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My 2009 Corolla with 12k miles had some squealing noises since last week during braking. The dealer first said the rotor is over scored, so they machined the rotor. After that, it has the squealing noise every time I pressed the brake! They then said the pad is cracked. After changing the pad, I can still hear some noise. Is this normal? or is it a design problem? I found some other similar complaints online. For example:


"Braking takes a while and the pads seem to wear rather fast (stock brakes)."

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Where are you from? I am from Trinidad and Tobago and I own a 2009 corolla 14 mths old. I have had the EXACT same problems.The problem still exists. They are trying to tell me there is nothing wrong. The other day my brakes failed. That is went to the floor before the car stopped. I think something is very wrong.My car is doing 17 000 kilometers.

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Since you said you got the rotors re-machined, you still might need them to be broken in; along with the brake pads. You need to "heat cycle" the rotors in order to get the surface broken in. Go about 30mph down your streets and brake slightly hard to build up some heat. Keep doing this for about a week's worth of driving. Just one thing to keep in mind though, DO NOT, put on your e-brake while parked while doing this process. It could warp the rotors and that is never good...

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just finished chasing a a brake noise in my 2009 corolla---noise came from lack of lubrication on the slide assemblies (top and bottom of each brake pad) only a little bit of grease applied where the brake disk rides in the slider assembly cured my noise problem

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Thanks all for the reply. Here is my update: The dealer changed the entire brake system (rotor and pad) for me, but they said I will lose the warranty for the brakes. Since they told me to press harder when I apply the brake, I searched the internet and found some articles about bed-in, for example: http://www.stoptech.com/tech_info/wp_bedinstock.shtml http://volvospeed.com/Reviews/seasoning.htm Their suggestions are similar to Stag_123's, ie, partly applying the brakes every 2 minutes for 10 times, waiting for 2~3 hours, and repeating the process, to allow the pad material to be evenly spread to the rotors. I also doubled-checked with the dealer before I did that, and they agreed. However, after two weeks, the noise came back again! I was really disappointed with Corolla. Can anyone tell me what should I do now? Is it true that once I change something during the warranty period, I will lose the warranty for the new parts? Thanks.

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Use some brake cleaner (might help) Be more firm and deliberate when pressing the break pedal, not like you're hesitating like most people ride their brakes in traffic. (most make a little noise when it's cold, but once the whole car is warm enough for a drive, most noises tend to go away - even squeeky belts) Could be air bubbles in your brake lines.. Or untrustworthy mechanics... <-- Then again, it's an economy passenger car, not a Lexus or Mercedes... I turn up the radio so I can't hear it - car still stops when I press on the brake pedal - that's most important.


how to apply grease to break disk? Disk is inside. can we do by ourself? Mine is 2000 corolla giving noise while breaking. Thank you.

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this is the reason why I will never buy a new Toyota,about the warranty,you don't service it every 3500 miles yo lost your warranty, you have problem with a brake you lost its warranty, trade it in for any American car you will feel safe,New American cars now has more value than 10 years ago.I will never buy new Japanese cars no more maybe used?

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It almost sounds like a design problem. The rotor wouldn't make that kind of sound. Something I would check is to make sure that there is nothing in or on the brakes. There could be mositer on the pads at all times, better make sure of that. I don't know what else it can be. Good luck

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Have them replace the rotors & to put in new Ceramic Pads, don't let them put semi-metalic. Wagner thero-quiets will be your solution. they should not have machined those rotors to begin with.

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Lack of lubrication o nthe back of the pad is a very common problem second that with any aftermarket brake pads on toyota will make noise only use toyota factory pads. If you choose not to use factory pads you will have noise its almost guaranteed. Now ceramic pads are ok but still not as good as factory. When a toyota dealer installs brake pads we would coat the back of the pad and inebtween each shim plate with caliper grease intended to dampn the noise of the pads vibrating. as far as losing your warranty thats the dealer saying were gonna screw ya find a new dealership. if its making that noise with only 12k on it its under warranty should get repaired free of cost. unless its excessively worn than its considered a wear item. less warranty then drive train.

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Mine started squeeking at 22K miles. Was told it was excessive brake dust. They cleaned my brakes, but on the way home the noise started again. I have called repeatedly but Toyota has not helped. I am now at 46K miles and the rotors are starting to grind. While I never want to buy new brakes, I am almost happy at the prospect of replacing these horrible pads. Toyota claims they use premium brake pads and sometimes they squeek although nothing is wrong. I think it is BS and just an excuse. Why didn't my 2001 Corolla's brakes squeek? And why did I get 88K miles out of them and only half the life on these new pads?

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I used my 05 corolla to deliver pizza and had lots of issues with the front brakes. not only the squeeks but the front rotors would warp about every 2k miles. finally i changed out the front rotors with toyotas top line racing rotors and got ceramic pads at my local garage. they installed them and i have not had a single problem with my brakes since other than changing pads...25k to 110k milage.... you may not do as much stop and go as i did but this was about a 350.00 dollar fix that im glad i spent the money on. have had no problems with the rear drums either. toyota obviously thinks we all drive slow,dont have stop lights and time stops for us at a snap of a finger.. happy holidays :)

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Put pads on semi metallic ,little noisy but replace shims and spring kit Tighten pads so it will make less noise sorry Noise is a small part of pads metallic if you use organic pads They wear to fast and don't breaks as we'll cut the rotor every time They get hot discolor and warp and you can only cut them once or twice Good luck a good pad for that car is made buy repco semi mettallic

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I have a 2012 camry that I'm experiencing problems with the squeaking noise as well I've been back at the dealers over and over about my brakes..I don't hear the noise every time I hit the break, it's comes and goes, this is a brand new car still under warranty but they say nothing wrong so the corporate not going to do anything about it cuz they can't find the problem. One of the service guys said it was the shims but didn't put it in the report And i want to know why. This is my second new car i brought from them.. can anybody give me some advice about this... I'm not trying to be stuck paying for something that's not rite...I want to know how can they tell if shims or breaks are defected. Feeling really PISSED with R&H TOYOTA IN OWINGS MILLS AND THE HEAD TECH JOE IS SO DISRESPECTFUL. ..Oh BTW when I first brought the car I took it rite back cuz i was going threw stop signs and red lights...


i changed my brake pads and rotors- then my caliper-still same annoying noize - finally it was the spindle- resolved - welcome :D

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i ck my 2013 corolla breaks are fine, rotor fine and calipper is fine a lot of meat on the break almost about to stop it sound like a robber sound not a metal sound, just when ever fill like to do the sound or maybe when it get hot. any idea?


I have a 2012 Corolla S...and recently it would occasionally make a rumbling sound when breaking. It would do it maybe every other day for like 3 to 5 times when breaking during the day. I bought a new set of Ceramic pads and replaced them along with the hardware yesterday...easiest breaks Ive ever replaced...like only 20mins per side. The old pads still had some life on them, but were probably close to needing to be changed anyway so I did them. I drove it for a bit afterward and the noise has not returned....I will update if the sound comes back.

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