Im looklng for any car old year big small cheep I'm poor dose any one have one

Asked by Nov 06, 2013 at 07:02 PM about the 1985 Buick Regal 4-Door Wagon

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Cheep and old
Am poor

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Go to Apple Nissan of York:

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The problem with owning a car when your poor, is even if someone gives you one, is you have to have money to fix it when it breaks and put gas into it. :-(

Your absoulutley right if someone did give me one it would cost me to fix it and need gas, butif u can imagine having even a broken car sets me farther ahead. And if u know one you will sell me cheap or give me please tell me. I need one so my daughter can go to work. I'm not begging I just hope someone understands our situation my family and I are in. God bless you


I don't know the names of the charities that take junk cars and rebuild them to decent running order off the top of my head, but I would ask your local area agencies such as United Way, any of the support groups; here in Mass we have Wayside, SMOC the Vovh Tech school, cars for causes etc. It might take a little digging, but I'd ask around, and check the web for sources. A few years agao I was in a position to help out with causes like this myself, but as things are wont to happen, I'm in almost the same situation as you are. Tom does have a good point, there are no mint cars that won't require service at some point, but keep the basics maintained and you'll have less worries. There are also cars that are going to be trouble all the time, so some brands I'd avoid are any Chrysler/Dodge vehicle, if you can get your hands on a 1994 GMC Sonoma 6 auto, grab it. Mileage isn't great at low 20's at best, but when I gave mine up it had over 455,000 miles on it. Also a Dodge Colt (rebadged Mitsubishi) is wonderful; I had just under 100k when I sold it. Sad story there, but it would have continued to be a great car. Let me know if you need more help; I do know a lot about older car models, and also how to keep them artfully duct taped and chewing gummed to keep running. My prayers and hopes go out to you and your daughter. It's a horrible position to be in. I know for a fact. Regards, John


I keep checking back here in hopes you have found at least some kind of solution. I don't know where you are or if you have access to the internet or e-mail, but I would do a search for free cars and see where that leads. You might have to go on a little bit of a side chase but chances are you might discover something that will help. Good luck and I'll be checking back to see how things are going. Peace, John


When you say cheap, just how cheap does it have to be? I know the lower the better for the on the road price, but what would the upper limit be? Also, where are you, because that makes a very large difference.

John and Mike, I'm in Alexandria Minnesota and cheap is like 2,3 hundred a to z. John thx for the advice I will search on the Internet. God bless both of u.


Hi Deblinn, So, in Minnesota where the average temperature is 100 below zero, you'll need a car that will start in the winter and hopefully an engine plug heater. Cars I know from experience that start well in the winter are Nissans, Hondas, big American cars like the older Chevy's and Fords. Also, another bit of info on where you might go is your DTA (Department of Transitional Assistance) They are not the source for the cars, but they may have some tips for you. Or not, but it never hurts to leave no stone unturned.. I wish I could be of more help; if I had a magic wand I'd wave it and make everything better. You sound like you've been going through a lot. Believe me, I know the feeling. I'm there myself. When you find something, can you let me know what it is so I can give you pointers on how to keep it running after you get it? Peace and hope! John


You are going to have a real challenge getting something decently reliable for that price, I'm afraid. That is below scrap value for a lot of the cars that would suit your needs. The least expensive to buy and keep are the big, full sized boats from the late 70s and early to mid 80s. One tip. Do not worry about high mileage with these cars. I have seen them hit the million mile mark with no problems. Like John above, I have zero budget, and know all the tricks to getting long life out of these cars. With a small budget, I can help you increase the fuel efficiency, too, and as each upgrade is done, the savings can be invested to make a 'junker' into a keeper. When you find some prospects, let us know, and we'll try to help you keep it going.


