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Asked by Feb 16, 2014 at 12:04 AM about the 2007 Toyota Tundra 4X4 SR5 Crew Max 5.7L

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I have a 2007 Tundra Crew Max with the 5.7 V8. I drove to town and all types of lights lit up some on and some flashing. I took it to Auto zone and they recommended a local shop to hook their machine up to it and tell me what was going on. They hooked up to it and said that the alternator was not producing enough. I got a new one and replaced it, not a fun job. I still have the same situation. The skidding car light is on, the ABS light is on, the VSC OFF light flashing, the 4HI and 4 LO is flashing. Any one else have this problem or have any or any ideas how to fix?

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Could also be loose or dirty battery connections. Inspect connections. If they have no more adjustment left I would replace them. Also check your negative battery connections on the frame and motor. A loose or dirty frame or motor ground can cause all sorts of weird issues. They will also make your alternator test lower than normal voltages.

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I had a v6 2007 base model as a work truck. All the same lights came on (except 4x4 because it was 2x4) @ about 130k, @ first on 4 a bit then off 4 a while. slowly began the switch to off 4 a bit then on 4 a while. Dealer said the code meant the trans. was shoot & the vehicle should not have even been able to drive in! Did a trans. service, went away 4 a week, then never turned off again? Drove it to 205k when only a weld on the cat. separated & they decided to trade it in for a M F'n f150!! Anyway's my personal mechanic said it was probably just something in trans./ drive-train wasn't fully engaging or maybe even just a sensor trying to die? I still decided to buy a 4x4 personally despite the issue on my work truck. I know that isn't really answer but hopefully it give some info on my experience.

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Look I work on this 9 out of 10 times you can go to the parts store get a new $6.00 gas cap and take the battery loose for 5 min reconnect and done . I'll do if for you then give you a $540.00 bill . We always say ya it was this or this or this but it was simple , look you got a toyota , there tough , if you had a ford I would really get you

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I had the exact same thing happen to me.....2008 Tundra......removed wheels and found a rear sensor with broken wires. $133.00 from the dealer to replace the sensor and small wiring harness attached. Cheap, easy fix, thankfully.

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thanks to all the responses, on my way to hang out with my son and his girlfriend and this happened, pulled over at Home Depot and disconnected battery and cleaned terminals, put back on 5 minutes later and fixed for now. Thank you.

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2015/18/06 i had the same problem with my Tundra 2007 i had the light in my dashboard and my Tundra lost a lot of power 30 mph max. I went to the dealership in Canada and i put my Tundra on the computer and said its is the Air Pump who regulate the engine when you start and the solenoid was effect to. They said Toyota know this problem and they extend the warranty for this trouble 10 years and 240,000 km or 100,000 miles. PS sorry for my English i am French Canadian

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This is something I have been dealing with for a year and today i finally figured it out. If you look on the inside of your front tires there is a plug that has two wires it looks like it goes to the brakes anyway some how the wires ripped although looking at it i would of never known. But after removing and checking continuity in the line i found my problem. My 4hi vsc abs skid lights all went away from a line that only has two wires. It could be either side i would just check them both

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The line looks special and i guess Toyota will charge you 133 dollars for each side even though regular speaker wire seems to do the trick just fine

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I had the same problem with 4HI/4LO, ABS, VSC all flashing... Looked under the truck and in front of the rear axle behind the gas tank. The wiring harness was damaged by a rock or some critter.

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Thanks guys thus helped me a lot and saved tons of cash. I registered to thank you all and post here since it was so helpful. Had the same issues, vsc, skid, 4hi, abs were lit on mine. Checkedall the cables and found the driver side wheel sensor wire cut. Took about 4 minutes to splice and everything sent away. 4 wheel drive works now and no more lights on the dash.

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I unplug the battier to clean it. Now everytime i stop in a stop sign or lights my truck turns off..Do i need to reset it.

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One of your wheel sensors just paid 300 to fix my 2007 tundra

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So I just had this happen. Out of nowhere I got the Traction Control, VCS Off, and Check Engine lights. When driving the truck wouldnt downshift to accelerate. I thought the Trans was going out but mine is a 2007 with only 60k miles. I looked under the hood and noticed that my brake fluid was low. Added some fluid and then disconnected the battery to reset the cpu and all is well, power is back. I think there was some type of computer generated limp mode or something. Just thought id share as this thread was very helpful to me. Thanks!

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Thank you Thatcher350...New gas cap seems to have done the job!!!


I pulled my positive battery lead on my 2008 Tundra 4x4 for about 20 mins and all the lights went away, Thanks for the suggestions saved myself a few hundred dollars, and i need it after BREXIT!

