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Probably not.


Considering the LSE designator is for FORD Crown Vic's an not Merc MArquis there maybe a problem with the car. Check the vin if it comes up as a vic the owner added the LSE to it an changed the Ford logo to Merc Logo. Or the car was one of the flood or wrecked in an accident an wrong parts were used.


Mercury also hac a Grand Marquis sport version, called "LSE" that ran concurrently along with the Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport. Production numbers are unknown to the public at this time. There have been estimates of 1/4th of a year's run being of this particular variation.

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yes they are very rare grand marquis LSE is equivalent to crown vic LX sport, they have mustang gt power-trains sport suspension duel exhaust 372 gears air suspension in rear..etc all the goods , which is why they are bad ass, sort of like a pre marauder (which has the dohc 4.6) i have a 2002 LSE, its a boss!

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They are quite rare. I've only seen 2 of them for sale on the net. I would love to find one myself. Kenny.

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The 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE with bucket seats, center console and floor shift along with 4.6 V8 dual exhaust, load leveler suspension are very rare. From the research I was told they were produced due to the delay in 2002 of the Mercury Marauder. The 2003 platform changes so the 2002 Marauder interior would not fit the 2003, so Mercury produced an end of the line 2002 LSE with the center console, buckets seats and floor shift as an upscale LSE. The production for 2002 Grand Marquis ended in June of 2002 and the 2003 Mercury Marauders sat along side the brand new 2002 Marquis in June of 2002. I purchased mine in June of 2002 and test drove the 2002 Marquis LSE and the 2003 Marauder. I fell in love with the 2002 overall design especially since mine is Aspen Green or bullit Mustang Green, plus not a black interior a nice full leather interior in tan. The bucket seats, center console and floor shift is known as the S55 option first used in 1962, so this could have been made a 40th anniversary addition, but once again Ford missed that milestone. A proper Marauder would have been a Mercury Marauder S55, Marauder was Mercurys hi-performance engine package, S55 was the interior package like XL or SS options. At current I have seen them list between $6,000 to $10,000, they are very rare. Of course some people have no idea what they have. Production of the 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE with these options I believe is under 1 month.

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I am an owner of mgm lse 02

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I own a 03 mgm lse for sale if anyone interested im asking 4500

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New owner of 2004 MGM LSE with 21,000 original kms nearly concours... formerly fathers loved, garaged car Ontario, Canada

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This is an old posting which was started April of 2011 but is about a rare breed so I guess it will keep getting replies. They are quite rare as I mentioned before I have only actually seen one in real-life and only a few more on the net. I know they were built in 2002 before the Marauder was produced and supposedly for only one month but maybe different in Canada since someone has a 2004. Either way, they are quite rare as a Limited Edition but probably won't grab collector attention for another 10 to 15 years when they turn antique. So I would suggest just driving and enjoying it as much as possible and keep it in good shape. I would love to have one if only as a conversation piece. I'm currently driving a Rare, Factory Pearl Rose colored ( paint code 8N, a light mocha brown that changes color in different lighting) '89 Crown Vic LX and love the car and have no plans on selling it for any of Ford's new cars. I love the fullsize Ford bucket seat cars and would love to add a Grand Marquis LSE to my garage if I could find a low mileage GM LSE for sale at the right price. Kenny / MrBlueOval


2004 Grand Marquis LSE in Ontario, Canada recently phoned Ford inquired production numbers of '04 LSE as I have yet to find another one, answer not available and was suggested to try Henry Ford Museum? This article exists: "2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Jeff Routh July 7, 2004, last update: 12/31" (looks like 2003 edit yet indicates some changes in 2004) Oddly my newly acquired LSE indicated by M75 serial number, dual exhaust, buckets, console and LSE floor mats (still pristine underneath aftermarket mats) also includes ALL features of 2004 LS Premium !!! along with ?optional? adjustable pedals, trunk cargo organizer and full size spare. Expect dad will have original bill of sale and brochure somewhere, he does indicate it was expensive. The LSE was purchased new to accommodate my ailing mother and I recall my father indicating "something different with the rear axle" and have mentioned the LSE unique merits to dad as we were oblivious to what he had purchased and at the time was really about mom's ingress and egress in her final years. I also seem to recall mention of this car not moving at the dealership, due to price or lost economy with axle/differential? _Dan (now approx 23,000 km (~15,000 miles) and enjoying our new wheels)

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here's a link to some good info on the GM LSE. Find it here at

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I own a 2002 MGM LSE purchased in October of 2001 it has 83K miles and would really like to know it's value. I have no plans to sell, but would like to know it's worth

For Sale: 2005 Grand Marquis LSE Extremely rare LSE edition with floor shift and console. Very few were made and 2005 was the last year of the LSE with floor shift. Car has only 26,XXX original miles and is in excellent condition. No rust anywhere. Always stored in winter time in Minnesota.



I have a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LS with leather bucket seats and floor shifter with 75,000 miles for sale in Ohio.


What color and how much ?


it is silver and i would like $2500 obo for it

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wow some of the things i read were not so true... the Mgm LSE was introduced at the 2000 naias in detroit. this car was only produced 2001,2002,2003,and 2005 for some strage reason none were produced in 2004. only a short run of these were produced each year. these cars had the center counsel and floor shifter, bucket seats. mustang torque converter and a 3:23:1 rear end i know this beacuse i have a dealership brochure, it did come with duel exhsaust and rear air suspension witch were also options on all ls marquis. ive also owned 2 lse marquis.i talked to people at the st thomas assembly plant and they told me that these cars were pulled off the line at finial assembly onto a seprate line for finial assembly i know varsity lincoln mercury said they didnt get more than a few every year it was produced. althought there rare there no more valuble than any marquis and alot of times miss labled on car sale sites.

