why is everyone so hot over this ugly car?


Asked by Dec 23, 2008 at 09:01 PM about the 2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

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Why does everyone and their uncle like the bugati veyron? wow big deal they crammed a lot of cylinders under the bonnet and made it a rediculously high liter motor.

for one its extremly ugly car on the outside and especially inside it.

for that amount of money you could buy like 5 cars make them have crazy hp/accelertion and still be able to buy two houses with 5 bay garages with all the tools you could think of.

i dont get it?

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I think the Veyron has love it or hate it styling.. Personally I love it. Not for the power, not for the displacement, or for the numerous amount of turbos it runs. I just flat out love the lines of the car.

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The Car was Designed to Do 400Kmph (not sure mph) in order to achieve this the car had to be almost perfectly aerodynamic. So style was sacrificed for speed.

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Simply put, it took the McLaren F1 off the high horse. Kinda Like Mark McGuire taking the record for home runs. They made a huge deal and then the record was broken again shortly after. It could have looked like a turd wrapped in tin foil and there would still be fanatics for it.

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i agree, its ugly, overpriced, and their are much better cars for much less money. id take a ssc, a mercedes, and a 3500 ram, and have the choice to do, and drive anything i wanted at the time

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Ohh and it actually doesn't have the best aerodynamic effectiveness for the people saying that It's got a huge surface area and a decently high drag coefficient .36 even with the wing set to minimum drag :-\ A Delorean actually has less drag than a Veyron. And peak down force is only 770 lbs, and that increases drag coefficient to .41 :-\ It's not bad by any means but is not the best by any stretch of the imagniation. I beleive any of the labos currently produced have better . The F430, down force of 660lbs at a .33 drag coefficient and smaller, for example :-\ I beleive the newer lambos have better aero characteristics. (You'll note when they talk about advanced aero design they talk about the underbody mostly, which is truly a work of art.) As far as I can tell it's a Carrera GT+Audi w12+EB110 Can't tell where they got the idea for the odd inlets at the front though, and it's very strange that the styling is hardly at all reminiscent of the w12 roadster concept. (C(d)A 6.93 compared to 8.02o of the delorean... It's a brick in the wind)

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Whats funny is that every car they sell they take a loss on. Per car it costs then over $3,000,000, and they sell it for something like $1,500,000


I love the car but respect your opinion to not like it. The car is crazy. Quad turbo charged (thats 4 fucking turbos on one motor), the car has 4 radiators just to keep it running cool enough to function, safely driveable at over 200 mph. I think the car is fantastic.

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thats more because they are making so few of them, and they are factoring in the cost of designing the car. the raw material, and the labour/tooling to made this car is WELL under 1.5 million, even the 3 million a car number was a guess, Bugatti themselves have said nothing about how much the car costs them i would bet they are coming close to making profit, if not already are. its world that's in the brink of a recession, Bugatti isn't a super company that didn't feel the pinch, they want to make money just as much as any other company

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it has 10 rads 4 just for the water 2 for the intercoolers 3 for the gear box 1 for the diff and it costs VW the owners of Bugatti £5M to make and they sell it for £1.1m. It was a engineering idear to see if they could do it as a halo car I think the num are correct I stand corrected if they are worng

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The Veyron wasn't designed to be pretty, It's entire body has a purpose! It was designed to be the perfect shape for optimum performance, not to look pretty. I think the functionality of it's outer shell is what makes it beautiful and not superficially "cool". If you want something pretty that shifts, buy a horse not a car!!! Boys! Bless 'em you're not too bright! LOL x

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manything why is custom built car by audi is 1000 hp the braking systems and tires had had to be built for it and guess best of all is speed!!!!!!!!!!!!! has register close to over 200 miles an hur of course the bad thing is the price tag 1million dollars and guess in the neighborhood theres no mechanics for it so if you hit the lottery someday is a gift you can say i deserve it!!!!@ thats why


how about the SSC Ultimate Aero.. which makes MORE power out of a TWINTURBO v8, then vw managed to get out of a freaking quad turbo w16.... and its a 10th the price, faster, and rarer!