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I have a 2008 Tundra CrewMax and have battled the same problem for a couple of years now. After multiple trips to different shops and absolutely no help from Toyota, I started poking around myself. She had close to 100K on her so I decided to change the plugs and happened upon the long awaited answer!! Three of my plugs had oil all over them, and not just a little. I ran it over to my local "go to" repair shop and they replaced the leaking gaskets and put a new coil and plugs in and the problem has never returned. Ive put over 5K on her since the repair without a problem. Finally!!!!!! :) Check your plugs my friends. A foweled plug will trigger the "bells and whistles" and we all now thats a bad deal with winter coming and the 4X4 will not function with everything flashing ! Let me know if this helps. I now love my truck again:) Disconnecting the battery only delays the warning lights for a short period of time and will not fix the problem. Believe me!!

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Basically this is a money maker for Toyota where the average person would take it back to the dealer I worked for Toyota as mechanic in the 70s a light would come on then service would sell them a 15000 maintenance or 30000 mile maintenance or say its a emission maintenance at that time flat rate was about 35 dollars an hour so they would charge 1 hour and I would flip a switch off in about 5 minutes but I was told to stall for a while before turning in the repair order

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Any other suggestions? I have a 2008 Tundra with same issues however I wasn't able to locate any cut wires and cleaning the battery terminals and ground did not solve this issues. After I start the truck, the first time I hit the brakes it sounds like the ABS grinds. Then all the lights are back on. Checked brake fluid level and is fine. Thanks for any ideas.

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So I should have posted this earlier but the brake fluid thing was just coincidence. The limp mode went away when I reset the system by disconnecting the battery but it soon returned. Ultimate problem was a failing air injection pump system. I bypassed it with a module that I bought on eBay and installed myself. This is a helpful article http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/air-injection- system-bypass-module/

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Thanks, please note that I do not have a check engine light on. My case only has the ABS, Traction control and flashing VSC.

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Decided to check the speed sensors. Started in the rear of the truck. Drivers side was clean. Pulled the passenger side and it was covered in gear grease. Off to the shop on Tuesday.


Just got mine back from Toyota after doing the warranty work. 2 years of dummy lights and 'slow mode'. Finally over.

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I checked wheel sensors, found the rear passenger had a ton of gear grease when I pulled it out. Ended up with a broken seal and replaced the sensor. Lights all cleared.

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Jack, sounds like you and I are having the exact same issue. However, I replaced my sensors two weeks ago and now the lights are back. What seal are you referring to?

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When I pulled the sensor out it was covered in a black grease. My shop fixed a broken rear axle outer seal. There should not be any grease where the sensors are trying to read. Just curious, what was the cost of your sensor? I paid 243.

I have a 2008 Tundra.....my issue was VSC light, Vehicle skid icon, ABS light, No Rpm, No Eng Temp, and no outside air temp data display. Toyota checked the codes and said it was a "lost comm" code. I cleaned my gas cap and lubed the o-ring and so far it hasn't reoccured.

I have the same problem vsc, abs 4hi 4lo, flashing. truck runs and is able to drive but when i drive it rpm don't work indicator lights flashing and speedometet bounces up and down while accelerating. check engine light does not come on. Hooked up obd2 meter on it to reset but says no link. please help

My 2008 Tundra had the same issues and it was caused by the secondary fuel injection pump not functioning. $500 later and a new pump I'm good to go...


I just experienced this issue with my 2008 Tundra SR5 DC. Check engine, vsc flashing, and traction light. My negative post on my battery was lose. I disconnected both for 20 minutes and then tightened them down. All lights went out.

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Wheel speed sensors. Same truck, same problem.


It came back this morning.


I took my truck to O'Reily's to have them read the error. It was P2440 Secondary Air Injection System Switching Valve stuck open. Toyota has an extended warranty that covers this problem for 10 years or 150000 miles. I'm scheduled for tomorrow.

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Same issue, 2008 tundra 4x4 5.7, found rear wheel sensor damaged, replaced and all same dash lights went out.

2007 Tundra V8 Exact same problem. I found a broken wire in the connectors just aft of the fuse box on the drivers side wheel well. repaired wire,reconnected battery and all is well.( I missed it on my first inspection, it was well hidden) thanks to all of you guys for the insights.


If its the VSC light check engine light and the slippery when wet lookin logo that flash in your toyota the part is called the air check valve part cost about 400 bucks its on the top of the engine on the driver side to the rear I just had it replaced on my truck today with labor it cost me 531 included picture of part

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Our truck loses all power driving down the road but before you can pull over it comes back on and keeps going. Anyone? He'll?

Our truck loses all power driving down the road but before you can pull over it comes back on and keeps going. Anyone? Help?

My truck has the VSC light on. The traction control light on. The 4lo light on. The check engine light on. Ran the check engine light and says it's a P0101 code which leads to a MAF sensor. Haven't gotten it replaced or cleaned yet. it still runs just fine. I can still drive it to work and 4 hi works to. I took off the battery cables and reset the computer. Traction control starts to work again. Everything went away for about 10 miles. Then it all lit back up like a Christmas tree. I will replace the sensor and see if that solves it. Anyone's input on This?

Our 07 Tundra had the same flashing lights, 160,000 miles. Tried disconnecting battery, new gas cap, lights always came back. It ended up being a bad rear wheel bearing. Once replaced, no more problems.

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