Just bought a 2007 Silverado crew cab Texas Edition, and it has a crackling noise that can only be heard inside the cab, when the truck flexes on rough terrain. Any information would be appreciated.


Asked by Aug 22, 2007 at 10:25 PM about the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT1 Crew Cab

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The crackling noise can only be heard in the inside, when the truck frame flexes, can hear it all around inside. Have taken it to the dealer 3 times already, they have torqued up cab bolts under frame, and realigned the back seat, the noise is still there.  They told me to put 1,500 to 2,000 miles so that all the bushings can settle in.  Help!

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Hi silverman, I have friends that have other newer vehicles with the same type of issue. At least your dealership has tried to do something about it. They were told they had to live with it and nothing more. This could end up being something very small and inconspicuous. Like a broken/missed weld or a suspension (shock, control arm, sway bar) bushing. I would set aside a couple of hours and maticulously scower the undercarriage of your truck for anything that could be loose or rattling. Also loook for small pathces of bare metal where something could be rubbing off the paint. You might also want to get a couple of friends together to act like monkeys in the bed of your truck. They can rock it back and forth to try to recreate the sound. This may help you pinpoint the origin and convey it to the dealership on your next trip. Good luck!

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GM has a bulletin out on this issue, I surprise no one gave you a copy. The bulletin recommends that there be a weight of 200 to 500 Lbs. set over the axle. This is supposed to be a test to see if it dissipates. I have the same problem with my Silverado. My truck actually shakes like an old 1950 model with a bad idler arm. It vibrates between 45 to 55 MPH. Curt

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Chevy Silverado advertises that this truck gets 16 MPG City and 20 MPG Hwy. This is a big, big fallacy, not on the best day will this truck do 16 MPG City and 20 MPG Hwy. My truck with the small engine and a 3.23 gear ratio at best gets 12 MPG City and 17 MPG Hwy.

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I have the same problem. It only does it when I am going over uneven parking lots and roads and going slow. Somebody told me it could be the clutches in the positraction rear but the dealer opened it and checked it but nothing. They just sprayed some oil on the rear springs. Im starting to think its the seals around the doors. I live in Houston so the weather changes every ten minutes so they are probaly sticking. All I know is didnt do it for the first couple months I have had it.


Our 2007 Chev.Silverado also makes a cracking and popping sound inside the cab. It is worst when it is warm and muggy outside. The dealership has tried everything but nothing works. It is loudest at low speeds <25mph.Our turck has been in two different dealerships. It has been in the shop for almost 30 days. The truck did not make this noise for the first few months. Chevrolet tells us we are the only people in the USA with this problem. Does anyone else have this problem?

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I am also having a problem with a cracking noise on my 2007 Texas Edition when driving at slow speeds. I have not taken it to the dealer yet, but should I waste my time at the dealership? Is Cheverlot working on the problem? Does anybody know these answers? Would really like the noise to stop.


theres no problem you just need to break it in more.


There is a bulliten out for a body mount making a popping/creaking noise. In that bulletin, it also stated that dealer installed running boards can cause the same noise. Had this problem on my 2007 silverado. Step one of the bulletin is to remove the running boards and re-check to see if noise is still present. It was my running boards :/. Putting some felt tape on the mounting brackets that contact the frame helped the situation. Hope this helps.


As a squeak and rattle tech for 3 years at a GM dealer, i'm quite familliar with this noise. There are several issues that it could be. if it's the new body style (GMT900), there is an issue with the door seals. one fix is to apply low friction mylar tape to the top edge of the door. due to the rough nature of the new upper body to door seal, this causes a creaking poping noise. also, regularcab trucks had an issue with a spot weld at the rear of the cab - there is a bulliten(actually a PI not a bulliten) for this, and the fix is to bend the flange. also, on the new style '07 trucks, i have found dozens of trucks where an adjustment to the door latch striker(s) has fixed this type of noise. they need to be perfectly aligned. Also there is a PI addressing the body mounting cables that are attached from the frame to the cab. I have also run across an issue where the nylon insulator at the top of the body mount is pinched and not installed correctly - the fix for that is to order new mounts and have them replaced along with new nylon insulators. I hope this helps. if not, send a note.

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I have a 2008 Crew Cab without running boards and mine makes all the same noises as stated above, under the same conditions. I took it to the dealership and they kept it for about a week. Stated they re-torqued the bolts holding the body mounts on, and also installed insulators to all six bushings on all body mounts. Then they replaced the driver's side door latch striker, citing it as faulty. I just got it back Tuesday, and it was fine initially. The more I drove it, the more the creaking/ popping started to come back. It's as if the insulators simply muffled the noise, not corrected it. Yesterday was hot and humid where I live (southeast NC), and the sound was as bad as before.