Mike and I sound like we could make a good team. Hello Mike, pleased to meet you. I love your suggestion of the 70 to 80 Forestall class car. The engines last forever and while they might not run perfectly, you have eight cylinders so what's a cylinder or two among friends. Seriously though, you should be able to get one that runs on all eight. That being said, if you happen to come across a Cadillac 468 which I don't think you will, don't expect the feature to work. In fact most owners disconnected the computer and made them run on eight. Big barges to avoid are any of the GM diesels. GM made a stab at increasing fuel economy by converting a gas engine into a diesel. As you may have surmised by now they were absolutely terrible. Any Chrysler or dodge product are to be avoided as well. Mike do you agree so far? I think at that point GM was putting kind of the same engine in all their cars and people were less than pleased. If I had a choice, I'd go for a mid 70's to mid 80's big ass Oldsmobile or cutlass supreme. Your going to need a good set of snow tires as both of the are rear wheel drive and suck in the snow. That's all for now but I'll be tuning in with you later. Peace, John

Thx guys ill keep in touch. It might be a couple days tho. :)


The mid-sized and full sized Fords are fantastic. Those V-8s will go forever and a day. Parts are cheap and easy to get, too. The G.M.s are good. Not quite as easy on parts. Stay away from the Cadillac unless it is into the 80s with the 307. The bigger Caddy engines will kill you on gas! Had a chance at a mint, original Coupe deVille, and 12 mpg is all the EPA estimated! Nope. The big Chryslers can be a great buy. By that I mean any of the Mopar brands. What ever you find for the right price, and we'll help you get it running right and keep it that way from there.


Mark. It looks like we're pretty much on the same page except for the caddy. I had no idea how bad the mileage was. I mean I knew they weren't great but wow. Still not a mopar dodge fan, but agree with the rest. Still though mileage mpg could still be an issue. A mercury Marquis could be a contender as well.take care John


By full sized Fords, I meant all of the Ford brands, Ford, Mercury and Lincoln. They can be amazing for fuel economy and incredible for durability. I know of a 91 Crown Vic that is nearing the million mile mark. The big Chryslers from the 70s are becoming more expensive, but the Fifth Avenue/Dodge Diplomat/Plymouth Fury from the 80s can be a real bargain. Nobody wants them, so they tend to be inexpensive. The 318 V-8 is a great engine, and even the "Lean Burn System" is quite reliable. If it goes bum, changing the distributor to a normal one is dead easy and not expensive, either. There is nothing strange about them, and the 727 Torque Flyte transmission is a great one. Not the prettiest, but these cars do get the job done and some are quite comfortable and very nice inside. As an aside, right this minute I am driving a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier Z-24. It used to belong to my roommate's cousin. If it were to be sold now, it would go for about $400, as it runs, but it does have 450,000 kms (about 260,000 miles) on it. Don't be put off by high mileage. Highway miles add up in a hurry, but with proper maintenance, the wear is a lot less than 1/4 of the mileage all in the city. Nothing kills a car faster than neglect, either. One last thing. There is no such thing as a 30 year old lemon! Age is a good thing, if the miles have been put on evenly over the years. Nobody spends the time and money to keep a lemon on the road, so the ones that make it that long tend to be the best built, best maintained of the fleet.


Mark, it sure knows like you know your Detroit iron. I'm quite impressed! Have to confess I've never owned anything "American" unless you count a 1986 dodge omni which even the thieves had the brains to stay away from




John: I am a car nut's car nut. I've been working on old Detroit iron since it was NEW Detroit iron! LOL There is nothing like it for being cheap to buy, inexpensive to keep, and very good on gas with a few upgrades. A few years back a friend needed to replace her Honda Prelude. Since she is 6 feet tall before heels, she needed something bigger! She got a 77 Chrysler Newport sedan, and on the highway, that boat, with a 400 cid (6.6l) engine used LESS gas than the Honda!


I'm glad we met. Do you think we're going to be help this lady?


I'm glad, too, John. Always good to meet a fellow car nut. I do believe we can. Trouble is I am across an international border! If I weren't, the thing I am driving right now would be perfect for her. It needs next to nothing, and it right in her budget! I just need to buy a bigger car. The Cavalier is just not big enough for me.


