Why is the paint peeling off all the way to the metal? I am scared to wash it . I have took it too different body shops both say it is a factory defect so what can be done about it.


Asked by Apr 13, 2015 at 12:07 AM about the 2008 Chevrolet Equinox LS

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Some one please help it makes u not proud of what u are driving when the paint is
peeling out!!!!i do have pictures on my phone it is bad!!!!

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Is it the actual paint or is it just the clear coating over the paint ? This will appear to be a whitish / clear film.

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Unfortunately , that is not warrantied & there isn't really much you can do except have it repainted. You can contact a local Chevy dealer & ask them if there were any other complaints about that particular year , make & model if that would be any comfort to you. Good Luck ...

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sometimes these defects are fixed by the automaker. call a dealer and ask them if there are any recalls about this on your make model and year.

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The paint is peeling off all the way to the metal took it two to different shops both say it is a factory defect. I have been doing research they is a lot of 2008 . It makes the suv ugly gmc should have to fix this .

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I totally agree with you as far as them being negelent for poor quality of paint or the craftsmanship that was done as to applying the paint. Unfortunately, they have attorneys on their side that you cannot afford to challenge & will determine that you did not maintain your vehicles finish as far as compounding/polishing or having mischief done by others...... Soda poured on vehicle, bad Car Wash Brushes, Vandalism done on Mischief Night... EGGS, Paint Thinner, Soda, Muriatic Acid.... They cover all the angles...... It would be cheaper to just simply have it re-painted.


I see a lot of cars not too old with paint problems. The clear coat is a clear paint used to help protect the paint color underneath. This is a soft paint and depending where you live, the environment could be a contributing factor. People that live near or work at airports have paint issues due to the aviation gas fumes or fuel being dumped in the air. Cold weather that has icy roads and are driven after salt or chemicals are put on the roadway can splatter this corrosiveness onto the cars. Even paint polish or waxes have a cleaner corrosiveness that may cut into the protective clear coat and expose the paint to the environment. If you look at polishes, they will say "Safe for clear coat finishes" as will the car wash soap. Polish has an adhesive in it to remove road film, tar, bugs and bird poop. If used with a polisher, it may cut into the paint causing damage. So it may not be the car manufacturer's paint, it could be the care or non care, or environment your car faces everyday. If you have it sanded, make sure the painter puts down a good primer, paint and clear coat. A good job is in the thousands. My Corvette cost $10,000. The paint alone was over a $1,000 a gal. and that was 12 years ago. Here is a picture last fall. I keep it garaged, away from airplanes, and use only polish and wax for the top paint protection. I really don't wash it but two or three times a year.

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I have a 2008 Equinox also. My paint started to just fly off literally. I took it to GM. Gm did an evaluation of my paint and how it was peeling. Even they said it was a factory issue! Apparently there was never primer put on and the metal was contaminated! Contacted head quarters of Chevrolet, they blew me off! Saying we can't help you because our paint warranty is for only 3 years. I called again 2 more times, nothing! Then they have a nerv to send me a free oil change!!?? So now as I text... my suv is in a shop being psinted and paid out of my pocket! Never again will I buy a Chevrolet.

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I was going to respond to your answer Jenilee, but I re-read my answer above and there is nothing I can add to it. I took a tour of the Corvette assembly plant a couple of years ago, and I saw how they paint the cars. All cars receive primer paint before the final paint is applied. So for a paint shot to tell you no factory primer was applied, in all doubts is an incorrect assessment. I do notice cars here in So. Cal. that have paint issues of the clear coat and paint pealing. Most are Mazda or Chrysler vehicles. I have talked to some owners and they told me they use dishwashing soap to wash their car. Very bad as it removes the polish and wax from the car exposing the paint to the elements. Like I said above, with the paint now put on cars, the correct product is necessary to protect the paint. Just as some old dishes or glassware that has gold trim, they never should be washed in a dishwasher. Same as cars, only the correct cleaners and paint wax/polish should be used. Car washes are very hard on car paint also. So to put the total blame on a car factory's application of paint, just may not be completely correct. I'm not standing up for GM or any other car manufacture, just stating the elements and care have a large influence on the paint over time.

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I also have 2008 Equinox with paint flying off. I contacted Chevrolet also. No warranty, they did offer to paint 50/50 cost. But of course their cost at 50/50 was more then double at the dealership. I had already gotten estimates first.

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Congratulations you own a Chevy! I have noticed that Chevy cars and trucks have a lot of peeling paint problems. The only solution is a repaint and keeping it garaged.


I doubt Chevy will back any paint jobs on cars that are 7 years old.

