handle it. Thats the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard of with the warranty issues. More ridiculus that the calendar year hasn't reached the model year and owners have already been screwed on the issue... Seems like Nissan wanted a dual clutch so bad they installed the first thing that came along and that it wasn't ready. I personally would never touch one until they work this out since the number do drop significantly without useing the launch feature... (mid 3's to low 4's is still ~20% increase and the 1/4 time increases by over a second.) I mean if they are putting in a (push at own risk) button why don't other car manufacturers have a button that double or triples boost pressure? Performance at a blatent sacrifice to reliability is not true performance, in my book, for a streetable car.

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As far as Nissan v. Porsche is concerned, I don't think that Nissan cheated when they tested it at the 'Ring. Porsche is just threatened by a car that outperforms their $130,000 911 Turbo while being priced at $70,000. Why hasn't Porsche challenged the Corvette's time of 7mins, 26.4sec, I wonder... http://www.motorauthority.com/nissan-maintains-gt-r-nurburgring-lap-time-was-legitimate.html In my opinion, Tochio Suzuki should run the 'Ring again with someone from Porsche there to witness it. If he can get close to 7mins, 29sec, (within 5-10 seconds) that should be proof enough that 7:29 is attainable and will dispel Porsche's time of 7:54 with the GT-R. Even that still wouldn't take into account the 50kg of weight added by the recording equipment. I don't think Porsche or Nissan has handled this situation properly. The two of them should get together and track test the GT-R alongside various versions of the 911. Even IF the GT-R gets a slower time, it's STILL a major contender to the 911 at half the price. As for the warranty issues, this is the first I've heard of it, but it sounds messy. For a manufacturer to include a feature in the car that voids its warranty is a bit unsettling. It shouldn't be like that. When a transmission on a new car fails and isn't replaced, something is wrong. All I can hope is that, in the future models, they will update the transmission and if there are still problems, instead of voiding a warranty on a car that's used the launch control, maybe set a lower mileage limit on the warranty or offer models without the launch control...Because if there's a button there, I'm gonna have to try it at least once. And that shouldn't void a warranty. All of this said, I still think the GT-R is an amazing car. I love the styling, the performance, the price, and the display that Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo Series) helped design. If I had $130,000, I'd spend $70k on the GT-R and the remaining $60k on the insurance. :P

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The new Godzilla GT-R is a classic case of "Player Hater" mindset thats going on betw Porsche, BMW & Nissan. The GT-R is simply a monster of a car thats tearing down the numbers originally put there by Porsche & BMW. I heard the handling is excellent not to mention their super acceleration & reliability of the Japanese parent. While Porsche is in no way a weakling, GT-R really setting up a new benchmark & we should just applause Nissan for their ingenuity & excellent engineering. Hope to test one soon...

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