where can i

Asked by Sep 19, 2008 at 03:15 PM about the 2000 Acura Integra GS-R Hatchback

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Where can i get cheap parts for a 2000 Acura Integra?

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what kind of parts? rockauto.com has some good OEM prices


look at andy'sautosport.com or passwordjdm.com, or meganracing.com


LOL @ passwordjdm and megan racing.....those are some of the most expensive. I'm not sure if the last guy was packing bills or something but those aem's are super $$$. If you want the cheapest of the cheapest then just browse on ebay. You can find what you want somewhere for a reasonable price. Although, you take your chances for some less than reputable people but thats the risk. Risk = Reward?

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Where Honda's are concerned, dont go ebay or cheapo. Megan is reasonably priced but top notch stuff, and check out brand sites direct. For Megan, I'd get their exhaust systems, even a test pipe, coupled with a race header and you will fly. But thats an Illegal setup in most places. XD Anything else?


Install a race header? That would be a four into one header. Designed for top end performance; hmmmmm? What are you gonna do about all the bottom end torque that you'll lose by installing that set up? Sure, you'll make more top end power, you'll need it to make up for the guy that just hole shot you! You should stop reading magazines and then calling yourself proficent in performance upgrades.


peter has it covered logan hees gonna install a 4000rpm torque converter and then program his ecu to keep his idle speed to 4000rpm thatl make it really easy to launch and never loo/... god i started laughing too hard to finish that... anyways hees a idiot... if your looking for cheap replacment parts Thanes then hit up a junk yard if ur looking for performance it doesnt really get a hell of a lot cheaper site to site and your still gonna need to get the work done too... you might save on ebay you might get F^@%3D... it happens...


PETER GOOD NEWS I did some calculations If we had a drag race and you had those mods strapped to your econobox i will have finished the race before you will have gotten off the clutch and into first... BETTER NEWS you need not show up for the race...


Lololz, thanks for telling something we already know fool. Im sure if people wanted low to mid range power they wouldn't have bought a Honda. Every guy and his cousin knows to increase a Honda top end you sacrifice the lower end, and the best gains are made through improving the air flow. The only thing you wouldnt do is install a CAI or Short ram. As for cheap, thats cheap if you value your car. You want to go fast, install those mods. You want a bit of everything, get a turbo. Go back to your big blocks and forced induction Saunders and stop making assumptions.


Hit up a junk yard.... loololz he guy asking the question isnt obviously a mechanic, are you gonna do the work for him as well? Go search for his parts then dumb ass. XD I bet you did your "calculations" with an Integra vs a Supra on the roll.... idiot.


and by the way, its the GSR we are talking about, not the GSi. Im sure since you know all about cars, you know the level of potential and solutions on this model right?? Test pipes and race header are just the start.....


MORON! You install a very good clutch, change the camshaft and install a lightened flywheel to improve the bottom end. Air flow improvement is a marginal power gain; a computer upgrade is better because it's power that's ALREADY THERE! It is through a combination of improvements that generate power. Air intake, exhaust modifications; after all, if you bring in more air, ya gotta add more fuel. If you add more fuel, you gotta get rid of the exhaust better; which includes a high flow cat converter. If you improve the air fuel mixture, you gotta improve the spark delivery and computer paramaters. That means better wires, plugs, external coil and ignition box. That is elementary tuning 101! If you want more than that, you look at NOS kits, superchargers and turbos. BTW, if you bothered to read any of my postings, you'd know that I'd only install a supercharger for daily use..PUTZ! FYI..my "big block" is a JDM SOHC 1.6 VTEC!....DUUUUH! If and when I want YOUR magazine derived opinion....I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU! In the meantime, shut your friggin piehole!


^lololz nice, thanks again for telling us something we already know. I think 'my magazine" derived opinion works... since they guy did ask where could he find cheap parts, not spend 10 k on building a car.


"illeterate" Learn how to spell' illiterate' you illiterate fool. XD Whats uneducated about..... where to find a cheap good exhaust system?? -____-"" I have nothing that will touch that CRX.... I wouldnt even touch it considering the owner.


