Coolant Temperature Too High..??


Asked by Feb 09, 2010 at 10:25 AM about the 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt 2 Dr LS Coupe

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i own a 2007 chevy cobalt ls coupe. in traffic, my car goes up to 220 degrees, even when im not moving, and once i start to drive, it goes down. if im not moving, the fan kicks on at 220 degrees. i dont think this is normal. i have taken it to the dealership. the first time, they said it had the wrong type of coolant in it, it was supposed to be red, but i dont think that matters. they charged me for it. next day, im driving in the city in traffic and all of a sudden it went up again to 220 degrees, so now it is the second time i take it to the dealership, i wonder what theyll say this anyone having problems like this too with their chevy cobalt?

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Mike Bonnell

I am pretty sure that is the correct temperature that the fan should go on - between 215-220 As you start to drive temp should go no lower than 195 as thats where the thermostat should close to keep temp at that temperature.

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Mike Bonnell

Follow up : Actually Normal is much hotter on this vehicle "The PCM commands Low Speed Fans ON under the following conditions: Engine coolant temperature (ECT) exceeds approximately 106°C (223°F). After the vehicle is shut off, the ECT at key-off is greater than 140°C (284°F) and system voltage is more than 12 volts . The fans will stay on for approximately 3 minutes. The PCM commands High Speed Fans ON under the following conditions: ECT reaches 110°C (230°F)

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same thing here. i got my cobalt 1 year ago. it hasn't reached 220 yet. just 217. if i sit at a red light it goes up. start to move and the temp goes down. any help from you would be great!!i hate to take it back to the dealer as i need a car for work.

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Marco Ciccone

mine is the same nothing is rong with your cars its allways between 90c and 110 but my fan kicks in at 102c

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If your engine goes over 220 degrees you may have a problem with the fan relays. Does the high speed fan kick on or just the low one? I'd find a second dealer and not go to the one that said the wrong color coolant is in the motor and charges you for the change. Next they'll tell you your muffler bearing is worn out and needs replacement.

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I have a cobalt 2008 and I'm from Iraq, where the temperature reaches 110 only in the case of stop at the house out to the outside water please I want to reply please help me

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???????? I'm from So. California where the temp will reach 110 and above. Some places it is near 120 in the shade. We have learned to keep the vehicle coolant clean, flushed out, good fan belts and coolant filled with the proper antifreeze, not just water. We make sure the electric fans if equipped work, and the hoses are in good condition. So what is your question from Iraq? Just type in your question and hit, Post Your Answer"

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Brandon Graves

Cars are designed to run too hot these days all for emissions purposes. My Malibu fans would not go high speed until 228 degrees. Aluminum heads will easily crack around 240 to 250,so I went aftermarket to keep my coolant around 200 at all times just to be safe.(a cracked head is a very expensive thing) At 228 things can malfunction with your cooling system allowing your car to easily overheat(I live in Texas)So,if you live in a hot climate,go with a cooler thermostat,cooler fan relays,and save your engine.

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I am currently driving a 2010 Cobalt 2.2 auto with less that 10000km on it.With the outside temp at 60-70f the coolant temp will go to 221F.Then the rad cooling fan comes on and lowers the temp. Some websites say this is normal, others say their Cobalts run at 194f.The 221Fmay be normal for many, but I don't think it is right to have to constantly depend on the cooling fan to keep the engine temperature in check. My previous 2001 Sunfire 2.2 auto ran at 194f and the rad fan seldom came on, maybe once a year. I was worried it would seize from lack of use. Turning the Cobalt AC on will turn on the rad fan, and keep the engine at around 200F. I am worried about long term damage to this aluminum engine and head.I have checked that all the air is bled out of the cooling system and the coolant mix is 50/50 . Did GM make so many defective thermostats that half the Cobalts run at 194F and half at F so that no one knows what is right ?. Are garages now starting to see Cobalts come in with engines damaged from running too hot? Does anyone have an explanation for the high temperature? May 2004

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^manpersun - I also have 2010 Cobalt LS coupe I noticed the other day driving in Florida weather, not that hot mind you but after a short day of driving the temperature picked up from 195 to 210 quick. The idle for the engine had a slight slow rev up and down. It sounded somewhat putt putt. Later that night after being off for a few hours, then having a short drive by the time the car was home it hit 208. I let it run for about 10 minutes where it hit 218 and the second fan kicked in and brought the temperature back to 180 in the garage on a cool night. I will see where and if the idle shows issue along with the quick heating. All I've been told about the car is it is run completely on sensors and electronics that indicate issues. Without a problem light to indicate a problem, there is "nothing worth looking at" to Chevrolet.

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When a car is on the move, there is continuous airflow over the radiator from outside that cools the coolant flowing in it. But when the car is stationary, the cooling happens only when the radiator fan gets turned on. This depends on the thermostat setting. The error in its setting can be +/- 2 deg C or +/- 5 deg F

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The fans should come on between 217 and 225. The temp sensor can have a few degrees difference. Now the car should not be at this temperature all the time. If you are having problems with high temp but not over heating check your coolant. Make sure the water to antifreeze ratio is correct and that the coolant is clean and there is no scaling. Another easy simple and over looked step is to rinse the front of the radiator with a garden hose. You will be suprised how much cooler your car will run just by doing that.