It is a defect on 2008, paint flies off in one day. There are many 2008 Equinox with exact same problem and in the same exact place. They should back their paint,

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people, we need to file a class action suit against chevy with the paint problems. it is long over due

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I have a 2008 Chevy Equinox (white) and mine did the same thing. About this time last year, I left my work and drove home (about 30 minutes), got out of my car and a section about a foot wide above the driver side back door was missing. Now, a year later, almost all of that side is missing above the doors and a section on the back panel near the back hatch door is missing. I absolutely HATE this vehicle and will never own a Chevy again. I paid over $10,000 for this vehicle 2 years ago, and now it is not even worth $3500. I agree with Dawn, I think a class action suit is something to consider.

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I contacted GM again, told them, I knew it was a manufacturing defect. That the same problem is posted on numerous websites. I said there should be a recall. She said if it became a recall, there would be reimbursement for cost of repainting. More people have to complain to GM. 1-866-790-5600. There is also email at gmprioritycare@gm.com. More people need to complain to GM not dealerships. The dealerships aren't going to do anything. The other problem is people are replying to our comments, telling us we washed our cars wrong, or neighborhood kids probably threw coke on it. So they don't go further with this matter. I've owned enough cars new and old to know the difference between fading, chipping and being old. this is a defect. I agree with you also Dawn, But, some how we would all need to come together for a class action. There is also a website, I've used before against optimart. They take your complaints and contact the company to work things out when you are not getting satisfaction. I plan to write them soon.

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Oh, the website, Peopleclaim.com They try to work things out for you. No cost.

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If you are all upset and plan a class action law suit, you wi9ll need to speak to an experienced lawyer that is well versed on the handling and filing of class action slow suits. If these were new cars, not ones eight years old, your chances of profiling would be much greater. You will need to prove you took the proper care of you vehicle, prove where it was driven, what elements you encounter and so on. It will in the long run cost more that a new paint job. Remember anyone can file a law suit, winning is another matter. Ask around what it costs to file a class action law suit, and also look at the cost of having it repainted. Attorneys will ask you to be honest in your assessment of the damage. You will never get a factory looking paint job from a court settlement, and the pretrial cost will be horrendous as expert witnesses will need to be paid, and much testing needs to be done. If you feel it is a just cause, good luck. Please re-read my responses above about paint.

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Wow I'm in the middle of writing to GMC now regarding this same issue. I have a 2009 Equinox that on my way back to work from lunch paint started flying off. The dealership that I purchased it from has not been helpful, but another one has informed me that they have seen others like mine and referred me to GMC. I'm not expecting anything from the looks of these text's but it won't hurt to at least give it a try.

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I have a 2007 Equinox and the paint on my tailgate is peeling off. It is all the way to the metal too.

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I am having the same issue. I have a 2009 Chevy Aveo and the paint on the hood is just peeling off in pieces.

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Our paint fell off in clumps that filled a box and Chevrolet denied the claim, stated that they don't have a paint problem. It is time for a class action suite!

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They offer paint coverage for new cars with water based paint. I should have taken it. 2014 spark, tiny specs multiplying like rabbits.Right down to the primer.


Unfortunately poor paint is not a safety issue so the federal government will not act on it. "Let the buyer be ware" is what they say. The problem is, with taking the oil base paints away, everyone in the paint business states there is an issue using water based paint. less shine, and poor adhesion. I know Dupont and other big companies are working hard to find the solution, but nothing will stick like the oil base paint. ?The best they can do is cover the paint with clear coat in hopes the covering will protect it from the elements. It's hard to issue a guarantee when there are so many elements that affect it. Living around airports, on farms, leaving it outside, or not washing or polish/waxing it as we should. worse solution is leave it as is. Next step is go to a cheap paint place for a quick fix that may last a year before fading or pealing again. Painting a car right is just like having a successful vacation, the prep work is the most important. I'd venture to say, for a medium size car going back to the same color will be between 2,000 and 6,000. I'd venture to say the 3-4,000 dollar range would be the norm.

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Get it together Chevy it's no wonder the Japanese are kicking your butts


Azera_3040 don't pick on Chevy. If you want to pick on cars that the paint is pealing, look at all the cars. Chrysler is perhaps worse, Mazda, Honda, and others. Some can be contributed to poor upkeep, using the wrong polish, being near an airport, or some factories, and driving in winter snow that snow removal is being used. The slot is being replaced with a chemical that is very toxic not only to paint, but the metal and frames also. Yes Chevy has it's flaws, but all others do also.

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just talked to gm about my equinox paint peeling. they say they can't help. they don't think that this is a factory defect. more need to call and need to complain. will cost more than $700 to fix.

I have a 05 chevy malibu maxx with paint peeling to bare metal. This is the first car I've owned that had this happen. My mother has an 08 malibu with the same problem only worse than mine.


See responses above.


WOW time for a paint job I would think !

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I have a 2008 Equinox (white) also. Same chipping problem. About same time frame. Body shop said it was a factory problem. I am going to start calling, and emailing, as well!

No more Chevy's for me. Have 08 equinox losing paint! Just bought new Nissan.

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