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i just recently got a 2001 Ls with the dual exhaust, rear air suspension with 4.6 having trouble finding the performance parts for it..

mine also came with the floor shifter...

Yes...these cars are rare.....I own a rare 2001 lse...


2004 LSE Ontario made locally in St.Thomas suspect very few sold here. ? 2004 Canada only ? select Ontario dealers ? see attached photo 2004 brochure and invoice $41,065 msrp HP 239 @ 4900 rpm, HPP, buckets, floor shift console, LSE only rims, 6 CD changer in trunk

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LSE As someone else noted many don't realize what they bought, including dad and his salesman who I spoke to before his retirement. Sales did offer an alternative Mercury at a better price, dad's answer was simply proceed with sale since he liked the car and colour. Prior to purchasing car from my father I told him of the LSE unique features and rareness especially 2004. Dad refers to LSE as a nice car and appreciates that the car stayed in the family so he can still appreciate the luxurious ride. LSE 2004 approx $600 more than LS incl HPP & leather Obviously disagree ! ( LSE not understood and chart price determined by historic sales data !) VMRcanada similiar to Kelly's guides used vehicle pricing 2004 Mercury GRAND MARQUIS RWD/4.6L-V8 (220hp) Trim Wholesale Retail GS 4 Dr Sdn 2175 3475 LS 4 Dr Sdn 2450 4025 LSE 4 Dr Sdn 2625 4225 < Add: Moonroof-pwr 175 175 Handling pkg 150 150 (w/air susp, 239hp) < Limited pkg 150 150 (incls leather) < CD changer 125 125 Premium sound 50 50 < Leather seats 150 150 <


They are rare. I have a 2005 Ultimate LS with all of the performance options of an LSE and now I am being told not all LSE came with a floor shifter. Could I possibly have an LSE and don't know it??

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But what I do know is I have a 2002 Crown Vic LX Sport black on black with 33k miles. And boy is it a head turner. First they think COP RUN! Then wait that's a nice car what is that!!

I have a 2003 lse hpp with floor shifter 143000 miles, rear air bags took out put regular rear suspention am selling check appleton wis craglist. Under mercury grang marquis lse 2003 has pics very good condition

I too have been trying to find out about my 2002 Gande Marquis. Ultimate LS floor shift, bucket seats dual exhaust, Leather interior. Now with about 80,000 kilometers, 50,000 miles. Does anyone know production numbers? Can we get a Marty Report for a vehicle of this age? I have tried witj no success so far.

The lse with floor shifter, has a 4.6 239 hp engine and is decribed as a lse hpp were as the lse with shifter on steering wheel is only a lse ,the hpp has the v8 emblem on engine cover,9 spoke wheels,beefed up drive train, i would say the lse hpp are rsre


2002 Grand Marquis production total was only 67,182 total vehicles built. For more exact particulars about your specific car, A Marti report is now available for your car here at You should also be able to contact Ford Motor Co. about your specific car at . but they will probably send you to Marti anyway. Let us know what you find out. Good Luck, Kenny/MrBlueOval


I just bought a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE today. Starting to do more research on them now. James

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Rare as far as Grand Marquis with only a few thousand built each year from 2001 to 2005. They are hard to find even though some dealers try to pass off LS models as being LSE. You'll need to find a console shift and dual exhaust to be a factory LSE which is similar to the Crown Vic LX Sport package.

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(lcm)lighting control module will be done free of charge in Canada now.. I just got my ford notice today in the mail . will cover part and labour . for my grand marquis lse 2003 as of june 16.2017.

I wish they would something with that plastic intake manifold now

He'll yeah..just over 3000 made 01 02 03 year model all together

10/04/2017: LSE's are not rare but finding a nice one with low miles is. I purchased one in 2011 with 68,000 miles and I didn't even know then that it was an LSE. I found it to be the fastest one I had ever owned and I had owned two other newer Grand Marquis before so I kept it, put Magna Flows on it and drove the hell out of it. Very fun car, fast and furious after I added bigger tires. It definitely is pre-Marauder material with the interceptor motor and high performance transmission only classy and rich looking with all the goodies. You could only get it new fully loaded less sunroof, everything else was standard equipment. If you find one with low miles, buy it! The car could become a collector's item. Besides, it's big fun to drive, fast and furious.

I purchase this 2002 LSE from a dealer in 2002 for 20K and it's loaded. Now 15 years old having only 98K miles... it's sweet. Minor tricks included tinted window, ambient lighting, upgraded 6x9 speakers and chrome exhaust tips. I dumped the standard Goodyear tires 14K miles ago for Michelin's.. big difference in ride and handling!! I detail it every year and it's clean inside and out. Great Car.

I have a 2002 LSE that I purchased about 2006 with 35,000 miles on it and I've put on about 100,000 more since owning it. I'm a GM guy and wanted it to keep miles off my truck at the time. Was looking at the 96 impala SS and my budy who's a ford guy said to look at a GM. I didn't know anything about the LSE package until after I bought the car. I Wasn't wild on the color (chesnut W Tan interior) but wanted the bucket seats and center consol with no idea about the added Dual Exhaust and HP. The rear on these doesn't do much for gas mileage, my best is about 23 on the interstate with good gas, not the ethanol garbage. I hear that the "OLD LADY" version can get upper 20's on the interstate. The car has sat outside through Iowa Winters and the clear coat is peeling on the hood but the rest of it is in pretty good shape yet. Boy turned 15 and has school permit so we'll see if he can keep it mostly ding and dent free. I like that it's large, safe and realatively easy to work on. Fun car, if I could find another one or a newer one with less miles I would totally be in. If you find one, pick it up. They are pretty zippy for a big heavy car with a small V8 and with the buckets and consol you can almost convince yourself that it's a sportier car than what it is.

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