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I built my engine on my 69 Corvette so it puts out more heat. The more houses under the hood, the more heat it produces. I also have aluminum heads, which helps just a little in cooling over iron heads. I bypassed my thermostats on my two electrical fans, (got rid of the GM clutch fan) and they run all the time. It keeps my engine cool and from overheating. This model Corvette always had heating issues even when new. Air flow was a main factor. I have two coolant gauges, one on the rear block and one just before the thermostat. I run around 175 on the highway and 195 in town in the summer. If I run the A/C it will go over 210. Smog is not an issue, and I have two Edlebrock 4 barrel carburetors, not an EFI set up. If overheating is a concern, think of bypassing the thermostats and run the fans full time.

Matt Petty

I have a 06 chevy cobalt and the fan will not cut on the temperature gets up to 190 and i have to shut her down when im driving it gose down but not much to about 181 idk what to do the fan will not cut on from what i can tell i just replaced the relays and thermostat and dont seem to help.

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The fan relays may have a switch that will move the ]fan to run all the time. If not, and you're not that well versed, 99% are not so don't feel left out, have a radiator specialist bypass the relay so it run constantly, or even put a manual switch in the cock pit you can turn on if the temp rises. Have one fan run constantly, and with a kill switch if you're in cold country, (as of now this year, that's 47 states.) to shut it off if it gets too cold, and let the engine heat up.


Tengo un pontiac sunfire 2.2 del 2002 y quisiera saber cual es la temperatura normal

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That would be 82 Celsius, or 180 Fahrenheit should be normal for the 2002 Sunfire.


I have a 2009 2.2L sedan. I was having those same issues when my car was new. I was driving down narrow downtown roads doing 20mph and stopping often. The high temps increased when I would have to stop. I took it to the dealership and they told me "those kinds of temps (215-220F) are normal for these small engines." I am normally between 175 - 185F. Lately we have had higher than normal temps, around 100F, so the coolant temp has gone above 200F plenty of times. Recently I was marching up Santiam Pass in the mountains of Oregon. I was holding speed at about 60 mph while climbing the pass. It was around 90 degrees outside, and I was cranking the A/C full blast. I made it up the hill using 4th gear pretty much the entire way, and my coolant was 217F when I reached the top.Not to mention I was going on vacation with my family, so the car was jam packed, and I am one of the heaviest guys that has ever driven a Cobalt. All I'm trying to say is the car was working hard. In the end, I feel the 220F coolant temp is okay. Of course, if there is a strange noise, or an insane lack of power there might be something wrong. I have 109,000 miles now and have been running hot since it was brand new.

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Jarrick Watkins

Hi... i have a calbolt ls 2005 2.2 ecotech motor.. i was driving n cracked the oil pan.. i had no way to get home so i drove it as far as i could my friend gave be a boost n he told me to put it n nutral n when i did it went a little ways then the cars was lagging it shut down by the house n i parked it the nxt day i checked it. It wouldent turn over but the. Engine n the car w the lock light thing was on. so dose calbolt have safty feathers to it so my car wouldnt over heat

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Jarrick: 1. did it drain the oil out if you cracked the oil pan? 2. If it was leaking oil, did you keep replacing it? 3. what was the oil pressure while driving it? 4. did the engine overheat? 5. was there any unusual nice when driving? 6. Why did you stop by the house or did the car stop itself? If you ran it out of oil, it overheated. You may have what's called, spinning a bearing and the engine froze up. It will mean a major overhaul or new engine depending on the damage done. How did you break the oil pan? You could of gotten an airplane ticket to Australia for less than it may cost to repair the car. You should of left it parked, took a cab or bus home, and had it looked at before any damage happened to the internal parts of the engine. Just from the information you gave, your engine is toast.


I have 2008 sport coupe and today mine went to 260 and all my coolant poured out of my car so I added more and it's fine I'm so confused from it


i have 08 chevy cobalt live in Tricities Washington State and had the water pump replaced with the thermostat as well, but since then the temperature exceeds 230 F and the lower radiator hose stays cold and the thermostat is not opening and i have the heater works fine ,,, i thought the thermostat is defected and replaced it as well, i even checked if i installed the thermostat the right way when i checked the fan, it was coming on with cold air comes through . Anyone has any clue ?

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Glen Ferguson

I run in my 06 cobalt lt coupe around 181oF

Mark DeMent

My 05 averages 180 - 190

That is a good temp to run. The newer cars, (older that mid 70s) do run hotter. It also depends where the sensor is placed as to the true temp recorded. If it bothers you, you can always replace the thermostat with a cooler one, but check first to make sure the car will run properly with a cooler thermostat. If it runs below what it is designed for, the computer will try to make adjustments and it may affect power, mileage, and smog emotions. In the mean time, make sure your radiator is clean of bugs, leaves and other obstacles that may restrict the air flow and transfer of heat,and cooling air. Water boils at 220 degrees, and a sealed system in the newer engines allows the coolant to reach a much higher temp before boiling.

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