I also have an 08' Crew Cab. SAME PROBLEM! It's only noticable at slow speeds. Anyone have fix for this before I lose my mind and buy a Ford!!

I have a 07 sivlerado classic Ext. cab. I have always been a chevy person, but this truck has changed that. Same problem, sqeaking and rattling from my back driver side door. been to the dealer 8 times. 3 stearing colums replaced, 2 back windows, Door still squeaks over bumps at slow speeds. Oh yeah driver side seat also squeaks when driving over bumps. It's got over 36,000 so the dealers off the hook now. This truck's driving me crazy.


had the same thing it drove me crazy.but luckly i figured it out.open all your doors clean all the weatherstrip you see with rubbing alcohol,then take silicone spray and spray directly on all the weatherstrip(i used a silicone made by 3 in 1)the cab is now quiet as a church mouse.i can now drive with the radio off if i choose to do so.

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clean all weather strips around your doors with rubbing alchol and then spray a dry silicone directly on the weather strips (i used a silicone by 3 in 1 ) you wont believe how quiet it is now.your welcome

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Isn't every GM tech a squeak and rattle tech? "Every third thursday of the month, when there is 37% humidity, 101.1fm is on the radio, i take this particular corner at 96.7mph, and my DIC says my tires are at 29psi, on a leap yea....etc....i hear a squeak...What do you mean you cant find it?"


hey silverman, i had the same problem, 2010 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 4WD...i installed my own nerf bars....no squeak before hand now it's there...though the body bolts were loose at first. Retorqued them and it went away for about 2 miles and came back...i will try the felt tape or something similar on the step brackets where they meet the body bushing and the step bars.


i spoke with a service tech at GM, he said that most likely in my case (no problem with cracking/squeak before nerf bars, and then after installed this noise started) that it is because of the metal bracket for the step bars rubbing on the metal cup that houses the bushing. see link and fig. 1 http://www.steelcraftautomotive.com/_uploaded_files/202220installation_instructions312instructions.doc

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I have a 2010 Silverado LTZ Crew Cab with what I think is similar problem. I hear a squeak or creacking noise as I go over bumps or uneven pavement on the road. It is very nerve racking. The truck only has about 600 miles on it. Is there a break in period? Sound seems to come from driver sid e of cab, sounds like it in the dash. It sounds like it might be coming from the seat but Im positive its more like dash. Any comments or suggestions? Have you had any luck resolving yet Silverman? thanks


I have an 09 crew cab silverado with the exact problem previously described (cab mount noise when cab flexes) I think the hot wax frame coating they use, acts as a lubricant to the bushings. I have noticed that it has come off in my driveway (truck only has 5000 miles. Any suggestions what to use as a replacement lube?

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Get your dealer to check where the Dashboard carrier mounts on to the firewall. Rarely there is a plate that hinges on to the carrier that if bent would cause squeaks over bumps.


Same problem here Guys. '07 Silverado, Ext'd Cab Z71 4x4, bought new now going on 86000 miles. Squeak started out on passenger side, stop & later on the Driver side, would jus come & go. Live in Oklahoma & it's Dec & cold and noise is on rear driver side & constant. Was driven me nuts so after finding this forum & read'n things others tried, last nite I tried a few of the tips. 1st used Armor All on the all door seals, then jus 4 da heck of it sprayed some on the hinges, then grabbed the WD40 & sprayed hinges, being careful to clean off paint. Sprayed leaf spring on driverside, jus trying anything. Took her out 4 a test drive on our rough asphalt country road and WOW it was gone...! Drove 80 miles round trip same night to see Family and not a single squeck !!! Now don't know just which action made it stop & time will tell but it has stopped...!!! Good Luck. Cyco

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I'm screwed. I only drive it when I have to. It's an 07, has 35000 on it. Basicly you buy it it's yours. GM don't care that the next car won't be a GM.


Hi everyone I've got a question I've got a 2004 crew cab 3/4 frame I was wondering if my 2007 crew cab will bolt on

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My 2007chevy Silverado makes the cracking noise only 65 miles an hour and up.sound like mine is in the right upper roof on passenger side.

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I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado with 81,000 miles. My squeak is on the back seat, drivers side. It sounds like its coming from the corner top near the window and the squeak is so loud that everyone can hear it when Im on speaker phone. I hate my truck now and dont understand why Chevy has not addressed this issue as many have it. Also my back end feels like its going to fall off when I just go over a little bump. Yep, Im a woman and have asked my dealer, now 3 of them, to fix but they say its nothing. Help! What can I do now. Any suggestions? I will use the spray on all the hinges as suggested but any other ideas? And the back end? What can that be? Thanks!

Problem was in the steering colom an also this may not make sence but check to see if the battery cross bar is tight

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