How to reset my gear shift when locked

Asked by Jan 16, 2013 at 07:01 PM about the 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

My gear shift will not move from park to any other gears
and I've read the car manual on how to reset it and it still
will not reset to allow me to get it back working again. Can
someone please help.

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Forgive me, but you do have your foot on the brake..right? Other than that I can't add to what the owners manual says

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I did find..First verify all the fuses are good for the shift lock control system. Check fuse 12 and 21 in the junction block fuse box. Located the shift lock control unit behind the gauge cluster and check the powers and grounds and inputs to the shift lock control unit before replacing the unit and first verify brake lights operate if not replace brake light switch. There is a technical service bulletin released by nissan for this problem and the fix is replacing the lock control unit

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push the break and see if it makes a click noise if not it is a break switch what is conected to the neutral safty switch it may have moved in that case you need to move the sensor foward

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If anyone still signs on here thank you for the help ..the gear shift wouldn't move I checked everything right before I tried to move car I was changing my dome light it was a fuse that controls the inside lights and the gear shift . It was for a 2006 Nissan Altima .

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So, what is the solution for it? I tried to adjust the dome light during driving and after some time I got this problem of gear shift. It was struck in drive and I couldn't move it to park. Thanks,

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All it was for my car was a few fuses were blown they control te hear shift and the interior lights

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I tied to adjust the dome light during driving and after some time I could smell something burning. I parked the vehicle and when I tried to put back to drive, the gear was not shifting and was struck in drive mode. Car engine offed and I could not move it back to park. The interior lights, wipers were stopped. I couldn't even turn the emergency lights or take the key out (as its not shifting to parking). is this what similar to your case? I am waiting for tomorrw mrning so that I can find a mechanic. Thanks for your reply.

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I am have the same problem can anyone help is a 1995

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Can anyone tell me what the label of the gear shift lock fuse would be? This is a Honda Civic 2007, i don't see a fuse labeled gear shift lock? is it STS, or METER? most fuses i can understand the label but i just can't find this one.

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Just had my 2009 Pathfinder repaired. Car was starting fine; but gear shift lever would not allow it to be moved out of park. Used the override system until it got to the garage. It was a brake light switch....and was only about $90 to get a new one and have it installed. Must be an issue with many NIssan's, but I guess we all know that the recall will NEVER happen. Find an honest repairman...I finally did!

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Hi its so easy pop off little cap next to shifter n stick something like a small paper clip push in and yr good to go my PROBLEM IS I WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I HAVE A 2010 HYUNDAI SONATA 4DR SEDAN AND NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE BUT IT NEVER happened before so what do i do it didn't reset n i hav r to press it every time i shift is the switch bad? the is mint only v got 18000 mile which is just broken in so i fed up an dont want to get ripped off from repair shop or dealler please help

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If you have a problem with the Parking Gear sticking on a Nissen car, instead of complaining you need to contact Nissen USA. Apparently the parts they are using are inferior and if they don't know it, they will keep on using the same manufacturer. Call them 1-800-647-7261 and report this problem of the Parking Gear being stuck. Then they can do something about it! Or just pay $300 to fix it?

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If you mess with the dome lights or other interior lights and find none of them work or your gear shift won't move out of park, check the fuse in the panel by the steering wheel. The fuse should be called Battery Saver. It is a 10A fuse. If you find you can't move the gearshift and your brake lights don't work, check the fuse called stoplight. It's a 10A as well and in the same panel. Even if the fuse looks good, change it out and try it! Mine looked fine, but I replaced it anyways and it fixed the problem.

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If changing one of the fuses doesn't fix the problem, just change both. I have heard that if the brake lights are out, the safety feature locks the gearshift. Simple fix and super cheap..a box of fuses cost next to nothing!

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My 2004 jVolvo gear shift lock gets pressed down by my dog and I can't get the key out. I lifted the covering for gearshift just a little and got it popped back up. will cover it with gorilla tape to avoid the problem.