Hi Mike, You certainly have more nuts and bolts talent than I do, but I have the talent to diagnose (if you will) from the info people give out. Some aren't to clear. I also imagine you have this talent too with all your hands on experience. Not that I'm comparing or competing with you or any like that. LOL. It's fun to meet someone who knows what he's talking about. What international border? Wait..... It's California... LOL Talk to you later. John PS: Minnesota is a pain in the ass to get to as well.


I'm in Ontario, Canada, hence the border. I have had people telephone me, put their phone under the hood and ask me what this sound is! Both times I was able to figure it out, which is pretty good.


Hi Mike, You really are good. I used to be able to identify cars by their exhaust notes back when they had one, and by what make and model from 1/2 way down the street, but not so much any more. I would have to see them though. Cars today look pretty much the same, and have no real personality. I mean the big sleds had personality, the MG's Volkswagens, Citroens (we had 3 including the SM) and of course the muscle cars, but today everything looks, feels and sound the same. I/we have a 2012 Sentra whitch I love mainly because it's the last of the 'blocky' look and doesn't look like a melted jelly bean. I don't know if you agree with any of this, but since you are such a car nuts nut, thought I'd share my back ground. My oldest bother has 2 yes two Boss 429's. One in Grabber Blue, the other I think in the yellow. My send off gift to college was a 68 Citroen Pallas Wagon. When it started to end up costing more than the fiscal budget to maintain (about 2 years later) at was traded for a 1974 Super Beetle. I loved the Cit for all it's complexity and incredible ride w/out the 4 shots of nonocain the American cars had, but the Bug was simple. No getting around that! Well, I'll let you go; just had to tell you how impressed I was about the phone thing, TTYL. John


Hey, John. Right now I am waiting for the 4th surgery on my right shoulder. I'm working out the plans to save a 1989 Grand Marquis LS sedan from a field in B.C. It's been there for 3 years now, because it stopped running. It sounds like the fuel pump went. What makes this one so special that I'm planning on a 6,000 mile round trip to save it? It is one of the 40 or 50 that was factory ordered and built with the 351 and Trailer Tow III package, which makes it a one of one. I was one of the people who did buy one new, but mine was murdered 11 years ago by a modern POS minivan with ABS computer problems. I've been looking for another since then, and this is the first I've found. 35mpg U.S. from a 2 ton tank is what I call pretty darned good. Oh, and the fuel pump is a whole, hot $58, new!


A friend of mine has a 1968 Blue Mercury Marquis S she bought new, and apart from normal wear and tear, the car is mint. Being that big, it has the chrome ;dings' around the fender and it's not a great car for small spaces w/out two men with lighted wands. It has 200,000 plus miles. She gave me a rife and let me drive it, and what a completely different experience. It was like riding in an isolation chamber, and it drove like it was mashed potatoes and marshmallows for suspension. When I say personality, this one had it. I wish you lived around here; I got rid of a 1994 GMC Sonoma P/U with 408,000 mikes, and before the gas tank cracked, had put another 75,000 miles on it. Had I had it properly equipped (was going through a lot of $$ at the) time so couldn't get the tires that it needed, wanted to get new shocks (Bilstien's. Koni's) nothing extravagant, but I do like driving and it wasn't' as fun as it could be. Regards, John


That big Merc sound wonderful! If the transmission ever goes, though, that is where there is a good upgrade to be done. It makes a huge difference in gas mileage if you swap in a mid-80s AOD from an F-150. There is an adapter kit available. Add a good dual exhaust and that air craft carrier will make you think it is a Toyota Camry at the pumps.

Everybody thx u have a great thx giving but I'm signing off now. Ive giving up. God bless u all


Well, at least you know more about cars than you ever thought you would/or wanted. We're here if you want us to help when youe ready! Best, John

I have cheap car to sell to you 400.00 my phone number is. 458 210 9029 i hope hear back from you. My name Ron

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