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actually it costs bugatti around 8million to build them... the tech is so advanced and refined... it also has to do with small numbers ....


why do you like imports so much... i think the wrx and evo are ugly as sin... Im sure if you had the money to buy one and the balls to drive it every day it would prove to be a fantastic car... ive read reports that say its like manuvering a focus around town... and is quite easy to park... its not very big... unless i had 100milliion in the bank i wouldnt think about one... if i had the money id have one for sure though... and for 1.5million even you couldn't two houses with 5 bay garages with all the tools i could think of... those would be shitty houses you could maybe have a nice house and a sweet garage... a million doesnt go that far anymore... and 5 crazy hp cars to me means about 500000 dollars but our definitions of crazy hp are dependant on what we can handle its ok if ur acura is too much for you... i like 800hp


VW or Bugatti is so confident with this car that each car have a warranty of 15 years


U R absolutely Correct! I agree


U R absolutely correct u must support Mclaren!


U R also absolutely correct! and also u r writing F***.So u must support Mclaren!

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shut up!!!! wat car do u drive? if the answer is anything american(except ford!) then you should take a good look at your car, sell it and get any european car cos 99 out of 100 theyre beautiful (except peugeot) the 99% includes bugatti veyron so shut up sell ur car and get somthin european.

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Gay statment is gay. That's the stupidest thing I've heard all week... This isn't about American design over euro design. There are lots of great American cars... Just as there are lots of great euro cars.

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look, i also thought that bugatti looks like a toad ! but when you see it with spoilers zooming on the highway near your car you will love it and its head lights are awesome when you look at night with a shining blue colour.


A beautiful car? 1970 Chevelle 454 SS, 1987 Buick Grand National GNX, 2010 Chevrolet Corvette These outlandish over the top super cars, have their place but I would take each of the previous cars first. And as for Euro cars having better styling, some do this is true, but far too many are little death trap hatchbacks for my taste.


you hit the nail on the head, all I can say is your forgetting about your fords and dodges, dont take no offense man i'm a huge fan of the gm products also.


u callin me gay?!? if ur a yank then ur bais 2wards ur muscle cars. im British an im standin up 4 a french car owned by germans. and 2 finish off british cars are the best because they look nice unlike all non ford american cars. thake the astin martin dbs, best car ever. so i'll tell u what the 2 gayest statement is ive heard in my life. the bugattiVeyron is ugly and there are lots of gr8 yank cars


ok france can only make one nice car, the BugattiVeyron. |Ill give you my top three most beautiful cars 3: BugattiVeyron 2: Lambo Diablo 1: Astin Martin DBS.


what is this supposed to even mean? are you typing words?????? look the veyron is ugly but it wasnt built for beauty and by the way american companies other than ford have built beautiful cars here's a list 1967-69 Camaro 1968-70 Chevelle 1967-74 Cuda 1960's Trans Am and GTO's etc, etc... im too lazy to type out the rest so just google American Muscle

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Personally i like this car very much its the only car that has everything at one speed, stylish and many more things in short i just want to say for me this car is the best


I am surprised so many people think it's ugly, even if they're a minority. Are we looking at the same car? The Bugatti Veyron, especially the Super Sport, is axiomatically beautiful and one of the best looking cars to have ever existed or will exist. A aerodynamic piece of engineering and art, it is the epitome of ultra smooth and sleek. It appears as a god among cars as it glides effortlessly across the highway in its silky, curvy contours. My guess is that many of the people who say it's ugly actually think it's attractive but just like to be "different". Or they might be ugly themselves and personify the car as the hot person they envy but could never be. Ha!

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The Bugatti is a extremely stupid looking car. The Nissan gtr has more style than that "high speed turd" that cost how much? Who cares.. I wouldn't buy it if they sold it to me for 50,000... ,or I would and sell it to some idiot for 1,500,000 that wanted to go 200mph. Then like the guy said go buy some tools have a awesome shop and build drag cars/trucks/classics. Or go get a GTR and go put 4 turbos in it. Anyways a ridiculous amount of power for such a ugly piece of crap.

The Veyron is ugly. It does not look like a supercar should. There is not one racecar-inspired line on this car, it looks more like a bubble-mobile. Who gives a crap about the car's speed. Any car company could make a car go as fast as an ugly Veyron if they build a quad-turbocharged 16 cylinder engine. The Veyron is nothing more than an overpriced Volkswagen Beetle.

i believe the veyron is a nice car. but not for that price. i mean for all that money you could purchase better cars than that!!!!! but ay this just my opinion

Just think. You could build a drag car that can accelerate 2 times as fast for a eighth of the price. Or you could take something like a Dodge viper and twin turbo it to make 600 more horsepower. It might just be me but you can build way more than a Buggati for a Fraction of the price. I truly think that your just paying a lot of money for a car that is really not worth it.

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