^Nope you are a gifted fool willing to spend so much money on making a car like that, which is okay, but then again not really worth it. Especially when there's better platforms, but hey, your choice. As for the supercharger, you only install it for minimal use I bet.... cause everyone knows what would happen with F.I. on high compression engines with daily use. Oh btw, Ive owned 3 hondas and worked on all of them and had the pleasure of driving and studying most of them. And one thing is, im still surprised you willing to run a supercharger than do a swap. But then again, inefficency is more your style.


Lolozl what an ass, he wants to make comments on my daily drivers. XD Maybe Id rather spend my hard earned money securing myself before I waste it on a car... and it wont be a 20 y/o CRX which I have to boost so it can remain competitive with family size V6's.


HE EVERYONE HERES SOME ADVICE: if you got a few k's, and willing to blow it all on fixing your car up uselessly, see Logan Saunders, he's help you blow your engine. But make sure you don't drive auto, he prefers stick and clutch. Too bad, I guess DSG and SMG gearboxes are beyond him, as well as Ferrarri Scuderias and Lamo Gallardos. He's still playing Fast and Furious. XD


Say what you will...you're a WANNABE that shares an automatic with his sister. My CRX is a classic, it's mine and it doesn't have forced induction DUMB ASS; you are a PUTZ!


Again, here you are engaging your mouth before your brain. Do you really think I did all that stuff to my car overnight? DUMBASS!...lol! Unlike you, I used common sense when building my car and it was done through attrition. When something was damaged or worn out, I upgraded with the replacement. And by the guy asking for your advise serves to prove a single point; he has little money and your answer was the best short cut. There is no short cut to high performance or power IDIOT!


IDIOT!...you genuinely don't know much about cars. Every time you open your piehole, you prove it.


Got news for you slick...those cars are beyond 95% of the people on the planet. Apparently a simple Honda is beyond your means; after all, you said you share a single vehicle with your sister. BTW..."MEN" usually prefer a clutch! You wouldn't know anything about that.


I get the feeling he doesn't know how to use manual, which for everyone future reference is more efficient than a torque converter on an automatic, hence why manuals generally have better performance characteristics and better gas mileage. Think of it like hitting someone with a rock instead of a water balloon. Are you going to feel a water balloon, yes, but which is going to leave you flat out on the ground. Solid coupling is better than fluid coupling simple as that. Granted there are exceptions, but those are very few and far between.


Actually mate, the future is really clutchless and no stick transmission, not an automatic. Get your facts right mate.It maybe act like an auto, but the setup is more manual, no torque box or tip tronic.


oooh... men drive stick... men prefer stick. What, he comes the sexist jokes. I know women who can drive circles around you on stick, you chauvanist pig! Yeah, im in touch with my feminine side, hence why I have an RSX, it gets more attention than a lousy CRX.


No shit mate. Actually no , she drives a Euro, called a TSX by you lot, which also happened to be my car before I sold it to her. I sometimes borrow her her car, 4 doors are more convenient when i need it.


At least you're "WOMAN" enough to admit it! I admire that if nothing else about you.


Glad to be of service!


So...the TSX was "your" car that "you" sold to your sister?!? Please explain WHY you didn't have one listed on your page as a PREVIOUSLY OWNED VEHICLE?!? If I'm not mistaken, you didn't have it listed as a PREVIOUSLY DRIVEN VEHICLE either?!? What was the story about the wooden puppet with the growing nose? Pinnochio! I'd bet your nose is getting pretty long right about now. Once a WANNABE always a WANNABE!...At least you're great for a laugh!..lol!


Very well stated Adam; however, Peter has proven himself to be moderately retarded. He doesn't and never will "get it!"


I just came across an auto parts store with lower price than other stores, it is miparts.com, while you just can find some kinds of parts there, ball joint, control arm, bushing... Welcome to check it out.

you're stupid, what parts are you looking for, and btw, why would you buy something cheap and have not last,,,,,,rather then get high performance parts and last long, and also kick ass on the streets...duhh?!?!.....it's like getting a pirated movie where you could just buy a new movie for a couple dollars more and have excellence...ye digg

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