I worked on a 04 Nissan sentra and the fuse was the problem.thanks.victor

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I have the same problem in a 2005 Nissan altima 2.5s and it's driving me I insane. Every where I go I have to stick some thing in the little hole located on the upper left on the hear box i tried checking the fuses but it's confusing and don't wanna mess with it n ruin it even more...can someone please help me with a picture or youtube video. On which fuses to check or replace I would highly appreciate it or I can email me at thanks

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Sorry for the misspelling auto correct suck

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OK, so my 2005 Nissan Altima was stuck in park. I pulled the tab and used a screwdriver to depress the park lock so I could get the car home. I read all the forums about this issue. According to the forums, it was either the fuse or the break switch. I dutifully checked all of the fuses and they were all fine. I checked the break lights and they were working fine. I did notice that many post mentioned the dome light, and sure enough mine was blown. I tricked the shifter with my screwdriver and drive to the auto-parts store. I removed the light bulb and noticed that I regained shifting function to the car. I replaced the light bulb and shifting was normal. So, my recommendations would be to first check to see if you have break lights, if you press the brakes and the lights do not come on, its likely the break switch at the top of the break pedal. Next check the dome light, if it does not come on, remove the cover and remove the bulb and try shifting. If that doesn't work, then test your fuses, starting with your 10 amps (in the panel near the drivers left knee)

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Here is my fuse panel with the 2 fuses circled. 2005 Altima 2.5

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And here are the actual fuses circled. You can just put two new ones in even if the others look fine and see if that solves the problem. (Mine looked fine but after replacing them anyways, everything worked)

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Even if the brake lights go on make sure both parts of a brake switch are good. My 2010 Altima had good lights but part that went to shifter solenoid was bad. Simple to remove and test..

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If i take my 2005 altima in for this shifting proplem at nissan dealer will it cost alot neef help aspa whats a dome light the light in the middle of roof?


I have the same problem i changed both fuses and it worked but the next day same problem, so i changed the interior dome light that didnt help. so i wen to nissan and bought their 10A fuses it worked then later that night same problem. can some one tell me what check next or how to fix the problem

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Yes, the dome light is the interior light overhead in the cabin (in the middle of the roof).


Maybe something is blowing your fuse? A short or something. Have you checked the door lights as well (the courtesy lights at the bottom of the interior door panels)? Maybe one of those is out. Otherwise, I am not sure what would blow or short out the fuses. PS--I have gone through so many overhead lamps in the altima. Many more than any other car I have owned. It seems to short out easily in my experience. I have found that buying the correct brand/type bulb does much better and also make sure the bulb is seated correctly in the socket. When you replace the bulb, you may need to replace the fuses again. Sorry, I can't be of more help! PS-- I found the best success with Sylvania dome light part # DE3175 LL I read you should not touch the metal contacts so I use gloves to pop it in. Once I switched to this bulb and stopped touching the metal, my lights have lasted far longer than ever before. Hope that might help someone with a similar problem.

I have a 2013 Altima and have been having problems with the gear locking in Park position...serviceman at the Nissan dealership told me to use a key (stick it in the hole at top of gear shift) to unlock the gear, until I can get it in for service/diagnostics next week. I will check my lights and fuses as others have advised, but I is such an irritating issue. :(

I have the same problem with my 2005 Altima 2.5S. I have replaced the fuses # 12 & 21. The brake lights and the dome lights are working well. I have even changed the OEM gear shifter once by taking my car to a local mechanic. He replaced an used part from the scrap. But the problem reoccurred within a week. Life really sucks due to this. i am manually moving the gear with a toothpick everytime. I have already spent more on this car and dont want to spend anything more. Can someone please help?


well my shifter still wasnt working after replacing the fuse and dome light, then a few days ago my brake light stopped working. after researching i discovered it was my brake light switch because all 3 brake light were out. I purchased the switch from napa auto part for 10.00 and replaced it but the lights still didnt come on so i decided to replace the stop light fuse again and to my surprise the shifter and the brake lights are working. so replace the brake light switch which is by the brake pedal.

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